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LOOK YOU FUCKS. This was not what I had planned for tonight. I was going to enjoy a beer, finish proofing chapter 3 of Love Light Gleams, and go to bed early. Then y’all had to reblog @mindykahling‘s post (here). And yes, ok, MAYBE my tags were a little sinful, but @darlinginmyway had to escalate AS PER USUAL. Also tagging @pottercastleminds because you had the misfortune of also calling out my tags.

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Mike fancies himself a pretty observant guy. It’s how he and his mom got by when he was younger, partaking in actions that could be considered less-than-legal. It’s why he’s a future hall of fame catcher, sussing out batters’ patterns and calling for pitches accordingly. It makes him a great captain, reading the different personalities in the room and getting them all to work in harmony.

It’s how he figured out early on that Ginny has a thing for his hands.

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Okay today I spent an hour x-country skiing and the weather was so beautiful and being in nature gets my creative juices flowing, and now I really want an alpine skiing anime. It could be called “Hit the Slopes!!” (I considered “Hit the Powder!! but it sounds like everyone would be doing drugs haha). Consider:

- Main character(s) is/are from Hokkaido, where skiing is big in Japan. 

- characters based off Olympic skiers

- international-themed, with locations like Chamonix, Mont Blanc and Les Trois Vallees in the alps, or Mont St Anne and Le Massif in Quebec, etc

- training montages of x-country skiing when they can’t hit the slopes

- romantic apres ski scenes; hot chocolate by the fire after a long day of skiing

- kisses on chair lifts

- that one character who is really obnoxious and intense (*cough*Yurio*cough*) who prefers to skate ski when doing x-country, and ONLY likes skiing through glades, and is always shouting “EAT MY POWDER!” to their competitors

- maybe a character getting an injury and instead of being devastated accepts that their new role is a coach

- inclusion of disabled skiing - a character who skis sitting down because they use a wheelchair 


- also I would love a pole-dancing anime called “360!!” or something, with characters of all genders and body types having a go, and everyone is really supportive of each other, and everyone is there to have fun, and UGH. 

I wish I had infinite time to make these @_@ 

sybbelle  asked:

Prompt: Evelyn is tired of seeing Ginny upset over Mike and Amelia, and so mama bear comes out to teach Mike a lesson on screwing his head on straight.

If anything, she’s gotta give Blip credit for keeping the secret for as long as he did. Especially considering how he could barely keep her surprise birthday party from her once, keeping Mike and Amelia on the low is in fact, pretty big for him.

“Wait, rewind.” Evelyn says around a yawn. “Mike and Amelia?”

“Mmhmm.” Blip nods, slipping into bed, a hand being thrown over his eye.

The wheels in Evelyn’s mind turn, trying to understand how that even happened or when or why… “How —”

“Don’t know. All I know is it’s a thing.”

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Welcome to our new series of crew profiles! Each week we’ll be profiling a different member of the crew, each answering the same 5 questions. 

We’ll start off with our fearless leader, creator and executive producer, Chris Savino! 

Chris Savino – Show Creator & Executive Producer

 •  When did you become interested in animation and why?

I’ve wanted to draw a comic strip my entire life. I didn’t even realize animation was a job until my senior year of high school. I’d always watched cartoons but that year I realized i wanted to make them. 

•  What was your first job in animation?

Character Layout on The Ren and Stimpy show. 

•  If you could befriend one animated character, who would it be and why?

Bullwinkle Moose. His puns are the only ones that would give me a run for my money. 

•  What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

“Consider making them human”  told to me about the loud house early when it was a pitch about rabbits. We know how that turned out. :)

•  If you had to eat one kind of food every day for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Peanut Butter & jelly sandwiches. 

Y’know, I really give myself a hard time over my own interests and sometimes feel bad about that.

When I was in my teens, I sorta got this mindset that I’m not allowed to be interested in cartoons and videogames anymore, since they’re shallow kiddy crap. I felt like I was only allowed to be interested in books about how crappy post-war Austria was by authors that commited suicide later in their life as a result of their poor childhoods. Growing up in Austria does that to one, I guess.

Thing is, I knew I LIKED cartoons and things considered “childish”, but I felt I had to repress it. As a result, I missed out on a lot of great cartoons from the early 2000s I see a lot of people on this website fondly remember (aside from that german dubbing is amongst some of the poorest you could imagine, german only lends itself to pitch-black humor).

So I kinda feel left out in my circle of online friends who know all about these things, while I can probably count the amount of really great cartoons I’ve seen with my fingers. Additionally, I have a VERY HARD time getting into new things, since this mindset of not being allowed to get into “childish” things like cartoons is sorta permanently embossed on my brain.

Got kinda personal there, but that’s something I’ve been thinking about a bit lately. I think this is part of why I have such a hard time conversing with people, since I don’t really have that many things I know about to talk about in the first place.

spark -- chapter one: zippo

// zippo // dust // love’s light wings // silver heart // forever hold your peace //

hey guys! new fic thing. potentially chaptered? let me know!

tw: fire

Surprisingly, it wasn’t a bad first day of school.

It could have been worse. Especially considering that I’m new.

A girl named Penelope saved my ass earlier in Chemistry, and when I came out from the lunch line, trying to see if there were any free tables left or if I’d have to resign myself to eating in the library, she waved me down and offered me a seat her empty table.

“Wow. How’d you snag a table all to yourself, Penny?” I asked her.

She rolled her eyes. “I’ve got a deal with the local populars that congregate in this area. They won’t mess with me.”

“Scary,” I said wryly.

“Shut up, Simon,” she replied good naturedly.

I laughed and took my seat.

I was in the middle of taking a huge bite out my ham sandwich when I saw him.

He was dressed in all black. Black skinny jeans, a black long sleeved t-shirt, black combat boots, and black fingerless gloves. (Who wears fingerless gloves?) (Someone addicted to texting?) His hair was black too, and it hung like a curtain down to his chin. (I’ve never seen a guy who wore his hair long, actually.) (It’s kind of unsettling.) Even his eyes were a dark, murky gray. His skin, though… it was as pale as alabaster. Like the full moon on an inky night.

But the most mesmerizing thing was the zippo in his hands.

He absently flicked it open and shut, lighting it with just a snap and flipping it between his knuckles, still lit, as if it was nothing. The flames twisted around his fingers, hungrily licking his skin.

“Who’s that?” I asked around a mouthful of lettuce and chipotle mayo.

Penny glanced over to the boy and froze. “Oh. Him. You probably should stay away from him.”
“Why?” I resisted the urge to stare at the effortless fireworks display in the boy’s hands.

She bit her lip. “Well… he’s Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch. Most people call him Baz or Basil or something. He’s a year above us. Junior. And he’s just… kind of dangerous. We’ve got a social hierarchy, like most schools, but he’s kind of… exempt. Most people just leave him alone. But some people like to prank him and steal his zippo. Which is, by the way, a very, very bad move. It puts him in a rather awful mood.”

“What’s the deal with that zippo, anyway?” I swallowed the bite of sandwich and took another one. “Aren’t lighters and shit banned from school?”

“Yeah. Apparently his mother used to be principal here,” Penny replied. “She was supposedly really awesome, but she died a while ago. The teachers still remember her. As long as he doesn’t do anything too drastic, the teachers usually look the other way.”

I whistled. “Christ.”

Penny nodded. “Yeah. I know. Just stay away from that guy, alright? You don’t wanna get involved with him.”

I nodded, but I couldn’t get the image of Baz twirling his zippo out of his head for the rest of the day.

He was in an awful mood.

He had gym first period today. (Which always set him in an awful mood.) (Fuck gym.)

But after he’d finished changing in the bathroom stall, he had reached into his pocket for his zippo and it wasn’t there.

Because of fucking course someone decided to steal his zippo again.

Fuck everything.

“That Baz guy is looking kind of twitchy,” I commented at lunch.

Penny looked up from her book. “He’s not playing with his zippo, so I’m betting someone stole it again. Christ.”

“Yeah. Probably.”

He couldn’t keep still.

He drummed his fingers on the lunch table.

He sucked on his lip.

He chewed his hair.

He cracked his knuckles. (Again. And again. And again.)

But all he could think of was his zippo. His zippo. His precious zippo. In someone else’s hands. Probably failing at lighting it, unnecessarily wearing out the flint. Probably getting their dirty, oily fingerprints all over it. Probably laughing at how stupid he was for leaving it in his jeans, ripe for the taking.

God fucking dammit.

I absently strolled around the park, breathing in the crisp, autumn air. (The days were already getting a little shorter.)

But then I heard laughter – and not the laughter of the little kids swinging on the swingset. Raucous, boorish laughter.

“He just left it in his jeans, can you believe it?”
“What an idiot.”

The sound of something sparking.

“What’s his deal with this thing, anyway? It’s just a freakin zippo.”

“He’s just a freak. A pyro.”

Something snapped shut.

“Yo, let’s go back to my house.”

The guy slipped the silver zippo into his jacket pocket.

I was frozen. Fuck. Should I?

The two were approaching the exit.

Fuck it.

I jogged toward them and bumped into the guy with the zippo.

“Oh, sorry.” I smiled apologetically.

The zippo was obviously well used and cared for. There were dark spots on the metal casing, ones that couldn’t be removed by any kind of polishing. Other than that, though, it was perfectly clean.


A boy jogged up to him. (Baz didn’t recognize him.)

He looked up. “The fuck do you want?” He growled.

“Here.” The boy tossed something small and metallic to him.

Baz caught it.

“How – ?”

But the boy was already gone.

anonymous asked:

What are your professional thoughts on the fish that inhabit mesopalegic and/or abyssopalegic zones?

“‘Professional’…? Well, I’m not a professional yet, if that’s what you meant but…To be honest, I find the way creatures live in the abyssopelagic layer of the sea to be a lot more interesting than the ones in the mesopelagic layer. I mean, going off in pitch black in a place that’s considered bottomless? They got guts. The really only notable species living in the abyss zone being the Rifita pachyptila, or the giant tube worm. Other than that, not many fish or sea creatures in general tread down there…It makes me wonder what life could be like down there, it being as pitch black as a midnight sky…I hope I can see it someday with my own eyes, though I know that’s impossible.”

“…Does that answer your question? I know I may have gone slightly off topic for a moment. How come you asked though?”

If I were to make a cosplay-related blog...

It would have

  • introductions from all the people contributing (myself, Matt? Vik?)
  • Costume making tips, from choosing your cosplay to posing for photos
  • Recommendations and/or reviews for conventions, if we ever get around to actually going to any more
  • Stories on failed props/costumes/makeup/etc. (embarrassing stories, yay!)
  • Tutorials and/or stories about successful props/types of costume/experimental things
  • A list of tutorials from outside sources that we have found incredibly helpful
  • an open submissions box so people can contribute their stories/tips/tutorials, and so forth
  • Recommended products to buy for prop-making, costume-making, make-up. Where to buy them. Prices (though probably only for Canada, sorry guys).
  • Convention Cosplay Kit- a list of things one should always have handy in the case of costume malfunction. 
  • Accurate tags and a tags masterlist so it’s easy to find everything you’re looking for

And now what I need from you guys is your approval. Is this a good idea? Would people be interested? Would you be willing to give feedback and participate in story sharing? This blog would become largely a community effort, and we would improve as much as possible under suggestions from other experienced cosplayers. 

Terezi screwing with John

Okay so this has been kind of on my mind for a while

Terezi making John shuffle around her scale mates does have some purpose. Unless it is later revealed there is further motive behind it (which for some reason I kind of do but) She was screwing John over for pitched mind games.

Which lead me to wonder why she’d do this like isn’t that a waste of time considering she could save everyone

But maybe she knew she couldn’t save everyone, couldn’t protect Nepeta or Equips from Gamzee, but she could protect herself. Not killing Vriska made her not become part or an abusive relationship with Gamzee, and it also gave her opportunity to have a better relationship with someone else.

That someone is John

I kept inking it iver for why it’d be so important then it hit me like a brick: She wanted her reconnect self to have a happy, healthy kismesitude,  because it might make her happier or a bit more balanced.  She wanted herself to be in a healthy relationship, and what better person than John Egbert to fill that.  No one. Because John is a huge fucking dork and Terezi must have had some pitch towards him from the start.

(Which also leads me to point out that John wearing a spade and Dave a heart could point towards her relationships with the two of them)