this could be better but whatcha gonna do

im not ashamed sneak peak 3

a crude drawing of a hand with writing on all sides sits on a whiteboard. dots between words, a poorly drawn fish on each side, and colored pencil skills that should probably be much better if this movie took place in a high school, but in Im Not Ashamed Alternate Universe, everything is out of place.
“ive always been drawn to hands” the Christian Girl muses

“i think its because its the way that we touch people.” unlike a real high school, where everyone would look up and possibly jeer at this potential sexual innuendo, everyone remains painfully indifferent. you can feel the awkwardness in the room. one girl is fucking passed out on the table. jesus christ rachel, ever heard of a intruiging opening sentence?

the camera pans out to Dead Girl and the rest of the uninterested class. Everyone looks like they left high school 4 years ago, especially this one chap in the corner. My oh my that’s motherfucking Keurig Careless!!!!!!!! his hair: freshly shaven in true skinhead fashion, arms: fucking ripped to shreds, legs: stunted, face: 40 years old. he is picking at the callouses on his hands on top of a hilariously thin blue notebook. What The Fuck? Why is his notebook so thin. How come dead girl has 2 binders and a piece of paper and a pencil and everyone else has a single notebook? did she try to cram it all in in one class? i suppose this would be the best place next to study hall, because im guessing most Inspirational Life Changing Speeches in this class are just as boring

“compassion is the greatest form of love that humans have to offer” christian audience gasps at the wise-beyond-her-years rachel faux scott. actually compassion is one of the only forms of love u can offer but whatever floats your goat, Fakechel.

“I have this theory that if one person goes out of their way to show compassion, they can start a chain reaction”
thats so deep rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hOLY shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nazi and dildo’s heads perk up at the word “chain reaction”. nnnnyess huehueheuhehe,,,, that is what Wiiii are going to do,,, a chain reaxtion to Blow this SchooL up hehuehueheuhe. the audience screams in desperation and horror. perhaps? perhaps this speech will change their minds?? perhaps rachel will convert them to godliness… yes…

“how do you know that trust? beauty? and compassion wont make the world a better place to be in?”
this is the most generic pep talk ive ever heard? like, if someone put a gun to my head and told me to recite a speech that you would find in an american girl magazine so he could write a letter to win the affections of said gunman’s estranged daughter, this is the shit i would say.

“tomorrows not a promise… but its a chance…”
we see the teacher looking at her proudly. also theres a girl that looks Exactly like Rachel in the background looking at her? is that her force ghost or something

“.. you just might start a chain reaction”
she grins. shes such a deep thinker.

the students roll their eyes dramatically, not focusing on rachel whatsoever. well that was for nothing.
she continues smiling in the silence. uhh…



“and whats behind all this is my faith” she puts down her arms to reveal a huge-ass cross necklace. This is like, margaret white style shit. its probably as big as her palm? minimalism. minimalismmmmmm….

“im a christian!” she says, smiling. obviously. every girl that wears mormon clothes like that, cross necklaces, listens to britt nicole at maximum volume while walking through the hallways at school and crying whenever she sees someone dressed in black and calls them “lost souls” is a christian girl, okay? it’s like coming out in a high school nowadays like… everyone’s gay, rachel. every single person is gay so you can chill out.

they pan to the jock guy.

and then to dylan with his psycho stare

and then to eric with his condescending smoulder

“im not trying to be weird or convert anybody or anything like that HUEHEHE,,, i just wanna be real with you guys…. Dudes, i just wanna be Cool and Swag with u guys, Ya dig?? just tryin to kick it chilly willy with my brUhs, ya see what im sayin… and let u know who i is, dawgs”

she stares again at the indifferent class. see? nobody cared. she smiles awkwardly. the second hand embarrassment is slaughtering me. my fucking eyes. please. rachel.

“jesus gave his life for me… and i will give my life for him…………………………………………….


"just wanted to get that out there”

she takes her crude hand drawing and promptly returns to her chair.

“thank you rachel.” the teacher says. the audience is aware of her purity and innocence, but also strength and endurance.

rachel sits at her desk with a sigh, plopping her notes onto her table in preparation for the next speaker.

“up next we haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaveeeeeeee….”

“eric and dylan.”

they look up with her, eyebrows raised and knuckles cracked. this video will fucking destroy. this video will fuckin KILL BITCHES!!!

“lets watch their videyyoh… on how they would change the world…”

the teacher pops the dvd labeled “hitmen for hire” into the tape player. she turns off the lights and walks to the back of the class. the tv statics like some sort of Lost Episode creepypasta.

jeffrey dahmer sits on a chair, facing the viewers
“people are always bullying me, i dont like it”
he swirls the chair and two trenchcoated bad bitches walk into the view of the screen. 

Rachel’s disapproving and paranoid eyes rest on the screen, concerned about what this could be about…. this… this isn’t about changing the world for the better? what the heckeroni??’

the video plays in the background as twink nazi smiles condescendingly at rachel. bitch whatcha gonna do? we had to listen to your bullshit

“you know we cant have weahpons on the skewl grounds.. but if you can get them away, we’ll take em’ out for ya. for 2000$, we’ll get rid of them. permanently.”

a white hat nerd walks up the stairs, neandering around, listening to 50 cent in his headphones when suddenly

eric and dylan are pointing pvc-pipe guns at him!!! shitty sound effects play as the jock is defeated.

the classroom is slightly more alert, putting their hands over their mouths in Horrified Shock! , but dead girl is still, of course, dead.

gunshots ring through the room as rachel turns to the teacher “do we have to watch this?”

dylan does a finger gun at the television.

“no, we don’t.” the teacher says. “OOKAAAAAY i think we’ve seen enough!” the teacher yells, turning off the tv

“thaaaaat” dylan begins “would make the world a better place”


afterwords, rachel’s a-skippin up the stairs, smilin bright like a diamond, when suddenly, 

shes confronted by two trenchcoated figures, cloaked in the darkness of the stairs. they corner her and yell “what’s your problem? >:O”. love this. love how eric and dylan would probably go cry in their room if someone interrupted them, they wouldnt confront them. literally the only time they had balls in their ENTIRE LIVES was nbk, so they wouldnt confront rachel…. just Sayin….

“what?” :0

“i know you did that.” eric snarls

“did what?” :0

“i didnt stop your stupid jesus speech” HOly Shit!!!! boyyyyy HE SAID IT!!!!

dylan speaks up “you think youre better than us?

"no :O… no im not better than anybody.” wow and shes humble????? she has zero flaws omg i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mom i wanna be just like rachel when i grow up.!!!!!!

“oh i know youre not” he gets closer….. cloooserr….

they stare. lock eyes. dream weaver begins to play in the background…

“i gotta get to class.” she stutters, holding back tears.

“youre just like aaahll the others” dylan jeers, striking her in her single nerve,,,, her utter originality,,

“compassion!” eric says “yeah thatll work!!!” wow what a fucking demon??/ what a devil gosh darn!!!!!!!!! i hope he dies at the end of the movie. i hope Both of them die at the end of the movie. that’d make this movie have the BEST ENDING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill pray abt it hold on!

the scene fades to black

The Gladers confessing to you via a song.
  • Newt(I'm Alive): When you bless the day, I just drift away, All my worries die, I'm glad that I'm alive.
  • Minho: Shuck Newt, even I'm in tears.
  • Thomas(Drag me Down): If I didn't have you there would be nothing left, the shell of a man who could never be his best!
  • Minho: You're confessing your love, not thanking her for hers!
  • Minho (Do You Want to): I'm gonna make somebody love me (x2), and now I know (x3)I know that it's YOU! YOU LUCKY! LUCKY! LUCKY!!
  • Gally (Hey Baby): Hey baby girl whatcha doin tonight? I wanna see what you got in store!
  • Minho: That's not romantic!
  • Gally: It's still better than yours!

Anon -  can I get a drabble based off those med school Bones head canons except the drabble takes place during med school???

The music thumped off the walls. You watched Henson get upended over the keg and you were about to start counting the seconds til the lightweight passed out when you saw Leonard McCoy leaning against the wall, taking a long pull from one of the old-fashioned glass bottles someone brought, and watching the scene unfold.

You were three drinks down already and you’d been hearing rumours all night. Time to see for yourself.

You wound through the crowd cheering Henson on. Leonard saw you coming seconds before the crowd spat you out in front of him.

“Having a good time Y/L/N?” he asked with a grin.

“Could be better,” you crooned with a grin. “How’s the recovery going?”

He raised an eyebrow at you.

“After the lab today.”

Leonard snorted and finished the beer.

“Every now and then I gotta give a wrong answer. Keeps you all thinking I’m human, you see,” he quipped.

“Human,” you repeated with a grin.

“You gonna insult me now?”

“Whatcha gonna do about it?”

“I oughta give you a piece of my mind,” Leonard threatened, pushing off the wall and standing over you, his eyes darkened with drink.

“I’m all ears,” you drawled, hooking a hand around his hip.

He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth before grasping your arm and pulling you with him around the bannister and up the stairs to the second floor.

greyhoundsgirl  asked:

For your prompt requests, only if you like it, of course! I love Derek and the Sheriff being friends, so what if Stiles starts getting jealous cos suddenly Derek is really busy all the time and Stiles assumes he's dating someone, but he's been helping John out?

oh yessss, Oblivious!Stiles, Jealous!Stiles, and BestBros!Sheriff&Derek, everything I could ever want

“Whatcha’ gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?”  Stiles jokes, sweat pouring down his face.  Jeez, it’s hot.

“None of your business, Stiles,”  Derek says quite irritably, slamming the Camaro’s trunk shut—hiding what looks to be fishing rods, of all things—after pulling out a toolbox.  “Don’t you have anything better to do than bother me?”

“Nope,”  Stiles pops his lips, throwing a grape at Derek’s head from the porch step he’s sitting on.  It bounces off its intended target, rolling into the long grass, and Stiles says, “It’s summer break, remember?”

The air conditioner’s broken and it’s at least a thousand degrees inside the house.  Buuut, there’s a slight breeze outside, and Stiles is trying to milk it for all it’s worth.

“Yes, I remember.”  Derek walks up the steps, toolbox in hand.  He nudges Stiles to the side as he goes to open the front door.  Curious about why Derek’s at his house, Stiles gets up and trails after him.

“Then where have you been?  Allison had a barbecue last week, and you never showed up.”

Derek places his toolbox on Stiles’ kitchen table.  “I was out of town.”

“Doing what?”  Stiles asks as Derek starts pulling wrenches and screw drivers from his fancy looking toolbox.  “And what the hell are you doing?”

“Stuff,”  Derek says, and sarcastically, “What does it look like I’m doing?”

Stiles folds his arms over his chest.  “Uh, making a mess of my kitchen table?”

“Go away, Stiles,”  Derek mutters, not bothering to even look up from what he’s doing.

Frustrated, Stiles throws his hands up in the air.  “Fine!”  He marches off to sit on the sofa, instead of heading outside again, muttering under his breath about poor conversationalist werewolves.  What? He’s worried Derek might hurt himself with his own tools.  He’s seen his dad hammer his own finger instead of a nail too many times to count.  A handyman, his dad is not.

Stiles pouts, sinking further into the cushions.  Derek’s been pretty much MIA this summer, and it sucks because Stiles hardly ever gets to see him during the school year at Berkeley.  He just wishes Derek would try to make an effort to hang with Stiles.  At least so Stiles could justify the huge, honking crush he’s been nursing for Derek since senior year.

He thought they were friends, but apparently Derek’s found some other friends to spend all his time with.

Stiles may be many things, but stupid ain’t one of them.  When he’s at Berkeley, and they’re in the middle of a Skype call, Derek sometimes gets texts from random strangers.  Stiles knows it’s not anyone in the pack.  They know not to come between Stiles and Derek and the few times a week Derek thinks about him enough to give him a call.

It has to be a stranger.  A stranger who knows Derek well enough that their texts bring an adorably shy smile to his lips and a slight flush to his cheeks.  Jesus, Stiles can’t even hate this other person properly.  Anyone who makes Derek smile like that is good in his books.

It doesn’t stop Stiles from being jealous as all heck.

He turns on the TV, and sulks.  

After some time, the front door opens and his dad enters, throwing his keys in the bowl by the front door.  Stiles is just about to get up to greet him when he calls out, “Derek, you still here.”

Stiles’ freezes, eyes wide, as Derek peeks his head out of the kitchen, a smear of what looks to be grease on his face, and says, “Yeah, just about done repairing the A.C.”  His dad walks over to Derek and claps him on the shoulder, causing Stiles’ eyes to bug out of his head.  What kind of bizzaro hell dimension is this?  “There was a problem with the coils, but I got it fixed up just fine,”  Derek says, scrubbing a hand through his hair.

“Thanks, son,”  his dad says, “Did you eat lunch?”  Derek shakes his head, and his dad frowns, turning to Stiles with a displeased look on his face.  “Stiles, why didn’t you feed Derek?  I know it’s summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude.”

Stiles blinks, “I didn’t know feeding Derek was something we did in this house?”  His dad purses his lips, and Stiles continues in a very quiet voice, “I’m feeling very confused right about now.”

His dad rolls his eyes, turning back to Derek, “I’m sorry my son’s a lazy, impolite ass.”

“Hey!”  Stiles protests, just as Derek throws his head back and laughs.  Like full on belly shaking, world changing, unicorns are falling out of his mouth, laughter.  Stiles is feeling so attacked right now.

Derek looks at him, an actual smile on his face, and says, “It’s just one of his charms, I guess.”

So attacked.

His dad gets this look in his eye, and glances between the two of them in a way that could only be described as snake-like.  “You know that thing we discussed on our weekly fishing trips, Derek?  And that I keep texting you about, but you just blush and smile like an idiot?  Well, you might want to talk to Stiles about it.”  His dad smirks and walks towards the front door, grabbing his keys.  He leaves the house with a wave, and a, “I expect to see you at Saturday dinners from now on, Derek!”

Stiles frowns.  Saturday dinners?  The last time Stiles had a girlfriend, his dad demanded that she show up for Saturday dinners.  Stiles looks to Derek, expecting to see the same amount of confusion on his face.  Instead, what he gets is Derek gazing up at the ceiling, as if praying for divine interference, with his face the colour of a ripe tomato.

Ohhhhh, Saturday dinners.

Stiles giggles.

Don't Play With Me

Imagine Idea: Dean and the reader go to take down a Witch who makes Dean and the reader switch bodies

Warnings: Language, Mention of Smut, Alcohol, Blood

Word Count: 1369

A/n: I think that this has been done before, but I really like the idea so why not give it a shot.


The Witch continued to chant her incantation as Dean grabbed the knife to stab her. He ran up to her plunging the blade into her heart, the witch stopped talking and a deep gasp escaped her lips instead. Dean smiled watching her fall to the floor in a heap of clothes and blood.

You got dropped to the floor from the wall, the witch had you pinned up when Dean was knocked out from her throwing him against a wall. She had taken blood from both you and him and mixed into some concoction.

So far you didn’t feel anything aside from the lack of breath, and the bruising feeling in your ribs. Dean gathered up your guy’s stuff before rubbing his head inspecting it to make sure he hadn’t done major damage.

You and him walked back to the Impala not saying a word. Sam wasn’t there because he had been doing research for your guy’s next case.

“Are you good?” Dean asked breaking the silence, not taking his eyes off the road. You nodded even though he probably couldn’t see. “Yeah. How ‘bout you.” You turned looking at him. He shrugged. “Nothing a little whiskey can’t fix.” He said turning up the radio, not to you surprise Back in Black was on. You and Dean sang the words, hoping to make time go by faster.

You and Dean really didn’t care when it came to singing. It could range anywhere from trying to sound like an angel to screeching like a hawk.

After 6 hours you guys finally showed up at the bunker, tired an sweaty. You and Dean walked, more like stumbled in the door. Sam was passed out in the library, head in a book.

You said good night to Dean before walking to the bathroom to shower before going to bed. Yes, it was about 4 am but you didn’t want to go to bed with sweat and blood all over you.

You got undressed, turning on the water and hopping in. You almost fell asleep do to the warmth of the water, but you were woken up by a tingly feeling in your neck. You brushed it off as an aftermath of the whole wall thing.

After your shower you put on some underwear and an oversized t-shirt before hoping into bed. It’s was hard to fall asleep because the tingling spread from your neck to your torso and hands.

Soon sleep came, drifting you into darkness.

You woke up, light pouring into the room. You felt sticky and smelled kind of funny, it was odd though, seeing as how you took a shower last night.

You got up wiping your eyes and walking to the bathroom to brush your teeth. When you got up you weren’t in your comfy shirt you had put on last night, you were in a flannel and jeans. You ran to the bathroom almost slipping because you were still in socks for whatever reason.

As soon as you got in you locked the door and looked into the mirror.

Your usually delicate features were replaced with emerald green eyes, a chiseled jaw line and some scruff. You looked down the familiar body.

How is this even possible, you thought to your self. Just as you left you heard a very loud high pitched scream coming from Deans room. You ran in there to find Dean…. Well you, laying on the floor looking at yourself breathing heavily.

“Dean?” You asked, your voice coming out deep. It took you by surprise. He looked up eyes scanning you, he started giggling. You looked at him confused. He pointed at you, his or your shirt hiking up his waist. “You have a boner.” You looked down, and sure enough there was a big bulge in your jeans.

Your face got red even though it wasn’t you.“HOW IN THE HELL DO I GET RID OF THIS.” You asked your voice coming out funny and weird. “Jerk off.” He said simply. You stomped your foot then turned around to leave when you heard. “Nice.” Coming from behind you, you turned around and there was Dean peering down your shirt smirking.

“Hey!” You said defensively. He looked at you. “You’re literally about to play with my dick, why can’t I sneak a peak.” He said admiring his new body in the mirror.

You left, bumping into Sam on your way down the hall. “Hey Dean.” He said. “No I’m not De-” he cut you off. “So get this, I think I found out something about the thing.” He looked at you going right into a book. He started pointing out pictures and Latin chants, but you were lost.

“Can you do me a favor.” You asked. “Um, yeah.” He said awkwardly. “Okay so Dean and I went on a hunt we dropped our hex bags, and the witch switched our bodies and now I have a boner and I don’t know what to do, and I’m pretty sure Dean is in there masturbating with my body, and I just need help.” You rushed out quickly.

He looked at you closing the book. “Y/n.” He asked. You nodded. “Yep.” He started laughing. “You don’t know how to deal with a boner? Whatever, I’ll look for a reversal incantation or something, but I’m gonna go see Dean.” He said walking towards his room.

As soon as he opened the door you heard a “Shit Sammy, knock next time.” And a “Really, you just couldn’t resist could you.” You smiled and walked off to the bathroom to take yet again another shower.

Days had gone by and you hadn’t found anything close to a cure. On the bright side you were getting pretty good at aiming, probably better than Dean. Him on the other hand, was wearing very revealing outfits or poking your boobs every chance he could. Honestly it made you kinda uncomfortable, but Dean had to be Dean and whatcha gonna do.
On top of that it seemed that Dean wakes up with a goddamn boner every morning because let’s just say you’ve got some new skills to try out on a lucky guy at a bar once you get back to your body.

You and Dean were talking when the door slammed open and in came Moose. He almost immediately started talking. “I think I found a cure but it might hurt like a bitch for the both of you.” He said glancing between you.
You were fine with it, you looked at Dean, he nodded. You weren’t gonna lie, your side profile wasn’t half bad.

You smirked to yourself before getting up and following Sam. He had a huge altar with lots of weird bones and symbols placed around it.
Sam started talking in Latin, throwing things into a bowl, you and Dean stayed in your places on the symbol painted on the floor.

Sammy walked toward you with a bowl and gold knife in hand. He grabbed your arm and held up the blade, he carved an intricate symbol into your arm, you didn’t feel anything but Dean sure as hell did, he clutched his arm groaning in pain. Sam collected some of the blood then walked over to Dean.

Sam was right, it does hurt like a bitch, especially when you can’t do anything about it.

He poured the mixed blood into the bowl with all the other ingredients and chanted one last word, the flames on the candles shot up then went out, leaving you guys in the dark.

You felt your eyelids getting heavier and suddenly, it was all black.

You woke back up in your own clothes, in your own bed, in your own body. You smiled at your self, you weren’t gonna lie, you were gonna miss having a dick that you could fling everywhere… Not everywhere but you get the point.

[Seeing Clearly]

Title: Denial

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Rating: T (swearing)

Summary: Natsu’s losing his eyesight, and with a major pet peeve of anything touching his eye, Lucy decides to do him a nice favor. Sucks that it ends up biting her in the ass. Or does it?

Part 1 of 2/ Part 2

“Shit! Lucy! Did you see where it went?” Natsu called out.

I shoved my way past branch after branch, and dodged the endless supply of trees that surrounded the both of us. I ran a pace behind him as he shot off on his feet, I didn’t fail to notice the flustered fury that seemed to shine in his eyes as he lost sight of the monster we were tracking.

“No,” I replied, and his feet immediately slowed at those words. I slowed down to a walk as well, heaving my breath in and out, “It just disappeared.”

He huffed out, annoyed, and I watched as he looked around warily, “I shot the hell out of it, it couldn’t of gone far.”

I smiled absently at that and saw Happy flutter down to sit on his shoulder, “I wouldn’t say the hell out of it, but you got it’s wing pretty good. It still might be able to fly, though.”

Natsu turned his cheek to give an offended glare to his friend, “What are you talking about? I hit it dead on, it shouldn’t even be able to walk!

“Meh,” I shrunk my nose at that. I made a shrill noise of doubt escape my mouth to catch his glance, “You were a little off.”

He glared at me then and I couldn’t help but smile sympathetically. “Maybe you’re just off your game today.”

Happy snickered at that, and Natsu just crossed his arms with a huff. “Am not. I totally hit him!”

“Well can you track it’s scent still?” I asked.

Natsu raised his nose up to sniff the air and went in a few circles around me, before he paused next to my shoulder. “I think so.” He squinted his eyes towards the distance then, oddly, and blinked to compose himself.

“It’s close,” He muttered, “The swamp gas mixes up the scents, I can’t tell exactly.”

Well jeez, that wasn’t scary. I looked around and felt Happy behind my shoulder now, grasping my key handle in an anxious hold. It was quiet around us for a moment, before a muffled cry sounded all around us. My caution peaked at that, and I took a quick glance to Natsu behind me. Wait, what…was he doing?

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The A(lcohol) Team
The A(lcohol) Team

Because why get someone a HAPPY Christmas gift?

This is for thewizardofarmin for their Homestuck Secret Santa gift. I heard they shipped Rosemary, and I ship Rosemary, and blah blah I made a feelsy sadstuck song about them whatcha gonna do

God I wish I could do a read more with the lyrics but I can’t so bluh I’ll just post them anyway.

Black lips, pale face,

Movements sure and full of grace,

I used to live for her taste;

Now her light’s gone, it’s gone again,

But no horrorterrors have done her in,

sometimes she cries about the end;

And they say, the alcohol makes her seem,

Better than she’s ever been,

She’s been this way since 15, but lately,

her eyes seem,

to have lost their clever gleam,

her smile crumbles like pastries,

and she screams

“The worst things in life come free to us,

cuz we’re just under English’s hand,

and we’re crazy to make a stand,

cuz we all know he’s gonna win this fight,

tonight,” but in a bottle, she flies to a different land,

while she kisses me and holds my hand

and I sob because I know why

My angel can’t fly, my angel can’t fly

While my teammates bang, their heads on walls

I hold her head in bathroom stalls

I walk, she crawls

I ask her how we’ll win this fight,

What she sees with her pow’rs of light

She starts to cry, I say “it’s alright”

And they say, the alcohol makes her seem,

Better than she’s ever been,

She’s been this way since 15, but lately,

her eyes seem,

to have lost their clever gleam,

her smile crumbles like pastries,

and she screams

“The worst things in life come free to us,

cuz we’re just under English’s hand,

and we’re crazy to make a stand,

cuz we all know he’s gonna win this fight,

tonight,” but in a bottle, she flies to a different land,

while she kisses me and holds my hand

and I sob because I know why

My angel can’t fly, my angel could die

Out of my sight,

Blurred eyes, begging for a better life

No goodbyes, will be given tonight

I’ll save your light!

And they say, the alcohol makes her seem,

Better than she’s ever been,

She’s been this way since 15, but lately,

she says she, finds it harder to remember me,

She says she wants to break free, from this tyranny

And I take her gin and she looks at me, I say

“Though we’re under English’s hand

We will rise up and make a stand

Because we all know why we fight, tonight

Your bottles may take you to mystic lands

But if you stay here and take my hand

I’m sure that if you try

My angel will fly

My angel will fly

Please, angel, don’t die”