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Small Talk

This is a b-day present for @sncwbaz (go wish her a happy birthday!)

In which Simon texts the wrong number

(set in the summer before Carry On)

Italics is Baz

Bold is Simon

(Bc = because)

(Idc = I don’t care)

Can u believe it?

They were holding hands, P!

Sorry, who is this?

Oh shit, sorry. Wrong number

Not a problem.

Do u ever wonder why things happen to u? And why u have to take responsibility of things that are beyond your control or knowledge?

Why are you still texting me? And yes. On a regular basis.

Bc Im bored

Why are u replying?

What happened to P? Ignored you?

Busy w/ her boyfriend

U didnt answer my question

I guess because I’m a disappointment to myself.

What? Why? 4 texting an interesting stranger?

For wasting my time. Come on, interesting?

I slayed a dragon once

I didnt want 2, but I guess thats sth unusual

Uhm. Sure. A. Dragon.


Told ya :)

What else?


Once I ate 30 scones in a row

and I puked them 30 s later


Your turn. Tell me sth about u

I’m a vampire.

Hahahaha, nice 1

Tho u kno, they do exist

I know. I am one.

WICKED. So, u kill ppl?

No. I’m not a murderer.

Srry g2g

Care homes suck, they wont let me use my phone :(

Oh. That’s sad.


Morning vampy!

Call me that again and I swear I’ll kill you with my own fangs.

Touchy, arent we?

Don’t get into trouble for texting me.


No way. Just wouldn’t like you to blame me if you got grounded or something.

Im grounded 24/7 so no worries



Cant wait to start school next week

Me too, actually.

We must b like the only 2 teenagers on earth willing 2 go 2 school

Why are you guessing I’m a teenager? I could be a teacher.

Shit. True

Are u?

No, silly. I’m in A-level.

Omfg me 2

Do u live in England?


Cool! I live in London

Star Wars or LOTR?

Why do I have to choose?

Lets ask random questions 2 kno each other better!

Okay. Lord of the Rings, then.

Rembrandt or Van Gogh?


Day or night?


Coffee or tea?

Tea. W/ scones.

Outside or inside person?

Definitely inside.

Basketball or football?

Football. But Im not v good

Rain or sun?


Do you spit or swallow? (gum)

This question is disturbing

You said RANDOM. And I’m disturbed.

Im still not answering


U kno what? U really wanna kno sth abot me?


My girlfriend just left me


And I dont even care

Sorry about your girlfriend

Well dont b. I have much more fun texting u

Anyway, g2g

Text u later

Until later, then.


Wow. Eloquent.

Whuts goin on on taht baeutiful miiind?

Im on ur magickal mysstery riiied

Are you drunk? Did you just quote John Legend?

Funny spelling of MAGICKAL, though.

I leik u sooooo much.

I’m flattered, but sorry. I’m hopelessly in love with my roommate, actually.

And you don’t even know my gender.

Fcuk taths tru

I didtn think abot it

You didn’t think?!

Deos it mutter?


Answeeeer mee!!1!

R u madd?

I suppose it doesn’t matter. But there’s still my roommate. So, sorry.

I’m a boy, by the way.

its ok

im a bloke 2

i wish my roommate were liek u

my roommate is irky af n sooo posh n strong n graceful n ruthless n tall n smart n bloody perfect u dont understend

That’s a lot of adjectives.

Are you sure you don’t like them?

No I haet him!


n he hats me 2

he pushed me down the stiars!

Go to sleep.

ok ill do it only bc u tell me 2

Good night.

niiiiite ily!! ilysm

Hey, srry about yesterday!

I was pretty pissed…


But don’t worry. I understand.

So, I was thinking… would u like 2 meet?

I kno it sounds weird but I really like u and it would b great if we could, u kno, talk face 2 face?

Well, sounds nice. What do you suggest?

Theres this b-day party 2nite at a friend’s of mine from school. Her name is Anna, shes pretty rad

Anyway, is the only day im allowed to go out

I’ve got permission from the Queen

The party starts at 7

Okay, send me the directions and I’ll be there.

(You’re lucky I love driving)

ill wear worn out jeans n a red jumper

Good. I’ll wear a dark green suit.

See you then.

See u later

Too many people wearing a red jumper.

Wait ill go to the entrance







Baz wait! Dont go

Pls come back





About u being hopelessly in love w/ ur awesome roommate?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t use the word “awesome”.

Glad u stayed yesterday?


Glad u kissed me?

YOU kissed ME, Snow.

I rlly want it to b monday already, so we can b 2gether again

Just because we snogged doesn’t mean we are TOGETHER

I want 2 try

Im terrible at this


Yes, fine.


Yes, what?

You can be my terrible boyfriend.




I have 2 go get everything ready

Cant wait 4 monday!!

See you on Monday, love.




Ari: Hope you like this! <3 </p>

I also posted it on AO3, here’s the link.

Andreil Fanfiction Recommendation Masterpost - aka fanfics I’ve enjoyed big time (an on-going list)

Most probably no one really cares, but I’ve thought it would be nice if I’ve made a post of the fics I’ve read so far (I’m not really a big fanfic reader myself to be honest and I’ve only started to read andreil fics recently so the list isn’t long), because I most probably loved them to bits or had parts I’ve thought were marvellous and I want others to read them as well.
Again, my recommendation might not mean much, but hey, I’m still doing it.
Obviously, I’m going to edit the list whenever I finish something and enjoyed it a lot. Also, I would be more than happy to receive recommendations. :)
(Also, if you read something, pleeeasssseeee, give them kudos AND comments, because they deserve it so much!)

List of Andreil fics you definitely must read:

Lessons in Cartography by crazy_like_a 
It starts after The King’s Men and deals with Andrew and Neil’s relationship and personal development thorough. I think it’s wonderful and honestly, sometimes I kind of forget I’m not reading the canon book but a fanfiction.
(It also has lots of nsfw scenes and honestly, I love the way the author makes Neil and Andrew take slow steps in this area and experimenting what can and cannot be done. It’s wonderful.)

The Cartographer and the World by crazy_like_a 
It’s the sequel for Lessons in Cartography and it is just the same amazing. (It’s still on-going.)

The Unkindness of Ravens by crazy_like_a 
“After Kevin publicly announces his intention to play for the Foxes, Riko sends Nathaniel Wesninski to convince him to return to the Nest. Unfortunately for Riko, Nathaniel has other plans.”
It is heavy and triggering but truly brilliant in my opinion.

Creatures We Find in the Forest by crazy_like_a
Everything is more or less the same, BUT, imagine Andrew being a vampire (and so is Riko while we are at it).
Let’s just say I LOVE this author’s works, okay.
Also, if I’ve said TUOR is triggering, now here, Evermore part truly is. I cried.

Monster by NightMuse
“A look inside Andrew’s head throughout The King’s Men.”
I loved to read this fic (it’s still on-going, hopefully it’s going return from war soon), I personally love reading fics from Andrew’s point of view, I doubt I’m alone with being curious what is going on in Andrew’s head. But this one is truly amazing, I think?

Better Than a Grave or a Hearse by iaquilam
Andrew POV and again, Raven Neil but his attitude problems remain the same, waking Andrew’s curiosity.
Apparently, what I’ve enjoyed the most about this fic is that certain scene when Neil disappears. I’ve always wanted to read that scene from Andrew’s POV because I just need to know what he thinks and how he feels (he does feel, idc what anyone says). What I think, the scene in this fic could be even canon, I feel it’s pretty close to how it happened or how he felt and I just love it.

light fires at night (to push back the void) by inthesea 
OH MY GOD and Andrew POV. Is that enough of a description?
This story is beautiful. And it’s not only fluff and softness, it does not cast aside the dark parts, trying to erase them. And it’s all good. Because they learn to live with it, together, as they get closer and closer.
And, I’ve cried so much at the ending you have no idea. (also do not be confused by ‘3 chapters’, it’s super long.)

anonymous asked:

i hate to ask this, but my boyfriend of 2 years and i broke up today, and im crying a lot, could you make a tin sketch for me? idc what, just something hapy

im here for you bb❤️ hope things will get better for you soon!✨


“I feel..I feel…I feel awful today”

Okay, CL’s comment is sort of upsetting me. Like, what’s wrong??? You just had an amazing performance??? Surrounded by your friends and loved ones??? And you’re still feeling awful, what happened???

I really hope she’s feeling alright.  😢 😢 😢


More Final Fantasy VII. I wish I had a hoard of cash so I could actually buy a PS4. This is mostly me de-stressing by avoiding my responsibilities. I did apply for a bunch of jobs, all of which pay better than the one I have now, but I’m going to be hanging on a wire until I get some semblance of stability.

In the mean time, I’m going to continue taking out my stress/anxiety on Cloud.

xyourpinksky  asked:

Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, dance and rap but also play instruments in some performances and MVs like AOA? P.S. their gf is a drummer, a dancer and a rapper! :)

Lol at first I was very confused but after reading it, I got it. Hopefully I made it to your liking. I wanted each member to be different so I changed it up.

*gifs are not mine*

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend‘s Group Being Multi-Talented

Jin: Jin would be surprised and somewhat jealous. He already knew that you could dance but he didn’t know you could play instruments. When he saw you behind the drums, his eyes and mouth would widen in surprise. The boys would be teasing him about you being better than him at everything. He’d smile to himself, watching you play the drums and seeing how confident you look. When you get off stage, he’d congratulate you and compliment you making you blush.

Originally posted by crimsonspeedsterr

Yoongi: His cute little gummy smile will pop out as soon as he sees you playing the piano (cliche I know but idc lol). He’d look at you with so much pride knowing that his girlfriend is part of a band who can do almost anything. As your piano solo starts, he stares intently at your fingers, amazed at how gracefully they move across the keys. When your performance is over you run to him asking how you did. He would smile and pinch your cheeks calling you cute, and giving you endless amount of praise.

Originally posted by yoongies-min

Hoseok: At first he wouldn’t believe that you could play the electric guitar. He’d be unconvinced and wouldn’t listen. When they call your group on stage, he’d be waiting backstage and he would gasp. There in your hand, an electric guitar. “Wow! I thought she was joking!” He’d think about how cool you were and would tell the other guys to look at you because pure talent. Being able to rap, dance, and play the guitar. It’d be too much for his heart. He’s your biggest fan there.

Originally posted by jhope-shi

Namjoon: He knew that you were talented, but to what extent he had no idea. This would be the first time he’s ever seen you display all your talents. He was first attracted to you because you could rap and he felt like he could relate more to you. When he found out you could play the drums, he’d be so excited. Even more excited to know that your group was know for being multi-talented. Shameless promotion all day everyday! Wanting to be at every single one your rehearsals, but sadly he couldn’t. (his reaction to watching your group live)

Originally posted by vivacioustae

Jimin: He would laugh in amazement and wonder as soon as he sees you behind the piano. His first thought would be “is she really playing? Why didn’t she tell me she could play?” After your groups song, he’d pull you to the side and hug you. “Aww why didn’t you tell me you could play?” Expect kisses and him begging for you to play for him and it’ll be even worse when he finds out you can rap and dance. He’ll want to perform with you one day.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Taehyung: “Wow” The only word that could come out of his mouth after seeing you and your group play on stage. He’d be confused about how well you guys were able to integrate every thing together, without your voices being drowned out by the instruments. None the less, he would be dancing in his seat, hype af watching HIS girlfriend play. He wouldn’t want to be too obvious about you guys’ relationship, so he’d wait until you both were outside the public eye for him to compliment how you looked, and how you sounded on stage. “My girlfriend is awesome! Give me a kiss!” He would say making you smile big.

Originally posted by eyesmiletrash

Jungkook: Of course he would be proud af. It’s only natural that he’s with someone who displays as much talent as himself, possibly a bit more than him. He’d be way obvious about his excitement for you specifically. When it was over he’d congratulate you and the members will also tease him because they’ve never seen him act all shy and cute around you. He’d be embarrassed but wouldn’t stop because he’s proud of you.

Originally posted by donewithjeon

I hope you guys like it! And y’all know the drill! Send in y’all requests and I’ll get back to them and I do any kind so if you feel like I won’t be opposed to doing them, send them my way.

In a colder tone, he added, ‘So what did you really plan to do, Chade? Pass off Fitz’s daughter as Verity’s? Steal her from Molly and give her to the Queen, to raise as her own?’ The Fool’s voice had gone deadly soft.

Assassin’s Quest

taking a moment to appreciate Fool laying in to Chade for his behaviour because it’s so rare that anyone does and I am really hoping for more of this in AF (though given the way the plot’s going it seems unlikely idc). Also, Chade’s response to the above quote:

‘I… the times are hard and the need so great… but… not steal her, no. Burrich would understand, and I think he could make the girl understand. Besides. What can she offer the child? A penniless candlemaker, bereft of her trade… how can she care for her? The child deserves better. As does the mother, truly, and I would do my best to see that she was provided for, also. But the baby cannot be left with her.’

1. Fool has made Chade hesitate. Lots of ellipses in that speech, especially for Chade, I think. Fool hit the nail on the head and now Chade’s trying to pretend that what they said wasn’t perfectly accurate.

2. Chade holy shit you are a terrible person. Seriously. If you’re that worried about Molly being able to care for Nettle, maybe you could… idk… offer some monetary support. Noooo you’re going straight for steal the child and pass it off as someone else’s

3. You cannot convince me that Molly would have been at all safe in this scenario. Chade passing Nettle off as Verity’s child and just leaving Molly hanging out in luxury as a loose thread? Fuck no. Molly would have died. Probably not too immediately; or alternatively, Molly was bound to pass away while looking after Nettle despite “all of Chade’s help” leaving Burrich as the sole person to persuade to give Nettle up to Kettricken.

tl;dr: chade fallstar is a terrible, terrible human being and Beloved should tear him a new one more often.


“Whether it’s a happiness or love, it’s good if anyone who has it a lot of it could share with others. I read from a book before that you need to love yourself first to love others. I wasn’t that type of a person and I was more like playing down my role and lowering myself. I kept pushing myself and at one point, my confidence was gone. Now I’m starting to learn about love and happiness little by little.”

Wrong chat (mxm)

neutral POV; Jimin x Jungkook; 679 words

Thanks for requesting. For this I had tree ideas and I’ll all of them, but I need some time. I started with this one because it’s my first time writing in english and I wanted to do something similar (like neutral POV) until I get used to that “you” style. Hahaha. I writed it with all my heart, so I hope you’ll enjoy and please, excuse me if i have some mistakes :3

Originally posted by satellite-jeon

Everyone knew that the maknae line was always full of energy and playful. But lately, Jimin and Jungkook were even more playful. They seemed closer than ever, sitting just the two of them on the sofa, talking quietly to each other. During the practice there were more skin touching and stares, but none of the other members knew what was going on.

Once Yoongi saw Jimin licking his lips while staring at Jungkook’s hips, but half-asleep, he thought it was nothing.

And there was that one time (more than one actually) when Jungkook ‘accidently’ touched Jimin’s ass, but for the others that was just it – an accident. When seven young boys live and work together, those stuff are somehow normal. But between those two’s actions was something more.

Namjoon was in his room, enjoying his new book when he heard his phone. It was such a good moment, that he ignored the text. After a minute his phone sounded like it was going to explode.

Namjoon opened the chathead and his chin dropped down.

[9:48pm] Jimin: I know that you have to practice with Jin

[9:48pm] Jimin: but…

[9:49pm] Jimin: I really need you, Kookie. Right here, right now.

[9:49pm] Jimin: I need your thick dick buried deep in my ass.

[9:50pm] Jimin: Idc that NJ is in his room. Please, daddy, I want to hear you moan my name while pounding me hard…

[9:50pm] Namjoon: JIMIN!! WHAT THE FUCK??

[9:51pm] Jimin: FUCK! Sorry. Wrong chat…

[9:51pm] Namjoon: Better not be naked, cuz I’m coming to your room.

Namjoon wasn’t against those kind of relationships, but when something like this was happening between the wall of their dorm, they had to have a talk.

“I need and explanation” Namjoon said, closing the door, so no one could hear their small talk.

The younger boy’s cheeks turned bright red. He shrank shyly on his bed, hugging his knees and hiding his face behind them. “I don’t wanna”.

Namjoon smiled, letting a little laugh out of his lips. Jimin was too cute when he was this shy. “I didn’t knew you were so dirty. Daddy kink, huh?”

“Shut up!” embarrassed and angry, Jimin throw a pillow at his hyung.

“Mochi isn’t hard anymore?” Namjoon sat next to the boy and teased him. When no answer was recived, the older boy started to tickle this sweet angry ball that was Jimin right now. After a few moments they become one big cuddling mess on the bed.

One tickling session that seemed wrong in the golden maknae’s eyes. “What’s going on here?” Jungkook asked. His voice was shaking and his eyes were full with pain.

“It’s not what it looks like” Jimin jumped out of the bed as fast as he can, frightened that he might lose is boyfriend.

“I know your secret” Namjoon said with a smirk, still in bed, but Kookie looked confused. As he didn’t knew what was hyung talking about. “This horny mochi texted me something that was meant only for you.”

“You what!?” Jungkook almost screamed. “Seriously Jimin? You were that needy for me?”

Mochi become all red and shy again. And that was something that Kookie couldn’t let go that easy. “You deserve a punishment” he said, moving closer to his boyfriend, with lips barely touching while wrapping his arms around Jimin’s waist and squishing his butt.

“Eww…. Guys, get yourself a room” Namjoon said in disgust, but deep inside he was adoring them.

“But you are in our room. Get out or stay and watch” Jimin said breathing heavily, trying not to moan from Jungkook’s touch.

“Nope… I’m going to read my book and you, guys, try to stay quiet. We don’t need the others to know… for now” Namjoon closed their door and thought about how it would be from now on. As the only one who knew the secret, he had to prepare the rest for this and at the same time to hope no one would see the dirty mess those two are. But for now he let the maknae have their fun. 


That was it. Hope you liked it. 

Do you want second part where the rest of the boys find out about Jikook?

' come and see me ' / ' twoAM ' sentence starters.

based on this song and this song

  • “things are getting intense now.”
  • “can i come kick with you?”
  • “i hear you talking about ’ we ’ a lot.”
  • “i can see everything you’ve been doing.”
  • “i know you don’t love me.”
  • “i hear you talking about ’ we ’ a lot, oh, you speak french now?”
  • “do you wanna hang right now?”
  • “that’s asking a lot of you.”
  • “come and see me for once.”
  • “you don’t ever come to me.”
  • “why don’t you ever come to me?”
  • “i’ve been up for two whole days thinking what i did to keep you going.”
  • “i know it burns to be in love.”
  • “i’ll admit i’m sorry when i feel i’m truly sorry.”
  • “things change.”
  • “i know your kind - how you lie like that.”
  • “i know you’re mine.”
  • “things change, people change, feelings change, too.”
  • “i never thought the circumstances would have changed you.”
  • “i could have done better shit with my life.”
  • “i’ve gotta move on.”
  • “you’ve got me fucked up.”
  • “i can’t even lie to you.”
  • “from this point on, trust nobody.”
  • “it’s never too late.”
  • “why you gotta start, girl?”
  • “we make time for the things that we want.”
  • “i might be thirsty for you.”
  • “you’re doing things to make me feel the way you feel.”
  • “how could you blame me?”
  • “this thing is getting one-sided.”
  • “do you need me?”

                           "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.“

"What a stupid lamb.”

                                                      “What a sick, masochistic lion.”


due to copyright issues, I can’t upload this on my youtube channel, so I’ll just share it here with you!

so, uh.. I have no further words… regarding the content of this edit. may god ox bless us all!

Mudad Week: Day 3 - AU

Welcome aboard Passione Airlines, we hope you have an enjoyable and safe trip.

Before I launch myself into the next episode, a quick recap of Anne’s episode 4.

First of all, I want to say that this adaptation did what no other adaptations was able to do - it make me like Diana. And I really don’t know what was that made me so annyed with her in all other version of this story - but here she actually feels like a person and idk I just really enjoying her in this show.

Second of all, I’m digging Anne and Jerry’s friendship more and more with every episode. They are that classic dreamer + realist duo and the bickering is great and idc I also ship it a little, fight me.

Honestly, let’s just talk about how exactly did we deserved Jerry? Like the creators sit down and probably were like ‘Okay what could make our show even better than it already is?’ and someone was like “French adorable sassy little shit called Jerry’ and everyone were like ’Bingo!’ and bingo it was. I love Jerry.

Just look at them, okay? Adorable.

I loved that the episode actually let Anne return to school on her own terms and when she was ready for that. I really love that this show don’t rush things and give them time to evolve. Feels natural.

I ALMOST GOT A HEARTATACK WHEN ANNE RUNNED INTO BURNING HOUSE. Seriously show, I thought I was prepared for you since I read books, but you keep proving me wrong. Anyway my girl was the hero and everyone recognised her as such. Good shit.

Lol, Anne likes to keep surprising Gilbert, doesn’t she?

And I have to say I love Ruby. Ruby is the one i always liked, but here she’s also so tiny and precious (and yeah I know she’ s a little bit spoiled, but she’s learning) and overall lovable, I just want to hug her.

That satisfying moment when Anne  destroyed Billy Andrews in public and then she was like “you’re right minister. honesty is the best policy”and he probably forgot how to talk for the rest of his life. That was so savage, Anne. Slow clap.

Marilla and Anne’s talks always gives me life, but the one at the end of this episode was my favorite so far and the most intimate they had. Bless.


- That moment when Gilbert helped Ruby on her feet and she was all ‘heart eyes’ at him and he just keep looking at Anne and she was staring at him too (way too much for someone who supposedly hate the guy) and everyone was just really awkward and with a crush.

Also this

Yeah, sure honey, whatever you say.