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Shingeki no Kyojin: Kpop Boyband AU


Aw yis hell yeah, I am so down for this AU :)) the moment the This Love parody happened a couple of years ago, I knew I was gonna end up drawing my own ver one day lol. I could do better with the clothes and the BG but honestly it’s like 2AM and idc anymore ahahaha


                           "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.“

"What a stupid lamb.”

                                                      “What a sick, masochistic lion.”

still thinking about mass effect so i doodled up my shepards. 
They werent intentional made to look like counter parts but it just happened ahah. 

I did a paragon run with a blonde shepard first, shes like chaotic good, a complete whirlwind. Youre not really sure what happens around her but you know its good??? Somehow. 
She dates liara and then garrus, and then liara and garrus at the same time (completely poly) 
If she could shed save all life in the universe but u cant always do that :<

Renegade shep is pretty much just idc in a person. She doesnt really give a shit about anything but surviving. She does care about her crew but she doesn’t show it. She’s bffs with jack (and if i hadnt played on xbox i would have modded a romance in) I only played Me2 with renegade shep, so she romanced Thane. He makes her feel like she can be a better person. 

OTP idea #148

Imagine your OTP streaming on something like younow or twitch when person A leans over to kiss person B. After they kiss, person B says “I’ll edit that out.” Then they both look at the camera in horror as they realize they’re live.

IC: some post about phan I saw a while back but I forget where… Soz :/


“Whether it’s a happiness or love, it’s good if anyone who has it a lot of it could share with others. I read from a book before that you need to love yourself first to love others. I wasn’t that type of a person and I was more like playing down my role and lowering myself. I kept pushing myself and at one point, my confidence was gone. Now I’m starting to learn about love and happiness little by little.”


I was hoping we could start with some insights into what you were thinking during your isolation. I can do better than that. I can tell you exactly what I was thinking. I feel like I got to some of the more important questions. Not the answers! But definitely things that just kept me up at night.

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i have taurus venus but am gemini dominated,,,i am like a walking oxymoron rip the only aspect of my taurus venus that i think is prominent in relationships, etc. is that i don't like when ppl don't pay attention 2 me, like, even if we're not having a conversation at that moment u better not text anybody else idc ur friend? no. ur theater director? no. classmate? no.

I could see that in a Taurus Venus. Like, a “if you’re my lover, you’re MY lover. Everybody else can fuck off” sort of attitude, you know?

Pro SasuKarin, Anti SasuSaku

Part of the reason I like SasuKarin is because, unlike Naruto and Sakura, Karin UNDERSTOOD how important Itachi is to Sasuke. Sasuke, who was willing to abandon everything so that he could kill Itachi and finally put his mind to peace, because he can’t just “forget” about the Uchiha honor and family. Killing Itachi would resolve everything and make Sasuke at peace again. Karin understood that, and she didn’t give a damn about the romantic fantasies/happy lifestyles- even Sasuke doesn’t want it, so she doesn’t force Sasuke into living a lifestyle he does not want. She didn’t get in his way, she didn’t hold him back, unless what he was doing was out of a lapse of judgment that he’d regret later. Then she voiced her opinion BOLDLY and commanded him to rest and he listened. Karin didn’t try to stop him (though she did try to stop him from killing Sakura, that was pro judgment, shows she can weigh priorities on a scale. She sees the grays instead of viewing the world as black/white like the rest of Team 7.)

Naruto and Sakura, even Kakashi, just don’t understand that; they tried to stop him and chased him and tried to kill him, bring him back to Konoha- did whatever they could to prevent Sasuke from achieving his lifelong goal (which didn’t even sabotage Konoha’s safety.) Even when Sasuke sacrificed his old life and safety at Konoha, they still fail to see that his goal was his lifeline, thinking Sasuke was in darkness, that this isn’t the old Sasuke–

even though Karin KNEW Sasuke was NOT in darkness. She SAW his chakra, and SAW that he had a lovable, cool chakra, and she hugged it. She instantly knew that Sasuke wasn’t all evil.

It was after he found out the truth, that Konoha wronged Itachi, that Sasuke started sobbing in front of her and Team Hebi, and activated his Mangekyou Sharingan.

As Karin watched the last of his brightness and warmth flicker out, and frigid blackness take its place.

I think a woman who’s been there, is better than someone who just hears things by the rumors; and Oh, there’s that too.

Karin knows the truth behind Itachi, because she was THERE.

Kakashi and Naruto only know the truth because Obito said so, and they decided to keep it a secret from Sakura. In canon, Sakura NEVER finds out that Itachi’s good. (unless SasuSakus assume that Sasuke told Sakura behind the scenes, during the timeskip, about Itachi. But that’s kinda different from being THERE with him: in that case Sasuke wouldn’t have to tell Karin because he knows Karin understands him. And there’s also that, Sasuke never told Sakura.) During the time Sasuke went wild hating on Konoha, Sakura only saw him as a crazy maniac, while Karin (and Naruto later on) understood his motivations.

Naruto Uzumaki made Sasuke “turn good again.” Not Sakura…

And Karin Uzumaki understood Sasuke. Sasuke can try to hide his emotions, but Karin can read chakra and know what he’s feeling. But I don’t think Sakura UNDERSTOOD Sasuke’s feelings; she knows what’s good for Sasuke but she doesn’t know what Sasuke’s feeling. Unlike Karin, she’s never suffered from losing a clan or village (Naruto had to lose Jiraiya to even begin to understand Sasuke’s pain of LOSS.) Karin understood Sasuke from the start. And…

Imagine being at Orochimaru’s hideout. EVERYONE is out to get you. You have those jealous subordinates bitter about you being Orochimaru’s favorite “pet,” you have Orochimaru waiting to claim your body, you have Kabuto keeping a hungry eye on you, you have no supporters and no friends. Then there’s Karin, his only ally. (Jugo saw Sasuke as Kimimaro’s reincarnation after Oro’s death, and Suigetsu only started liking Sasuke after traveling with him.)

The only Sasuke supporter.

She reads Sasuke’s chakra and instantly understands who Sasuke is, and likes him. She’s not out to get him, if anything, she’s there to help him, in his most dangerous situation.

I know Sakura is prettier than Karin, she’s more popularized, she’s a self-insert for many females who think Sasuke is cool (or guys who self insert as Sasuke find her less “creepy,”) she has less creepy habits, she “knows what’s good for Sasuke” a.k.a. it’s best for Sasuke to get married and have kids and GIVE UP on your life goal- 

But I believe “understanding Sasuke” is more important than all of the above.

If I were Sasuke I would feel a bond and more trust for an ugly, unpopular person who understands me (been with me through my worse years) over a pretty, popular person who does not, (and doesn’t know what I went through- and the few people in the know, keep it a secret from her because they don’t trust her with the secret.)

Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding. :\


list of favorites (8/50 female characters): Karen Jackson

“Hi, I’m Karen Jackson - I mean ‘daddy’s girl.’ This is my first web diary entry and it’s dedicated to my daddy, Eddie Jackson. Here he is on the left. You can visit him at the IDC on 126 where he works. My daddy and I recently went to a purity ball where he asked me to confess my sexual sins so that we could be closer. But when I did, guess what he did? He called me a whore. In front of a room full of people. A whore! Yelled it! So guess what, daddy? I’ve got something for you.”

Two options:
1) show queerbaits and you sit there frustrated and watch ur faves make heart eyes at each other while the entire fandom and writers tell you nothing is there and that you’re crazy

2) show gets you to watch by making the most beautiful queer relationship it could, talking about it, treating it like a het ship, getting you to trust them, then promptly killing one of them off and telling you to get over it

there is no inbetween

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I have a crush on a girl in my college class. there's a guy that likes her too because he tries to talk to her but she seems uninterested in him. How should I approach her and initiate the first conversation? idc about the dude.

Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone on social media. Maybe you could try it there. Just be yourself and show her that you are interested. If you want to do it in person, then just try to talk with her about something that is happening. An upcoming class test or something like that :) the beginnings aren’t easy but it gets better with time :)

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Ugh I miss TO & Klaus like you too so i decided to rewatch tvd s3 and my poor klefan heart when Klaus says "It appears you're the only comrade I have left" to Stefan at the end of 3x02 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ISNT’T IT JUST THE WORSE!! Klefan was honestly one of TVD’s best dynamics and I really wish TVD was bold enough to push them in the direction of a romance (they were in love idc). I could talk about them forever but they deserved better

Nerdy Rant Like Nerdy AF

(You were warned)
I’m honestly worried about Mass Effect: Andromeda. I’m hearing so many mixed things and i feel like it’s because people are still hoping it’s gonna be like the Trilogy. It’s not, ok it’s gonna be something new but hopefully with some of the trilogy things we loved but Shepard is done and it’s not gonna be like a Shepard Mass Effect game would be. Idc bout animations that much, doesn’t really bug me. They could do better yes but eh whatever. I’m keeping hopes up and can’t wait to play it tomorrow but I’m worried that this mayyyyyyy become the Dragon Age 2 of Mass Effect….. but yea hopes up and I’m excited to go through the universe as someone new.