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Bechloe prompt: their kid has a nightmare so Beca and Chloe have to check for monsters

“Mommy!!!” Seven year old Billie yelled in the middle of the night, causing both Beca and Chloe to jolt awake. They heard the sound of her feet pounding against the wooden floor before she burst into their bedroom. She pulled herself onto their bed and squeezed between them, clinging to Chloe’s arm.

“What is it sweetie?” Chloe asked, stifling a yawn.

“There’s a monster in my room,” Billie said, quietly.

“A monster?” Beca asked.

Billie nodded. “It was in my cupboard.”

“Well, we can’t have that can we?” Beca said. She climbed out of bed and pulled on a dressing gown.

“Mommy what are you doing?” Billie asked.

“I’m gonna go make sure there’s no monsters bothering my little girl,” Beca said, before leaving the room and going into Billie’s.

“Shall we go help?” Chloe asked. Billie nodded and Chloe carried her from the room, Billie’s tiny arms wrapped around her neck.

They walked into Billie’s room to see Beca lying on her stomach looking under Billie’s bed.

“No monsters under here,” Beca said, standing up and brushing the dust off. “Although we should talk about what is under there. You know when we ask you to put your toys away, we don’t just mean shove it all under the bed?”

Billie giggled and buried her face into Chloe’s neck.

Beca smiled at her wife and daughter before she carried on searching.

She opened up the wardrobe and searched through the rows of clothes.

“No monster in here,” Beca said. “Just an alarming amount of pink.”

Billie laughed again.

Eventually she was satisfied that there were no monsters lurking in any part of her room and she got back into bed.

“What if it comes back?” She whispered when Beca and Chloe bent down to kiss her on the cheek.

Beca glanced at Chloe before looking back at her daughter.

She’d been a scared child too. She’d spent hours curled up under her duvet, too scared to move. She’d only ever tried telling her parents once but they hadn’t seemed interested. She didn’t want her daughter to go through the same thing.

“How about I stay and make sure it doesn’t?” Beca asked, pushing Billies messy brown hair from her eyes.

“Me too,” Chloe said. “And how about I read us a story?”

“Yay!” Billie said, happily scooting over so Beca could join her in the bed. She immediately snuggled into her mom’s side as Chloe sat on the squashy beanbag beside them.

Chloe picked up a book, and grinned as she looked at both her wife and daughter watching avidly. Waiting for her to start reading.

“Once upon a time-”

“Oh I love this one,” Beca whispered.

“Shh,” Billie whispered back, giggling.

I just really wanted to dump all of my Pitch Perfect headcanons someplace so here you go.

I’m sorry in advance because some of these may contradict eachother or they may just be for multiple ships.

-Denise originally joined the Bella’s for the sole purpose of trying to win CR back (and also for the joy of singing but to a lesser extent then her main goal) but after Cynthia started dating her new girl, Denise gave up and left the Bella’s

-Ashley and Jessica have been best friends since they were young, found their passion for singing together, have been through all the awkward boyfriend stages, and after graduating highschool they began their relationship that continued on through college

-The Bella house was a new addition built in Beca’s second year when the Bella’s newfound success and win at Lincoln Centre brought in more money for Barden. As the Bella’s quickly went on to gain more fame, more money was put towards a capella so now the main groups on campus each have a home

-The Bella House is always full of music, either the sound of the entire group joining in with the radio, individuals singing under their breath while studying, Beca singing when she has a mashup in mind, Chloe singing whatever she’s obsessed with (mainly Beca’s music), or even the sound of practice. When the Bella’s graduate, the house is eerily silent until Emily can recruit new voices

-All of the important Bella meetings are held in the living room, everyone piles in and gets comfy, and everyone gets a say

-During Bella meetings they discuss performances and if anyone has used a song for something important (read Amy serenading Bumper) then they can request the song be used in a set

-After all important matters are discussed they decide on minor things like chores. Then Chloe turns on a movie, Beca protests, and Chloe snuggles up to Beca as Beca watches the movie anyway without further complaint

-Amy is the resident secret keeper, either accidentally stumbling on things that the Bella’s wish to remain hidden, or figuring it out, or even being told, Amy keeps the secrets better than anyone

-There are a shit ton of Bella traditions (Aca-initiation, singing holiday telegrams, etc. etc.) And as they grow, they add more and change some old ones, some of the new ones added are a weekly movie night, weekly dinner together, at the bare minimum a party every month, in the summer a weekly bonfire, and a shit ton of holiday traditions

-Chloe is the holiday god. Come Christmas time, she will have the house so decked out in amazing decor that you can’t even look in a corner without having your eyes assaulted by the Christmas cheer.

-Chloe most definitely dresses like an elf when it’s time to exchange prezzies, she plans a pre-holiday holiday dinner so they can all have the big meals together before everyone takes off to meet their families, Chloe hosts the biggest and best costume-is-definitely-mandatory-don’t-even-try-to-show-up-without-one-beca Halloween bash ever, come easter time she’s got a bunny onesie and 100% hides candy for the Bella’s and sets up an egg hunt for the local town children that live in and around Barden

-Beca and Jesse both felt off after their first kiss, and like mature adults, refused to talk about it until after Jesse noticed that wow Beca is really close with Chloe and he realized that maybe he and Beca weren’t so good together and being the best bud he is, ended things so clueless Beca could go be with Beca (also so Chloe would stop not-so-subtly glaring at him whenever he and Beca even held hands)

-The Bella’s began calling Beca and Chloe Aca-Dad and Aca-Mom quickly after they all started living together. Beca and Chloe were an efficient force, Chloe doling out punishments when they’re deserved (things like laps at practice), Beca doles out punishments too, but hers are less extreme despite her tough act, the Aca-Parents have more inside jokes than any of them (don’t even mention bathroom acoustics or showers near the two, they can’t keep a straight face), they have conversations that seem to not make any sense to anyone else but they get it, they’re inseparable, they get eachother in ways no one else knows, and they co-captin together with such efficiency it makes the way Aubrey and Chloe handled the Bellas seem unorganized

-When Legacy comes around she becomes known as Aca-Baby and spends her first while with the group insanely confused whenever Stacie says incoming parent alert

-Amy and Stacie spend the majority of their time with Legacy corrupting her, teaching her Bella traditions, and telling her all about the past four years they’ve spent with the Aca-Parents

-The Bella’s bet on everything (Who’s hooking up with who, how long Beca and Chloe can stay away from each other, who will get the lowest mark on an upcoming test, etc.) Chloe, being Aca-Mom, and Stacie spend the most time helping CR with her gambling problem and very rarely let her make things more interesting

-(For Stacie and Emily) After spending time with the legacy, Stacie cuts back on her hunting and devotes time to enticing Emily with her body and dropping hints left and right. Pure and Innocent!Emily very clearly misses the majority of these hints and takes all of Stacie’s drunk confessions as nothing more than drunk confessions

-The Bella’s rotate out who cooks (and for those that do a poor job, they double up) but Chloe spends the most time in the kitchen as she loves cooking. Beca spends the most time being Chloe’s food tester (and if they get a little sidetracked well cooking then that’s their business)

-Stacie is more than just beauty, she packs some serious brains too. Physics, psychology, biology, math, whatever you picture her taking, she’s knowledgeable and highly intelligent. Whenever the Bella’s have a study session together, Stacie is continuously asked for help on whatever subjects the Bella’s have

I’m 3000% on board with headcanons for the Barden Bella’s that don’t entirely focus on the main cast, because sing me up for that shit. I’m forever on board with headcanons that show us a look into their lives with what isn’t shown on screen.

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I feel like a sexy cute little bechloe prompt would be a little one shot based on the song T-Shirt by Thomas Rhett haha idk why

ugh okay i’m wide awake and didn’t plan on writing anything but here i am. and also i love Trhett he’s my homie. Also, not sure if this is what you wanted but i’m sleep deprived and yeah woo.

Chloe borrowing Beca’s clothes wasn’t anything new. Friends borrowed hoodies and shirts all the time, right? But did they keep them for years afterward? Apparently so. 

They’d graduated three years ago and Chloe still had Beca’s favorite oversized (just the perfect amount of baggy) Barden t-shirt she won out of a t-shirt gun from a game the Bellas had dragged her to. She, however, has yet to ask the redhead for it back.

It was the annual Bella reunion vacation. Most people think annual means only once a year, but this was a five times a year thing. Chloe insisted. And when I say Chloe insisted, I mean she did that puppy dog eye thing that Beca couldn’t resist. Like, ever.

This trip was the last of the year, the whole team was meeting at Chloe’s parents beach house in Florida. Everyone other than Beca and Aubrey had never been, so the group chat was buzzing.

Beca: Guys. What do I pack.

Stacie: Nothing. Come naked.

Fat Amy: While some may say that is a wise decision, I strongly vote against.

CR: someone bring booze. 

Stacie: kidding. I’m bringing beach clothes mostly and like a nice outfit or something for if/when we go out to dinner.

Aubrey: please bring clothes so I don’t have to scrape my eyes out with spoons upon arrival.

Chloe: Idk Becs. I’m with Stacie on this one. From my previous experience, naked suits you well ;) 

Aubrey: I think I’m going to be sick.

Beca: keep it in your pants, Beale.

Beca blew out a puff of air and turned around to look at the eternal black hole that was her suitcase. She threw her phone on the bed and headed for her closet. Think beach. Bathing suit? Where was my new one? She called Chloe.

“Hey you. What’s up? Are you packing?”

“Well I’m trying but I can’t find half of my shit. Did I leave my new black bikini at your place after we went shopping last week? I can’t find it.”

“ohhh! maybe you WILL have to come naked. Muahaha.”

“Chloe…” Beca groaned.

“Haha sorry, nope it’s not here. Did you check in your hall closet?” Beca walked over to the closet next to her bathroom and opened the door only to find a bag from Target on the floor, indeed equipped with her brand new bikini.

“You’re creepy. I found it. Gonna go finish packing, I’ll see you and everyone else in the nuthouse tomorrow.”

“Oh hush. You’re excited.”

“Goodbyeeee Chloe.” With that she hung up the phone and walked back into her room to finish packing.

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33 and Bechloe :)

33. “Bite me.” “If you insist.”

“Chlo, I know how to decorate a cake.” Beca states for the third time that evening, her voice almost irritated, but never enough to really be upset with the observing redhead behind her.

“Okay, okay, I just want it to be perfect. Oh- not those sprinkles, Beca. The gold ones! This is for Emily, remember?!” The redhead’s says excitedly, as she now stands next to the brunette. Her hands move quickly onto the small DJ’s wrist, stopping her actions of choosing the wrong coloured sprinkles from her liking.

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The Right Time To Say It

Beca Mitchell was in love with Chloe Beale. It just wasn’t so simple for Beca to tell Chloe. They’ve been best friends for two years. Telling Chloe how she felt would change absolutely everything. Beca didn’t know if she was ready for that.

Beca couldn’t really pinpoint the moment she fell for the redhead. Maybe it was at one of the many parties they went to when she would watch Chloe dance so freely. Maybe it was during one of the many times Chloe managed to make her smile despite how upset or frustrated she was that day. Maybe she had always had feelings for the girl since the day they met. Which sounds so corny that Beca actually winced at that thought.

But whenever it happened, Beca tried to tell herself it was crazy to have feelings for her best friend. She could hide it for the rest of her life as far as she was concerned.

Except she couldn’t.

Beca was currently held up in her room working on a mix. She just couldn’t get anything right with it. She took her headphones off and sighed. The only thing she could think of was Chloe and she just couldn’t work like that. Her mind kept going to the night before. They had one of their many tv show binges. The credits were rolling at the end of the seventh episode they had watched.

Finally Beca couldn’t take it anymore.

“Chloe listen. There’s something I’ve got to get off my chest” Beca rolled over to look at the redhead and saw she was fast asleep.

“Damnit” Beca sighed. She would try again tomorrow.

Except she didn’t.

She woke up to an empty bedroom. She went down the stairs and saw that Chloe was dressed pretty nicely.

“What’s the occasion?” Beca asked smirking. There probably wasn’t a reason. Chloe always dressed nicely.

“Tom asked to have coffee with me” Chloe smiled brightly, like it was the best thing that could happen.

“Oh” Beca released a huge breath she had been holding at hearing the name Tom.

He was Chloe’s on and off again boyfriend the past two years. Beca was hoping they were finally finished when about a month ago she came home to Chloe eating out of a tub of ice cream and crying her eyes out while watching The Notebook. Tom had called it off to be with some other girl.

“Chloe you can’t seriously be thinking about getting back together with that douche” Beca said trying so hard to hold back tears.

“He apologized. I’m at least going to hear him out” and with that Chloe was out the door.

Fast forward to a year later when Chloe ended things with Tom after taking him back that one day she went to have coffee with him.

Beca didn’t think that they would actually last as long as they did. She spent many nights crying herself to sleep wishing it were her that was making Chloe moan that loudly (Chloe was never quiet in the bedroom and she was never ashamed of doing it in the house even if it was full of the Bellas)

But when she heard the news that they broke up, Beca couldn’t help but feel ecstatic. Even though Chloe was crying her eyes out because Tom cheated on her.

Beca pushed her feelings aside and comforted Chloe like best friends are supposed to do. She had to wait for the appropriate moment to tell the girl how she felt, and doing it while Chloe was sobbing over someone else just wasn’t it.

A week later the Bellas all went out dancing. Everyone agreed it would make Chloe feel better. Like usual Chloe clung onto Beca most of the night. They drank, laughed and danced. After dancing for an hour, they both sat down at the bar.

“Thank you for making me come out. This really helped a lot. You always help” Chloe smiled at Beca.

This was it. Her moment.

“Hey Chlo. I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you about something,” Beca said nervously.

“What is it Becs” Chloe asked curiously.

“Hey, hey, hey! Look what I have pitches!” Fat Amy sat down a tray of shots with Stacie, Jessica and Ashley following behind the Aussie.

Beca pinched the bridge of her nose. When will this nightmare ever end. Something always comes between her telling Chloe.

Everyone ended up getting hammered that night. There was no way Beca could tell Chloe like this no matter how much she wanted. She had to do it when they were sober.

The next morning Beca went downstairs and found no sign of Chloe anywhere. She came across Stacie who was filing her nails in the living room.

“Have you seen Chloe?” Beca asked.

“Didn’t you hear? She went home with Tom last night. They made up” Stacie answered.

Beca’s heart dropped. Not again. How could this have happened. Where was she when Chloe left? She started thinking back to the previous night. Fat Amy got even more wasted then the rest of the girls. It took Beca, Ashley and Jessica all to get the girl back to the Bella’s house and into her bed.

Fast forward another year.

It was Beca’s senior year and Chloe had finally decided to graduate. Graduation was such a bittersweet moment for Beca. She found a bond with the girls that she had never experienced before. She wondered if she would ever again.

That year Chloe was so stressed out about taking DSM down and winning Worlds. Beca never got the chance to say how she felt. The opportunity just never arose.

They won Worlds. They actually did it. Chloe threw herself into Beca’s arms and they hugged for what seemed like eternity. Beca pulled back and looked into Chloe’s eyes. They both smiled at each other.

“I knew we could do it” Beca said tucking a strand of hair behind Chloe’s ear. Oblivious to the confetti falling, the cheering of the crowd and the Bellas celebrating.

Beca leaned in.

“Chloe!” Beca pulled back hearing Tom’s voice. Chloe smiled at Beca “one moment” she told her. Beca watched the redhead squeeze past the crowd until she made it to Tom. Beca watched as Tom got down on one knee. Beca watched as Chloe yelled “Yes!” over the cheering crowd.

Beca’s heart broke into a million pieces.

And maybe that’s just the way it was. The universe just wasn’t on her side. Beca could live with being Chloe’s best friend. No matter how much it killed her. She was the maid of honor after all.

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would a combo drabble be okay? 1 7 15?

“If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve,” Chloe said, trying to control herself so she didn’t snap at Beca. “But you didn’t. And since I left you’ve been… mad at me.”

“I haven’t,” Beca said through a clenched jaw. “I’m not mad.”

“Yeah you look positively over the moon.”

Beca shook her head and stood up from where they’d been sitting at the kitchen table, and poured herself a glass of whiskey from one of the bottles on the counter top.

“So go on then,” Chloe said, her stomach clenching as she watched Beca down the glass in one. “Why didn’t you ask me to stay?”

“Because,” she drank straight from the bottle this time, “you wouldn’t have wanted to.”


“Come on Chlo’. Why would you have wanted to stay here with me?” She drank some more. “I mean, I can hardly stand myself so there’s no way you could.”


“It doesn’t matter.” She drank some more. “You’ve moved on and I have to be okay with that.”

“Moved on?” Chloe stood and took the bottle from her. “I haven’t moved on, Beca.” Beca tried to take the bottle back but Chloe kept it out of her reach and took a drink herself. She winced at the taste. “Jesus,” she spluttered. Beca almost smiled. “I haven’t moved on at all. God, Beca I’ve thought about you every single day. Do you have any idea how much I’ve missed you?”

“Then why did you leave?”

“Because you didn’t ask me to stay! I couldn’t just invite myself to live with you could I?” Chloe said. She placed the bottle on a shelf that she knew Beca couldn’t reach.

“Why didn’t you say something?”

“Why didn’t you?”

Beca smiled and looked down shaking her head.

“We both really fucked this up, didn’t we?” She asked. For the first time she sounded sad, not angry.

“It’s not too late,” Chloe said. “If we both say what we were supposed to say a year ago. If we’re both honest.”

But Beca shook her head, still looking down.

“It is too late. You’re studying in New York which you love, and I’ve got college here for another year,” Beca clenched her jaw together, determined not to cry.

“Beca, if you want this to work we can make it work,” Chloe said. “I know I want it to. I know we both should have said sooner but it doesn’t have to end like this.”

Chloe took a step towards her, but Beca took a step back.

“Beca, I lo-”

“Don’t,” Beca said, her voice shaking.


“Don’t say it.” Beca looked at her, tears shining in her eyes. “Because if you say it, I’ll say it back. And if I say it back, I’ll kiss you. And if I kiss you I won’t ever be able to let go.”

“Then don’t let go,” Chloe said, moving forward again. Beca didn’t move away. “It’s not too late to ask me to stay.”

“But you love it in New York.”

“New York will still be there in a year,” Chloe said.

Beca shook her head. “I’m not making you stay here.”

“Then you should come with me,” Chloe said. “There’s still time to transfer to NYU for your final year. Your grades are strong enough.”

Beca looked at Chloe and for the first time there was something close to hope in them.

“Beca,” Chloe said, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Beca said.

“Will you come with me?”

“Yeah. Yeah I will.”


While writing a new thing I found this saved on my laptop that I wrote ages ago.

Today is Sunday. Beca’s favourite day.

She usually spends most of it in bed, eventually moving when she’s hungry or forgotten that she left her headphones on the other side of the room from the night before *wink wink*. The remainder of her day is spent laying on the couch in the Bella house watching a shitty reality show because she was “forced” by her girlfriend, Chloe. She enjoys mindless garbage TV shows. She wouldn’t admit that to anyone, she’s Beca Effin’ Mitchell for god’s sake.

But today is different from her usual Sunday, she had to get out of bed at 7:30 in the morning to get to a job interview to intern at Residual Heat. To say the least, she was nervous, she was shitting metaphorical bricks. Nobody knew she had an interview, she definitely didn’t want to tell Chloe. She didn’t want her to have another thing to stress about with the Worlds and graduation coming up.

Getting ready in the morning was pretty easy, Amy was still out from the night before from her milkshake trip. Amy never has been the best liar. She had to be quiet because she knew that Chloe was a very light sleeper and she usually gets up early for her morning run. This meant she had to be stealthy. She finished getting ready at 7:45. “Phew” Beca thought to herself, “all I need to do is actually get there on time”. She ran out of the house and locked the door. She mentally high fived herself.

While stood on the corner near the Bella house waiting for Jesse, she heard Titanium getting louder. “Fuck! Why did she have to pick a new route? Today of all days.”. Beca looked for the nearest place she could hide, the only thing in sight was a bush. “I guess that will have to do…” she made a leap for it just in time for Chloe to jog passed in her bright pink sports gear. “I thought she was the athlete in the relationship”. She got up from behind the bush, brushing the dead leaves off of her, seeing that Jesse had arrived. “I need to take that cardio tip more seriously”, she made a note on her phone to start walking a little more vigorously. She got in his car with her laptop bag and off she went.

The interview only lasted 30 minutes. She felt down hearted because they only asked for one of her tracks to listen to. She got back in Jesse’s car, being silent the whole way back to the house. When she got back the house was empty, she looked at her phone, it was 11am. She took off her shoes and went up to her room, hoping Amy wasn’t back. She opened the door and huffed, Amy didn’t even look up from her phone “I won’t say anything if you don’t”. “Deal”.

Beca showered her disappointment off, dried herself and then went straight back to bed in an oversized Barden University top that she borrowed off of Chloe, probably Tom’s. She finally fell asleep and forgot all about her interview.

She woke up when her stomach began to rumble and went down the stairs to see Chloe sprawled on the couch watching the Kardashians. She went into the kitchen to get herself a bowl of cereal. Specifically, Golden Grahams, they were hidden behind the healthy stuff. Her excuse: “desperate times calls for desperate measures, especially if this is the only Graham I will ever have in my life!”. She got out her phone expecting to see the ‘sorry but you weren’t suitable for the job’ email, but to her surprise there wasn’t one. What she did find was one saying that she can start next Wednesday. “Fuck yeah!”, she didn’t realise that she said that out loud until she heard “Babe, what happened?” being squeaked from the other room. Beca had to think on her feet “errmmm, I forgot where I put Graham, but I found him…”. “Okay you weirdo, come watch the Kardashians with me before everyone comes back. I haven’t had my Sunday cuddle with you”. Beca knew Chloe was pouting; she could practically hear it through the wall.

She did as she was told (Beca thinks she’s not whipped, but everyone knows it) and she brought the bowl through with her and snuggled up to Chloe. She felt guilty not telling Chloe about the interview, but then she looked up at Chloe’s face and forgot all about it. They stayed in that position until they both woke up, laughing at the position they ended up in.

*Just imagine an octopus trying to knit*

One by one, each Bella filled into the house. The familiar noises made Beca feel happy that she had friends like them, they were her nerds. They ended up playing a game of Twister with a twist. The twist was Amy’s world famous jungle juice. This carried on until they all dropped like flies and slept where they fell on the mat. It was a sight to see.

Beca was the only one left awake, barely, she looked around smiling to herself. She then gave her girlfriend a kiss on her forehead and wrapped them both up in Chloe’s favourite blanket- bright pink with unicorns on, definitely not Beca’s choice. She may or may not have rolled her eyes when Chloe placed it in the shopping cart. In the long run, she didn’t care because when they were both snuggled into each other underneath it, she was the most content she had ever been.

The day was Sunday, still Beca’s favourite day.

The Perks of Having a Gal Pal

Beca is a famous musician/producer (really, we all knew it was going to happen), and Chloe’s America’s sweetheart as the host of a reality dance show. After four years at Barden denying that they were hopelessly in love, Beca’s having a hard time accepting the media’s refusal to acknowledge their relationship. 

“God,” the door opened unceremoniously, and from the kitchen counter, Chloe heard Beca’s boots echoing on the foyer floor. She was mumbling something that the walls didn’t pick up until she entered the kitchen. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”  

Chloe looked up from where she was chopping vegetables for dinner, spotting the tiny hurricane of a rage whirling through the room. It took most of Chloe’s self-control not to break into a grin. “Ah yes, great to see you too. My day was great, thanks for asking. I’m just making dinner for my gorgeous girlfriend. No big deal.”

Beca rolled her eyes, pulling herself onto the bar-stool before throwing a magazine down and opening up to a page where her own face was smiling giddily back up at them. Donning a striped suit with high-waisted jean shorts, photo-Beca was propped on one elbow, her hand trailing down Chloe’s figure - which was donning a bikini that, at the time, nearly convinced Beca to not leave the house at all. Their legs were intertwined on the towel, and it was a grainy photo, but you could see the wicked grin on their faces. Beneath the photo, “Hollywood’s Favorite Girl-Power Duo Enjoy a Day at the Beach”.

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Always Together (Bechloe oneshot)

Soulmate AU wherein when one pair of a soulmate dies the other promptly follows. (Not nearly as sad as it sounds or as you are imagining it to be. I promise)

AN: So this is just a little oneshot that wouldn’t let go of my brain. Hope you enjoy!  

Beca clung tightly to Chloe’s hand.

Chloe looked over at her.

Beca’s once thick, chestnut, now thin, silver, hair was splayed out on the pillow around her head. Her once proud, sharp features, now softened with age, were all set into a look of peaceful contentment. Chloe couldn’t help but think that she had never seen the little woman look more beautiful than she did right now.

Chloe took a moment to think back over her life, her childhood, her time at Barden, but most of all, her time with Beca. They had shared quite the wild ride over the years, and anytime Chloe had pictured this moment, this finality of their relationship, she always pictured it much different than it was happening.

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7. Could you be happy here with me?

A/N: all aboard the angst mobile. I really liked writing this one and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much I as loved writing it. And awayyy we gooo.

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The list of prompts
1. Oh my god you’re in love with her
2. You’re too good for this world
3. It’s about time!
4. I just had to see you
5. Please let me help
6. H-How long have you been standing there?

three weeks until worlds

The retreat was a bust.

Beca wasn’t talking to Chloe. Chloe wasn’t talking to Beca.

SS Bhloe was sinking.

Not that it had set sail yet, because Beca was a chicken shit, but it seems everyone knew about it but the two captains themselves.

“I don’t get why you can’t talk to her Becs. It’s just Chloe. You love her, remember?”

“And she doesn’t know that and at this point I’d like to keep it that way, thank you. I’m not talking to her. I have nothing to say.”

“That’s a lie and you and I both know it.” Stacie wasn’t letting her win this one. “You two can’t even go two days without talking let alone a week. I know you. You need to talk to her and stop sulking around this stupid house waiting for her to come running back to apologize.”

“I have nothing to apologize for! I took an internship! I’m moving on! I’m graduating! She needs to just move on and get over it. And I’m most certainly not apologizing when she’s the one who freaked out on me in the first place.” Beca was fuming and her nostrils were flaring. Stacie took this as a sign to stand down and try again later.

“Whatever dude. Just think about it. You’re both miserable as hell and it’s getting unbearable to even be around you let alone all of us living under the same roof.” 

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Bechloe 1->10

1. Who is the early bird/ Who is the night owl?
Chloe is totally an early riser. Beca would sleep until noon everyday if she could. Beca is a night owl and thinks that Chloe’s 10pm bedtimes are ridiculous.

2. Who is the big spoon/ Who is the little spoon?
They would both argue that they’re the big spoon so they have to take it in turns.

3. Who hogs the cover/ Who loves to cuddle?
Beca is a bit of a blanket hog but they’re both all about cuddling

4. Who wakes the other one up with kisses?
Chloe is always up first so definitely Chloe. Although there has been a few occasions when Beca is bored and awake in the middle of the night…

5. Who usually has nightmares?
Chloe tends to have more nightmares about clowns, spiders, monsters etc whereas Beca’s nightmares are much less frequent but always involve Chloe getting hurt in someway.

6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/ Who would have them in the middle of the day? 
Chloe can have deep emotional thoughts at any time of the day. Eating breakfast? Chloe will ask what you have planned for your funeral. But Beca keeps all that in and occasionally it comes spilling out in the middle of the night.

7. Who sweats the small stuff?
Chloe definitely but she’s always remarkably calm about the big stuff.

8. Who sleeps in their underwear (or naked)/ Who sleeps in their pajamas?
Chloe is in a t-shirt and underwear where as Beca is full pyjamas because what happens if someone breaks into their home and the burglar sees her naked?!

9. Who makes the coffee (or tea)?
Whoever stands up first

10. Who likes sweet/ Who likes sour?
Chloe is a sugar fiend, Beca isn’t so keen.

“But Mom!” Part 5

A/N: Just a quick quick note, there’s like an alternating scene here. I gave it an amateur shot and so in that specific part, Beca’s POV is italicized while Chloe’s POV is bold.  

Beca walked Chloe back to her room with Charlie. The trip wasn’t awkward at all. They were laughing and holding hands. When they got there, Chloe opened the door where a sleeping Charlie was laying in between Stacie and Aubrey who were watching National Geographic.

“You worn him out?” The redhead asks.

“Well… he was bouncing around way too much.” Stacie says with a glint in her eyes, earning a glare from her girlfriend. This exchanged didn’t go unnoticed by Chloe.

“He likes Star Wars too?” Beca’s voice suddenly came from behind, the toy already in her hand.

Stacie looks at her tiny brunette friend, “Yeah, he does! You should bond over it when he gets up.”

Beca agrees enthusiastically and Chloe couldn’t help but admire the DJ’s fondness over her child.

“Hey, Beca? Do you wanna check on the other Bellas’? They’re arriving today too, right?” Stacie says, her eyes clearly asking Beca to just go along with it. “Uhh… yeah. Why don’t we um, call them?” She offered.

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It was Her. Bechloe Fluff.

Pairing: Bechloe

Word Count: 2140 words

Rating: T

Summary: Beca finally gives in to what scared her most about Chloe. Love.

Can also read on if you wish.


The day began like any ordinary day for Beca. Get up, brush teeth, eat food and make a new mix. But of late Beca couldn’t stop thinking about that one night with Chloe. She wasn’t entirely sure how everything happened. As any over thinker, this moment had been playing over and over again inside her head for the past month. The sweet taste of Chloe’s lips mixed with the overpowering vodka aroma. Her lips were softer than Beca could have ever imagined… Not that she had imagined it before but if she had, it was softer than expected.

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I think I'd even be alright with the only Bechloe subtext being Beca and Chloe agreeing to live together or move in together at the end of PP3!

Even if it’s just as friends.

From what we can tell from the trailer Beca doesn’t have a job and neither does Chloe (she’s trying to get into vet school).

I could see them having a chat at some point on their USO tour about how nothing has worked out the way they thought it would after graduation and so with that mutual agreement they decide to both move somewhere together and try a different adventure.

And if you’re wondering about Fat Amy (who appears to be Beca’s roommate in NY at the beginning of the movie/trailer) I’m thinking she’s likely to leave NY after the USO tour due to her father. Either with him or because of him. Leaving Beca without a roommate.

Mini Fic: You Look Beautiful Today

A/N: hey weirdos. I had a dream this morning that this happened and i was married to Beca, not Chloe. But no one wants to read about me and Beca Mitchell. Plus our ship name would be Meca or Borgan and that’s just not as fun. ANYWHO. Here you go, have some Christmas fluff. Domestic Chloe is basically like my own personal narcotic.

“Hey Chlo? Have you seen my travel toiletries thing?” Beca called to her wife who was sat on their giant ass bed (which Chloe insisted they didn’t need considering they’re usually so close they only take up a third of it) from their en suite bathroom.

“Check under the sink, in the back.” Chloe mumbled back, too enthralled in the book she was reading.

Beca had to fly to New York for two weeks for promotion of her new album. Chloe was in her third trimester so she couldn’t fly, besides she had one more week of classes to teach- so if she wanted to go, she couldn’t either way.

Since they’d gotten married two years prior, the longest they’d ever spent apart was four nights, five days.

Beca threw the last item in her suitcase, zipped it shut, and then crawled in to bed next to her favorite red head. She curled up next to her, not making any eye contact, and rested her chin on Chloe’s shoulder. “Whatcha readin?”

“A book.”

“Uh huh. Yeah but which one?”

Chloe closed her book and placed it in her lap letting out a heavy sigh, seeing as she wasn’t going to continue reading her book tonight. “Bec-”

Beca cut her off before turning to face her. “Look. I know you’re bummed. I know we’ve never spent this long apart and I know you’re upset you can’t go with me this time.” Beca softened her voice and placed both hands on her wife’s belly. “But this time around, you two just gotta stay. So, it’d be really cool and sweet and nice of you,” her demeanor softened, as it always did when she got mushy, “if you could just be my wife and not my enemy tonight and just sit here and cuddle with me and tell me about your day.” Beca dragged Chloe’s chin to face her, “That’s all I want.”

Chloe let out a breath. “Tommy ate more paste today after I told him not to. Again.” referring to the same student in her class who insists on eating paste whenever they do anything remotely crafty. This time they were making Christmas decorations for their classroom. “The little shit grabbed the bottle and squirted it right into his mouth.” She face-palmed and made a grossed out sound. Beca chuckled lightly while moving to climb behind her wife.

“I wonder if he knows what that’ll do to him when he’s older.” she started to rub Chloe’s shoulders. Their nightly routine had become back rubs and tummy talk ever since they found out Chloe was pregnant.

“I mean it has to be somewhat detrimental to his health, but I honestly don’t know what eating glue does to you.”

“You could always just tell him something super dramatic. Like it’ll glue is stomach shut and he won’t be able to eat anymore or some crazy shit.” they both laughed. “Beca I can’t tell him that. He’s seven, he’ll go home to his parents hysterical and I’ll probably get shamed in the teachers lounge.”

“But that means you can leave during your lunch hour and come eat with me every day instead. See, all part of my master plan.” she kissed the top of her head.

They both ended up drifting silently to sleep an hour later, dreading waking up in the morning knowing it meant they had to take Beca to the airport. She wouldn’t be back until four days before Christmas.


They had both been quiet all morning. Getting ready in silence, getting in the car in silence, they didn’t even play music on the drive. Chloe pulled up to the departures lane and put the car in park, already starting to cry. Beca looked over at her and threw a hand on her arm. “Hey hey shhh.” she unbuckled and placed a long soft kiss on her wife’s temple. “Help me get my bags out?” To which Chloe just sniffled and nodded. They removed her bags from the trunk and met each other on the sidewalk, Chloe avoiding eye contact still.

Beca wheeled both of her suitcases around so they were facing the same direction. Chloe was crying, but you couldn’t hear anything. They just stood there facing each other and Beca made the first move. She walked towards her wife, and got down to talk to their unborn daughter. “You gotta take it easy on your mom for me, kay? She’s a basket case and it’s kind of all your fault.” she heard Chloe laugh lightly, a good sign. “I love you, sweet pea.” and she kissed her wife’s stomach lightly before standing back up.

Chloe was a mess, again. Shocker.

Beca’s eyes started to tear up. “ugh. Come ‘re” The brunette pulled Chloe in and wrapper her arms around her shoulders. Chloe was now audibly sobbing into Beca’s shoulder. “Shhh shhh.” Beca crying now as she was rubbing circles on her wife’s back with one hand and her fingers through her hair with the other. “It’s only fourteen days, Chlo. We can do it.”

Chloe pulled away and Beca was wiping the tears from under her eyes, not breaking contact with the redhead. “I know we can do it.” she let out a heavy sigh, puffing her cheeks out, “I just don’t want to.”

Beca frowned. “I know.” as she rubbed her wife’s arms. Her phone beeped, signaling it was time to go. “You know I love you, and that I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have to, right?” To which Chloe only nodded and started crying again. Beca pulled her back in for one last tight hug. “God, I love you so much Chlo,” whispered into her wife’s ear. She smiled lightly when she heard Chloe mumble “love you more” into her hair. They stood there for a few more seconds before Beca knew she had to pull away. She let go of Chloe and turned to her bags, “bye babe.” Chloe didn’t let go of her hand until she was too far away to hold it anymore.

Beca got to the automatic doors and turned to look back at her girl. She stopped in her tracks, dropped her bags and sprinted back to Chloe. “Forget something Mitchell?” Chloe smirked while she grabbed her wife’s face by the cheeks and pulled her in for a strong kiss before pulling away. “love you. Now go, or you’ll miss your flight.” Beca just nodded and turned the opposite direction as Chloe slapped her ass, the brunette responded with a wink before running back to her bags.

As Chloe returned to their house, pulling the car into the garage, her phone buzzed.

Babes 9:07am: getting ready to take off. miss you guys already xo

Chloe 9:08am: we miss you more. call me when you land. love you.

The next two weeks were the longest of her entire life, to say the least. They talked every second they could, FaceTimed every night before Beca went to bed, and tried to plan their days around each other. Beca was due home in three days, and it was killing Chloe. She wishes she could just be home now. Not in three days, not even in two. Now.

She was wandering around Barnes & Noble, picking up some last minute Christmas presents when she heard her phone ring. She looked at her watch, it was only 4:00, Beca wouldn’t be available to talk for another two hours according to the schedule she left her. She looked at her phone, it was flashing the caller ID picture of the two of them laughing in bed a few years ago- one of Beca’s favorite pictures. She’s the one that set it as her contact picture.

“Hey you. whatcha up to?” she could hear Beca smiling through the phone, it made her stomach flip.

“Last minute Christmas shopping, what are you doing? I thought you had interviews all day?” Chloe said as she walked up to the register to check out.

“Yeah I did. Got most of them done this morning, and then I had a few minutes until my next so I figured I’d call ya. How’s shopping?”

“Good. You’re finished, Aubrey and Jesse are both finished, just have to grab stuff for my mom and I’m done.” Chloe said as she thanked the cashier and headed toward the doors to exit.

“Oh nice. Hey Chlo, I got a question for ya.”

Chloe walked out the doors with her phone in one hand and her bags in the other. “What’s up?”

“Have I told you how beautiful you look today?”

“Wha-” she looked up, and there stood a smirking like an idiot Beca leaned up against her car. She didn’t even hang up the phone before the brunette was sprinting towards her. Tears filled both of their eyes. “You jackass! You weren’t supposed to be home until Friday!” she yelled as her wife pulled her in for a bone crushing hug.

“I canceled the rest of them. New York won’t miss me. Did you honestly think I could spend another second without you? Honestly, Chloe. I thought you knew me better.” she smirked as she pulled back.

“Shut up and kiss me, asshole.” and with that their lips met, each smiling into the kiss. Beca was the first to pull back.

“Hey babe. You look beautiful today.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and threw herself at her wife, winding her arms around her neck and pulling her in for another kiss. Beca mumbled through pecks.

“So… what’d ya buy me?”

Welcome AcaChild

AU: This has the same pairing ans storyline as my other fanfic, One Bella Wedding. Emily is not genetically related to either of Beca or Chloe, but I didn’t want the mothers to mention that since it didn't really matter to them to talk or worry about. Enjoy!

Summary: The birth of Emily Beale-Mitchell has both of the new mother’s, Beca and Chloe, in a panic. Good thing the Bellas are always there for them.

“Holy shit, Chlo…are you sure you are going into labor? It could be the Brandon Hicks thing or, or…she isn’t due for another two days. Are you sure, I mean…” Beca rambled, pacing the floor, running her hands through her hair. Chloe, her dyed red hair gone long ago from her college days that was replaced with her natural blonde hair, stood irritably at the front door. She understood Beca would be panicking, she always did when concerning Chloe or the baby living inside of her. Chloe understood it was because it was out of Beca’s league despite the birthing and parenting classes. Beca wasn’t the one pregnant, and she had no control over anything whatsoever. What Beca didn’t understand was the amount of pain the blonde was experiencing and that going to the hospital was an absolute necessity if she didn’t want her daughter to be born in the entryway of their home.

“Bec…we have everything we need. We packed in advance in case this would happen. But we need to hurry, or else…” Chloe tried to explain calmly to her wife of two years, before she experienced another contraction. The blonde took a deep breath and tried to keep the tears in check. She didn’t need the both of them to be freaking out.

Beca, snapped out of her panic, rushed to Chloe’s side and grabbed her hand.

“I am so sorry baby…let’s get to the hospital. Just keep doing the weird breathing exercises and sit in the car. I’ll throw the luggage in the car.” Beca whispered, as she gave her wife a little push to the door as she grabbed the luggage that already sat by the front door. Once both women were settled into the car with their seatbelts on, Beca found her wife’s eyes on her. The brunette looked at her. Beca was sure a flash of pure panic would be on Chloe’s face, because you know, a baby was going to come out of her anytime soon. But instead, she was met with one of Chloe’s smiles. And while Chloe had many types of smiles, this one was excitement. Like, the kind before you go on a roller coaster. The nervous knots caught up in your stomach, but can’t help but bounce your leg in anticipation. Or when they were at the World’s all those years ago, and while they had a chance at losing it all for future Bellas to come, the joy and wonder of performing always lingered.

“Are you ready?” Beca asked.

“Are you?”

Beca bit in her lip nervously. It was obvious Chloe was the one who wanted to start a family. Beca was sure Chloe would be a good mom. She was so compassionate, patient, and kind to everyone, even when that said person didn’t deserve it. But Beca? She barely could take of herself, how would she take care of another human being? Babies had never interested her like they had Chloe. The number of babies placed in her lap had nearly scared the former DJ stiff, and almost always, the babies would cry when given to her. It’s like they could smell the uncertainty and fear Beca had. What if their daughter did the same? What if…

“I am scared.” Beca admitted quietly. She hated to act weak, especially in front of Chloe. It’s not like she could turn around and say she didn’t want a baby. They were going to the hospital right now to have her for Christ’s sake. Chloe reached her hand out to touch Beca’s.

“Babe, I am scared too.”

“You are?” Beca asked as she raised a questioning brow.

“Of course! Being a mother is different than babysitting Becs…it’s going to be hard and scary for the rest of our lives but…remember when we sang Titanium that one night, and we felt her kick like crazy?” Beca nodded and smiled a little. She had placed her hand on Chloe’s stomach, after Chloe had literally screamed for Beca. The small brunette raced to her side in sheer panic, sure that their newly discovered little girl was going to be born prematurely and in the mother’s bed. Instead she was instructed to touch Chloe’s stomach. Beca obeyed irritably, this a regular occurrence and was mad her wife had screamed for her for this. All anger was pushed aside once Chloe placed her hand right next to Beca’s, and started singing Titanium as she looked at her stomach excitedly. Then Beca knew what the big deal was. A kick. She looked up at Chloe quickly, her eyes wide with wonder. Chloe smiled and continued to sing, motioning for Beca to join her. Once in harmony, more kicks followed in a faster motion. That was the moment it really felt real for the mothers. Knowing that she was coming. That she wasn’t just “the thing living inside of Chloe.” It was a human being, their baby, that was already letting her mother’s know she heard them and loved them.

“Just imagine what she will be like when she is here. She already loves us, and…we already love her.” Chloe managed to squeak out, squeezing Beca’s hand against another contraction. Beca laughed silently to herself. Leave it to Chloe to make other people feel better when she was going to have a fucking baby within a matter of hours. Beca had to push her insecurities out of the way. Chloe needed her and so did this baby. Whether Beca was ready for her or not.

Beca squeezed Chloe’s hand back and offered a smile.

“Let’s go have us a baby.”

“Beca? What the hell, it is three in the morning here…what do you want?” Aubrey’s tired-yet annoyed voice shrilled through the phone. Beca rolled her eyes. They had been at the hospital for the last three hours, and Chloe had insisted-okay, rather threatened, that she would call everyone that was supposed to be here for the baby’s delivery. Beca had already called the Beales, who informed the brunette that they wouldn’t make it in time for her birth, but were already getting ready to switch to an earlier flight. This was Beca’s fourth attempt to call to Aubrey, and the obviously angry blonde had finally answered.

“Chloe’s gone in labor. She wanted me to tell you.” Beca answered through her teeth. She understood Aubrey’s irritability, but Jesus, Beca was tired too. And she was only being consistent with Aubrey being present or in the loop because of Chloe. Only for Chloe.

“Of course your kid would come early. Honestly, we were going to start driving to L.A. around 5, but no. She has to come now…Why in the hell are you not with her?!”

“So I could call you asshole. And…she kicked me out.” Beca muttered under her breath, but somehow Aubrey had heard her. She heard the blonde let out a snort.

“Well put her on the phone. Don’t talk, just hold her hand. Surely you have been with Chloe on her period. Talking just makes it work.”

Beca sighed but complied, letting herself take Aubrey’s advice for once. She strolled into the room, where she was met with a stern glare from her wife before Beca held up the phone defensively. Chloe took the phone and pressed a smile on her face.

“Hey Bree…it’s okay…I understand. You and Stacie? You don’t have to come now, I just wanted you to know. Wish you could be here too…No, you don’t need to stay on the phone, Beca will keep me company….she is my wife Aubrey, of course she will annoy me…love you too Bree, tell Stacie I love her too…see you soon.” Chloe hung up the phone and handed it back to Beca. A pause of silence.

“Stacie coming with Aubrey?” Beca finally asked, keeping her eyes away from Chloe.

“Yeah…she slept over I guess.”

“I wish they would just be a couple already. They obviously have toners for each other.” Beca smirked, meeting Chloe’s eyes. Chloe smiled slightly and chuckled.

“She insisted they were just planning to drive together and stayed over for convenience. But…They are totally screwing each other.” Chloe winked and Beca laughed. If she could just keep Chloe laughing, maybe she wouldn’t be dead or kicked out for her daughter’s birth.

“Did the doctor’s say how much longer?” Beca asked, as she now stroked her wife’s hand with her thumb. Chloe scooted over a little to make room for the small brunette, and pushed Beca’s arm to go over her shoulder.

“I don’t know. I need to be at ten centimeters, and I am only at four.” Chloe whined, followed by a wince as she gripped tightly onto Beca’s hand. Beca sucked in a breath at the sudden pain in her hand.

“You are doing great babe. You got this. I am not leaving your side.”

It took another four hours for Chloe to be fully dilated and that’s when Beca got really scared. No longer was Chloe being angry, but she was in agony. The blonde couldn’t help but let out her cries as the doctor told her to push. Beca wasn’t good with people when they were scared or were crying, and seeing her wife in so much pain and looking at her for guidance, was horrible. All she could do was keep repeating that Chloe was doing awesome and wipe off the sweat on her forehead. At some point, Aubrey and Chloe’s mom were calling and put on speaker phone on Chloe’s phone and Beca’s phone, giving words of encouragement. And just like that, it was all over. Emily was born.

Chloe flung her blonde hair out of her face peeked up anxiously at the nurses wrapping up her daughter. Beca stood absolutely still, looking and feeling a little overwhelmed. The nurse flashed the new mother’s a small smile before laying the small baby on Chloe’s chest. Chloe was already blubbering like a baby, matching the cries and whimpers that were coming from Emily, as she softly peppered the baby with kisses. Beca couldn’t do anything but watch. The rush of it all and seeing their baby on her wife’s chest, nearly broke her. She just couldn’t tell in which way yet. The time between the infant and the woman who just birthed her, was sacred and Beca knew they needed their moment. Once Emily was whisked away by the nurse for her bath and necessary baby things, Chloe’s touch sent Beca back into reality.

“Good job Chlo. You did amazing.” Beca finally said, giving her wife a well earned kiss.

“Thanks….God, wasn’t she beautiful? Oh God, Beca go with her. Take some pictures. Quickly!” Chloe shrilled, and Beca scurried off to where the nurses and doctor was. She snapped the pictures of the nurses bathing her getting her foot prints for the birth certificate, and weighing her.

“A healthy 7.8 pound baby Mrs. Beale-Mitchell.” Beca smiled, already feeling pride for her kid. She had been born just minutes ago, and she was already proud of how much her baby weighed. Crazy.

Once they were done with the newborn, she had been wrapped in the traditional pink blanket and beanie. Beca had already had made her way back to Chloe, showing her the photo’s she had taken when the nurse came back with Emily. Chloe extended her arms out excitedly, and cradled the small newborn. Emily’s crying had ceased, her little nose the only thing that was twitching. It was hard to make out of her features, other than the traditional newborn appearances; stubby nose, round face, pink lips, and the little amount of brown hair on her head. But it didn’t matter. She was theirs. And she was beautiful.

“Mama loves you so much baby Emily…we have been waiting for you for so long. You have so many people who already love you. Grandma and Grandpa, that’s Mommy’s parents. They don’t live together, but you will like Shelia too. And my parents, Nonny and Poppy. They are so excited to meet you, and they will spoil you rotten. Both your real uncle and aunt can’t be here to meet you, but they will in a couple of months. But all your AcaAunts will be here within a day or so. You are the first girl child inside the Bellas, and they are going to love you.” Chle cooed, as she brushed her fingers across the sleeping baby’s cheek. Beca’s heart swelled at Chloe’s “conversation” with Emily. She could add a new smile in her book of “Chloe’s smiles.” The mother’s love smile.

“And this woman, right here.” Chloe paused, only letting her eyes leave Emily for Beca for a split second, continued. “Is your Mommy. I am sorry she is a little quiet now, but she isn’t so sure about babies yet. I know you are going to change her mind though. She didn’t get to experience you living in her, so she didn’t get to bond with you as much as I got to. Just you be you, and you will have her wrapped around your finger.”

It had been a couple of hours and Chloe had already breastfed Emily. Beca was still quite, highly interested and content with watching her daughter and her wife interact. It had to be the cutest thing in the world.

Chloe had fallen asleep, and that gave Beca time to hold her daughter for the first time, Chloe being a bit of a hog. Emily slept for awhile when Chloe fell asleep, but Beca could see her squirm in her hospital crib, her eye’s trying to open against the lights. Beca gave a courageous sigh before cradling her daughter in her arms. Instantly satisfied with being held, Emily quieted but continued to make little a “oh” shape with her mouth. In addition with her ears that stuck out a little, the infant reminded the music producer of a cute little monkey.

“Hey little Monkey. I am your other mom, Mommy.” Beca introduced awkwardly, only gaining a stare from Emily’s dark eyes. But the more she stared, the more Beca noticed the little things about Emily. The way her nose wrinkled when she heard Beca’s voice. The way her little arms moved aimlessly when unwrapped from her burrito. The way she even seemed to make little monkey sounds when she shaped her mouth like one.

And just like that, Beca’s nerves were non existent. It was just her and her baby girl. Her baby girl that would spend the rest of her life with her. The one would needed her more than anything now. It was weird. Beca never believed in love at first. Not even with Chloe. She believed very much in infatuation at first sight. And she definitely felt like that the moment her and Chloe’s eyes met. It was only after years of friendship and getting to really know the former redhead to know she loved her. But , looking at Emily, I mean really looking at her, Beca could feel the rush of emotions pumping into her brain and heart. She knew if someone walked in here and threatened to kill her kid, Beca would protect the infant at whatever cost. If that wasn’t love, she didn’t understand it then. That isn’t something you feel with someone else you just met. Sniffling back the sudden tears, she stroked the infant’s face with her index finger, absorbing everything about her. Coming from the woman who claimed all newborn babies looked like potatoes when they were first born, Beca would argue with anyone that her child was the most beautiful and the best in the world. She leaned down to kiss the girl’s stubby nose.

“I love you Em.”

“Heeeyyyy what’s up Shawshank! And Ginger-but-not-ginger-anymore!” Fat Amy exclaimed, bringing in a shit ton of balloons into the room, followed by the rest of the Bellas. Beca shushed her harshly, not wanting Emily’s eardrums to be blown out by Fat Amy’s excessive loudness. Amy rolled her eyes, but obeyed as the rest of the Bella’s hushed their conversation as well. Aubrey and Stacie had arrived late the night of Emily’s birth, and had their turns with playing with the newborn. Currently, Chloe was breastfeeding, while Beca hovered protectively over her girls. They shuffled over to Aubrey and Stacie, exchanging hugs and whispers while giving Chloe some private time, not wanting to stare at her while she was feeding Emily. It had taken one day for all the Bellas to be in one place. Just one.

“What middle name did you go with?” Jessica asked, confident with sitting next to Chloe while she continued to feed the newborn. They had become pretty good friends over the years, considering they shared a room once in the Bella House.

“Isabella.” Chloe’s answered, as she fixed her gown and adjusted Emily to her shoulder to burp her.

“I am sure Chloe just wanted Em to have "Bella” in her name.“ Beca teased, and gained an eye roll from her wife.

"When are your parents coming? Or have they come yet?” Ashley asked next, as she was braided Lily’s hair on the couch.

“My parent’s are coming tomorrow at some point. Beca’s are coming in a week. They were busy with work and didn’t wanna clash when mine were here, so.” Chloe answered as she handed Emily ever to Jessica.

While the Bella’s talked, all the girls got a chance to hold Emily and say some choice words. She was technically the first child to be born within the group, only a few Bellas married, so they didn’t have much advice to offer. Only Cynthia Rose and her wife Amber adopted a son when he was two, named D.J had any words of wisdom. But it was a very big deal when your old Captain and Co-Captain had their first child, and a girl at that.

It was when Amy held her that the realization hit any of the former Bellas. She raised the baby in the air, (somewhat carefully), both mother’s reaching out their hands in panic that the excitable blonde might drop her.

“She is the first girl born among our group, and this shorty must be praised as such.” She brought the infant down, (much to the mother’s happiness) and motioned for Lily towards her. Lily, being the odd one she was and still was, brought an object over to Fat Amy, extending the object on one knee like a servant to a king. All the Bella’s were smiling like mad, while the mother’s eyed each other suspiciously. They watched carefully as the bigger blonde switched off the hospital beanie for a new one. Once she gave Emily back to Beca, did the mother’s read the print labeled across the black beanie: AcaChild. Fat Amy smiled proudly, while the mother’s couldn’t help but laugh. With two acapella mothers, it was inevitable their daughter to be one of them. They only hoped, though they would support anything Emily would choose to pursue in, to love and appreciate music like they had. And maybe continue the tradition and become a Bella. Fat Amy raised her water bottle in the air as a toast.

“It is done. Welcome to the family AcaChild.”

Small World

~Prompt: Kommissar and her family are walking around Germany when they run into Beca

It had been exactly one month, eleven days, ten minutes, and six seconds since Beca had last seen Kommissar. Well… eight seconds now, nine, ten, eleven… Beca groaned and sat up from her position. Originally she had been leaning on the counter and watching the small clock, her arms folded and her head laying on them. This was how she spent a lot of her free time the last month.

A lot could happen in a month. Beca broke up this Jesse, moved to LA and now roomed with Chloe. Both girls finding jobs, Beca as a music producer and Chloe as a teacher. Beca was content with the life she had. She loved it after all. But she couldn’t help the nagging feeling that something was missing. Something was wrong. Something was off. Beca spent a lot of nights awake contemplating about what it was that felt… missing from her life. To no avail though, her thoughts only led to a certain tall blonde…

Beca sighed and went over to the couch. Chloe should be home any minute with a pizza. Friday’s were always pizza nights which made Saturdays gym days. Beca absolutely hated going to the gym. And to make matters worse, Chloe always forced her to go in the morning.

“Beca!” Chloe stood in front of the spaced out brunette who was holding the remote in her hand but had yet to actually turn on the TV. “Mmm look Beca, pizza.” Chloe taunted, waving the box beneath her nose.

“Wha- sorry.” Beca said snapping out of her daze. “Pizza!”

Two minutes later Beca was sitting on the couch, eating pizza, and watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Chloe sat beside her but wasn’t as immersed in the show, more concerned with her best friend’s behavior recently. Beca had been acting strange, different. Like someone who was constantly sad, but not moping.

“Beca has something happened recently? You seem a little… sad.” The redhead worded carefully.

The brunette nodded, “I’m okay.”

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Yeah sure okay now really what’s wrong?”

Beca sighed and set down her half eaten slice of pizza. “Do you ever feel like maybe there is just… something missing from your life?”

The redhead shakes her head. “Is this about Jesse? Do you regret breaking up with him?”

“No.” Beca says firmly. “That was the right decision. I just feel a bit… empty.” She said cluelessly, looking down at her folded hands in her lap.

Chloe moves next to her and rubs her arms in a comforting way before wrapping them around Beca in a side hug. “Are you sure that this isn’t about someone?”

“No Chloe this isn’t about Jes-”

“Not Jesse,” Chloe interrupts. “Maybe a woman. Tall, blonde, German accent, speaks nine languages now that she has added loser.” Chloe giggles.

“Kommissar?” Beca asks confused.

“I saw the way you looked at her Beca. You like her.” Chloe nods softly.

Beca sighs, thinking back to the blonde and for once not stopping her train of thought. All the short comments, the toothy grins, the smug smirks, that damn eyebrow raise… Beca sighs and thinks back to the airport, wanting nothing more than to stop her from getting on the plane. At the time, Beca didn’t know why she felt that way but now that Chloe was voicing this out loud… she might have an idea.

The brunette rests her head in her hands, her elbows propped up on the sides of her knees. “Chloe… She’s in Germany. I can’t…”

“You could. Get on a plane, tell her, like some cheesy love story.” Chloe giggles. That giggle quickly fades as she tries to be serious. “You like her Beca. I can tell. You’ve regretted not telling her and it drives you insane.”

“What if she doesn’t return the feelings?” Beca asks, extremely insecure.

“She does.” Chloe promised.

That was how Beca ended up on a random street in Berlin trying to navigate her map. German classes were a good idea because she could at least recognize a few places as restaurants and then also she decided to stay for two nights in case she couldn’t find Kommissar within a day so she picked the hotel she could read the most about.

Beca had tried googling where Kommissar lived and she tried searching through Worlds and she even went as far to ask every Bella if they had spent any time with a DSM member and had their phone number. All her attempts ended miserably though but she at least knew with absolute certainty that Kommissar lived in Berlin. Now the only flaw to her plan was that Kommissar could be off touring or visiting a different place or Beca wouldn’t be able to cover all of Berlin in time-

Her thoughts were stopped when she accidentally ran into a sign propped up outside a small cafe. Beca winced at the sharp edge of the sign and folded up her map, looking around. Everyone in Germany was freakishly tall. Every single person. There were lots of people with brown hair, lots of blonde, a family, a pack of kids running out of a store with something in their hands…

“Tiny maus?”

Beca froze. The voice came from somewhere behind her, distant. But she would recognize the voice anywhere. Slowly, she turned around and immediately found the pair of the bluest eyes. Kommissar was just as Beca remembered her except not as intimidating. She was beside two people who looked to be her parents, her mom with blue eyes and blonde hair, her dad with blue eyes and brown hair. Kommissar took her dad’s height, her moms grace, and her good looks from both of them.

Kommissar was holding the hand to a small little girl. Her blonde hair was extremely long, dropping down to almost her waist, and in the other hand she held a white rose. Kommissar smiled widely at Beca as they made their way toward Beca, the brunette moving toward them.

“What are you doing in Germany?” Kommissar asked, her smile still in place. It was different from the usual coy smile or toothy teasing grin. This one was genuine.

“I umm… I came to see you.” Beca muttered.

Kommissar’s father spoke to Kommissar, whispering something in her ear. This caused Kommissar to grin.

“Mama, Papa, this is Beca Mitchell. I met her at Worlds.”

The mother stepped forward and inspected Beca before smiling warmly. “Who are you really dear? You can’t just be some competitor, Kommissar is smiling far too much at you for you to just be a regular person.”

“Ja,” Her father agrees. “My little girl hasn’t smiled this much in ages.”

“Ja,” a little voice chimes in. Kommissar smiles and picks up the little girl who has to be at least five.

“This is Karsi, my little sister. Can you say hi?” Kommissar asks.

“Hai?” The word comes out extremely awkward in the little girl’s mouth.

Beca smiles, “Hi,”

Kommissar gently puts down her sister and moves to Beca, “You never told me why you are here.” She noted.

“Yeah… About that…” Beca gives her half a smile. “I sort of realized I really like you so Chloe convinced me to jump on a plane and find you but it was a stupid idea cause I don’t speak that much German and Berlin is so big but I guess it worked out cause here you are-”

Kommissar cut off her rambling by kissing her, her hands coming up to cup the sides of Beca’s face.

Little Karsi tugs on Beca’s shirt, breaking their kiss. Beca crouches down to the little girl’s height as she hands her the flower she had been holding, muttering something Beca couldn’t hear in German. Kommissar smiles brightly.

“She says thank you for making me so happy.”

Beca grins, “Thank you for making me so happy.”

The brunette pulls her back into another kiss and Kommissar’s parents can’t help but smile.

“What a cliche American love story,” Her mom says.

“Ja,” her dad agrees nodding.

Drunken Lovers

Here’s another fic children. Damn Aimee back at it again with the bechloe smut. Frickle frackle ahead loves!

Don’t be afraid to send me prompts btw I am a v bored person so I love to write them!

Drunken lovers
Summary: Beca Mitchell/Chloe Beale
Rating: M (oooooo)
Summary: Beca gets a little drunken surprise one night.


Beca sighed, breath tumbling past her dry lips as she bit the bottom one, rolling it between her teeth. She reached over and picked up the small tube of Chapstick, applying some aimlessly before placing it back down and tapping her mouse pad a few times while punctuating the actions with annoyed whines. The buffering sign continued to spin before her screen went black and bright white writing came up, random codes displayed across the screen. Unfortunately it was the third time her laptop had done this but she didn’t have the money to fix it at the minute.

It had been a few months since they all graduated and Beca was currently living in a single bedroom apartment that she could only describe as liveable. It contained the bare minimum, a small living room, kitchen area, toilet and a bedroom that could just about fit a bed in it. Beca was currently sat at the grubby desk, looking at her reflection in the screen and letting out a large huff, the front of her hair flying upwards at the gust of air. She had put her own flare on the rooms, posters here and pictures there. The girls all got to keep a few trophies each and as captain Beca got the championship ones which were dotted around the rooms.

The girls were still close in a way. They met up every other Friday at the local pizza place, and it was rare one of them didn’t show. Apart from that some of them done their own thing with each other or they would Skype and call and there was a massive group chat that Beca had on ‘do not disturb’ because fuck that shit bleeping in the middle of the night.

Amy had moved in with Bumper into a nice small bungalow she called her 'shag shack’. Cynthia was obviously planning her wedding and was looking to move to Maine soon. Jessica and Ashley got together but were taking it slow, Emily was the new captain of the new Bella team and Flo had got deported a few times but always managed to get back in. Stacie was in med school, Aubrey was still doing the control freak thing and Lilly sort of appeared every other Friday then disappeared after.

Chloe was with Tom again. Beca swallowed the bile in her throat as she shook her head, tracing the logo on her laptop. They were getting an apartment together, they were one of those couples everyone just envied. Matching trainers, matching pyjamas and Instagram posts captioned #relationshipgoals. It was brilliant to see and honestly that was part of the reason Beca had distanced herself from her best friend a little.

Jesse and her had finished pretty quickly. Beca had officially broke down with the stress of having feelings for her best friend and Jesse thought it would be best. He had an amazing girlfriend who returned his cheesy smiles and didn’t just have sex with him, they made love. Once again Beca swallowed but this time the gross taste in her mouth, she was so happy for him but he treated her like a guy pal and told her all the details of his bedroom life. Not only did Beca feel disgusted by it but she envied it slightly considering the fact her bedroom life was more like a bedroom death.

She had skipped pizza with the Bellas tonight. They were going to a club after and Beca had made up she was sick and thought she had eaten something bad. She didn’t tell them about the fact that Tom was going for some reason would kill her insides and she would probably do something she would totally regret. The Bellas had argued but eventually relented and the last thing Beca heard over the group phone call was a soft and gentle “m'sorry Beca.’ She knew exactly who it came from and she knew they weren’t sorry she was feeling sick.

Beca lifted herself up and walked a few steps to the sofa, sitting down and finding the remote in between the cushions. The sofa groaned at the weight but still held like every time and Beca turned the tv on, waiting for it to load. Money was tight and she couldn’t use it on things like this, food and 'living stuff’ was more important.

The tv connected onto some reality show and Beca picked up the packet of Doritos by the sofa, hanging her feet over the back and beginning to munch on the Doritos, occasionally licking the tips of her fingers to get the dust off.

The internship was going okay but nothing had really progressed. He had actually bothered to learn her name but apart from that she still had to do all the same jobs. It didn’t pay well though and she was currently looking for a night shift somewhere to cover the extra costs.

She had been on the odd date. Mainly with women which was a bit of a surprise but considering she was head over heels for a woman it was not so shocking anymore. God she missed Chloe. Missed the teasing touches, the long gazes, the comfort of being with her. Every touch from Chloe held a promise and if only Beca had realised that she wanted her before then she wouldn’t be here. She would be with Chloe and Chloe felt like home. She should have gone to the club tonight because her and Chloe were falling apart and maybe tonight she could have spoke to her even if she was drunk.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if they hadn’t of kissed. And it wasn’t just any kiss, it was one that drove Beca crazy and it still did. It was after one of the treble parties, they were both drunk and giggling like idiots as they stumped through the dark. Beca had been about to make her way back to her room when Chloe had caught her wrist and brought her in close to whisper in her ear.

"How about you stay with me tonight Becs?” Beca had nodded of course and gone into Chloe’s room, soon getting into bed with her. They were laying next to each other and one minute Beca felt teasing fingers against her thigh and the next Chloe was straddling her, kissing her deeply and the taste of vodka flooding into her mouth. They had stopped before it went anywhere, planning on talking about it but Beca snuck out, not one to talk about feelings. They never really did speak about it and seeing Chloe’s expression fall every time Beca refused killed her.

Then one day Chloe walked through the door with Tom. Hands linked, cheesy smiles and gooey eyes, practically joined at the hip. Beca had almost threw up, her stomach churning and head pounding like she had a hangover. And maybe she did because being with Chloe made her feel drunk and seeing this was like the after effects.

Beca shut her eyes tight and groaned, the thought torturing her like it usually did. She returned her attention to the tv when she heard hushed giggling and a muted 'shut up!’ from outside her door. She muted the tv and sat up, placing the Doritos on the floor when she heard three uneven knocks on her door. She hoped it was some seller or something because she wasn’t exactly dressed for a robbery or anything. It was getting to the early hours of the morning anyway, so who could it be? She looked down at her leggings and tank top, grabbing her hoodie and pulling it on before going up to the door. There was another knock and Beca reached out, opening up the door.

What she didn’t expect was an armful of Chloe Beale.

The redhead had launched herself into Becas arms, hands wound round Becas neck and giggling like an idiot. Beca just stared wide eyes when Amy and Stacie leaned forward, pulling Chloe back into them as she staggered backwards, wrapping her arms round both of them while pouting

“Hey! I want Beca!” She slurred, poking Amy on the side of her boob accusingly which she got an eye roll in return. Standing behind Amy, Stacie and Chloe were Aubrey and Cynthia, one looking stern and the other rather amused.

“Um,” Beca cleared her throat and scratched the back of her neck, “hi? What are you guys doing here?” Chloe was grinning at her like an idiot, and Beca returned a nervous smile.

“Ginger here got wasted and we were bringing her home. She refused to move until we took her to you, she’s like a bloody child,” Amy whined, holding Chloe up as the redhead swayed to the side slightly.

“Where’s Tom? Why isn’t he with her?” Beca could resist, curiosity rising when the Bellas looked guiltily between them. Chloe seemed to perk up though.

“I don’t want Tom,” she shook her head childishly, “I want you!” She stumbled forward again and nuzzles her face into Becas neck. Beca lifted her arms and gingerly placed her hands on Becas biceps, rubbing a little as the redhead hummed in delight.

“Hey, I thought you were sick?” Stacie raised an eyebrow and Beca coughed a few times, wiping her forehead. Her fingers were replaced with Chloe’s hands as the ginger rubbed her forehead and cooed.

“Yeah I think I caught a bug or something,” Beca mumbled and Amy rolled her eyes, as Chloe tugged a piece of Becas hair and poked her tongue out, licking Becas neck.

“You said it was something you ate,” Amy pointed out and Beca just shrugged, pushing Chloe’s forehead away from her neck to stop her from licking her.

“Anyway, can we go now Chlo? You’ve seen her.” Chloe stood up and stamped her foot, crossing her arms across the black blouse she was wearing. Becas eyes darted downwards to see the short tight skirt accentuating Chloe’s legs and she gulped, bring her eyes hastily upwards.

“You guys can go. I want to stay here with Beca,” she grinned and poked Becas cheek. The girls were looking at her expectingly and Beca sighed, leaning against the door frame.

“I’ll keep her here for the night and get her home tomorrow.” The girls nodded and all said their goodbyes with a stern 'water, lots of it, and Advil’ from Aubrey. With that Chloe wandered inside and Beca shut the door, suddenly stuck for what to do. She decided on getting Chloe into bed as much as she could, noticing the redhead walking round the apartment and running her finger along the frames of photos.

“I like your apartment,” Chloe half smiled and returned her gaze. Of course Chloe Beale would see something in the shabby apartment just like she strangely saw something in Beca.

“So what happened between you and Tom?” The words stumbled out of Becas mouth and she bit her lip after, regretting what she said. She was so desperate and urged herself to shut up in her head.

“We had an argument is all, he went home and I came here,” Chloe shrugged, not looking at all that bothered by the fact her and her boyfriend had fought. Beca moved over to the sofa and sat down, watching Chloe as she sat down beside her, thighs touching.

Beca swallowed at the proximity and Chloe leaned against her, hooking her chin onto Becas shoulder so her breath travelled across Becas throat. The brunette whimpered and she felt a smirk against her neck. Chloe leaned forward a little more and trailed her nose up Becas neck until she reached her ear, nibbling her lobe teasingly.

“Besides, I’d much rather be here anyway,” Chloe muttered darkly, bringing a hand up to sit on Becas thigh. Mind whirling Beca pulled away, clearing her throat and standing up, putting a little distance between them both.

“Let’s get you to bed huh? I’ll get some water and the bedrooms right through there,” Beca pointed and rushed off into the kitchen, leaning against the counter and growling. She brushed her hair away from her face and grabbed a glass, placing it under the tap and filling it up half way. She rifled through the cupboard until she found a box of tablets and grabbed a few of those too, making her way to the bedroom and turning the tv off on her way.

She reached out and turned the handle, pushing the door open and almost stopping in her tracks as she gasped, holding onto the water tightly. Chloe stood there, hair released from its up do so it fell messily across her back which was completely bare, her bra laid across the floor a few feet across from her. Luckily enough for Becas breathing she still had her skirt on and Beca let out a woosh of air. Of course she had seen it all before due to the fact that Chloe did kinda barge in on her in the shower. But seeing her like this felt competently different and Chloe being Chloe the redhead turned round at the sound and made no attempt to cover up. Beca covered her eyes with a squeak and placed the glass down somewhere on the floor.

“Dude! Cover your junk!” Chloe chuckled and Beca heard fabric sliding against fabric and then gentle footsteps. Soon hands wound round her own and pulled them away from her face and Chloe stood there in just a long t shirt that she obviously just stole from Beca. Beca gulped as Chloe bit her lip and leaned in, catching Becas lips in a teasing kiss before pulling apart and padding over to the bed. Beca stood there, mouth gaping because Chloe just totally kissed her, Chloe who she was still totally in love with, Chloe was totally taken!

“Um, Chlo? What about Tom?” Beca mumbled, walking over to the wardrobe and changing her leggings for shorts and keeping her tank on. Chloe still sat there, eyes now focused more intently on Beca as she half smiled, looking somewhat adorable and dangerous all at the same time. Chloe’s expression changed, brow furrowing slightly as she tried to think of an answer before picking at one of her nails while looking down.

“I don’t want to think about Tom. I want to just,” she paused, biting her lip and eyes watering a little,“ I want to just be with you.” Becas heart lurched as Chloe took a big gulp, picking at a bit of string on the shirt she was wearing. Beca shifted awkwardly before she picked up the glass of water and extended her arm to Chloe. Noticing the movement the redhead looked up before smiling gently and standing, taking the glass as her fingers brushed against Becas.

“Thanks Becs,” she spoke softly. Beca returned the smile and looked round nervously, trying to figure out what to do. Chloe took several long gulps of the water before placing it downwards and standing up.

“Can I use your bathroom?” Beca nodded and Chloe smiled, walking out of the bedroom and after a few moments Beca heard the door click. Just as it clicked she brought her fist up to her mouth and bit down hard, screeching breathlessly and beginning to pace.

“Do not have sex with Chloe Beale,” she muttered, pulling at the roots of her hair. She tensed her thighs together as she pinched the skin of her leg. “Do not have sex with her,” she growled, breathing heavily. Having sex with a very intoxicated Chloe Beale would not end well. Having sex with her at all would not work out. Becas feelings were way too strong to risk the idea of being intimate with her. Even though being left on the line after being so close to having the one thing she craved was driving her absolutely crazy. Being near Chloe was driving her crazy.

She heard the click once more and soon the door was opened, allowing a small slither of light to enter the room before disappearing. Beca watched as Chloe’s figure stumbled then tripped, and she shot her arms out and grabbed onto Chloe’s arms. The redhead hiccuped then giggled, snuggling into Becas neck.

“My hero,” she practically purred and wrapped her fingers round Becas wrists to bring her in, pressing the length of her body against hers. Beca swallowed roughly, head spinning as Chloe went from calm and subdued to teasing again, heart thumping loudly in her chest.

“How could I ever repay you?” Chloe whispered, nose tracing the line of Becas jaw as she leaned in to place a soft bite against it, soothing it with the tip of her tongue. Beca fisted her hands to stop from doing anything stupid, laughing a little awkwardly.

“Let’s get you to bed huh?” Chloe winked as Beca nudged her towards the bed, pulling the covers back and standing away as Chloe got underneath, sitting up with the covers draped over her waist. Beca picked up a pillow from the end of her bed and went to leave before she was stopped.

“Hey, where are you going?” Beca turned and watched as Chloe stuck her bottom lip out and softened her eyes, pouting. Beca opened her mouth but no words came out, as she pointed with her thumb behind her shoulder.

“Um, the couch?” Chloe shook her head, folding her arms across her chest. “I just want you to be comfy, don’t worry, I’ll see you in the morning. Sleep well, Chlo.” Beca didn’t wait for a reply, instead closing the door and walking out, breathing deeply and padding over to the couch. She placed the pillow at one end and took the blanket off the back, laying down and bringing it down and covering herself, before finally sighing.

Knowing Chloe was in the other room made Becas heart race as she once again pushed her thighs together, trying to calm herself down. She knew Chloe wouldn’t stay in the room for long as she ran through ideas in her head to send her back if she did come in.

Beca glanced up as she heard gentle footsteps and the door creaking open slightly. Her chest swooped as she sat up, looking over at her. Chloe stood in the door way, hip leaning against the side, legs crossed over one another at the ankles. Her head head dropped side ways as she leaned it softly on the side of the door. She brought her hand up, then crooked her finger with a smirk, beckoning Beca towards her, hair falling messily on her shoulders and blue eyes still glistening somehow in the dark.

Beca gulped for what felt like the thousandth time tonight, not being able to move her gaze as Chloe leaned off the wall and walked over towards Beca slowly, hips swinging slightly as she half smiled. She reached the front of the sofa, and Beca trailed her eyes up her toned legs, past her chest until she reached her face. The blanket almost felt too thick as her pulse raced uncomfortably.

“I can’t sleep,” she whispered, letting her hand trail up the outline of Becas body over the blanket but Beca still shivered at the sensation. She cocked her head to one side and bit her lip, looking at Beca in that… Looking way.

“Oh,” Beca spoke lamely. God she was so awkward. She should just be telling Chloe to go back to her bed-

Chloe dropped down onto the sofa so she was straddling Beca, sitting up. The tee she was hearing rose up her legs a little as she placed them either side of Beca, hands on her thighs. Beca gasped as she felt Chloe grind down over the blanket, a small circle with her hips.

“Chlo,” Beca whimpered, gripping onto Chloe’s thighs and digging her nails in, squeezing her eyes tight before re opening them. Chloe smirked once again, eyes hooding slightly as she ground down once again, lifting her hips then dropping them.

“I love it when you say my name,”
Chloe breathed, trailing her hands upwards over the blanket. Beca could feel the fabric getting trapped as Chloe raised herself right up and hooked her fingers round the edge of the blanket and dragging it downwards behind her. She passed it through her legs before bringing the top half of her body down so it was pressed against Becas then drew the blanket back up, so it was draped over the both of them. She leaned forward and brushed her lips across Becas.

“How can I sleep when I want you so bad Beca?” Beca waited for her to connect their lips but instead Chloe trailed her lips downwards to Becas neck and began nipping slightly, soothing the bites with her tongue. She brought one hand up to tangle in Becas hair while the other cupped the side of her neck. With a short rough tug she pulled Becas neck to the side, humming roughly when she did. Beca squirmed and breathed harshly, as Chloe chuckled against her skin.

“When you’re in here instead of with me,” Chloe spoke as though she was scolding the brunette, bringing her face up as she bit down on Becas bottom lip and dragged it out slightly before releasing it, poking the tip of her tongue out and tracing it after. Her fingertips on Becas neck began trailing down her side until she reached her thigh where she hitched her leg up so it was bent at the knee, Becas leg now snug around Chloe’s side as their bodies were brought closer together.

“How could I sleep or do anything, when all I can think about is you? Everything about you drives me crazy and you expect me to just sleep.” She tutted quietly before smiling dirtily and connecting their lips roughly. She coaxed Becas mouth open, dipping her tongue in instantly, mimicking her actions all those months ago. Beca instantly ignited, body shivering at the sensation as Chloe kept her leg hitched around the redheads waist and used her fingers on her head to pull her closer. Beca brought her hands up to Chloe’s sides, gripping the fabric tightly as she squirmed.

Chloe broke away, nudging her nose against hers softly before once again kissing her harshly, tugging at Beca hair that was wound between her fingers. Beca wanted to press her legs tightly but was restricted by the body in between them as she swallowed heavily, feeling Chloe’s tongue trail along her bottom lip filthily. It was desperate, as though they had both waited so long to do this and in Becas case she had definitely dreamed of this moment for so long.

“God Beca,” Chloe groaned, once again taking the skin of Becas neck in her mouth, teeth biting down. She brought a hand down and hooked her finger in the strap of Becas tank and dragged it down so it hung limply by Becas bicep. She advanced on the new skin of Becas shoulder, leaving a love bite near the junction where her shoulder met her neck.

“Please Chlo,” Beca whimpered, pulling at Chloe’s tee to bring her closer. Chloe sat up and brought her finger up into Becas mouth, dragging her bottom lip downwards before trailing it down her neck.

“I like it when you beg. Especially for me,” she purred, voice rough. “Do it again,” she giggled, eyes sparkling. And God Beca wouldn’t beg for anyone, not even for a rise in her internship, not even when she was with Jesse but for Chloe Beale? Beca would get on her knees anywhere and beg until her throat went dry.

“Please Chlo, please. I want you so much, please,” she whined highly, grinding her hips upwards. Chloe brought her hands towards herself then to the bottom of the tee, fingers hooking under the fabric.

“You want this?” Beca nodded rapidly and Chloe couldn’t help but grin a shit eating grin, before dragging the fabric over her body.

“Holy shit.”


Part 2 anyone? (;