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Hi! I saw your tags on that James Olsen gifset and I eas wondering if you could elaborate on them?

tbh i think that the whole guardian storyline is a steaming pile of horseshit and the peripheral implications of it are really gross.

like, i think it’s bad writing because it doesn’t make sense. james demonstrably has been surrounded by superheroes for years, but suddenly now has a crisis of conscience and decides that He Should Be Doing More.  because He Can.  because he has a black belt?  i mean, okay.  sure jan.  you have a black belt, which is more than most people, but you also got it in a controlled environment of a gym, so that doesn’t exactly qualify you to go off fighting criminals who play dirty.  that’s not even accounting for the fact that criminals often have guns.  you know what a black belt is good for against a gun?  Very Very Little.

but back to the motivation.  they’re trying, and failing, i think, to write james as a foil to mon-el, where mon-el decides to be a hero because of a pretty girl, and james decides to be a hero because it’s the right thing to do.  mon-el has certainly made dumb choices, though not as dumb as i think fandom likes to think, but that isn’t the point here.  the point here is whether james is making the choice to be a hero for the right reasons.  and, well, no, jimmy, your justification so far that you have repeated many many many times is that You Are Meant For This punchy punchy heroing.  okay, well, what about the other heroic work you’ve been doing for years, the part where you help inform the flow of information to people and capture stories that they wouldn’t otherwise get to witness?  remember that whole thing in S1 where cat grant was the person who stabilized national city after the earthquake through media, not punchy punchy heroing?  remember how cat grant is now on sabbatical and james is literally sitting in the smae chair she used for that and he could be doing that but oh, no, why try to make a difference on a macro scale when you can go off punchy punching criminals in a micro sense?  totally makes sense.  

basically his entire justification for being the guardian– and guilting winn into helping him with it– is that he sees himself as a hero who just needs a stage to prove it, and that stage is helping people.  this is not “people need help and i have the capability to help them”, it’s “i am a hero and i will help people to prove it.”

then there’s the fact that james’ Hero Epiphany came in the first six months he spent around supergirl.  despite spending years being superman’s boyfriend best friend he never felt the need to put on a suit of armor and go off gallivanting around the streets to get his punch on.  but suddenly he’s around supergirl, the girl he’s ostensibly in love with, who’s beautiful and wonderful and can lift a building over her head with no discernible effort, and suddenly NOW he feels the need to get all hypermasculine punchy punchy?

yeah, okay.  doing it for the right reasons.  sure, buddy.  

honestly i think that the whole storyline is bad, but that if they had to do it then ther ewas a much better way they could have done it, which would have been to build it off of him disagreeing with kara and the deo about holding aliens and maxwell lord in prison in S1.  he’s already demonstrated that he doesn’t agree with how they do everything, and hey, look, the show also introduced A DETECTIVE WHO IS BIG ON PROTECTING ALIENS FROM GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS in this season.  if you have to do a stupid james-goes-punchy storyline, base it on that, an existing platform where he’s already disagreed with kara, and build it into somewhere where he’s actively giftwrapping bad guys and/or bad aliens to give to the NCPD, who then are meant to provide them due process.  this is a significantly more meaningful storyline for james than him getting pissy about mon-el and strutting around posturing and writing stories about himself where he basically calls his vigilante persona Ripped Shredded 8-Packed SuperDuperDuperHero Who Is Most Magnificent.  but eh, why write a storyline that builds on your existing characterization of james olsen that oculd also conveniently tie him to one of the other poc on the show when you can absolutely destroy said characterization?


Hello everyone!! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ Hope you’re all doing well! School has started for some of us, so I wish you all a great year of success!

As for me, I have decided to go through my archive to reorganize and clean my blog. As I scrolled through, I saw my first ff that celebrated my blog reaching 500 followers, on July 27, 2015, my birthday. A year later, I have reached +4k… and I felt so overwhelmed.

To my followers: So I’m making this ff to thank you, who’ve been so supportive and sweet to me, and most of all so understanding. I don’t know how to properly thank you all, but I hope that with my crappy blog, useless stupid screaming in my tags, lame gifsets/gfx etc., I could make you smile a little, get excited over your fave chara/anime, and make your day brighter even for a split second. Because that is what makes me keep running this blog that changes URLs every month (I’m sorry lmao). Thank you for staying with me ♥

To my mutuals/people I follow: Thank you for making my dash beautiful and inspirational with your creations, interesting with everyday-life posts, joyful with stupid vines/videos/memes, dreamy with nsfw art… thank you for entertaining me with the posts you reblog.

To my sweet, pure and lovely friends (well not all of them but): I’m so lucky to have such pure friends by my side, me, a Sinner™ . I suck at making compliments, but know that you’re all very important to me, and that I care very oh so deeply (can you feel it now Mr. Krabs) for you. *hugs you* Thank you for accepting my sinful side. I love you ♥

To the ded squad:  *spits, farts and poops on you* You’re all a bunch of idiots, always bullying me- wait that’s me (◕‿ ◕ ✿) . You’re still huge dumbasses, but I love you all so soooooo much! I’m so happy I met all of you, I find it amazing how supportive we are of each other. You’ve all become so precious to me, and I’m grateful to have you ♥
Thank you putting up with me, for all the “Kim no”, “Kim stop”, “ffs Kim”, I hate y’all +゚*。:゚+凸(◕‿ ◕ ✿)+゚*。:゚+ *hugs tightly* *pukes*

Last but not least, to my #1 bbu Anna: My one and only ♥ I’m so glad we started talking to each other, I can’t believe how kinky we can be to each other damn. You’re an asshole, but that’s why I love you so much my talented bbu ♥

Um sorry, this got super long pfft.

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