this could be a bit more sonic


I’m big enough of a nerd to spend a LOT of time into this.

Wish i could actually make the game though, i’d be interested in doing it, but i’d require more talented programmers and musicians (for the 8-bit remixes) for that to happen.

Big thanks to @128-up , @miathefeline, buckshot and cheez, friends of mine who spent a lot of time helping me proofread this nonsense.

5 NASA Software Codes You Can Download – For Free!

One of the biggest steps of any mission starts right here on Earth at a computer desk – NASA runs on software, period. Rovers can’t move, spacecraft can’t fly, even rockets can’t blast off without the software codes that run them all.

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1. TetrUSS (Tetrahedral Unstructured Software System)

TetrUSS has been used extensively for space launch vehicle analysis and design, like on the Space Launch System, which is planned to take humans to Mars.

You really could say it’s helping us to “blast off.” Outside of NASA, this software has been used to analyze Mars planetary entry vehicles, ballistics and even high-altitude sky diver aerodynamics. Basically if anything has moved through any planetary atmosphere, this software has played a role.

2. KNIFE (part of the FUN3D software and released as a package)

The name may be a bit intimidating, but with good reason – KNIFE packs a powerful punch. 

It was created to help us learn more about the sonic booms that resonate when planes break the sound barrier, but it has also helped develop green energy sources such as wind turbines and techniques to minimize drag for long-haul trucking. Maybe we should re-name this versatile and handy code, “Swiss Army KNIFE?”

3. Cart3D (Automated Triangle Geometry Processing for Surface Modeling and Cartesian Grid Generation)

If software codes went to high school, Cart3D would be Prom Queen. This software is so popular, it is being used in almost every mission area here at NASA. 

Engineers and scientists are currently using it to model everything from advanced drones to quieter supersonic aircraft.

4. FACET (Future Air Traffic Management Concepts Evaluation Tool)

Frequent flyers: this may be your favorite code without even knowing it. FACET was developed to evaluate futuristic concepts in air traffic management, and it has served as a testbed for assessing today’s regular operations. 

To sum it up, this software code helps airports keep planes organized in the air and on the ground.


GIPSY-OASIS is part of the GPS system to end all GPS systems. It’s so accurate, John Deere used it to help create self-driving tractors.

 How? John Deere already had a navigation system in the works, but it could only be used in certain parts of the world. 

Our ground stations are all across the globe, and our software ensures accuracy down to a few inches. And so, a new breed of tractor was born!  Did we mention this software is free?

These are just a few examples of the software NASA has available for free public and consumer use. To browse the catalog online, check out

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ilona-the-hedgehog  asked:

Hey, I really like your stories! They're amazing! I just wanted to ask, could you maybe write a sonamy oneshot thing with werehog Sonic? I've just been in that mood lately 😅


Sometimes, we all just need some fluffs~ :)

And thank you~<3


Amy kicked her feet off the side of the couch, holding some tea as she looked out the window, humming slightly to herself as she saw the sun going down…

Tails and Professor Pickle were talking on boring subjects again, and she was getting restless to see Sonic again…

They hadn’t known his whereabouts, until at least another piece of the world was put back together.

All she needed was that lead…

She slowly turned to look at Tails and Professor Pickle, seeing that they were in no way paying attention to her anyway, she slowly walked backwards and against the wall, crawling slightly to then stealthily opening the door, and closing it lightly~

“We’re almost there, Sonic!” Chip called out, flying through another city they were rushing to pass, as Sonic ran on all fours, keeping up wtih Chip.

“Finally.” he didn’t mean to sound like he was grumbling, but with his new found deep, raspy voice, that’s just how it was now.

Suddenly, a horde of monsters spawned in the rear of where they were running, and Sonic skidded to a stop on his spiky shoes, and turned around.

“Hold on…” he swung himself around.

“Huh? What’s the hold up, Sonic?” Chip stopped to look behind him, before flying back near his face.

“Hmm… something doesn’t feel right.”


His eyes widened, “Amy!” he took off without another second of hesitation.

“Woah! It’s that girl again!” Chip kicked up his feet, getting ready to burst off, before springing out into the night to follow Sonic.

The hordes were being creepy as they walked slowly up to her, their arms up as if to grab her, but she swung them by the base of their waist and they were flung left and right with each powerful hit.

“Leave. Me. Alone!!” Amy cried out, not in the least afraid, but still wanting to get through to Sonic. “Soooniiic!!!”

Suddenly, from behind her, a large figure jumped over her, landing in front of her as she looked around before covering her head.

He roared out in front of the hordes, and they all immediately stopped advancing.

Once getting their attention, he smirked, and threw his arms out, taking them down one by one in a frenzy of moves.

His stretchy arms even punched out one that tried to leap for Amy, as she cried out in surprise, before rushing over to sonic’s back, and moving with him as he swung around.

“What are you doing here?” he tried to turn his head back to look at her, before refocusing on the battle.

“I… I was lonely! No one was paying attention to me.” she explained, as Sonic shook his head, letting out a groan as his eyes drooped down.

“You couldn’t have waited till after this was all over?” he commented, before flinging away the last monster and stomping a hand to the ground, as they all were flung in the air.



He turned around to see Amy had also been bounced into the air, and quickly reached up to pull her to him, before swinging a long arm out and slamming all the other monsters into dust against the side of a building’s wall.

He panted a moment, breathing heavily, before seeing his work there was done, and sighing.

He turned to look down at Amy.

“If you wanted to see me, couldn’t you have waited till the morning?” he cocked his head to the side, loosening his hold on her and raising his arm from her to the side.

He consciously made that decision, as he looked to his arm, and then to her.

“Ohh~ Like I said! I couldn’t wait any longer! I missed you~” Amy swished her body left and right, before throwing her hands down and up back to her face, being somewhat cute.

“…Ughh…” he looked away and scratched a clawed finger up to his head.

“…But… I don’t look like… myself.” he put the hand down and slowly up to his eyes, showing some sorrow in that fact as he looked over his hand.

Amy stared a moment, seeing his expression change at the appearance of his scary looking, new hand.

“Wouldn’t you rather be comforted by me..? and Not some… monster.”

She bent her eyelids back, seeing he was having some problems with that.

“You think I care so little as to only look upon appearances and images?”she placed her hands confidently to her sides, and leaned over to look up at his face, as he quickly looked down to her, amazed by her answer.

She giggled, jumping in front of him when he turned his head away, putting her hands behind her back as she swayed in her usual manner.

Flirty or whatever you want to call it, it certainly brought Sonic’s attention back to her.

Chip hovered close behind, but dared not interrupt the slight quarrel between the two.

He was highly fascinated at how she could break through Sonic’s walls and surprise him anyway! So interesting…

Could Sonic be influenced by Amy more than he let on?

Chip tilted his head, pondering the moment a bit, and putting his hands near his mouth, thinking about it…

“Whether Sonic comes in black, white, or blue! I’ll love you no matter what you look like, sound like, or even smell like! haha!” she slightly teased, but nodded her head to show that she meant it to some degree.

Sonic stared down at her a moment.

Realizing she meant it, his hand slowly came down, before he seemed to grow nervous and folded his arms, leaning back and avoiding her gaze by looking away.

It was a typical Sonic position, and she smiled when she recognized it.

For a moment, this large… fluffy frame suddenly faded into her hero, and in her mind’s eyes, as he looked back down, tensing his mouth a bit, she imagined a blush with hearts in the background.

She giddily twirled in her imaginings and jumped into Sonic’s arms.

He fell back a bit, but caught himself, and lightly patted her back.

“Alright, alright. I’ll take you home.”

“You mean it?!” she looked up, growing excited. “Will you carry me?”

“Uh…Ummm..” he looked at his dangerous hands…

He looked down at his hazardous way of running too…

He looked back up and thought, before sighing and drooping his arms down.

“Okay.. just this once…” he groaned, and turned around, before gesturing a thumb to his back.

“Hop on.”

“Ah! Y-… You want me to ride you..?” holding her fists up over her mouth and nose, she lifted a leg up to shy away from it.

“A-are you sure..?”

He looked away, sweat dropping.

“It’s only awkward when you make it awkward, Amy.”

“He’s right!” Chip suddenly flew in, as Amy was taken aback at his presence, almost having forgotten him. “You should just hop on! No questions asked.” Chip held up a pointer finger, and shook it around as to lightly scold her for second-guessing it.

She nodded, “R-right.” she carefully came up behind him, looking around for a safe way to mount, before seeing Sonic reach a hand back.

She stepped on the hand and smiled to him, gaining some balance, she jumped on his back and positioned herself to ride him.

He felt his now, longer and more ragged quills shift under her, and the sensation made him roll his shoulders back, not liking it for a moment.

“Are you comfortable?” Amy blinked down at him, as he suddenly flinched, his eyes growing wide and turning back to her.

“Ah… um. I’m fine.” he didn’t want to tell her what he was feeling, so he ended up just nodding and looking away. “I’m going to charge off now… get ready.”

“Right!” she held onto his ears, making his upper lip twitch at her tug, but got on all fours and wiggled his shoe into position.

“Chip.” he called out, head close to the ground as Chip flew off, spinning around to throw up a ‘thumbs up’ and then took off to show the way.

“Hold on, Amy!”


Sonic bolted off as Amy slightly felt herself fling off him for a moment, but gripped her legs to his waist and held on.

It was like riding a huge gorilla!

It made her laugh at how uncomfortable it was, his spines poking into her every now and again.

However, she was used to her own spines, and it didn’t bother her very much, nor hurt.

However… he wasn’t used to another piggy-back riding him, and so with each foot or hand fall, he felt her weight shift a bit, and it bothered him.

“Wee! Haha! Giddy up!”

“I’m not a horse…”

-A while after the adventure-

“You were SOOO fluffy! Hehe~ Hey! I have a question?” Amy spread her arms out, holding her already eaten ice cream cone and then put her legs down from leaning back and up to look sincerely to him.

He had also finished, and ate the cone, looking slightly bored before raising an eyebrow to her. “Hmm?”

“Can I get another piggy-back ride? It shouldn’t be so off now that you’re the right size again. After all!”

“Ha-ACK!” He choked a moment on his cone and beat his chest, swallowing it before turning to Amy, looking a bit worried…


“Please?!” she moved up to him, her hands down in front of her. “I really enjoyed that! Haha! And I think it’s fun.” she cutely looked away, remembering the moment.

“…Uhh…” he looked away, remembering it as anything ‘but’ fun…

“Please?” she looked to him again, tilting her head.

He suddenly remembered her words again… looking back to her.

No matter what I look like… she’ll always see me as Sonic.

He thought about how that really pulled him through those tough times…

“…I can’t dispute.” he shook his head down, sighing, before shrugging and getting up. “But again.” he held a pointer finger up, then turned his head slightly to an angle.

“This is the last time.”

He wiggled his finger around, a signature move by her beloved hero~

“Right! Hehe~” she grinned, as he turned and she hopped on as fast as she could, making him wobble back cause he wasn’t expecting her to just leap like that.

His spines bristled up a little and she giggled at their pokes, before he lowered them for her comfortably.

“S…Sorry.” he seemed a little embarrassed by that.

“Not a problem! After all, I’ve lived with my quills forever too, you know!” she wiggled her head up through his quills to get to peek over his shoulder to him, as it took every bit of self control not to spike his quills up again.

He reached back and bent down, grabbing her legs and looking forward, thinking where to go…

It could just be a joy ride, after all, he could take her home at anytime now…

He looked down.

The sensation… wasn’t as bad as the first time.

He took off, “Hold on!”


For some reason, those words resonated in Sonic…

As he ran, he suddenly found that the closeness didn’t bother him so much as before.

After all, he wasn’t scary. He didn’t have claws. And he sure as heck didn’t have so many sensitive, long quills like antennas to deal with!

 As Amy’s hands held closely to his neck, she pushed up a little to look just a little over his head, and smiled at the view.

He was rushing by some lovely scenery to keep her occupied, and of course, he enjoyed the terrain too.

He took a second to look down at her hands… then up to her face.

Her wide open smile filled him with some sense of accomplishment, or some fulfilling desire to make sure she was happy and pleased.

He smiled too, but hid it as she looked down to him, seeing his head had moved slightly.

She smiled, hoping he was admiring her beauty, and then continued to laugh as he took off.

Even with her against his quills, he was slowly becoming used to the intimacy, and who knows?

Maybe the experience could be helpful in the end? (~<3)

@cript-art-blog submitted to fini-mun:

Hi, I’m the anon who asked about you giving critique… This is my oc Cole (the snowshoe cat)… This is the only full body reference I have atm- I made it just the flats, so that it might be easier to critique.

anyways here’s some info on him to help your critique; he lives in Holoska (which is basically Canada), has hydro-kenisis and I didn’t give him much to wear because most male sonic character don’t wear much. Just gloves and shoes.

Ps. If you’re going to tag me- tag me as “cript-art-blog”. Its the blog I usually use- its just happens to not be my main. (I wanted my ask blog to be)

Okay sorry for the long, long delay on this. You sent this to me back when I did that bottlenose redesign thing, so I’m guessing you wanted me to give similar input for your character (”How to make it look more SEGASonicish”).

These are just my personal thoughts, and this is your character so take from it what you will!

I didn’t draw the full body because it wasn’t important towards the points I was going to make, sorry if that looks odd.

  • I emphasized the star like shape the fur was making around the head. I always think with Sonic characters that it’s a good idea to find a strong shape and work with it. You could also turn the ends of the ‘points’ of the stars upwards a bit to be more like your original design, but I just wanted to emphasize the star-like quality.
  • I like the mask you did around the eyes a lot. Very snowshoe and adds visual interest to the face. The only thing I really changed was to make it more flush with the shape of the eyes. Think of how Marine’s eyemask follows her eyes.
  • I made the ruff around the neck more ‘poofy’ and going around the entire neck. I’m trying to invoke sort of the concept of a wooly jacket hood, since the character is a Holoska native.
  • I also added the fluff to the gloves and boots, but I’m thinking the colour may have been better white rather than lavender, or even a pale tan? But anyway I was trying to make the gloves and boots look somewhat heavy duty- gotta keep those extremities warm. Since Sonic characters don’t generally wear a lot of clothing, you need to work with the articles you do get.
  • I tufted the tail, a bit like Blaze’s. There’s really nothing wrong with the blunted tail, but SEGASonic characters don’t really do that and this is slightly more visually interesting/ties with the head shape better.
  • Small, small detail, but on the legs (and would have on the arms if it weren’t covered) I made the markings begin just a little down the leg and not immediately at where the leg joins the body. It helps emphasize the limbs as being ‘part’ of the body and not placed ‘onto’ the body, if that makes sense.
  • … I changed the colour pallete, obviously. A big thing I see fanartists do is use more natural colours for their characters. I’ve done it before myself, so I’m not saying ‘never do it’. But as a rule of thumb Sonic characters aren’t coloured anything like their natural counterparts. I picked a desaturated blue and purples for your character because they gave an ‘icy’ or even slightly ‘aurora borelias’ feel, to tie into the Holoska thing. It also played well with the teals of your character’s clothing.

I hope that helps you out. Like I said, it’s your character so you’re free to do as you wish. You can use any of these ideas or ignore all of them, that’s up to you :)


Prompt (given by @wilsonsbeard): 

“It’s… love. Right?”
“Sonic… love is SHARED between two people… can it really be called love?”

(( Thanks for the prompt! It turned out less angsty I think, but I hope you like the direction I took it in ;v; ))

Summary: Sonic finds himself fed up with his girlfriend and goes to Amy for advice.

She’d known from the very beginning. From the very first twist of her stomach and the first star-struck look he’d passed to the other girl, she knew. It was just…wrong.

Amy’s eyes slipped down Sonic’s profile, starting from his scrunched up brow and landing at his mumbling, down-turned lips. His eyes were tight, and he stared at a single invisible spot on the floor as he paced (rather quickly) back and forth in her living room.

He looked like he did when he was thinking up a way to survive and thwart another Eggman raid - definitely not like he was thinking of his girlfriend.

The word stung, and the rosy hedgehog released the pain through a quiet sigh, shifting uncomfortably in her seat on the sofa. Perhaps she should have said something a month ago…but would he have listened? Or would he have brushed her off as jealous, like in the past?

The girl let loose another sigh, eyes never leaving her crush. It would have done him good to hear it, she mused, they were destined, after all…

Amy was suddenly shaken from her thoughts when she realized that Sonic had stopped pacing, stopped talking, and was facing her with a serious, expectant look. Eyes wide, Amy attempted to speak, her mouth opening slightly. Nothing came out, and she blinked.

“I’m sorry…?” She said quietly, ashamed that she’d let herself get distracted when she was supposed to be listening to him.

Sonic sighed, his eyes flying around the room before landing on her again, with less confidence this time.

“What we have. I mean it’s…it’s love,” He started, voice weak and in need of reassurance, “Right?”

Amy’s heart stuttered. She moved closer to the edge of her seat and almost responded before her shoulders slowly slumped. Shaking her head slightly, she shooed away her naïve thoughts. For a fleeting moment, she thought Sonic had meant between the two of them. Amy met the taller one’s gaze, making sure to keep her disappointment hidden. Of course; it was about the other girl. Amy bit her lip before speaking.

“Sonic…” Her voice was quiet, “I know this probably isn’t what you want to hear, but…it sounds to me like she’s only using you.”

She caught the look of surprise that flickered across his emerald eyes. The emotion was present for only a millisecond before Sonic began his usual act: Amy’s heart struggled not to lose strength as she watched him roll his eyes and turn away. Her brows furrowed more deeply.

She would not tell him everything he wanted to hear. She was far past that stage, catering to his ego just to get in his good graces. She would tell him the truth, whether he liked it or not. Amy continued, her tone much harder than before.

“You’re usually great at noticing these things, Sonic, but this time it slipped by you.” Sonic was facing away from her, arms crossed, but she could tell he was listening by the position of his ears.

“You do so much for her, and she does nothing in return.” She held back a growl. “She barely spends time with you when you’re around, and when she does it sounds like she does nothing but nag you, parade you around, and use your fame to her advantage.”

Amy could feel a lick of anger and jealously deep in her belly.

“I honestly don’t know why you’ve stayed with her this long,” she said, a bit annoyed. “It’s not like you at all. Unless of course she’s just too hot to pass up.” The spiteful words slipped past her lips before she could stop them.

At that, Sonic quickly turned her way and Amy jumped at the sudden movement. His gaze was serious.

“I’m not that shallow.”

Amy’s heart stretched in her chest. His look was stern but his voice gave him away – he sounded betrayed, almost. She instantly felt bad. How could she have forgotten? He must be hurting too…

Amy diverted her gaze to his shiny red shoes.

“I know… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have-”

“It’s okay.”

Amy stepped closer to him. Sonic watched her, his eyes losing their attitude in place of fatigue.

“Sonic…I…” Amy swallowed, lifting a hand to gently touch his arm. She had so much she wanted to say, but she decided simple advice would be best for now.

“I may not know much about other things, but I know a thing or two about love - I’m a master, of course.” She joked quietly.

Her heart fluttered at the amused huff of air that escaped from his lips. She smiled up at him slightly, before gaining a more sober look and reaching for his hands to hold.

“Sonic…” He watched her intently, mesmerized by her soft voice and gentle touch.

“Love is shared between two people…” Her voice stressed, her eyes rising up to meet his. He could see the concern in them, and he regretted thinking twice about coming to her for advice.

“What she has for you…can it really be called love?”

She was afraid to look up at him, afraid to see a look of loss or resentment, so she clung a bit tighter to his hands and kept her head low.

She didn’t expect his arms to wrap around her waist, or his head to rest on her shoulder.


She returned the gesture.


Boom!Sonamy - Hurt

Another Boom!Sonamy fanfiction I worked on when not writing part 2 of “Advice” . This story focuses on Sonic taking care of Amy after she gets badly hurt during a fight, so obviously get ready for ensuing fluffy/cute moments.
Hope you enjoy this little sonamy one-shot! :D
(also sorry for all the long posts/sonamy people! hope it’s not too much.)

Amy awoke with a groan and slowly opened her eyes to find herself comfortably resting on her couch back at her hut. As she lay there, eyes still heavy, she heard a figure move close by and then the sound of a familiar voice.

    “Hey there Ames,” Sonic spoke softly, a small smile on his face as he watched her quickly turn towards him, her eyes fully open now. She sat up quickly, overjoyed to see him, but a searing pain in her head and right shoulder caused her to groan in agony and her face soon contorted into a grimace.

    “S-Sonic..? Wh-what happened..?” she said softly, every fiber or her being trying it’s best to ignore the pain she was feeling, but it was near impossible. After a moment, Amy felt Sonic’s hands curl around hers gently, his face not losing it’s comforting smile.

    “Well, you took a pretty bad hit out there against Eggman today. We were all fighting, then suddenly there were explosives flying at us. I saw you lunge out of the corner of my eye towards one heading in your direction, and as you deflected it, it…exploded…”
    Sonic looked away for a moment, his face losing it’s smile as he squeezed her hands tighter. When he connected with her eyes again, his expression was more intense. “There was some debris and I managed to save you from the bulk of it, but after I had caught you I saw that some had hit you in the shoulder and on the side of the head. You blacked-out soon after, and I had Tails rush you out of there while I finished the battle with Knuckles and Sticks.”

    “So, how long have I been…?” Amy said slowly, her question trailing off.
    “A few hours.” Sonic replied quickly. “After Tails bandaged you up, I brought you here and I’ve been looking after you ever since.” He gave her a small smile and she smiled back, happy to know he had stayed and looked after her this whole time.

    “T-thank you Sonic. I’m sure you have other things you want to do though, so don’t feel like you need to–” Amy was interrupted abruptly by Sonic putting a finger to her lips.
    “Amy I’m not leaving you until you’ve gotten better, okay? I’m staying with you as long as it takes.” He began to remove his finger from her lips, but placed it back there again as Amy began to protest.
    “B-but Sonic–”

    “No buts Ames,” he interjected again, his form suddenly rising and walking away towards the kitchen, leaving Amy confused a moment. He soon came back and sat down on the cushioned seat across from her again, holding two small ice packs in one hand, and a glass of water and some crackers in the other. He set down the ice packs and gently handed her the glass of water, which she took gratefully and began taking small sips from in between chewing the crackers. When she had had enough, Sonic set the items aside and gently reached up to her shoulder and began carefully loosening the now bloodied bandages wrapped there.

Keep reading

yoi-yoi-senpai  asked:

Heyo~ I've had this idea for a while but I was shy to ask xD The scenario is that Amy has been injured horribly by the villain and is held captive. The base she's captive in would self-destruct in one minute and no matter how hard Sonic tries, he can't break the bars that she's behind. She tells him to go, to leave her, he refuses, but someone on the team had to forcibly take him away and the base explodes Do you think you can use your writing magic to bring this life and have a happy ending?

I’m gonna be honest, these are the prompts I LIVE for. Not only did you give me motive, major plot point, AND left it up to me to decide where it goes, but you said it so sweetly, ‘I’ve had this idea for a while’ ANYTIME ANYONE STARTS A LINE LIKE THAT I GO-

Originally posted by timetravelersloth

Oh boy~

So thank you! I’d love too!!!!



“Sonic! Stop!”


The bars of the cage weren’t like any other, but Amy couldn’t help him with her super strength, being chained to the very floor, though able to get up if she spread her legs out to sit with them to her sides.

The reason Sonic wasn’t responding to her frequent cries was because he had seen her weariness, her absolute hopeless state.

He wasn’t aware of what they did to her, but his imagination took over and the fury of just thinking about it sent his body glowing to different, darker, shades of blue…

“Sonic.. Sonic, it’s not gonna budge!”


“I know you want to save me,… but this time…. this time I’m…” she looked to him with tears blurring her very vision of him. Love and concern for his life more than her own.

This man who was controlling Eggman was a mind-manipulator, and with his unique abilities, had lead her to this fate to lure Sonic to his doom…

He even knew that Sonic would risk his life to save hers…

He had called it, “A true Romeo despite his Juliet.”

But to her,… Even with that slight, untoned insult, Sonic was simply her beloved hero.

Though, she was filled with immense love at seeing him struggle, though the stone walls were caving in on their secret underground location, and the fires beneath her growing more and more unstable by the chemicals leaking into it’s magma.

She could barely strain herself to look over and see the counter, 25…24…23…

It moved faster than her tears could fall.

“Sonic!” She franically turned back to him, putting her hands out and gripping the cage, trembling at the effort it took to launch herself as close to the bars as she could muster, which wasn’t very close.

Sonic breathed heavily, the heat getting to him, as his eyes looked wild. He kept shifting back and forth between blue and the darker shades… he was beginning to realize… that without the Chaos Emeralds… he’d be helpless to stop what was to come next.

“…Sonic…” she caught his gaze, as he looked up, and her fingers… oh, so tenderly, pushed through the small gap, able to do so only until the chained steel that replaced her once beautiful bracelets clanged against the metal of the bar.

She caressed some of his face.

“I can’t let you die in vain.” she shook her head, “Sonic! Sonic, you need to live! You need to free Eggman! Save and preserve this world from that man’s mind control! And Sonic… Oh, Sonic…” He moved as close as he could to the bars, gripping them, as she spoke softer than.

In every bit of a desperate attempt to save him, spoke out her last farewell.

“Always remember… I loved you more than life itself.”

She then nodded behind him, as Sonic’s eyes suddenly widening, his darker shade taking over as hands threw themselves over to him, pulling him away. “No.. No!!” he fought them, kicking as Amy dropped her hands, withdrawing herself to the far end of the cage.

She squinted her eyes shut, and looked away.


“Quick! We have to get him out of here!”

“What about Amy?”

“…It’s… She can’t..” Tails looked down, sorrowfully, as Knuckles turned to see the cage falling anyway, Amy shoving it to the side, slamming herself against it as much as she could to rock it.

She didn’t want Sonic to stay and have a reason to any longer.

He’d keep fighting Tails and Knuckles, like what he was doing now, and wouldn’t go willingly if she… if she…

She took her final breath.

“AMYYY!!!” Sonic’s darkness spiraled, before Tails and Knuckles almost lost their holds.

“Knuckles..!” Tails shouted out, as Knuckles, sorrowfully, with so much regret as he closed his eyes, threw back his fist and knocked Sonic out, the impact completely fading the darkness.

As they retreated, Tails flew with Sonic in his hands, and Knuckles glided to safety alongside him.


There was a massive explosion, as Sonic’s quills gently blew back by it.

They were safe enough away, but Tails started to cry, and shook his head, mourning for his friend. “Amyy!!!!” he cried out, unable to forgive himself, even if he knew that’s what she wanted.

Knuckles floated down to a cliffside, and fell to his knees, weeping down at the ground. “She let herself fall… she did that for us! RAHH!” he smashed his fist to the ground, cracking the earth.

“She was too good to die!!!”

Tails put Sonic down and just held a hand on him, his shoulders bouncing as he couldn’t imagine what Sonic would feel when he woke up hearing this… or just jumping to that conclusion.

The impact of Amy’s death even shook Eggman out of his mind control, and he, himself, defeated the manipulator.

In his own way of remorse, he looked to a piece of fabric that had been ripped from Amy’s dress in a previous battle beforehand, and gripping it in one hand, he moved it to both his hands, and then fell to his knees, silently knowing his judgement was yet upon him.

He bent down over it, placing it near his face.

Sonic would want revenge. Didn’t matter who or what. Something

An eye for an eye

And Eggman knew he was probably going to be at the bunt of Sonic’s heel.

Amy opened her eyes.

“Amy Rose… Amy? Please, open your eyes!”

Amy blinked to see a white light, and slightly panicked. “Is this… heaven?”

A man chuckled, “I think you’ll be alright.”

She moved up, feeling her body ache as the man carefully helped her up, holding her to steady her torso.

She gripped her stomach, “Aren’t I… dead?”

“You certainly were going to be.”

Amy looked and blinked towards the man, as he formed into a white hedgehog in her eyes.

“Who… are-?”

“No time to explain,” Silver stated, juggling a Chaos Emerald in one hand, before tossing it up and catching it. “Well… I guess we technically have all the time in the world.” He made a pun, but she didn’t understand.

She looked to the emerald, “Is that..?”

“Yes.” he knelt by her, placing his hand holding her up now on her shoulder, keeping her steady that way, and positioning himself in front of her. “Alright, I’ve changed my mind. I’ll explain. This is the future, destroyed by Sonic’s uncontrollable rage and anguish. I’ve traced the trigger point to you… your death,… Amy Rose.”

Amy’s eyes shook, listening to him, before getting up, and gawking at what she saw around her.

He slowly rose up, “You… were his trigger.”

The world was desolated, buildings were ruined and barely standing. It was horrific, and he was saying this was his world? Her world? the one she had asked Sonic to preserve?

“I spoke with an ancient man named Shadow. He was fiercely wounded in a battle against Dark Sonic, and retold the tale to me. Being unable to wield Chaos after his battle with Dark Sonic, he taught and bestowed the right to me. To time travel and save your life, thus… preventing this future apocalypse from ever happening. And… ultimately… saving the known world.”

He held out the chaos emerald to her, as she looked frightful at all she heard and saw.

She looked down to it, “….Dark… Sonic?”

“Yes.” Silver nodded. “I know you can only see him as your friend, but please understand… because of his regret in your death,… he becomes a monster beyond the realms of known power. Chaos consumes his heart, by his own will, and he continually destroys, trying to… I’m not sure I should say.” Silver looked away, as if the truth was to painful to relate.

“To see if there was any way I was still alive.” Amy felt something catch in her throat, and she closed her eyes as she struggled to swallow. “All this… he did so much destruction,…”

“He couldn’t handle losing you.” Silver slowly raised his head back up to her, his sincerity almost heartbreaking and deadly at the same time. It showed how much he resented Sonic in it. “He couldn’t handle failing you.”

Amy dropped to her knees, before covering her face in her tears.

She knew he had always cared about her… but this level… this… the impact of seeing the world after her sacrifice pained her heart and also revealed how truly Sonic had loved her.

It wasn’t much of a comfort though, seeing how many innocents had been affected.

“Miss Rose…” Silver stepped up beside her, and offered her his hand, looking more serious than sympathetic this time.

After all… he had viewed this scene since infancy.

“Let’s prevent this future.”

“…Yes…Take me to Sonic.” Amy went to give her hand to him.

Suddenly, a robotic laser came between them, and Silver quickly looked up. “Badniks!”

“Still!?” Amy was amazed, shouldn’t Eggman be dead by now..?

“Renegades!” Silver grabbed her and flew off, holding her close, and looking behind him, trying to speak quickly. “After Sonic first snapped, Eggman went on the defensive, trying to seek mercy and repentance, even though he wasn’t the immediate cause of your death! RAugh!” he spun around, throwing an arm out and sending a massive green, glowing physic wave at the robots advancing toward him, and then flew off into the forest.

The branches barely phased him, though you could tell their prickly, burnt but trying to survive corpses were painful and not pleasant at his current flying speed.

Amy even felt like she was being brushed with bendy spikes, before he narrowly escaped more beams and lasers.

“What then?” Amy spoke up through the chaos, looking up at him. “Ah!”

He charged up, landing swiftly to the ground, letting her go before doing a move normally signature of Shadow. He crossed his arms and blasted the robots away as he opened them.

“This way!” he motioned for her to follow, and they dashed into a cave.

She fell to her knees, still exhausted, as he used his ability to levitate her to safety, and push other following robots away.

“Are you alright?” he knelt over her, as she breathed hard and threw a hand up to his furry chest, pulling him down.

“Then… what…?” she looked angry, as if not wanting him to stall any longer.

He gulped, and she let him go as he pulled away, now released.

“…He couldn’t control himself… his power killed Eggman.”

Amy squirmed, not able to comprehend it.

She turned away, crying. “It can’t be…”

Silver remained silent, watching her expression.

“I’ve never known anyone to love Sonic… considering his friends tried to stop him and were all destroyed in the process… they wouldn’t give up on him… but his true self was lost forever to the Chaos that overtook him.”

“Stop it! Stop it! I don’t believe you!” she grieved this news, turning and thrashing, unwilling to accept that.

“…It’s true. Miss Rose.” Silver looked away.

He gripped a nearby rock, “If I don’t get you to him soon…”

“He’s not a murderer! It’s not him! It can’t be him!” she continued to toss herself left and right, her tears barely able to fall, not much were left after how much she cried with Sonic… risking everything to try and save her life.

“I can’t believe it… I won’t believe it!”

“…Those robots were Eggman’s last hope at saving his own hide. Now, they attack anything that moves.” Silver glared back at the entrance of the cave.

He leaned up, scanning the area. “Shadow told me to get you to Sonic as soon as possible. And keep you far from the Dark Sonic that exist in our world. Most likely, he wouldn’t recognize you at the level of insanity he’s at now. Our only hope, is to get you to him as quickly… and safely as possible.”

He turned back to her, a man with a mission, before bending down and tenderly offering her his hand again. “Please…” he looked desperate, but was trying to be considerate of her. “According to Shadow’s memory… you loved him. Loved him enough to die. Shadow can understand that. Someone did that for him long,… long ago. He feels a connection to Sonic because of that. He said he was so passionate about saving Sonic because he was so close to turning into what Sonic has become himself. Until he remembered his true promise to that girl… a favor… he owed to you.”

Amy looked at the hand, before up at Silver, marveling over Shadow’s words.

“…He… he said that by saving you,… this universe could be saved.”


“I’m begging you… Take. My. Hand.” Silver jerked his hand a few times with each pause, showing his seriousness as he narrowed his eyes, clearly wanting her to cooperate and stop questioning the reality around her.

She nodded, and took his hand.

He helped her up, holding her hand then nodded, pulling her gently closer and lifting the Chaos Emerald up.


She tensed her body.


Tails suddenly saw something bright was forming behind him, and turned around.

“Woah!” he jumped over Sonic to protect him, and ducked his head.

Knuckles did the same thing, looking behind him and rushing to Sonic and Tails, holding his body over them.

When the light faded, the two men looked up, and were amazed at what they saw.

An angel was holding Amy, before letting her step out of the light, and then disappeared, nodding to her a goodbye, as she nodded in return.

She turned seriously back to the two.

“A…Amy?” Tails was barely able to speak.

“It… It can’t be… b-b-but it has to be!” Knuckles leaned up, getting to his feet, and gesturing out with his palms towards Amy, elated.

“You’re alive!”

“Please… help me wake up Sonic.” Amy held out a sweet hand to stay them, before bending her eyebrows back, smiling sweetly to her friends.

They were so filled with joy and wonder, that it took them a second to wipe their eyes and rouse Sonic up from his current state.

“Sonic! Sonic! You’re not gonna believe this!” Tails exclaimed, so happy, so thankful!

So.. relieved.

Sonic came too, shaking his head, “Ughh…” he put a hand up to his head.

Amy felt her entire being wanting to just leap out and embrace him, but held back, taking in deep breaths to calm herself.

So much destruction… so much anger… all because he loved her so much… and couldn’t forgive himself.. for something… he didn’t even do wrong.

“A…Amy?” he looked around, but Amy stood behind him.

She outstretched her hand, but in a wild gust, he rose to his feet, hoping slightly on his feet. “Amy? Amy!? AMMYY!!!”


Sonic turned around.

His immense panic left him, and he dropped to his knees, his eyes forming such release of all worry that her heart almost broke for him.

“Amy… You made it.” he bent his head, struggling not to cry.

The team all stared, but smiled gently, knowing it was probably best to just let it out, but not telling him what to do.

“I thought… I saw you… the cage… it was tilting.. how did you-?”

As he rose his head, his hands tightly up against his head, Amy rushed down to the ground in front of him, and held both hands to the side of his face.

“I love you, Sonic The Hedgehog. And I know you love me. More than even your own heart can take. I understand that now. But please, please don’t ever feel you will ever fail me!” she embraced him, squeezing the living daylights out of him.

She wept so wonderfully that the team just couldn’t help but feel glad, unable to cry anymore.

Tails and Knuckles looked each other, before rushing to join in on the reunion.

“…Amy…” Sonic’s eyes shook, a little confused by what she meant by that, but put a hand delicately to her back, and rubbed it slightly, in comfort.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Those words stung her very spirit, as she knew exactly what would come of that.

The team all embraced as Sonic wiggled in awkwardness, not liking the touchy-feely moment, “W-woah…emm…Ughh..” he shrugged, seeing it was only appropriate, and embraced the team back, as everyone laughed to release the tension.

She never parted from his side since, even when he seemed annoyed by her insistence on staying close by him, he never complained too much, and she knew it was only for the best.

(Tearjerker right here. -wipes eye- I’ve written something similar to this before, but I up’d the ante a bit, and i like how it turned out :) major AU, lol)

8-bitcynic  asked:

Hello! I've been enjoying you're pieces on E3, but I have a question that I was wondering if you could clear up. In your latest piece summarizing all the conferences, you wave off the female mouse saying that as a mouse it doesn't really count as representation, but in the Ubisoft piece you critique the Beyond Good and Evil 2 for not having visible female creature hybrids in this world. I was wondering if you could go into the differences between these two situations a bit. I am curious.

So, it wasn’t really my intention to wave off Quill, the mouse from Moss, because I do think it’s important that we have more non-human female characters.

Women in games are almost always created to be conventionally attractive, wheras men can be anything. The Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer was a particularly obvious example of this so I called it out as such.

Quill is a good exception to this rule, particularly in a year when we have Crash Bandicoot, Bubsy, Super Lucky’s Tale, and two Sonics.

But when talking about how we only have 8 female protagonists shown at E3, the context is a little different. It would have been kind of remiss of me to say that we were getting 8 counts of representation without drawing attention to the fact that one is a representation for rodents.

Ultimately, my phrasing was more meant to be “can you believe there are only seven games starring actual women” because that’s definitely not enough. It’s not “Quill doesn’t mean anything,” because Quill is important, just from a different angle.

I understand how it seems flippant in comparison, so I hope this clarifies!

(It’s also significant that Quill is super cute. There’s still not a lot of female characters like the BGE hybrids.)


… Guys, that’s not how the song goes. D:

I wanted to draw a saisonic picture but was hard-pressed for an idea that would suit them. Then I decided to do a little spin on one of the most well-known OTP prompts:“Imagine your OTP slow-dancing to a love song, with Person A quietly singing the words in Person B’s ear.” And I went with “Hysteria” by Def Leppard because it was the best slow-dancing song I could come up with.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to be a bit more in-character with these two in regards to shipping, so here’s what I’ve come up with: Sonic’s edginess and Saitama’s apathy give them both an appreciation for dark humor. Whenever Saitama says a rude or particularly blunt comment to someone, it sometimes gets a chuckle out of Sonic (who probably has as much trouble concealing it as he does with his smile.) Seeing that he makes Sonic happy, in turn, makes Saitama happy. Also Saitama starts to get enjoyment out of teasing the “badass ninja” whenever he acts all tsundere.

I hope you guys like it!

So, I tried to imagine what would happen if Sonic successfully used all 7 of the World Rings to go through a super transformation.

I call it Golden Djinn Sonic.
He becomes a bit more aggressive, because the initial transformation would consume a lot of energy, requires a lot of focus, and be somewhat painful, but he’d still be able to think clearly enough to know what the right thing to do is. … Like pretty much every form of Sonic (excluding Fleetway).
I imagined his voice sounding like the voice clips from SSBB when he goes super. It’s all echoey and a bit loud.


Maybe he could summon scimitars or something and just quickly slash the crap out of everything.

I used elements from Alf Layla Wa Layla, Darkspine Sonic, and a statue thing I found of a god called Vasudhara (I needed to figure out how the 6 arms would work).
I love the slightly evil vibe I’m getting from this. ;v;

entredormidaydespierta  asked:

Ok, headcanon time! Set in Modern, but a couple of years later. The gang had a fun day on the beach and now Sonic and Amy are alone nearly sunset. She then gently (please let her be gentle) tries to get him into the water, but fails bc of his stubborness, so she goes alone and fakes she's drowning bc she knows he would come to her rescue~ (he obviously does hehe) A while later a flustered Sonic finally enters the water with Amy, and I don't know how to follow that, so its up to you! ♥

So… is it okay if I mix a bit of Sonic X into this Modern Sonamy?

No objections? great!



lying outside the rim of the ocean’s crawling waves, Sonic remains happily under a tree in shades, having bee asked a while ago by Amy via a message from Tails that she wanted to spend time with him.

Since she was growing jealous of Sonic only speaking to Tails for a few months, Sonic thought it only fair to comply to at least one of her wishes.

Taking her to a pleasant beach location where no one really goes too, Amy splashed and swam in the clear water, having the sunset light up the ocean around her.

She was enjoying herself while on land with him, showing him how to make a sand castle as he non-chalantly put the rocks and leaves over it before yawning as he shifted to his side, placing a hand up to the side of his face and closing his eyes.

Knowing Sonic though, that didn’t mean he was necessarily bored, but rather, meant he was relaxed and content.

However, being alone in the water all by herself made her squat down a moment in the shallower part of the sea, and wave up to try and catch a sleeping Sonic’s attention.

“Oi! Sonic!” she called, cupping her hands around her mouth to have the sound travel farther.

He slightly lowered his head to have the shades just barely tug on his nose to stay in place, but still sliding down so he could look better out to see her from the glare of the lowering sun.

“Hmm?” he barely spoke above a normal speaking tone, but through the action, Amy saw at a distance that he was listening.

In glee at being noticed, she sprung back from her bended knees and used the momentum to momentarily leap out of the water, before kicking her legs up at him.

“Come try and swim with me!”

“…Em.” he moved his deep, almost a scowling frown to the side of his face. Clearly displeased by that notion, he bobbed his head up to get the sunglasses back in place, keeping his hands behind his head as he rested along a small palm-tree. “I think I’ll pass.” He went right back to dozing off before her voice stirred him again.


She patted the water, creating more splashes. “Come on! You know half the world is made of water, right? One day, you’re going to have to explore it to if you really want to claim you’ve seen it all.” She smiled, knowing her point was true to home.

It was a convincing idea…

But this was Sonic The Hedgehog.

“Heh.” he chuckled at her logic, before gesturing a hand up in a teasing spin of the wrist, slightly stretching in the process of his mocking. “And what a shame that is.. ahh..” he relaxed again back down, placing the hand on his stomach and smacking his lips from a good rest.

He let himself slide down the front of the trunk and only had his head bent incredibly forward as the rest of his back finally laid across sand.

It was a good scratch though, going down with his exhale on the rough terrain of the tree.

The wind was pleasant too…

He slightly lifted the back of his head against the tree, smelling the pleasant breeze, only getting a slight whiff of Amy’s natural clothes lying just a little ways away from him and along a tree.

He looked over there a moment, seeing them draped over it as her bathing suit had been placed underneath.

But really? Did she need that much perfume for a beach trip?

He rolled his eyes and continued to try and sleep, flopping an arm over his eyes.

“Just swim away, Amy… Swim away…” he slightly chanted, before breathing out his mouth again to try and take another snooze.

She glared, pouting. “You’re suppose to spend time with me!”

“Emm…grr…” he tossed a bit, realizing she wasn’t going to drop it. She had given him enough time for a cat nap though, so he knew he had to entertain her a little while more before she would be content enough to let him doze off again.

He leaned up, blinking his sleepy, lazy eyes. “Then come out here. The land has far more interesting things in it.” He almost whined, not really wanting to put up with her at the moment, but not denying her the time she rightfully deserved.

He turned around and placed his face to the still warmed sand… slowly becoming less and less a heated ground for Sonic to sleep on.

This made him kinda gloomy, but he heard splashing and his name being called, and figured she was complaining.

“I’m not gonna move..” he retorted, snuffing some sand out to make a small indent in it’s wake.

The splashing… grew more violent.

He blinked his eyes opened, before trying to settle on the sand again. “Amy… Can you just make up your mind already?”

Then he couldn’t hear his name. Muffling sounds of gurgles finally shot his eyes open, making him immediately shot upright and look around.

Amy’s hands were flailing about, and her head was mostly under the water…

“…Amy?” Like a guard dog, his ears shifted forward and his kneeling body slowly rose up, trying to examine better the situation.

In alert of what his eyes and ears could see, his senses heightened and he immediately looked to a huge, elongated rock formation that served as a type of pillar towards the ocean.

His face turned serious as he dashed over to it, slipping and sliding a little around it’s smoothed surface, due to water crashing over it through the years, and got pretty close to her.

He sucked in some air, and dived.

Grabbing her and feeling her pulling on him for air, he immediately landed his feet in the shallow waters, completely submerged, to help her breathe.

He slightly glared up, ‘Wonders of water, eh?’ he mocked, before trying to hold her torso up and walk on the bottom of the surface.

When he felt his lungs tighten, his eyes squinted and began to go blurry.

He immediately felt Amy stop struggling and so he let her go, trying his best to ‘attempt’ at swimming up but only being dropped back down.

‘Come on! Where’s an air bubble when you need one?!’

Amy suddenly twisted her body down, and he noticed she looked perfectly alright as she took his shoulders, and tapped them.

He was confused, so she wiggled her arms under his armpits, making him almost laugh at the tickling sensation before plugging his mouth and realizing… that was the last of his air!

She then pushed off the ground and hoisted him up, as he clung to her after flopping his arms about a bit, doggy-paddling as best as he could improvise to her side.

She laughed, making him start connecting dots a moment before pulling him to shore.

“Ack!” Sonic coughed a few times, before Amy lay down, still laughing.

Sonic looked down at her…

—– Memory flash! :D

Amy lay motionless to the ground.

“Amy! Amy!” Sonic kept trying to move her body, spark some kind of… signs of life or whatnot.

But Amy remained without so much as a sound of air.

He immediately panicked, but in all the right ways.

He held his ear to her chest, bending down over her to do so and could faintly hear a sign of life… but it wasn’t strong enough.

It didn’t even match his own racing one.

“Come on, Amy. You’ve got this.” He leaned back up, pressing down on her heart, trying to get it back to working properly at it’s normal capacity.

She only moved under his presses, before he finally pushed harder.

When he realized that wasn’t doing much good, he took matters into his own hands…



Sonic stared at Amy’s face, bursting with joy and life.

He remembered slowly bending down, tilting the arch of her neck to get a airflow going, and lightly pressing down his mouth over hers.

With a rush of air, he had revived her into a cough, and took the necklace of stringed shells she had made for him.

He left her in the hands of Chris, Tails, and Cream… needing to get away, to calm himself down from losing something he never thought could be lost.

“Haha… Sonic? Are you okay?” Noticing his stare, Amy suddenly stopped and rolled over, lightly touching his chest to try and stop her rolling from hitting him.

“You’re not mad at me.. are you?”

He just stared, before ducking his head down.

“No…” he admitted, his eyes searching the ground for nothing in particular, just trying to get his thoughts back in order.

“I’m not mad.”

“Good… hehe. I knew you could if you tried!” Amy turned back to the sky, spreading her arms out.

He looked back over, using his elbows to stay a bit upright as the rest of him lay with the waves crashing over him.

He watched as she leaned her head back, sparking further memories of times long passed and for a second…


He shook his head, looking away.

“Not again.”


He shook his head once more, getting up, one foot in front of the other.

He started to walk off.

“I’m just glad you’re okay,… Amy.”

“Sonic?” Amy tilted her head, looking backwards at him before turning around and moving her head properly.

“Sonic! You really are mad! I’m sorry!” She rushed to get him again, pulling on his arm. “Don’t go! Please! N-now that you’re wet, just play a moment in the water with me. Please? It’s so much fun under there if-”

He looked back at her, showing he wasn’t okay with the trickery.

“I’m not mad.” he stated again, a little more clearly so she knew that wasn’t the issue.

He knew Cream thought Tails and Chris had pulled her out of the water, but the truth was… he had done it.

It was adrenaline and impulse… but he survived to get her to safety. They weren’t even there when he brought her back from the bleak moment of…

He dared not think of it.

He turned away from her, “I just prefer the land, Amy.”

She watched as he looked down and stomped firmly at the dirt, away from the sand now.

“Sturdy… strong… unwavering.” He then turned to give her a smile. “Kinda like you.”

“I was about to say that about you.” Amy closed her eyes, smiling back in understanding, before going to get her clothes and rushing back. “I really am sorry…” Her eyes arched to show her apology was sincere

He shook his head down and put a hand behind his head, scratching it.

“Yeah… I know.” he looked forward, before placing his hands on his hips. “Just don’t do it again, alright?” He smiled over his shoulder, though not really looking her in the eye, mostly the gesture showed he was addressing her, before swaggering off into a casual walk into the bush.

She nodded, “I just knew you would come if I seemed in danger.” she followed after him before he stopped, and turned around more abruptly now, batting his eyes as if confused on that statement.

“You mean… someone wouldn’t?” he then looked to her, oddly confused at her logic. “Amy, anyone would have-”

“But you did faced something you didn’t want to do for me. I call that honorable.”

“Selfless. Admirable. ‘Princey’?” he mockingly lifted fingers up at each attribute of a ‘hero’ he listed off, or at least what the act called for in a person, before she cut him off and grabbed his arm.

“Hehe~ Or romantic~” She played, but he knew there was some truth in what she had said.

He rolled his eyes, and pushed a hand up to her face with a smile, shoving her away.

“Alright, Little Merhog. Calm down.”

“Hey! the Mermaid saved the prince in that one!” she skipped right back up to his side, not phased by his playful actions. She was already used to him, anyhow, and him to her.

“Did it ever occur to her that maybe he wasn’t looking to be rescued?”

“Tell that to your blue face!”

“My face is always blue!”

“You were about to lose all your air!”

“This is just another reason why water- sucks!”

“…Would you have said that if I really did almost drown?”

She swayed her body left and right, putting her hands behind her back as he jumped up on a huge log, looking back with a side-taunt before offering her his hand.

“You’re asking if I’d perform life-saving actions in the case of a real situation, correct?” he turned his head slightly back, but she gave him a look and continued to sway, turning away a moment as if playing coy.

He gruffed, lowering his hand, before bending down more to encourage her to take his hand, lifting the other one up now and gesturing for her to come closer. “Pfft! If I wanted to let you die, I wouldn’t have jumped in. End of story. Come on. Quit trying to play cute.”

“I am cute!” Amy leaned forward, offended slightly but just being playful back as she climbed a little ways towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You know, you could climb alone.” He wasn’t playing her game. He offered her his HANDS not to lift her like this…

She smiled and batted her eyes, still trying to beg in a sweet way for affection.

He just let his eyes linger in a deadpan expression, before rolling them and nodding.

“Alright, come ‘ere….”

She giggled and moved closer before he wrapped his arms around her waist and hoisted her up, letting her sit on the log pretty darn close to him, holding her rather tightly too as the two turned to stare at the sunset, a little higher up now from the beach’s low-level.

He lifted a leg up, for comfort and stability, also making sure Amy wouldn’t slide down.

“I really am sorry…” Amy ducked her head down into his shoulder, as his quills slightly sprang upwards before he looked down at her.

“Y-yeah, we talked about this, no problem. Ehem.” he spoke rather quickly, almost consciously avoiding stutters as his nerves kicked in.

Shy guy syndrome.

“I just wanted you to swim with me… but you’re right.” she looked up at the clouds and the flickers of the last rays of sunlight over the horizon of the beautiful colored world around her…

“The land is pretty…”

“…So is the sea.” he mentioned, as sincerely as anyone’s voice could reach at a tender level as this.

She looked up, surprised by the change in tone, before he glanced down once or twice and coughed into fisted hand, clearing his throat and looking away from her; completely turning his head.

“It um… ehem. I admit, it’s pretty to look at. Just not be in.”

She smiled in a pleased way, glad he didn’t completely resent the ocean, as it was one of her many loves.

“Well, whatever you stay,… I’ll stay there the most.” she admitted, and looked back at the sky.

Sonic gently took that moment to look back at her, seeing her distracted from him, he was able to show a more truer look of admiring her on his face.

He then smiled and gently lifted a hand up, giving her the needed attention she wanted and lightly rubbing her head.

“It was a good day,… Amy.”

“Yeah.” she slowly closed her eyes, trying to hide the blush and fangirling delights bubblying up inside her and making her want to squee.

“It was, wasn’t it?”

“Heh.” he slightly shrugged, letting a foot dangle off the log now, getting more relaxed as he looked towards the lowering sun as well. “I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it.”


She slowly opened her eyes back to him, in an almost subtle, subcontext way…

I know.

This made Sonic nervous… he read into the subtext, and rapidly blinked his eyes in a scrunch, before slowly looking back down at her.

What did she think he had meant by that?

(She thought you were saying you loved her and thought she was pretty, dummy! lol)


Decided to revisit some old drawings. Thoughts?

Nice!!! The first one there’s nothing I can really point out, but for the 2nd and 3rd there are a few nitpicks

It’s a small one for the sonic drawing, it just looks like the hand at his side is way bigger than the one being held up. For the last drawing, the body looks off. The arms seem really thin, and how they line up with the chest makes it seem as if the character is hunched over? (though with how the chest is, i could see why. forgive the sloppy red/blue line)

The face could be worked on a bit more, and the cape, compared to the older image, seems very stiff.

Overall, not a bad improvement! I would keep working on your anatomy some more in regards to the last image, but definitely a good step forward! Keep at it hun!

~Mod Wolfrun

thegeoffhershqueen replied to your postbeen following your asks, near as I can tell…

you’re handling this better than i am, i’m in a corner clinging to the 1.1% chance that this could mean something else or just be “hey, sorry for the delays, things will be back to normal soon!”

I guess the longer the delays went and the more convoluted everything around this became, the easier it was for me to come to terms with it being over. Being so fed up with the drama surrounding whether or not it was cancelled kind of helped as well. 

I’m not *happy* about it, mind you. This is the last bit of Sonic media out there where my favorite character isn’t an imbecile, where the last remnants of what I liked best from the franchise remain, and where characters who aren’t Sonic, Tails or Eggman have any kind of relevance. I’m not particularly enjoying the idea of losing that, even if I’ve come to terms with it. 

Prettiest Friend. | Sonamy Oneshot|

  It was dusk. The sun just barely disappeared behind the horizon line and stole the warm tones of the sky away, leaving a dark indigo space. The stars began to appear along with a huge full moon, and together they lit up the night sky. Sadly, even the peaceful stars couldn’t calm Sonic down, at least, not in the predicament he found himself in.

  There he was, sitting under a large pine tree in a forest, wheezing. He rested his head against the tree’s stump, trying to catch his breath. About a hundred yards in front of him, a large robot toppled to the ground, out of service for good. Normally, this would have been just another brawl with Eggman, but boy, the doctor surely put up a fight that night. Yet, even though his robot nearly beat Sonic into the ground, the blue blur managed to triumph.

  Sonic was ready to fall asleep right there when he felt the bundle in his arms stir. He glanced down, running his fingers gently through its pink quills. “Ahh…that’s right. I better take you home first.” he said softly. Sonic stood up, groaning as sharp pains ran through every muscle in his body. With whatever bit of energy he could muster, he dashed straight towards Amy Rose’s house.

  Thankfully, his trip didn’t take long and he found himself on Amy’s doorstep. He reached under the welcome mat, pulled out a key, and unlocked the door. Quickly, he tiptoed through the house and placed Amy on her bed. He would have loved to be asleep as well, but there was more work to be done. Sonic made his way to Amy’s bathroom and took out a first aid kit she always kept in there. He walked back over to Amy, who was knocked unconscious after a blow to the face, and turned her over on her back. Her dress was torn in various places and she was covered in dirt and dried blood. 

    Sonic decided to wet a bath towel and wipe off as much gunk was he can to clean her up a bit, then tended to her wounds. Most of her body seemed to be alright, just a few scrapes here and there. But, Sonic was most worried about her face. He brushed away her bangs and almost gasped in horror of what he saw. The robot didn’t hit her with a blunt blow to the eye like he thought, but actually clawed at her, leaving a huge scratch from the top of her left eye and down to the apple of her left cheek. It was bleeding pretty badly, so Sonic had to ignore his shock as he grabbed the wet towel he used before and applied pressure to her face.

  Amy whimpered a little, making Sonic nervously pull away. He held his breath for a moment as she wiggled her nose in annoyance, and fell back to sleep. He sighed a breath of relief. “I totally understand…”

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Boom!Sonamy - Advice

After watching the episode “Tails’ Crush” I kinda had the idea to try and write a scenario where Amy goes to Sonic for love advice, so that’s basically what this story is going for. I’m not really sure how I feel about this one in comparison to the others I’ve posted, but it was finished a little while ago and I finally got tired of it sitting around where no one could see it. Well anyways, please enjoy this little story attempt of mine. ^_^;


Sonic sighed in content as he lazily swung back and forth on his hammock, his arms hanging over the sides and one leg crossed over the other as he watched tv. For once, Eggman wasn’t giving the gang any trouble which meant he could enjoy a bit of relaxation.
   A bit of movement caught his eye, and he looked up half-heartedly to the entrance of his hut, not in the mood to get up and properly face the visitor. As soon as his eyes registered the pink figure leaning a bit timidly against his doorframe though, he found himself more attentive and propped his arms behind his head with a smile.

    “Oh hey Amy, what’s up?” Sonic watched as his friend and teammate made a few steps inside before stopping again, her body language showing that she seemed uneasy about something. Feeling concerned, Sonic sat up and waited with a furled expression for her answer.

    “Well, I was hoping you could, ummm…” Sonic watched as Amy’s voice faded and she began twiddling her thumbs, all the while not giving him eye contact. Sonic, a bit annoyed but still mainly concerned about her behavior, got up from his hammock and walked closer to her.

    “Come on Amy, just tell me what’s up. This isn’t like you.” Amy looked up at him, meeting his eyes for a few seconds before scrunching them closed.

    “I-I need someone to talk to about a guy that I like, okay..?” Amy blurted out before quickly turning away from him, her face flushed. Sonic’s eyes grew wide and he froze, not expecting in the least that Amy would go to him to talk about this kind of thing. It just made no sense, not to mention it was rather sudden.   

    “Amy, I don’t know about this. I mean, wouldn’t talking to Sticks make more sense?” Sonic expected Amy to turn around, but she continued to keep her back to him as she answered.
   “It would, but unfortunately she doesn’t really get the whole love and dating thing enough to be much help. Tails is either too busy or off hanging out with Zooey, and Knuckles, well I think we both know that wouldn’t work.” She paused, taking a moment to turn and face him again. “Sonic. I know this isn’t really your thing, but I need to talk about it with someone to calm my mind. It’ll only be this one time, I promise.”

Sonic, was silent for a moment, but with a sigh he nodded in compliance. He wasn’t sure he’d be much help, but he wasn’t about to be a jerk and turn her away. “Sooo,” Sonic started awkwardly, “where do we begin exactly..?” He calmly leaned against the center post of his house as Amy stepped closer and took a seat on a nearby stool, a loud breath expelling from her lungs before she replied.

    “I-well there’s a guy I’ve really started to gain feelings for, and I think he’s interested in me, but he hasn’t approached me and I don’t know how to approach him exactly. Should I be up front about my feelings, or should I just lie low and avoid telling him because I don’t want to come off too strong..?” Sonic stood there, his body suddenly tense as the words she’d spoken swirled around in his head. Why was he so surprised at what she’d said just now? It wasn’t like it was a big deal. Amy could have feelings for whomever she liked, so why was he so surprised?

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Soooo headcanon... autistic!10th Doctor was almost functionally blind.

10 had serious visual processing issues. He mastered the art of glancing and using peripheral vision wherever he could. Looking directly at something for too long caused it to break up into visual noise.

Basically, everything he saw looked and moved weird like The Boneless if he looked at it for more than about three seconds.

As you can imagine, visual overload was a problem for 10. Sometimes he kept his eyes unfocused just to lessen visual input. But sometimes he looked at abstract art or sculptures and let his brain break it up because he found the process interesting. “I love watching abstractions become more abstract!”

His glasses were kind of a work-around for his visual cortex. The earpieces had emitters that stimulated his occipital lobe to slow down the visual breakup. He put them on sometimes to do very delicate work or because he was having a bad visual processing day, needed to focus and didn’t want to work so hard to make sense of visual input.

The glasses didn’t fix his visual processing issues, they just helped control them a bit.

10 recognized people by their general coloring and voices. He could pick up faces if he looked fast enough to memorize them before his brain broke them apart into weirdness. He was also helped by his long memory from previous incarnations.

Also, 10′s coat…

His big, heavy long coat was more like a weighted blanket disguised as a coat. It was a comfort object although he could go without it for short times. The entire hem had gravity-reactive thread that, with a little zap from the sonic screwdriver, would cause the electrons in the thread to react more strongly to electrons in the ground. Kind of like extended static electricity with a stronger pull. He could adjust the strength of this to get more weight or less weight. If he had to move fast or run, the thread automatically broke contact with the ground and the coat returned to its normal weight until he stood still again. The thread also “turned off” automatically if he took the coat off.

Because sometimes he forgot to, and sometimes he had it set so heavy it broke the floor it landed on. (Don’t forget, Gallifreyans are stronger than humans! Maybe not Superman strong, but still! :P)

He wanted to patent “gravi-thread” but didn’t because of internalized ableism and being afraid to expose his autism while explaining the thread. 10 desperately tried to conceal his autistic traits as much as he could. If he stimmed in public, it was in ways that looked like typical fidgeting. He didn’t stim freely unless he was absolutely totally sure he was alone, and only then he did it for short times to self-regulate.

Nobody knew his eyesight was a mess because he got so good at hiding it. Visual overload drove him bonkers almost daily. It was easy to write his frantic hair mussing/head scratching off as a nervous habit rather than a distress stim. He forced himself to talk during shutdowns. He put up with a lot of physical pain by not stimming via movement when he really needed to.

Hell, Wilfred saw him have a meltdown and didn’t even know it because it was so quick. (* * *WARNING: Flashing/blinking lights that may upset seizures or migraines.* * *)

10′s entire last moments were him going into a burnout, but he regenerated before he completely collapsed into it and all of a sudden he had a clumsy, dyspraxic body because his visual processing issues shifted to become a hyposensitive sense of touch with movement and proprioceptive issues. 

And then he had to learn to adapt all over again…

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I had le dream where Kurt was 50. He played acoustic shows at smaller places. Places like small clubs or places bands like Sonic Youth would play. He was a bit wrinkled, a bit bigger, his hair was down to his jaw and greying a bit and he had that '93 beard, he still looked good, you could just tell he was aging. His songs were stuff I'd never heard, full of R.E.M/Nirvana melodies and his voice was a bit more soft, and would shake a bit when rasped. If only...



Rummages through a folder and decided “yeah why not I’ll post those too”.

From the same set as the Sally (and Rosie) faces- and just like the Sally ones, the characters are meant to be older and post Robotnik defeat.

I started to ink Bunnie but never finished… note that she has both ‘normal’ and 'robot’ arms- and both on both sides. That’s because she was meant to have icons that could be flipped, so I’d need the correct limb depending on what side she was facing.

Antoine’s uniform is a bit more decorated as well, showing he graduates to a higher standing in the army post Robotnik.

Rotor is… Rotor. If I can recall correctly I think I was trying to meld his season 1 and 2 designs in some way.

As for Sonic and Tails, I wanted to try melding parts of their SatAM design with their more modern design as a sign of 'aging’. Not sure how well that worked.

Snow Angels

Or, “Mumen, You Are Too Good for This World”

Or, “Sonic is a Pissy Kitty”

It’s snowing! I’m cold! Have some fluff!

Originally posted by oriondiary

“Look, I told you that now is not a good time, okay? Seriously.”

“My vengeance is not a thing of convenience, Hero Saitama!”

“Can’t we do this, like, next week sometime? If I don’t get to the supermarket right now, all the half-off instant noodles are going to be gone, because everybody is panicking over some stupid snow.”

“Exploding Shuriken!”

“My coupon… Sonic…I said that’s enough!”

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