this could be a bit more sonic


I’m big enough of a nerd to spend a LOT of time into this.

Wish i could actually make the game though, i’d be interested in doing it, but i’d require more talented programmers and musicians (for the 8-bit remixes) for that to happen.

Big thanks to @128-up , @miathefeline, buckshot and cheez, friends of mine who spent a lot of time helping me proofread this nonsense.

Hello people I was thinking that could change a little is to say that doing all the time redesign could make more variety and I thought to make Antoine and Bunnie together I hope you like it. Although the bunnie head and the bottom is a bit strange. But hey, that’s good. It does not matter

Sonic Ask Meme Part 2

So I asked @benignmilitancy if I could make a “Part 2” to her Sonic Ask Meme and was given an okay, so I made 40 questions for people to ask you!

1. What was the first Sonic game you played?

2. Favorite and least favorite Sonic show?

3. Best character backstory?

4. Which characters do you think make the best trio?

5. What is your favorite era of the Sonic series? (Classic, Adventure, Modern, Boom)

6. Favorite vocal track?

7. Which character(s) do you think deserve more screen time?

8. What’s your favorite image of any character?

9. Which character do you think makes the greatest friend besides Sonic?

10. Most underrated Sonic game?

11. Most overrated Sonic game?

12. Favorite game intro?

13. Your favorite character is now in the last movie you watched, what’s their role?

14. If you could be any Sonic character who would you be and why?

15. Favorite rival?

16. What do you hope for the franchise since it’s now a New Year?

17. Your favorite thing about the Sonic franchise?

18. You go to the store and see your fave. What store is this and what are they shopping for?

19. If you could do a crossover, who would it be with?

20. Favorite game ending?

21. Favorite characterization?

22. ____, ____, & ____ started a band. Who are these characters what’s the name of their band, and what’s the name of their hit song?

23. The world has turned to a zombie apocalypse and it’s up to you and your fave to save the world. What is your plan and what is happening to the other Sonic characters?

24. Worst characterization?

25. What’s your dream thing for a Sonic game?

26. What do you think of the official Sonic Twitter/Tumblr?

27. Give us your opinion on the mobile Sonic games.

28. Best story in game?

29. When do you think Sonic will retire?

30. ____ & ____ are running for president. Who are these characters and who wins the election?

31. Is there a villain you think is underrated or deserves to make a comeback?

32. What do you like most in the Sonic franchise? (Games, comics, shows)

33. Are there any Sonic games you have 100% completion on?

34. Which character has the best shoes?

35. Have you ever imitated or done some things Sonic has done?

36. Do you draw? If so, post one of your drawings!

37. Which are you more hyped for: Sonic Mania or Project 2017?

38. How long have you been a Sonic fan?

39. What’s the thing that made you laugh the most in the franchise?

40. Favorite cameo?

That’s all, enjoy!


… Guys, that’s not how the song goes. D:

I wanted to draw a saisonic picture but was hard-pressed for an idea that would suit them. Then I decided to do a little spin on one of the most well-known OTP prompts:“Imagine your OTP slow-dancing to a love song, with Person A quietly singing the words in Person B’s ear.” And I went with “Hysteria” by Def Leppard because it was the best slow-dancing song I could come up with.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to be a bit more in-character with these two in regards to shipping, so here’s what I’ve come up with: Sonic’s edginess and Saitama’s apathy give them both an appreciation for dark humor. Whenever Saitama says a rude or particularly blunt comment to someone, it sometimes gets a chuckle out of Sonic (who probably has as much trouble concealing it as he does with his smile.) Seeing that he makes Sonic happy, in turn, makes Saitama happy. Also Saitama starts to get enjoyment out of teasing the “badass ninja” whenever he acts all tsundere.

I hope you guys like it!

I was watching Markiplier’s Silly.TIFF video, and when it got to the clip with Hotep, I was like, “oh my god that’s Sonic Underground”.
Which led to me listening to some of the music again. And then I wanted to draw Sonia and Manic. So today at work I doodled the sketch for this and finished it up digitally in about 5 or so hours.
While the cartoon itself may not exactly be very good, I still like the main concept behind it of Sonic having siblings that have to find their mother in order to stop Robotnik. I think it could be kinda neat if they sort of redid it but replaced the music concept with something a bit more up to date. Hence why I included the Chaos Emeralds.

I also tweaked the designs of Sonia and Manic a little because the skin tight clothes didn’t really work in this style and Manic’s Mickey hands always bugged me.

So… Yeah.

BTW, if you’ve never seen the show, Someday is the song they play in the first episode.

anonymous asked:

That's why I don't get why certain fans think that their or other ideas would be "better" than Sega's, without considering the implications [and consequences] that could come from it. (While some are a bit nonsensical, I can understand ones like "wanting Metal Sonic to be used more or be more intimidating". But, you can do that WITHOUT him killing a major character off or making him overly edgy. Understanding the product and executing in a plausible manner is key. Not warping it to satisfy you.)

This is part of the reason for why I take issue with the “If I could travel back in time, I’d go right up to SEGA HQ and tell them how to fix the franchise! I’d tell it like it is!” mindset that a lot of fans have.

Because they always forget that due to the fractured-beyond-repair nature of the fandom, their own seemingly perfect ideas for the series would still not be successful in uniting everyone in the fandom. Just because they know what they want doesn’t mean they know what everyone else wants.

But then, that’s egotism for you. Something that’s unfortunately far too prevalent in this fandom.

Thoughts on “Sonic forces:

With all those new info they gave, I think, maybe, The  third Gameplay style, It could be something like Sonic Heroes or the last bit in Sonic Generations. They were saying the main inspiration is Team work and As I read long time ago, the new character isn’t playeable, so, maybe at some point you’ll be playing with more than one characters or maybe your character will have to work with the NPCs… Welp thats my 2 cents in the issue…xD

a question on sonic positive got me thinking on the exact order of my top 10 sonic games so here we go

10. Sonic 2. Gotta give credit to the first Sonic game I ever played! Also, like, the first game I ever played EVER, actually.
9. Sonic Generations. “Why so low on the list?”, you’re probably asking. The plot, quite honestly! Or, lack thereof? I mean, yeah, it had a little bit, but it just…was *not* enough. They could’ve done soooo much more with it, yknow? Gameplay wise, tho, it was super fun. Just…I dunno, to me story>gameplay so that’s why it scores so low.
8. Sonic Riders(as in, the first one). It was fun! I don’t remember the entirety of the plot bc its been sooo many years but like, I remember it was amazingly fun to play and had some really cool plot stuff going for it.
7. Sonic Lost World!! It’s very…different from the rest of the series, sure, but the storyline was still fun, and we had a pretty interesting portrayal of Eggman in it, tbh.
6. Sonic Colors! While okay, it’s a little cheesy, I like it. It had some really good moments, yknow? I know they probably didn’t INTEND to do this, but the elevator scene really reminded me of the escape pod scene from SA2 and it really gave me chills when I saw it.
5. Shadow the Hedgehog. Yeah, okay, technically its a spinoff, but like, I’m counting it?? It really explored a character who I absolutely ADORE and I think that’s great. Also, Sonic is a super cutie in it and very, very gay? I like, honestly didn’t consider Sonadow but then I played ShTH again and just gosh golly
4. Sonic 06. While yes, it is a bit difficult, it’s so WORTH IT! It’s fun! And the story is good? It’s good, fam??? How can you hate the game that gave us Silver…
3. Sonic and the Black Knight. This game just…emotionally means a lot to me. Also, like, swords and shit, come on.
2. Sonic Adventure 2. I loved the story, and the way the story was told, yknow?  Not to mention, chao!
1. Sonic Unleashed. It’s…it’s definatley, undoubtedly my favorite portrayal, and that is what just BARLEY pushes it above SA2.

Metal Sonic

I’m gonna put some exuse me burp just some spoilers in this for some things. Also had to click on here twice. But I wanted to write this and I’m on my phone. Just I’m a bit nervous. I’ve honestly wanted to talk about Sonic related stuff.

I like the character of Metal Sonic. But I think I like him a lot due to thinking he can have so much more lol reference with his character. I think it’s mainly the Sonic OVA movie I honestly adore and liking what they did with his character. But I don’t know if theirs much to talk about.

Yet I seriously do like Metal Sonic as a character and honestly wished they could do more with his character.

Really in a way these ideas have been done before. Yet I’ve noticed writers have tried to do new things with Metal and I keep thinking my ideas are like fan fiction lol since I am a fan.

What I’m trying to say is I do love the idea well it’s this idea and the Sonic OVA movie talks about this how Robotink/Eggman got Sonic’s thoughts and memories and other things to complete the transformation of Metal. I have not seen the movie in quite some time. Yet it’s this idea cause of having Sonic’s memories and other things. This some how even gives Metal more of a free mind.

Sorry trying to be understandable but it’s this idea Metal develops more then a robotic clone of Sonic who can be better then him. He actually remembers and knows everything in Sonic’s head. On a funny note think of the STRANGE ISN’T IT scene mate lol. Yet other things.

It’s this idea of despite he finds out his whole purpose in life was to only kill Sonic. Yet he seriously questions his own existence of what should be his purpose his own purpose. The more he thinks about it the more he realizes it. But I do remember and learning he has this idea that their can be only Sonic and that should be him.

Mainly this whole idea is that cause of Incorporating Sonic’s personality in his mindset. He’s seriously question his purpose in life. Such as ideas of what it feels like to be a normal being. Also this idea him gaining a voice that is similar to Sonic but different enough it can be his own.

Okay I’m gonna open a new screen. I’m gonna link this lol funny short yet sad man. there got it man lol but it’s kind of a more serious version of that.

Sorry I’ll just put it in a nutshell almost left out heh. It’s basically this man

Metal Sonic: father I realize you only made me to kill Sonic. After that what else is that all to my existence. Yet also I’m am in his image. What would you do with me help you with your army or just….I’m having this idea what ifs theirs more to life. I’m realizing more and more of that. The idea I can try to have my own purpose in life but I’m still just the robotic image of some one else. I want to have a purpose in life I know theirs killing Sonic but no I want to just I don’t know father can you help me

Dr. Robotink/Eggman: do you think I care also I’m not your father yet in a way I am


Metal Sonic:…….I have no father
He just walks away the only person in his life or some how in a way his father just flat out and I turned can into care lol and Cate you get what I mean

Honestly these ideas are for some of how I would handle the Sonic franchise if I could only work with the games. All started with adaptation ideas for Sony’s Sonic movie in 2018 lol if their was ever sequels. Honestly some of them Shadow’s story is almost the same yet more deep and some things added, Silver has been reinvented being from Blaze’s world yet I’m worried of what people would think ha man.

But it’s characters like Dr. Robotink/Eggman and Metal Sonic who got a bit more deep. Despite the doctor almost left bot ha yet….him not being like from certain shows and comics.

This was an idea that well Ivo has a family such as siblings and parents. They’ve disowned him since he uses their names Robotink despite they changed their last name cause of the events that happened on the Ark and supposedly what happens in Sonic Adventure 2’s story line but their found out.

Also the fact he has a sister or brother who have families now and children who don’t know who their uncle is until they found out. They mainly disown Robotink/Eggman cause of who he is.

Almost put lol also again and out. But the end of this Metal Sonic story line and I’m mainly trying to adapt and respect certain characters game origins ha. Such as Metal Sonic and Amy Rose first appearing in Sonic CD with the Little Planet being a bit focus with the good and bad futures but yeah heh man.

Yet the ending I keep thinking after some what Metal Sonic in a way dies and is some what a hero. Sonic manages to grab a piece of Metal Sonic and give it to Robotink/Eggman and the doctor realizes how he treated Metal Sonic is the reason how he became. Only treating him like a robot and seeing Metal develop more of a mindset and curious about the world. The Doctor actually takes off his glasses revealing his eyes and sheds some small tears that everyone can see. Since he realizes and him saying he didn’t just lost his greatest creation, he also lost what was his in a way his one and only son. Including admitting he destroyed his own life considering his family hates him and that he does not deserve a family.

Honestly a lot of things stories revolve around family of how it deeply affects characters heh. Sorry I’m at Pizza Hut gonna finish this pizza lol and put tags. Meh removed Metal Sonic twice the tag lol gonna get more dr. Pepper cartoon Network one lol on phone must stop um heh…..

Sorry I wanted to talk about this. I’ve been wanting to talk about deep related Sonic stuff and control certain urges like right now heh

Edit got that shit done heh but must finish pizza. Yet worried about making Metal Sonic some what an anti hero heh heh um heg

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I think one of the issues with Heroes' plot is that they ignored a lot of things that it should've out knowlage, I personally liked the in-game dialogue but the cutscenes where two teams find each other are a mess. No one outside of Team Dark ever questioned that Shadow was still alive, team Rose went to fight the other teams without any reason at all. It's wierd.

That combined with the more infamous lines (”We’re Sonic Heroes!”) makes me conclude that the overall writing in Heroes was not very good. There are some decent bits of dialogue, and it’s nice to see the characters exchange more comments with each other (even if it would be nice if there was an optional turn-off mode for it), but that’s about it.

And yeah, the excuses the teams had for fighting each other were laughable. And yet even Heroes wasn’t as bad with this as the Rival games were, in which you could practically start a fight just be sneezing.

Hognesia (Pt. 3), a Sonic Boom fanfic

So, part three of my little drabbling. This piece leans a bit further from the boom!ness and more on the sonamy!ness ;) Sorry that it’s a little longer than the other pieces… been in a good mood so I just kind of kept writing and writing. Anyway, enjoy!!

Part 1 Part 2

The meal at Meh Burger started off pretty awkward. Sonic was a bit disheartened to find out that his non-amnesic self didn’t feel anything special for the pink hedgehog across from him. And Amy was silently sulking in the fact that she could have at least had a chance with Sonic while he is in this lost state of his if she had played devil’s advocate instead of being truthful. Amy had her eyes fixed down at her meal, focusing on it to make sure her eating habits were presentable as she cut her burger with a fork and knife. Sonic however was letting his hands do the work, guiding the chili dogs to his mouth where he would mindlessly take a bite, all the while starring at Amy observing her features and behavior.

‘How could I not have a thing for her??’ Sonic thought to himself as he chomped down on his meal. ‘I mean, not me me, but…ugh this is confusing.’ As he watched her eat, he noticed how elegant she was trying to be and though it made her appear even more graceful, he could tell she was slightly forcing it. “What are you doing?”

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It’s cool how the original Sonic games (up until Adventure) had their own lore and continuity sorta, buuuuuut it’s only available in the Japanese manuals. In those, you’d find out more about the places Sonic visited, see a little bit of character interaction (it was like one or two lines of dialogue, but still). 

Outside of Japan, we got the basics of what was going on, but a lot of those little world-building elements got lost in translation. The Knuckles Chaotix manuals probably show the best example of this. In the Western manual, Knuckles was guarding this random island for some unexplained reason and Robotnik messes things up as usual. In the Japanese manual, after Sonic 3 & Knuckles happened, Knuckles saw a mysterious island pop up out of the ocean and thought it had something to do with the Master Emerald and the rest of the echidna civilization and Robotnik/Eggman found out that Chaos Rings were there and had some weird powers or something.

My point is….what was my point, again? My point is!! I feel like we missed/are missing out on a lot of cool elements from the older Sonic games.

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I still think that Dive could have been pulled off a bit better if, I don't know, he had his ears in the exact same place as a human instead of on top of his head like the rest of the cast. And maybe pull it out a bit so it'd look more angular--That's what I did with Ovi's rat ears after seeing so many rodent OC's with the same large circular ear shape.

Eh, I think it would’ve make it look worse. Angular may have worked better, as would a different color though

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If we were to get more hub worlds from future Sonic games, how should they put them together?

Out of the main titles that included hubs, Adventure 1′s were probably the best overall. So for starters, I would say to look into those hubs and what made them great, whilst making sure not to replicate the more pesky aspects (like how the forest in Mystic Ruins could be a bit of a maze at times).

As for size, Sonic ‘06′s hubs may be infamous for how large they were, but I don’t think that in itself was the problem. With a character as speedy as Sonic, I think you can afford to make your hub bigger than normal for the sake of accommodating such a character and his abilities. The real problem with ‘06′s hubs is that they had little to no real setpieces or other places of note (well, that and the fact that Sonic and Co were too slow). So if you added more charm and character into the hubs, I don’t think having them large should be too much of an issue.

Not saying they should be incredibly gargantuan. But maybe around the size of the more larger hubs in the PS1 Spyro trilogy.

Sonamy Week Day 2: Blanket

Sonamy Week (Oct 12-16, 2015)

Day 2: Blanket

I actually got the idea to make this a sequel of my story for Day 1. Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

Sonic, with Amy in his grasp, kicked open the door to their dwelling. Amy made the Piko Piko Hammer disappear so the two could make it through the door as she was cradled bridal style. Sonic gently set her down and immediately began to shake like the wet animal he was to detach any loose water that still clung to him. “Gah, Sonic!!” Amy shouted as she shielded her face from the shower of stray water. “Not in the house!”

Sonic’s shake came to a stop and he stood as he continued to drip a little bit. “Sorry Ames.” He grinned a pleadingly.

“Wait here you wet-hog while I get you a towel to dry yourself with.” As she walked off, she too did a little habit of her own to ward away any stray droplets that latched onto her.

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here’s some wips for the sonic screwdriver from this commission. i basically started by just looking at previous screwdrivers, and then drawing a whole bunch of basic shape/colour concepts. i thought fall colours would be fitting, referencing the leaf, but i also knew i wanted it to be a bit more elegant than the doctor’s screwdriver, so i added some vine detailing on the handle as well. 

ruth liked #9, so i refined the design from there into the bottom two. the top one was made to look sort of like a whisk (because soufflés), whereas the bottom one was more inspired by the Moment (same opening/closing mechanism that the Moment has around the button). eventually i just combined the two, because we both couldn’t choose which one we liked best

i really loved doing this! i’d never designed anything like this before, so it was a really fun challenge, and i’m quite pleased with the outcome

Okay I know some Sonic fans are hype about Sonic Mania because it’s Classic Sonic revived..

But may I remind you

that this game is a pixelated game that utilizes traditional animation. I mean it’s not just the intro screen

This is going to be throughout the game. The devs said that this game is supposed to be what happens if Classic Sonic went into the 32-bit era. If you remember there were some sprite games that were utilizing smooth animation like Metal Slug or Marvel vs Capcom.  But not only that, if this game is successful this and Cuphead could encourage more games with smooth traditional frame by frame animation. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get a Sonic game that looks like a Disney Renaissance animated film in motion. I am so happy not as a Sonic fan but as an animation fan that hopes traditional animation would find a home in video games.