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“Sometimes it’s really early in the morning and I don’t want anyone to talk to me. [laughs] But Jake, because I work with Jake so much… he always makes me laugh. This morning, he- I showed up at 4 in the morning and um, he really broke through. [laughs]”

The White Fang

So the FNDM is having the ‘White Fang are/are not terrorists’ debate again. And I’m getting real fucking sick of it. Yes the White Fang have done some bad shit but in the context of the situation it is justified. And honestly this is some really basic critical thinking skills that people are missing.

Maybe it’s a history thing, given that I have spent 5 years studying and forming opinions using my critical thinking skills. And one of the most important things we learn is “are the actions justified in the context of the situation?” (which in the case of the White Fang I think they are) and I’m going to use the Stonewall riots as an example because it’s the first thing that came to mind that was a protest movement that like the White Fang. Also it holds relevance to me so yeah (and because as a gay woman I identify with Blake having to hide something to be accepted)

Please Notice that I used Protest Movement rather than Terrorists. This is important.

The Stonewall riots (which all of us are probably familiar with by now if not here is the Wikipedia page cause i’m to fucking lazy to explain rn) were a protest against the treatment of LGBT, and yes it turned violent. Violence that in the context of the situation (the decades of abuse suffered by LGBT) is entirely justified and is seen as sparking more cohesive calls for LGBT rights and Equality.

The White Fang are also a protest movement, they started out peaceful as calls for equality, but turned violent when these calls were ignored. and it is entirely justifiable. Humans in Remnant were treating Faunus as literal trash, and Faunus have every right to protest this. As far as we can tell in Remnant while Faunus have some level of rights, they don’t have the same rights as humans and they still face discrimination (like minorities still do in our world).

And in this context the White Fangs protests are entirely valid, and if Humans aren’t listening when they are being peaceful, they need to make them listen, and if that includes violence then in this context the violence is justified. (just like how violence was needed at Stonewall and various other protest movements)

So in conclusion, in the context that the White Fang are operating their actions are justifiable, and they are not a terrorists, but rather a protest movement calling for their own equality.

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it's 11:49pm and i jUST LOST A FIC I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF READING. so now i'm asking you for help finding it lmao. it was HL and they worked at a magazine company the liam ran. H and L were rivals and hated each other irl but they knew each other online but didn't realise it was each other and they always talked and were falling in love online and they try to meet up but louis sees its harry and runs but then he stops being mean to harry and work and they start falling in love irl too. pls help


This was how the Lynch brothers stopped being friends.
When Ronan Lynch, the middle Lynch brother, came inside at 4:30 in the morning, Thursday, no one else, but their mother, went outside to see the body of Niall Lynch. They did not go to school that day, and instead spent hours talking to the police, and lawyers, and funeral directors who were irritated that the police wouldn’t release the body to the family.
When Ronan, who had a record for fighting and street racing, talked to the police, he was suspected for the murder of his father for all of three hours. Ronan told the police that at four in morning he woke up, and, like he would always do if he woke up in the middle of the night, he went outside, and the first thing he saw was his father’s body with his head bashed in entirely. And even though Ronan told the police for three hours that he didn’t know who did it, didn’t know anything else, they held him until Declan Lynch, the oldest of the Lynch brothers, burst into the police station, reminding every very loudly that they, the Lynches, had a lot of money, and Ronan, who had only hours ago woken up to find the body of their father, Niall Lynch, was a minor, and if they didn’t want a lawsuit on their hands they would stop treating Ronan like a suspect and release him immediately.
Ronan was barely holding it together. He had always been an angry crier anyway.
Declan told Ronan, as he escorted him out of the police station, that he had gone and seen Niall’s body after Ronan had been taken to the police station, and Aurora, their mother,  had cried some more, but had done little else. Declan gave Ronan an awkward pat on the back, and Ronan cried a little more, and sat fuming and silent for the entire car ride back to the Barns.
Matthew, the youngest Lynch, was sitting on the front step of the house, crying. He was a dream, and he didn’t care who saw him cry, not even Declan. Declan got out of the car to give Matthew a hug. Ronan looked at the driveway, where he found the body so early that morning. There were still bloodstains on the driveway, and the murder weapon still tucked safely away somewhere on the property, hidden, the police insinuated, by the murderer, who they thought was Ronan.
Ronan did not eat or sleep for the rest of the day, even though Declan kept telling him he had to. He couldn’t.
On Friday, after Ronan did not sleep, Declan came into his room and touched his arm gently.
“Ronan,” he whispered. “Are you awake?”
Ronan was tempted to tell him he wasn’t, but instead, Ronan sat up. “I didn’t sleep.” Declan sighed.
“It’s Mom…” Declan started, and then he went very quiet.  It was very early morning, and if not for the way that Declan’s stony face looked in the light peeking through the window, Ronan could have thought it was any other morning, and Declan was waking him up to pull a prank or go out to breakfast before school.
For a split second, he convinced himself that it was any Friday morning, and he and Matthew and Declan had nothing but diner food and homework in their future. But then, Ronan remembered the face of his father –smashed in, and his mother’s tears at the police station.
Ronan’s heart sank. “What’s wrong with Mom?” Panic was rising in his throat. He didn’t think he would be able to take another blow.
Declan shook his head. “We don’t know,” he said, looking at his lap. “She’s…she’s just sitting there.”
Ronan leapt out of bed and bounded down the hall, pushing Declan out of his way roughly. In the living room, among the dreamlike inventions of his father and the fine china of his mother, sat Matthew, weeping beautiful, angelic tears, clasping his mother’s hand. But Aurora Lynch was not moving, barely blinking, barely breathing. She was sitting in her husband’s favorite chair and staring out the window that overlooked the entire property of the barns. But she was not moving, she was not speaking.
Ronan moved towards her cautiously and knelt down in front of her. She did not acknowledge him or Declan or Matthew. “What the fuck is wrong with her?” Ronan whispered. Matthew sobbed. Declan put a hand on his shoulder and tried to pull him back. Ronan threw him off. He couldn’t stop staring at his mother’s oddly vacant face. He could hardly breathe and his eyes were stinging. “What the fuck is wrong with her?” he asked a little louder.
“We don’t know, okay, Ronan,” Declan said at last, frustration seeping through every note. “A doctor will be here in thirty minutes.”
The doctor came. The doctor said that as far as he could tell, there was nothing medically wrong with Aurora Lynch. Ronan thought about the end of the Star Wars prequels, and then, Ronan threw up. Declan knocked on the bathroom door.
He threw him his phone, which Ronan would have thrown into the toilet and flushed it down with his vomit if he didn’t have thirteen voicemails from Richard Campbell Gansey III, and a series of texts from that asshole, Kavinsky. Ronan couldn’t bring himself to listen to the voicemails from Gansey, but he couldn’t stop himself from reading Kavinsky’s texts.
Heard ur old man died. Suks. I know a way to take ur mind off it. –k
Declan leaned against the doorway. “We should go out,” Declan suggested. “We’ve got today…tomorrow we have to meet with the lawyer, but we’ve got today. We should…we should go out.”
So they did, but it wasn’t any good. Matthew cried the whole time, and Ronan scowled and didn’t participate in a single thing they did. They went out to breakfast. Matthew cried. Ronan ordered the most expensive thing on the menu and didn’t eat it. They went bowling. Matthew cried. Ronan started a fight with someone in the bathroom.
They went to Nino’s, and Gansey was there. Matthew cried. Ronan didn’t eat, and then hit Gansey in the parking lot.  It was the first and the last time that Ronan would ever hit Gansey.
On Saturday, they met with the lawyer who read them Niall Lynch’s last will and testament. He left them everything, but he also left them nothing. All of his money went to his children, but they were not allowed to live at the Barns anymore. They were not allowed to ever come back home. They were not allowed to move their mother. They were not allowed to take anything with them. They were to move into Aglionby housing until all three boys graduated. Declan was in charge of the funds until Matthew and Ronan turned eighteen. They left their home, and everything behind them, including Aurora Lynch, who hadn’t spoken a word since Thursday.
Declan looked at the home they were not allowed to live in and sighed. “A fresh start for us,” he said, but it was clear even he didn’t believe it.
They moved into the Aglionby housing, and all three boys, who had the whole world to play in before, slept in the same room and shared one bathroom. Ronan lasted about an hour before he started to feel cramped. Declan was still insistent on making the best of the whole situation. Ronan was insistent that there was no best. They were homeless and they were orphans.
On Sunday, Ronan got a text from Kavinsky, and instead of ignoring it, he texted him back.
Then, once it got dark, and Declan and Matthew were fast asleep, Ronan left Aglionby Academy for the rich and famous, and walked to the police impound. He stole his father’s car from out under the police department’s nose, and drove to where he and Kavinsky met. He beat Kavinsky, but he crashed his father’s car, and when the police came it was the same officer who suspected him of murdering his father. They held him and Kavinsky until morning.
Monday morning, Declan picked Ronan up from the police station. Ronan hadn’t slept since Wednesday night, and hadn’t eaten since Thursday afternoon, but he wasn’t hungry or tired. Declan didn’t wait until they were out of the building to give Ronan an earful.
Ronan didn’t listen. Ronan didn’t care. Outside the building Ronan hit Declan and Declan hit him back. They road back to the dorms in silence, but by Wednesday, Ronan moved in with Richard Campbell Gansey III, under the condition that he would keep his grades up. On Thursday, a week after his father died, and the first day they were going back to school, he stopped going to class.  On Friday, Ronan skipped school altogether, and dropped nine hundred dollars on a tattoo.

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Spin The Bottle-Girl Meets World

Warning~ There is like two cuss words.
Topanga and Cory are on a date, so they decided to play spin the bottle. New crushes will be found. Old crushes will be lost. There’s some crack ships in here. Just wanted to warn you. Also this could be titled “Topanga knows best”.

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notes to self as i watch:

  • orlando is a comedy fan 
  • with an amy poehler book on his bookshelf
  • in “ADAM’S LIFE WITH ORLANDO - A SITCOM”, the “the fanfiction” bit shows a parks and rec fic (this one)
  • “ben and leslie need to kiss more, adam!!”

yay for consistent interests lol

i wonder how many people ive ranted to now about how stupid i think “Ren” is.

like okay not the word itself but it being used as a name and not a title. In the book version of TFA they even use “Ren thought” “Ren said” “Ren could feel Hux’s hatred follow him as he walked away” like its definitely being used as a name BUT its actually not? its a title. there are other people in a specialized sith military cultgroup that go by the title “Ren”, the Knights of Ren, of which Kylo is apparently a master. It can be assumed “Kylo” is the name that belongs to him in the same sense that Darth Vader is “Vader” and “Darth” is his title.

but again, Obi Wan addresses him as Darth in ANH, though that could also have been using the title as a title.

THE POINT is that there is a DIFFERENCE between titles and names and i want you to imagine only addressing someone as General. “General thought to himself maybe this is a bad idea.”

-slams empty salt shaker in my face-

I wanted a PAC and STEEN IC Title match at wrestlemania ;v; …


(Also… it could still happen without the title :’> )


ドーナツプリンセスマジカルイオ is technically how it would be spelled, since every word of it is katakana? Or at least, Donut and Io have to be katakana, since Donut is a loanword and Io is a non-Japanese name.

Otherwise, it could technically be:


which romanizes to “donatsu hime mahou no io” but means basically the same thing

you could also replace the “mahou no” with a proper adjective but i’m not sure what to do that with SO

if we wanted we could also add symbols to the title to make it more readable, such as:



“An ancient Egyptian shawabty is a funerary figurine that was intended to magically animate in the Afterlife in order to act as a proxy for the deceased when called upon to tend to field labor or other tasks. This expressed purpose was sometimes written on the shawabty itself in the form of a "Shawabty Spell,” of which versions of various length are known. Shorter shawabty inscriptions could also just identify the deceased by name and, when applicable, title(s). However, many shawabtys carry no text at all. The ideal number of such figurines to include in a tomb or burial seems to have varied during different time periods.“ #thereslevelstothisshit #myStudioIsEverywhere #WHITEMANINMYPOCKET