this conversation killed me



  • Me: I wonder if Victor's coaching fee will ever come up again.
  • Friend: Yuuri paid it in wedding rings.
  • Me: Yeah, but I'm pretty sure months and months of Victor's private coaching would cost more than $860.
  • Friend: Yeah... but also once they have joint bank accounts it won't even matter #marriage.
  • Me: True, true. You make some good points.

Ok but Harry’s pink Converse were a mess. He wore them so much they could basically be thrown out now. And we have zero pictures of him wearing them outside of the shoot despite the fact that it looks like he wore them for 3 solid years.

AKANE LIV(Madam Red): Doesn’t this pair of glasses with a necklace look Will-esque?

Teruma(William): What is with this necklace? THIS TYPE OF REAPER GLASSES BELONGS TO GRELL SUTCLIFF, HONESTLY! But…it’s adorable.❤

My Grelliam heart is alive and ded and alive again OMG TERUMA STAWP STAWP STAWP

me: remembers, in vivid detail, an entire conversation weeks prior that allowed me to presently give a triumphant “i told you so”

also me: forgets if i took my medicine twenty minutes ago, forgets my last name, forgets how to pluralize words

Reasons why Baepsae (뱁새) is literally the Best Song:
  • The title. Crow-tit? Try hard? Silver Spoon? Whichever one you use, you’re already intrigued. It’s not your typical title and it’s definitely not your typical song. 
  • That beat. As soon as it starts playing, you get hyped the f*ck up and you’re ready to take on whatever the hell is in your way 
  • Suga’s rap. The way he matter-of-factly states that his legs are a million dollars? His deceivingly conversational tone kills me every time I hear it. 
  • That chorus. THAT CHORUS. THAT CHORUS!!!! Taehyung, Jin, and Jimin transform their voices into something you would completely not expect, something you’re not used to hearing from the vocal line and holy shit it’s fucking amazing. They show off their capabilities and their flexibility with their voices. That wild ass chorus that demands you sing along is my favorite part. 
  • Jhope being the first in line with his rap…. comE ON. THe whooping in the background and listening to his unique rapping voice/style sets the entire tone of the song. He also closes out the song and I love the way he goes so hard. 
  • Rapmon and the way he ends every line of his part with those english words that you just can’t help but sing along with. 
  • And of course. The part that has gotten everyone’s attention: Jungkook’s incredible solo. The English is on point, the whispered soft tone is on point, the crazy ass screaming of “YOU MU’ BE KIDDING ME” is on point. Everyone, including me, has gone wild over that part and over Jungkook rapping, it’s outta this world.
  • The entire rebellious, confident, fierce tone of the entire song is amazing. Pair that with the words that are sung - words that every single individual from our generation can identify with, words about dealing with adult expectations, the guilt and the stress and the pressure of trying to grow up in a society that’s very hard to survive in - and you have yourself a masterpiece of a song that’s savage, strong, and straight up in your face. 
  • Every time it comes on I imagine all of the members getting hyped up, spitting into their mics, jumping up and down and pouring their hearts out during its performance. I can literally see every single one of their intense faces going so hard and that fills me with this feeling that I just can’t exactly describe… man I fucking love that song.

Okay can I just scream (some more) about how amazing these two super young actors playing Isak and Even are? I’m in awe, that scene today.. damn;

Isak looking this close to tears as he walks towards Even!

That little sigh from Isak as Even says “Jeg er jo ikke trist!..Nei!” and kisses him!

At 2:00 where you can see Even takes Isak’s hand even though there are no hands in the frame!!

And every painful hesitation, awkward mumble and averted eye contact in that conversation about Isak’ parents <3

They killed it. And me. Dead.

I feel like we’re always talking about Tony being bad with emotions but like
  • give me Rhodey I’m-gonna-hug-you-and-drink-a-beer-with-you-but-if-you-start-talking-emotional-issues-I-gotta-suit-I’m-not-afraid-to-flee-in Rhodes
  • give me Natasha shoot-at-your-problems-until-you’re-sure-they’re-dead-than-cut-off-their-head-just-in-case Romanov
  • give me Clint I’ll-turn-everything-into-a-joke-to-avoid-a-honest-conversation-even-if-it-kills-me Barton
  • give me Bruce You-wanna-talk-about-feelings-take-it-to-the-Hulk Banner
  • give me Steve Listen-we-can-talk-about-anything-but-if-it-involves-feelings-I’ll-throw-myself-out-of-this-plane-parachutes-are-overrated-anyways Rogers
  • give me Thor I-totally-just-happen-to-shortcut-every-phone-when-you-mention-anything-deep-and-substantial-on-accident-and-could-you-explain-that-toaster-to-me-one-more-time-I’m-confused-about-the-single-button-I-have-to-press

Just give me Tony as a reasonably well-adjusted person for once, someone who is secure in his relationships and his own worth. And give me everyone else as, well. As themselves.

Madi vs. the War, Madi & the War and Madi Turning Dark?: EP XXXV

Let me just say, PRAAAISE THE LORD, GOD IS GOOD, MADI IS ALIVE AND BADASS AS EVER!!! We knew, we knew, but you know, it’s always nice to see the actual evidence. And Silver finally saying he LOOOVES her and to her mother, oh my goood, that entire conversation killed me😩😩. The dialogue of our favorite characters was performed powerfully as always. Favorite quotes of the episode:

Silver: “She was curious… and strong, not made to be hidden away from the world. She was able to see it, before she died. She was fighting for what she believed in, when she died.”

The Maroon Queen: “You knew her well.”

Silver: “I loved her. I believe she loved me. I think she would’ve wanted you to know that.”

Madi: “Eleanor died fighting, as will I.”


Silver: “Is this war more important then her life?”

Flint: “No…”

Silver: “Answer the question! I wanna hear you say it. Is this war more important then her life?”

How much does this say about who these characters are now and what matters to them the most? So so very much. Everything and more really. Ugh, slay me BS writers.

As much as I hate to say it and trust me, I do, there is one thing that concerns me: How is Madi gonna respond to Silver taking the cache to free her without anyone’s knowledge? Again, this woman is willing to DIE for this cause. Silver is NOT willing to let her die for this cause. Chains or not, deal or not, she obviously is still just as invested in this Revolution/war/cause as Flint and her mother are. The anger in her face and her basically telling Rogers to go fuck himself concerning his deal showed that she doesn’t want to be saved. I also noticed how her face was heavily covered in shadow this entire scene, a definite foreshadowing of the darkness within. If Flint, a white man who used to be part of England’s high society, is able to carry so much hatred against England, that he put in over a decade of sacrifices to see this Revolution happen, can you only imagine what Madi must feel.

So this ofcourse begs the question: Is she gonna see Silver as someone getting in the way of that? And if so, what will her reaction be? This makes me think about what Zethu said in last week’s Fathom Deep podcast about Silver becoming Madi’s tether from the second half of the season onwards. This woman wants to fight, NEEDS to fight. Who is she without it? Who is she if not to fight for freedom? When she’s seperated from Silver, which has happened on multiple occassions by now, all she has to focus on and consider is this war/cause. And everytime that has happened she got in deeper and deeper. No reason to be emotional. This is her weakness, the thing that has the power to latch on to the darkness inside of her. But when Silver’s gonna confront her again about their own future together, outside this war and when he’s gonna make her think about all the possible consequences of this war for the Maroons, former slaves and slaves who are not able to fend for themselves (children, the sick, the elderly etc.), it might make her pause and reconsider. He might convince her Flint is anything BUT the way to go, bet your money on Julius lol. Emotional tether. Waging war isn’t the only way to fight your enemy, he might be able to make her see an other way. She’s his rational tether, he is her emotional tether. Yin and Yang.

She could also respond in a understanding manner and remain positive that despite giving up the cache, that by strenght of numbers the alliance will be able to maintain. Or I could be completely off and she will be pissed at Silver for him daring to fracture the thing so many of her men have sacrificed their lives for. If so then *showtune voice* To find the answer to the abovementioned question tune in for next week’s episode!

Again so sorry if I have caused any unnecessary angst.

Thanks, Daisy’s Dad...

This post contains spoilers and shameless rambling… be warned…

I will not apologize for the shameless flailing in this post… I CAN’T HANDLE DAD!ALEC… I just wanna talk a little about how I cannot get over the fact how much of a Dad Hardy is in this series. That scene with “the boys” is so hilarious.

But what really kills me is the conversation Hardy has with Ellie.

His admission about going back home “to try fix the family, give it another go” and that “it didn’t work out so well” breaks my heart.

It’s exactly what I thought he’d be doing. But then he goes on to share this: “The place I thought was home wasn’t anymore.”

I can’t express how happy I am that Chibnall chose to have this part of the reason why Hardy came back. He left Broadchurch to make it work and it didn’t (big surprise) and then Hardy turns to the only other place he has ties to. It’s not penance, it’s not Joe; it’s because he has found a new home. And Ellie is part of that home (how much of a part we might or might not find out). But the fact that he even shares is with her is very revealing how much she means to him (friend or more, time may tell). Thanks Chibnall for having Hardy move on to at least some extent.

And then he goes on to share more about Daisy and Tess not getting along (possibly because of what had been hidden from Daisy?). She got into trouble and of course true to his nature in order to protect her took her away

“I thought maybe here, she’d had another chance, like I had.”

THIS… this is all we need to know. Again he is doing it for his daughter. But this time he is taking her with him. To his new home. I am so in love with this idea and it’s very satisfying to see this character development. Anyone who has been so courageous and read “A Million Holes” knows how strongly I feel that most of Hardy’s motivation seem to derive from doing the right thing for his daughter. So this is something I can very much identify with. Ellie’s reply that not many dad’s would have done that validates him, something he might not be used to hearing. It is an important moment between the two (and I wonder if Ellie thought of her own dad at that moment.)

And now for the icing on the cake… I want to believe that Ellie is playing a big part int he why he is feeling Broadchurch is his new home and the place for second chances. He saw her getting a second chance after all, helped her even have one. And she did the same for him… they have found that loyality and trust both were missing in their lives (especially in S2)… and now he is “Returning Home” as they had titled the production to his white house on the cliffs to watch over this community (which plays into his sense of responsibility which should be another post in and itself)… sorry about the rambling…