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If you do requests can you please do a Mike Faist x reader (if you don't do cast can you do Connor Murphy) where they play 7 minutes in heaven

this was originally going to be short but i got carried tf away and now it’s 3800+ words SO
i have never done connor so like i KNOW this is going to be wildly out of character???? I JSUT RLLY LIKE SEEING CONNOR HEALTHY AND HAPPY IM SORRY SO let’s see how i Fuck this up

this is……….. probably not what u requested 

connor x fem!reader - seven minutes in heaven

Seeing Jared Kleinman and Evan Hansen at a party was a wonderful rarity. Seeing Connor at a party was even crazier. But seeing Connor at a party, enjoying himself with friends and not angrily smoking a joint in the corner of the living room until the host kicked him out? It was nearly unheard of. It was borderline impossible. And it simply made your heart swell.

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Ours [Connor Murphy x Reader]

Title: Ours
Pairing: Connor Murphy x Reader
Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen
Requested: yes!
Summary: the squad keeps teasing the reader and Connor for sneaking off to get down and dirty–except, that wasn’t the case at all. Evan sets the squad straight. | Connor taking care of s/o reader with Depersonalization Derealization Syndrome.
Warnings: mentions of sex, alcohol, panic attacks, swearing | POV changes | First person reader | not proof read
A/N: Thanks for such a lovely request, and thanks for giving me so much info on the disorder! I hope I portrayed it correctly, and I hope you like this!

“You all are the luckiest people on the planet!”

I found this hard to believe. It was sort of comical, however, in an only vaguely tolerable way, to see Jared Kleinman kick down the Murphy’s door, juggling several boxes of pizza and a brown paper bag full of God knows what.

“Care to elaborate on that?” Alana called, looking only half way over her shoulder. She and Zoe were on the floor, playing what appeared to be a very intense game of Sorry! They were already in their pajamas–yes, at six in the afternoon–and six of us had decided to have a lowkey party at the Murphy’s, since Cynthia and Larry had evacuated for a romantic weekend. Evan was parked in a recliner, his legs folded crisscross applesauce–his words, not mine–watching the girls’ game with genuine interest.

Connor and I were on the couch, my back to his chest, reclining. He was twitchy, and he had been all evening. I’d briefly asked him earlier if he’d wanted to skip the party, but he’d said no. Still, he laid behind me, combing out my hair with his fingers a little too roughly, his hips shifting uncomfortably every few seconds.

Jared stumbled in, dropping the pizza boxes onto the carpet–earning a loud scream of protest from both Murphy kids, the sound deafening my left ear. Connor felt me flinch and pressed a seamless kiss of apology to my jaw. I felt Evan smile at me from across the room–shy, like he wasn’t sure where to look. I tossed back a lighthearted smile, before turning my attention back to Jared.

“Because, my sweet flower,” Jared began, kicking the door shut and beginning to pull items out of his paper bag, the parcel crinkling annoyingly loud.

“Sweet flower?” Alana squawked, earning a glare from Zoe, who popped the dice unceremoniously and continued to move her peg through the holes.

“I come bearing gifts,” he continued loudly, brandishing his items proudly above his head. “Scotch, condoms, and Cosmopolitan.”

There was a moment of silence, the five of us glancing between the boy in the glasses, his pitiful treasure, and doilies Mrs. Murphy kept on the coffee table.

“I’ll take a slice of cheese,” Zoe called, stoic, Alana reaching around Jared to grab the top box and place it on her lap. Evan and Connor both had to bite down on their laughter at the sight of Jared’s shocked face–shaking beneath me, his breath at my ear, Connor felt like a reassurance that tonight wouldn’t be totally awful.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like our friends, it’s just that since we’d told them we started dating, they’d been a real pain.

“I hold in my fist illegal things!” Jared screeched, tossing the magazine on the floor overzealously. “And you choose to ignore me?”

“My mom owns Cosmos, dude,” I said, rolling over onto my stomach so that I could rest my chin on Connor’s chest, grinning up at him with tired eyes. School had been long for both of us today, and, frankly, I could stand to skip ahead to the part of the night where he kissed senseless in his bedroom.

“There’s wine on the rack, dumbass, and it’s a movie night, no one’s drinking?” Zoe said without looking up from her board game, tugging on one of her braids in thought.

“And who are the condoms for, idiot?” Connor nearly yelled, sitting up and jostling me back into a sitting position, my head swimming for a minute with the sudden movement, before relaxing against the arm of the chair.

Jared’s head swiveled, comically, between Alana, Zoe, and I briefly, before his eyes glued on Evan.

“Boys night?”

No, you creep!

We all laughed for a moment, watching Evan turn a sharp shade of crimson, curling in on himself in the chair. Zoe snorted a little too loudly when she laughed.

It was beginning to get frustrating–not making me sick yet, but any means, but nonetheless annoying. Because I knew what was coming, and it was only gonna piss Connor off–

“I’ll just give the condoms to Connor,” Jared said, throwing the box so that it landed in the empty space between us on the couch. There was suddenly lead in the bottom of my stomach.

Everyone realized, watching with baited breath as Connor eyed the box with firey eyes and a set mouth, a sudden blush creeping up his neck. It could set it off–shit like this had in the past. Still, I think–

“Gross, man,” he said, lightly kicking the box to the floor. His feet were bare tonight, void of the cute socks he usually wore, and after his movement he shoved them under my thigh–either for concealment or warmth, I didn’t know, but I scratched at the back of his calf loyally, letting him know what he did was the right thing.

Proud of you.

He grinned softly at his lap, and I could tell he was proud of himself too.

“What do you mean by that?” Jared screeched, reviving the headache that had started to blur.

“Drop it, Jared,” Alana warned, dropping a handful of green pieces back into the cardboard box, each thunk sending a hot jolt through my head.

“They’re sex machines!” He protested, and I felt Connor nearly choke beside me, drawing his feet away and stuffing them under a cushion. “Are you guys seriously not using protection.”

“Alana said drop it,” Evan said quietly, shocking all of us. “So leave them alone. It’s none of your business.”

“Whose ready for the movie?” Alana covered seamlessly, beginning to set up the tv while the rest of us began to calm.

Connor was shaking, and, away from him, I didn’t feel like he wanted me to reach out and touch him. I waited for the signal, something or anything that was him asking to get out of here, but he never gave it, just curled in on himself and watched the tv with blank eyes.

I shot Evan a smile, nodding in thanks.

What Evan had said was the truth–it wasn’t any of Jared’s business. It had unfortunately become Evan’s business, at one point, making him aware of the glaring fact that no one else in the room seemed to believe could ever be true: Connor and I were still virgins. We hadn’t slept together–and, we hadn’t planned for it in the near future. We just weren’t ready yet.

Not that anyone here would ever believe that.

I’m not sure I wanted them to, either.

Because at least that white lie kept the truth hidden, and maybe that’s the way it would stay.


“Unpopular opinion: this movie sucks.”

“I agree.”

“We can’t watch romantic flicks or Mr. and Mrs. Murphy get ideas and leave early. This shitty sci-fi shit was all I had on hand.”

“Pass the alcohol, I changed my mind about what kind of party this is.”

Their voices were loud, pounding noises against my skull without really making any sense as to what they were saying at all. The dark should’ve helped, or I thought it would, but the high saturation neon colors and loud artificial gunshots on the television screen paired with the nonstop chatter of our friends made it difficult to concentrate, difficult to breathe. Everything was too much at once.

It was like living in a glass box, everything around me was vibrate and loud, amplified to the nth degree–but none of it felt real. Connor was staring unattentively ahead, his hands twitching in his lap. He hadn’t touched me all night. It usually wasn’t a big deal–I knew he was doing it to avoid the constant teasing about our PDA. It was starting to set him off, I could tell. Still, I just wanted a reminder I was real.

I decided to screw it, all their comments be damned, reaching out for Connor’s wrist as the signal.

His eyes snapped up to me immediately, concerned, his pink mouth forming an o. My hands were numb. He rose without a work, linking our hands and dragging me from the room.

“Where do you two think you’re going? It’s a little early to fuck, isn’t it?”

“C'mon guys, can’t you watch the movie? I don’t like knowing you’re doing that while I’m in the house.”

“–and Connor, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s–”

I had barely contained my sobs by the time Connor shut the door.


“You guys shouldn’t do that,” Evan glared, turning off the movie and setting the popcorn bowl aside.

Jared snorted. “We shouldn’t do what? They’re the ones running off to screw each other’s brains out. It’s gross. We’re in the house. It’s bad enough they’re all over one another at school.”

“Yeah,” Alana agreed. “I mean, if they don’t want to hear us complain about it, why do it?”

“I can’t believe she can stand to touch my brother,” Zoe groaned. “He was being a real dick tonight.”

“You guys are so stupid!” Evan nearly yelled, shocking the other three with his uncharacteristic outburst, burying his hands in his usually neat hair. “They aren’t–they’re not–”

“Breathe, baby, breathe.”

His hands were roaming all over, pressing to my chest, watching his hands rise and fall too rapidly. I needed to slow down, breathe deeper. His eyes were concerned, hair falling into his face from where he leaned over me, knees on either sides of my hips. His hands scrubbed quickly at my shoulders.

“Feel me? I’m right here, you’re right here, we’re fine. Fuck, I love you, I’m here.”

It helped–he knew how to help, when it all became too much for me to handle. Touching me–it keep me grounded, reminded me what reality was, where it was. Connor was safety, I knew.

He leaned down, pressing his temple against my jaw, pressing kisses down my neck. We took turns like this–when he overheated, I was there for him, and when I had a bad episode, he was there for me.

“I’ve got you.”


“What do you mean they aren’t having sex?”

“Let go of my shirt, Jared!”

“How do you know they aren’t having sex?” Zoe demanded. The three of them had Evan cornered, cowering into the wall. Evan’s bright pink face heated considerable.

“I walked in on them once? It was at school, after they, uh, left us. It’s not really any of my business–”

“Spit it out.”

“Whenever, uh, she doesn’t feel well–they have this code, she told me. Whenever Connor is upset or paranoid or she has a bad episode–”

“Episode?” Zoe asked, eyebrows scrunched. Evan paled.

“She never told you? She has Depersonalization Derealization Syndrome. Um, from what she explained it’s, uh, a lot of sensory overload–too loud, too bright, too everything–and she gets these episodes where stuff doesn’t seem real, I guess? I’m not sure I’m explaining it right.”

“I’ve heard of that, I think,” Alana said brightly, her face pinched.

“Oh, crap,” Zoe whispered, “and we’ve been making fun of them this whole time?”

“Well,” Jared sighed. “I feel shitty. Feel even shittier knowing Connor isn’t getting his dick wet, like, at all–”

“Just stop giving them crap,” Evan grumbled. “They don’t deserve it.”

“Yeah,” Zoe nodded sagely, scrubbing a hand over her face. “Yeah, okay.”


“Feeling better?”

“Mhm,” I sighed, leaning back into Connor’s touch. He was wrapped around me, our foreheads bumped together under his sheets. He leaned up to sneak a peck at my lips.

“I’m sorry about them,” he apologized again, squeezing my hands in apology, leaning in again to press a lingering kiss to my cheek, earning a giggle.

“Don’t be. Thanks for every.”

He smiled softly, his jaw clicking softly, eyes soft. “Always for you, sweet girl.”

“Don’t get too sappy,” I warned. “They’ll get suspicious.”

“I’m allowed to be sappy when no one is looking,” he protested, kissing my jaw. “I love you.”

“Love you more.”

“Not possible,” he protested, finally leaning forward to seal his lips with mine, his hands grabbing softly at my waist. Connor was safety, I remembered, and I love him more than anything for it. The others could say what they liked–I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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So I know you did "the substitute legit doesn’t care about this class so we’re doing increasingly worse and weirder things to see if he calls us out. and now you’re basically straddling me while a group of kids is singing happy birthday and honestly this is the most romantic thing to ever happen to me" for Zoe and Alana, but could you possibly do it for Connor x Evan? Your fics are amazing btw!! 💜💙

Enjoy! Thank you for liking my fics! You are too sweet!


Evan glanced around the room, the whole class was out of whack. The substitute had been sitting there for about fifteen minutes reading some magazine. Evan didn’t understand why she wasn’t telling them what they were supposed to do.

Evan glanced over his shoulder and noticed some of the boys in his class had started a basketball game with crumpled paper. Their volume seemed to be increasing as each one scored a point.

Another group of students, Evan assumed were in choir were doing several renditions of happy birthday. They were even singing it in French. “It’s how he is.”

Evan turned to the side and noticed Connor Murphy spoke to him. “W-What do you mean?” Evan asked.

“Mr. Crawsen.” Connor motioned towards the substitute. “He literally gives no fucks about what we do.” Connor shrugged as he kicked his feet up on the desk.

Evan simply nodded, he wasn’t scared of Connor Murphy, he just wasn’t used to people talking to him. By now the choir kids were singing happy birthday in Italian and the group of kids playing basket ball with the trash can and paper had all increased in volume.

“It’s loud! Want to chill in the corner?” Connor questioned. Evan’s jaw almost dropped. Connor Murphy wanted socialize with him. Instead of asking this question.

Connor and Evan headed to the corner. There Connor smirked. “Watch this.” Connor stood up on one of the desks and seemed to perform a tap dance routine. No on noticed him. “You’re turn.” Connor said as he sat down.

“I don’t understand what were doing…” Evan answered.

Connor rolled his eyes. “Seeing if Crawsen will notice or not.” Connor put it simply. 

Evan Nodded unsure of what to do. Could he even outdo Connor’s tap dance routine? Evan decided to do some bird calls, hoping no one would notice.

“That was fucking lame Hansen.” Connor laughed once Evan finished. Evan blushed slightly but shook it off. 

Connor smirked as he pushed Evan over and basically pounced on top of him.

“W-What are you do-doing!” Evan cried, Connor was basically straddling him and this was the closets he’d ever been to someone other than family.

By now the classroom was more like a zoo. The choir was singing happy birthday and basically yelling. The basketball game had turned into girls vs. boys and everyone was cheering.

“Just go with it Hansen.” Connor muttered.

Evan was confused. What was Connor doing? This was probably the most intimate, maybe even romantic thing to happen to him.

“Connor Murphy! Evan Hansen the classroom is not for doing those types of things please refrain from being gay with each other.” Crawsen’s nasally voice rang out.

No one else really noticed, they were rather preoccupied. “Of course Crawsen, no worried.” Connor smirked still straddling Evan.

Evan was a blushing mess and he almost gasped when Connor leaned down and whispered in his ear. “Call me.” 

Evan’s eyes widened when Connor passed him a small slip of paper. When did he have time to write that? 

Connor stood up. “Well I’m leaving, good fucking bye Mr. Crawsen, hope to see you never.” Connor waved. He grabbed his backpack and stepped over Evan, he exited the classroom.

Evan continued to lay on the ground blushing. The noise around him seemed more like background noise. His mind was racing, Connor Murphy had straddled him, made him flustered and given Evan his number all within the span of twenty minutes.

Oddly enough, this was probably the most romantic day of Evan’s life.

Soon- Connor McDavid

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Ok so if y'all haven’t seen the video of Connor with the children… do you not have social media? Seriously… watch it! It’s adorable! And Connor got 100 points last night?!?!! FABULOUSSSSS!!! Enjoy!

Warning: unfiltered cuteness

@mysweetdragonfly Request: And then for the happy one cause that video fucked me up of him with the kids I was thinking like you go with him there and your kinda just watching him with the kids and just thinking how good of a dad he will be ( idk maybe your like promised to eachother) and then after he is done you go to see him and it’s all cute and fluffy a little play fighting and then he kisses you in front of some of the kids and they are like ewwwwwww idk man it’s up to you


              You sat on the bleachers with the parents, watching as the kids skated out onto the ice. The woman next to you cheered loudly as number 14 was called out.

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Connor McDavid #3

Anonymous said: Can you do a Connor mcdavid imagine where you’re his wife and you have 3 kids and you’ve been going to see the playoff games and after the wins you go see him and celebrate the victory at a restaurant where your kids are all happy and energetic!

A/N: all these kid imagines lately have me feeling some type of way (I LOVE KIDS) hope y’all liked it :)))

Word Count: 1,729

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“Who wants to go congratulate dad?” You questioned while clapping your hands and standing from your seat. You desperately needed to stretch your legs after sitting there for the past 60 minutes, nervously watching the game, despite the fact the Oilers had a 2-goal lead the whole time. One more win and they were Western Conference Champions.

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Connor used to be like a super sweet kid who had bright ideas for the future but as he grew up and the bullying started all those ideas just left him. So after he killed himself zoe found the journal he kept these ideas in and swore to at least make some of them come true. She never really knew her brother and she thought accomplishing some of his goals and ideas that maybe she could get to know him even though it was too late.

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Connor, how did you develop your crush on the other two?

C: God, that’s a hard question. I’m not really sure? I mean, one day I was thinking “they’re gross, get a room” and then it became “god I wanna be holding Evan like that” or “fuck, I want Kleinman to smile at me like that”

C: But other than that? I think I started liking Evan once he got comfortable to talk without a too bad stutter. the kid has a lot of smart stuff to say once he gets comfortable. (E: you’re sweet)  And Jared, i think i started liking him when i saw that He’s just as anxious and scared as Evan and I are? He just shows it differently. (J: don’t tell the whole internet!)

Childhood Memories

YouTuber: Connor Franta

Rating: Fluff

Word Count: 1, 576

Childhood Memories

“Hey Y/N,” your best friend Connor said over the phone as you leaned against your kitchen doorway.

“You do realize that I’m literally right next door, right?” You sighed, combing your fingers through your long y/c/h hair.

“Oh, right I forgot.” You chuckled at his awkwardness, and he continues. “So I was wondering if you’d like to make a video with me today.”

You raised your eyebrows, he knew that you’ve never taken an interest in making YouTube videos, preferring to sit quietly in the corner with your notepad and pen and write. You shrugged. “Why not?” After all, it was an opportunity to hang with him, which was rare since he’s been away on the DigiTour for a while.

“Okay, good.”

“See you in a few seconds.” You hung up and immediately went outside, not bothering to put your shoes on since you loved the feeling of grass tickling your feet. You went right in without knocking, since you were so at home in the boys’ house.

“Hey Y/N!” Ricky said loudly when you entered, and gave you a high five.

“’Sup Ricky.”

“Is that Y/N?” you heard another voice yell from the kitchen.

“No, it’s not, because you didn’t just hear me yell her name.” Ricky said sarcastically.

“Oh okay.”

You laughed at Ricky and JC before someone came out of nowhere and grabbed you by the waist, spinning you around.

“Kian! Put me down!” you demanded, kicking your feet.

“Alright, alright Y/N, calm down.” He set you down on the floor and you’re glad to have both feet firmly on the ground. You’re popular with all of O2L, best friends with each of them. But Connor’s been you’re best friend pretty much since you were born, you two have known each other your whole lives. You readjusted your galaxy-laser cat top and fixed your hair in the hallway mirror before turning to face them again.

“Connor in his room?” you asked, remembering your purpose for the visit.

“Yep.” Ricky pointed down the hall.

“You two have a good time.” JC winked as you turned to leave.

“Hey,” you walked backwards. “Shut up.”

They all knew that you’ve had a secret crush on Connor for the past year or two, and so far they’ve held their promise to keep quiet about it. Except for a few times when it almost slipped, like when Ricky and JC were pretty tipsy at a party, and when Connor accidently fell asleep with his head on your lap during a movie night. ‘But you’ve been best friends for 21 years, he is like your brother and you’re like his sister, and that was the end of it.’ You reminded yourself as you knocked on his door.

“Come on in.” he said, and you opened the door, closing it behind you.

“Hey Connor.”

“That was more than a few seconds, Y/N.” he said, mocking disappointment.

“Sorry.” You smiled. “The welcoming committee distracted me.”

“Well, let’s make the video.” He grabbed his camera and set it up on the tripod.

“What will this video entitle me to do?” you asked, sitting next to him on the end of the bed, criss cross applesauce.

“I’ll tell you once the camera’s on.” He gave you a smirk that made your stomach turn. He clicked one the camera, and it began recording.

“Hey what’s up you guys?” he greeted the camera, and you waved with him.

“Now will you tell you tell me what the heck we’re going to be doing?” you ask exasperated.

“Shush child, you haven’t been introduced.” He reprimanded you mockingly.

You huffed and crossed your arms grumpily as he introduced you. “So today, I am here with my lovely friend Y/N.” You still kept up the ‘grumpy seven year old’ act and he laughed.

“C’mon Y/N, turn that frown upside down.” He attempts to forcefully turn your frown upside down until you both were in hysterics. You were blushing, and turned away quickly so he couldn’t see.

“We will be reminiscing in embarrassing childhood memories, and I felt like since you were in pretty much 99% of them, you should be here too.” He explained.

“And you just want to hear some embarrassing things about me so you can laugh at me as always.”

He didn’t reply, only changed the subject. “Let’s begin!”

“I was collecting my memories, and realized, that I got hurt. A lot. Because of you.” You narrowed your eyes at him as he puts the back of his fingers underneath his chin and does an angelic smile, twisting and turning your insides.

“So let’s start at the first time I can remember of a major injury because of you, we were in second or third grade.”

“I remember this.” Connor rubs his face sheepishly.

“And we decided to race down the hill by our houses on our bikes, I was winning and all of a sudden Connor comes out of nowhere, and rams into the back wheel of my bike.” You continued. “The way it ended up was, my face got scraped all along the not-smooth-at-all concrete, both bikes as well as Connor, landed on top of me.”

“And guys, you have to remember, I was a fat kid.” He reminded the camera and you nodded in agreement.

“I ended up with a broken left arm, and a nasty cut right on the underneath of my chin.” You showed the camera the still-there scar.

“Sorry about that, Y/N.” Connor tried to apologize, but is laughing too hard.

“You son of a-” he cut you off by tackling you in a hug and you two fell onto the bed.

“Get off of me, you idiot.” You laugh as he starts shaking you around. He was close enough that you could smell the sweet scent of apples and cinnamon wafting off of him and you could almost stay like that forever, but the camera was rolling.

“Remember in fourth grade, with the trampoline?” he asked, suddenly sitting up. Heat was rising to your cheeks and you fiddled with your hair to cover it up.

“Yes, you bet me six cookies that I couldn’t bounce off of the trampoline that was in his backyard at the time, and into the pool.”

“I feel so bad just thinking about it.” Connor runs his fingers through his beautiful hair that you loved so much.

“I made it… ish. My legs made it, and my torso kinda just flopped onto the pool deck.”

You guys listed off other incidents in which you were hurt because of him, such as in sixth grade when he accidently shoved you into a metal pole, when you guys were in eighth grade and he accidently tripped you, so on and so forth.

“To get off the topic of me accidently harming you, let’s talk about that time that you spilled paint on our fifth grade art teacher.” He changed the subject.

“That was horrible, she was fat and I got it all over her breastacles, it was embarrassing and the principal made me formally apologize her the next day.”

“Breatsacles?” Connor laughed at your made-up word choice.

“Okay, okay, I remember again in fifth grade, during Human Gross and Embarrassment, we began to learn about periods and disgusting shiz like that. When the teacher first described how reproduction had to go down, scientifically, Connor literally said, aloud, in a completely silent classroom: I need to pee.”

You and your best friend burst out laughing and you thoroughly enjoyed the next half hour of filming and editing.

“I’m going to go get some food, want any?” you offered when he was about ¾ of the way done with editing.

“Some chips.”


When you came back with the chips, Connor eagerly greeted you at the door.

“I finished editing the video, you wanna see?” he asked, gesturing to the computer.

“Of course!” you agreed, and stood by the chair as he played it.

“You can sit down.” He patted his knee, and you sat down with butterflies in your stomach.

When the video ended, you couldn’t help but admit to yourself that you were hopelessly in love with your best friend.

“Y/N, I have something to tell you.” He rested his chin on your shoulder.


“I’m in love with you.” You couldn’t believe the statement that just reached your ear as he gave you a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you too, Connor.” You finally let it out, and turned to face him. Your faces were so close that you admired every part of his face. His bright green eyes ‘with yellow suns’, as he says. And just his face in general you admired. You both leaned closer and kissed, in a short moment of endless bliss.

“I KNEW IT!” Kian yelled from the doorway as you two broke apart, both of you blushing. “JC GET IN HERE!”

“Did they make out?” JC appeared next to Kian.

“No,” Kian sounded disappointed. “Just a little kiss.”

“Then you owe me five bucks.”

“Both of you get out!” you yelled through laughter, throwing a pillow at them.

They held their hands up in amused surrender and left. You felt relieved to be alone with Connor again. Connor linked his hands through yours and you almost sighed at how perfectly they fit together. You were perfectly content just where you were, in Connor, your best friend turned boyfriend’s arms. You loved each other, and that’s all that counted.


I hope you guys enjoyed my first imagine, I didn’t know quite how to end it, but I hope it made you all warm and fluffy inside.

So I was just re-watching the hospital scenes again, particularly the one between Lena and Mr. Stevens, right before he  lets Jude in to see Connor. When Lena asks, “what then? are you going to keep all the boys outside the door?” I just get so amused at his dad’s face, as if he’s thinking “oh shit, there’s going to be others” and then he probably realizes that, if his son has to be with a boy, Jude is probably one of the best boys he could be with.

How could he not think that, tbh. Jude is too precious and sweet and just such a good kid.

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I bet when Troye saw Connor's new yellow sweater he was like 'okay, i would definitively steal it from you & wear it' cute af

At this point, Connor probably considers Troye with everything he buys, making sure to get a size that will fit Troye too or to pick the color that would suit both of them. Just bc he expects Troye to wear it sooner or later