this confession speaks to me on a spiritual level

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God I need help b/c you know Levi probably didn't hear many nice words after his Mom died and he has trouble sleeping until Eren starts saying sweet things to him and soothes him to sleep and alskabkdk I HAVE SLAIN MYSELF WITH FEELS.

oOFOGOOFOG DDUDUDUUDE, u shouldnt have sent me this bc now i am crying as well ;______; i swear i didnt mean for this to happen but it did so yeah, have a drabble

It’s just past midnight, and as usual, Levi cannot sleep.

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The lyrics to Beyonce’s Formation speak to me on a spiritual level. For me it’s kinda like when J. Cole dropped Apparently. I was in a really bad place in my life, looking and praying for guidance and Jesus kinda just dropped that song in my lap and it just comforted me, it blessed me. The same goes for Formation, but under different circumstances. With Formation I’m in a more developmental stage of my life. The stage in which I am, “building my empire” and hearing Beyonce sing, “I see it, I want it. I dream it, I work hard, I grind til I own it.” Spoke to me. Like God was telling me, “Hey young one, it’s your time. You can do it. Just push yourself and you got it.” And it’s so crazy because my Mom has been preaching these same things to me for years and just 2 weeks ago I could really feel myself beginning to see my vision for the future, where I want my life to go, and just trusting God and planning. But with Formation dropping, all I could think when hearing the lyrics is, “It’s YOUR time.” And I believe it. I BELIEVE that it is my time. I KNOW that it is my time. But it was just God affirming it. It’s MY time ya’ll.


Nicki Minaj taught me how to carry myself with self respect and grace. Her music speaks to me on a spiritual level. Even if she does flop one day I’ll never lose my love and respect for her. She’s the reason Im still alive today and I can never repay her for what she’s done for my self-esteem. But all the 12 year old scene kids wanna hate on her for stupid hoe. Your flop faves can take a seat because the queen is back!!