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Jealous (Niall Horan ft Calum Hood)


:Hey i was wondering if you could do an imagine where your best friends with Niall and your in love with him but he starts seeing Selena Gomez and your heart broken but then you get closer to Calum and he likes you and you start having feelings for Calum and Niall sees this and gets jealous? You can pick the ending.. Sorry if this is confusing..

Hi love, hope this is what you want!

Summary: Niall’s jealousy was rising as he saw you got close to Calum

Warnings: Maybe a few swear words

“Jealousy doesn’t suit you, but it sure made you hot”

“Ugh, you’re getting all the popcorn on me as well!” You scowled at your best friend, who’s lying on the couch eating his food (like always), eyes focusing on the TV screen. Both of you are watching Grease for god knows how many times already, but you’re alright with that, cause he’s Niall fucking Horan. He knows there’s no way you can say no to him. He is your weakness that everyone knows. 

He turns to look at you, his blue eyes spark with amusement when he sees your annoyed face. “Come on, Y/N, I know you love me” He pouts. The one that can’t help but lit up your mood. 

It’s true though. You do love him. Not in a friendly way, you are deeply in love with him. All of his childish actions bring so much light in your life. His endless laughs are always so contagious, from day 1, he’s the cutest thing you’ve ever came across. 

You’ve waited 8 years for him to make a move, hoping one day he’ll admit he’s in love with you as well. There were countless times you wanted to give up, but seeing him over the net surely wasn’t helping at all. Screw him for being in the biggest boy band in the world.

The distant when he was away only let your love for him grew stronger. Now the fact he’s finally home, next to you feel so surreal. 

“Yeah” You breathe out. “More than you think…” You whisper the last part, not wanting him to hear it. Yet. Even though you’ve been dreaming about all the fantasies if you guys are a thing, your friendship is too value to risk.

“Hey Y/N? Can I tell you something?” He looks at you, seriousness lacing in his tone. You know this is going to be some serious shit.

Oh god, is he going to confess?

You swallow, clearing your throat, nervous about what he’s going to say next.

“I’ve been seeing someone…” His cheeks are now colored with red. He’s blushing just by thinking of it.

Is it me?


“Selena Gomez”

You choke up. Selena Gomez? Of course it’s her. How can you be forget about all the articles about the rumors?

So are the rumors real?

“Oh.. Are you serious about this? Like is it in a crush?” You ask hopefully. Crossing your finger, wising this is all some silly crush.

“I actually don’t know Y/N. I really like her”

The voice of your shatter heart is too loud to ignore.


After having yet another heartbreak by your dearest best friend, you’re in your room, tears are now dried. You feel empty. 

Your phone suddenly lit up, you’ve received a new text.

It was from Calum. A friend you’ve got to known when his band, 5 Seconds of Summer was touring with Niall’s. He was nice, kind and a bit cute. But that’s all you are. Friends, just like you and Niall.

“Me and the boys are hanging out, wanna come over?” 

Few seconds later, another text from him popped up.

“We have pizza” You smile at that. He knows you too well.

“Sure. See you in a bit” Quickly typing back a respond, you grab your jacket and was ready to head out when you see Niall is on the couch asleep, you can’t help but stare at his figure.

Tip toeing, you walk to the door. You’re hand is already on the knob, one foot away from stepping outside until you hear movement behind you.

“Where’re ya going?” 

You turn to face him, heart beating so fast it’s hard to breathe.

Will he be jealous?  

“I’m heading to Calum’s”

“Hood?” He raises his brows. 

The next sentence caught you by surprise.

“Can I come too?”


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