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Not bashing Mack here, I really like his character, but I'm just genuinely curious; did he base his Simmons conclusion on the incident he walked in on? I'm assuming he's seen more than we have but it couldn't have been that many incidents, she just got back? Anyway. Also, do you think if fitzsimmons talked about their problems it would help enough that fitz wouldn't be worse around Simmons? That would be fantastic but seems impossible? The only thing that'd help heal is time at this point.

These are very interesting questions, anon. I’ll do my best to answer them but I’m afraid it’ll all be speculation at this point.

I think I’ve said before that I love Mack’s character for many reasons, just a few of them being that he doesn’t beat around the bush and that he’s both managed to 1) make Fitz feel like his opinions and work are validated and 2) inform Simmons of the reason why Fitz thinks she left (a reason he would’ve probably never said out loud). Yes, what he said to Simmons was a low blow and added to the heaps of guilt she’s already feeling. But I think I’ve also said that I don’t think Mack will be calling her out as much anymore. Because I don’t know how he could’ve seen her face when she said, “I know. Why do you think I left?” and not realize how much she genuinely cares about Fitz. He’s too smart and too intuitive not to at least understand that maybe he hasn’t gotten the full picture (which he most certainly hasn’t).

To answer your question, though, I think Mack has been quietly observing Fitz since Simmons got back (remember, when she was talking to Skye, she mentioned that she’s been watching Ward “every day since [she] got back,” so she’s been at the Playground for at least a few days). I don’t think his conclusions were based solely on that one small interaction he walked in on. He’s had some time to watch them, and Fitz specifically. And he’s probably noticed that Fitz seems to stutter and have more trouble getting his words out when she’s around. The last scene we saw Fitz talking to Mack, in “Face My Enemy,” when he gave his speech about “there was this girl I like,” he didn’t stutter once. In that entire scene with him and Hunter, he didn’t stutter or lose his words once. Now, that’s not to say he’d made a complete recovery, but the point is that he actually was getting better. And now that the real Simmons has returned, Mack sees him struggling again and draws the conclusion that she actually hinders his recovery, a conclusion that she has made herself, a conclusion that is absolutely heartbreaking but given the data that they’ve both been given is logical.

Of course the data is flawed. The data doesn’t take into account that FitzSimmons needs to talk about things. No, anon, I don’t think talking will solve all of Fitz’s problems, but it’ll be a start. Fitz needs to know the real reason why Simmons left, even if it hurts. Fitz needs to know that she didn’t leave because of what he told her in the med pod. Fitz needs to know that Simmons would never in a million years think he was useless. Fitz needs to know that he’s the hero. But Fitz isn’t the only one. Simmons needs to know that she’s the hero too. Simmons needs to know that Fitz doesn’t blame her for what happened to him. Simmons needs to know that Fitz would never in a million years blame her for the way he is, even if he wonders why she didn’t just leave him at the bottom of the sea like he asked her to. Simmons needs to know that she didn’t force him to follow her into the field, he chose to follow her, because he would follow her anywhere. Simmons needs to know that everything that has happened to them, to him, is not her fault

No, I don’t think talking about things will make Fitz magically better around Simmons. But my goodness, it will be a start.

Pictured is our mystery individual from the very end of the Danganronpa V3 trailer. Unfortunately, it is impossible to ascertain who she might be from this snapshot alone. She appears to be a student of Hope’s Peak academy based on the characteristic brown blazer.

While I do not want to jump to wild conclusions based on a single fuzzy image, if I had to speculate on her identity then I would wager that she is Nanami Chiaki, based solely on the fact that she is the only previous character that wore clothing with oversized sleeves. Of course, this would be a rather hard pill to swallow given her status as an intangible AI and subsequent “death” in Super Danganronpa 2.