this concert is on youtube btw


And this happened 😂 basically my interpretation of what happened haha its funny tho “ btw guys i actually uploaded the full video in YT but it was blocked but guess what? i will still upload it somewhere when i got home i’ll just dm the link for those in need 😘😘😘 .

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Taejin and Staring (Preview)

So Taejin, huh. Been pretty real these days or well always. They can’t keep their eyes off eachother- well actually Jin can’t keep his off Taehyung. I had a lot of Taehyung staring at Jin moments and I was delightfully surprised. But like in the full version I don’t think they’ll be much of him staring at Jin in 2016 since.. He just didn’t well do it. 2017 is a different story- but id have much of that either cuz 2017 has been full of concerts. *screams internally*. Btw I’m uploading the full on my YouTube since Tumblr doesn’t support whatever gigabytes. This is for all the taejin fanatics and my precious followers because there needs to be a video out there that showcases their eyes love for eachother-


TF2 youtuber with Miss Pauling, a BLU Scout and P-san goes to anime event in the Philippines.

Nah I just modified my BLU Engie costume into Uncle Dane’s engie loadout.

Btw this was fcking fun but the event itself wasn’t. The lines for the tickets were bullshit (especially for the ppl who preordered tickets online) and apparently the concert hall’s clamor vibrating throughout half of the event stalls side. Seriously it felt dizzying and scary that the floor (Cosmania’s hall was on the third floor) felt it was ABOUT TO FUCKING COLLAPSE!

Stayes for long to find this RED Scout running around. Too bad we didn’t meet the RED Heavy and Hotdog scout personally during the event as they went on saturday (we went sunday tho).

Hopefully I can retire my BLU Engineer cosplay now that I got to cosplay a TF2 Youtuber with it.

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You have the thing from Harry's Tour Merch as your mobile background for your aesthetic Blog!! Sorry, got kinda excited when I saw that! And, I was on your Instagram/YouTube the other day (pinky promise I'm not stalkin' ya') and you went to Harry's FIRST SOLO CONCERT. IM SO GLAD FOR U!! U DESERVE TO BE THE ONE UP FRONT!! I hope Fall is good for you &btw How's your FIRST FALL - since you said there aren't very PRECISE seasons in Texas? -Fellow Directioner (frm long time ago, u might remember?).

haha hello friend!!! yes yes i’m very excited to experience proper seasons, texas is always just a bit hot and sweaty lolol

the tour was incredible and amazing and such a gift <33333

- the only picture I took inside the hall btw because taking out your phone during concerts sucks A LOT, listen to me -

As some of you may already know, I’ve been to ONE OK ROCK’s concert in Cologne yesterday and because I arrived at the venue pretty early in the morning, I got the chance to talk to some of the guys, especially Taka.

We arrived at the venue at 9:30am and were almost the first ones in the line (this payed off later because we got a really good place in the concert hall!). As ONE OK ROCK’s tour bus arrived we all admired how skilled their bus driver was, because damn, I couldn’t even do what he did with my car tbh. From afar we were able to watch Ryota brushing his teeth, which was super duper interesting as you probably can imagine.

Later, when they (Ryota, Taka and Toru) first came out of the building we didn’t really do anything except for saying “good morning” and “slept well?” (when I asked them the latter, all three of them looked at me like “???” and I had to do movements to make them understand and eventually they said yes, haha). When they left and walked around the corner, probably to get food, a girl that was standing with us went all like “I was waiting for you to ask them for pictures, my English is too bad!”, haha. Actually I was thinking that leaving them alone for now was more polite because they probably wanted to eat something or take a smoke in peace instead of having all their fans jump at them as soon as they would come out. The security guy (he was hilarious btw, if you see this, Security Guy: you rock!) told us that there was no back entrance so they had to come back on the same road.

They eventually came back and kind of everyone was waiting for me to ask for pictures (at least they looked like that because they stared at me and Alina was even like “please ask Toru for me, okay??” haha). To my question whether we could take pics, Taka replied with “sure!”. Tbh I don’t know where Ryota went after he came back with Taka and Toru because I had to take pictures of my friend with Toru and Taka and therefore left sight of him. :c

- my picture with Toru + the one I took of my friend with Alina making Toru cheat on Taka in the bg lmao -

After I got my picture with Toru (Alina was so surprised about his hight, haha) I decided to ask Taka something that had been bothering me a lot lately: if they’d release something in Japanese soon. I cannot really remember what he said exactly, but it somehow went like this:

Me: Are you planning to release something in Japanese soon? Because we miss you singing Japanese. I know it’s been your dream ever since to be globally known and it is your decision anyway, but singing in English AND Japanese is what you became famous for after all.
Taka: I know, it’s actually easier for me to write songs in Japanese. It’s our manager and new lable that wants us to sing more English.
Me: What the hell? But you can still release Japanese songs in Japan, because it’s a different lable there, no?
Taka: An album?
Me: No, no, a single for example.
Taka: Yes!
Me: Please do, we really miss you singing in Japanese!
Taka: We will, promise!

I then complimented his English, because DAMN it became so good, for real! He understood everything I told him and gave grammatically correct answers (this sounds stupid, but I really didn’t expect him to because I still remember his interviews from 2014, ahaha).

Me: Your English became really good btw!
*crowd agrees*
Taka: Really? Thank you!
Me: Yes, really! I remember your interviews from 2014, they were pretty embarrassing to be honest.
Taka: *covers his eyes* (he really did that, how cute is that??) Ughh, I knoooowww…
*crowd laughs*
Girl: How did you learn so fast though?
Taka: By speaking only. I’m too lazy to study. *laughs*
Me: Are you the best in speaking English from the band now?
Taka: I hope so! *laughs*

Taka was super super kind! He seemed to be a little tired but he still took a lot of time to talk to us. I’m a little sad that I had no chance to talk to Toru, because now I still don’t know how good his English actually is. Also, I totally forgot to ask Taka for a picture, because we were talking for so long, hahaha. 10/10 @myself.

- Alina and I in front of the entrance ~ -

The concert itself was really great too! I already saw them live 2 times before (2013 in Bonn and 2014 in Munich) but they still were as powerful as always! I wasn’t a big fan of the setlist but I enjoyed every second anyway! Something that was kind of bothering me was that Taka sung several songs in English only (Cry out, Mighty Long Fall, Decision…) and therefore I couldn’t sing along because AHAHAHA lyrics. We Came As Romans was super cool too btw! I didn’t enjoy their songs too much when I checked them out on youTube before, but when they performed them live, Alina and I were headbanging to all of their songs like crazy (neck is hurting a lot now, btw).

As Taka announced that they’d perform Heartache in Japanese, the crowd went crazy and during the song he let us sing several Japanese lines (his smile to that was priceless asdfjgjfnjdg, my son) and I desperately hope that he realized by now that their fans really do miss them singing in Japanese. ;;^;;
We’ve got a lot of “I love you”s from Taka that night, hahaha. I think especially he was really enjoying that concert. c:

- Alina and I in Taka’s instagram video haha -


hii taylorswift so I decided to use tumblr because I feel like if you can, I can too. I promise all my posts won’t be this long but I decided to tell you a little bit about myself and how you’ve impacted my life. I’m 16, I live in Michigan, and I’ve loved you for 8 years and counting, I’ve seen you in concert 4 times and this may will be my 5th. I saw you in concert for the first time when I was 12 and it was honestly the most magical time of my life.I remember staying on youtube for hours, showing all of my friends and family your music videos (which I still do to this day, btw), I remember how in 2006, if I mentioned your name, hardly anyone knew who you were, and now you’re bigger than life and I couldn’t be more proud of you. I’m kind of just rambling on but I wanted to thank you for always being there. that sounds so cliche and you’ve probably heard that 1 million times, but it’s true. I’m that girl that’s always alone and I’m that girl that’s always being made fun of, but thinking of you and knowing that you were once in that position, and now you’re more successful than any of those people that made fun of you and doubted you, makes me feel a little better. you’ve taught me that those whispers behind your back don’t define you, that despite those people that drag you down, you can always end up on top, and even though i have bad days where I feel like there’s no end to all of this, I know that I’ll always have you. I’m sorry for ranting I love you bye❤️

Dear taylorswift
My name is Mariel KacyClavecillas…. I’m a swiftie from the Philippines. I have been a swiftie since I heard the song teardrops on my guitar on the radio and approximately im a swiftie for about 7 years..I listen to ur music every day and I listen to holy ground like 20 times a day and im not exaggerating things,, in the morning I would wake up and search for my phone to play ur songs bc I just really love hearing your voice in the morning and when shake it off is playing I would dance the most awkward step ever made in the history of dancing..,, ur music had help me through my hardships in life ..I kind of grow up with ur a kid u are my inspiration and now that im 15 I still look up to you.. we haven’t met yet(I still plan on meeting u someday but I don’t know how)  but I really wish I could meet u because u hold a special place in my heart and meeting u would really make my dreams come true (though I kind of doubt that I will meet u because 1. I am from the Philippines and u are from New York and the distance between our hometown is a thousand miles 2. Concert tickets are expensive and I can’t afford to buy a VIP ticket because I don’t have that amount of money that can afford front row seats..( I only rely on promos and raffles but unfortunately I hadn’t won any promos and raffles )…. knowing that u interact with ur fans in tumblr by #Taylurking makes me so happy because at least I have a chance to get your attention (though the probability of u seeing this post is like only  5% because of the other swifties calling for your attention, but I’d take any chances just for u  to notice me..  every day I would check my tumblr if u finally notice me but still no luck so I will keep on mentioning u in my post until u finally notice me…. I’ve got a couple of friends who support me on my mission on getting u to notice me and I love them for it, they are always there for me and they always support me…  one of my biggest regret in life is not being able to watch the red concert live..  I have watched it in youtube a couple of times now… but the first time that I watched it tears were pouring down my cheeks bc rly want to watch the red concert live bc I rly want to see u perform live bc u are such a great performer and bc seeing u perform live would fulfill my dreams ,and bcI love all ur songs(btw I love all ur ALBUMS especially 1989) …. But now that the 1989 tour is coming up im really curios if Philippines is included in the tour dates bc so far I hadn’t seen any single date in the Philippines for the 1989 tour…. U said in ur concert while u were in manila that u have been in the Philippines twice pls make it thrice and add a date for the Philippines  for ur tour.. im sure a lot of Filipino swiftie would be so elated if they find out that u will again perform in our country… pls tell me taylorswift if the Philippines is included in the dates forthe1989 world tour bc  if u will come back here I better start saving some money so I can afford front row seat  and be able to see u live…. I LOVE U SO MUCH taylorswift ….. if u notice me im pretty sure that it would take years for me to recover….. again I <3 u taylorswift … pls notice my blog…..

sorry for the bad English and wrong grammar 