this company better be good

 100  more  random  sentence  starters.

  1. ❛ A champion blanket listens underneath a gene. ❜ 
  2. ❛ Why does a saint discriminate? ❜ 
  3. ❛ You should always be careful what you wish for. ❜ 
  4. ❛ I can find everything I need under one roof. ❜ 
  5. ❛ Don’t step on the broken glass. ❜ 
  6. ❛ I checked to make sure that they were still alive. ❜ 
  7. ❛ I’d rather be a bird than a fish. ❜ 
  8. ❛ A glittering gem is not enough. ❜ 
  9. ❛ If I don’t like something, I’ll stay away from it. ❜ 
  10. ❛ I will never be this young again. Ever. ❜ 
  11. ❛ Please wait outside of the house. ❜
  12. ❛ Lets all be unique together until we realize we are all the same. ❜ 
  13. ❛ The memory we used to share is no longer coherent. ❜ 
  14. ❛ I want to buy a onesie… but know it won’t suit me. ❜  
  15. ❛ Wait, if I didn’t do it and you didn’t do it.. then who did? ❜ 
  16. ❛ You mean to tell me all this time you were lying? ❜ 
  17. ❛ I’ll never trust you again, if that’s what you were aiming for. ❜ 
  18. ❛ Things just seem to continue to get worse and worse. ❜   
  19. ❛ I will not stand by and let this happen! ❜ 
  20. ❛ I want you to know, that it’s our time. ❜ 
  21. ❛ You and me run the came course. ❜ 
  22. ❛ No offense but you really are a bad lair. ❜   
  23. ❛ It only shows you’re not a robot. ❜ 
  24. ❛ I’m not going anywhere with you ever again. ❜ 
  25. ❛ Is that a threat or a promise? ❜ 
  26. ❛ What the hell? You embarrassed me back there in front of everyone! ❜ 
  27. ❛ Honestly, how do you sleep at night? If you even do.. ❜ 
  28. ❛ For a minute there, I almost believed you. ❜ 
  29. ❛ Can you teach me to lie? It’s just.. you know, you’re good at it. ❜ 
  30. ❛ I just wanted you to like me is all. ❜ 
  31. ❛ I don’t appreciate your sarcasm right now. ❜ 
  32. ❛ There is no point of running away form a sniper. ❜ 
  33. ❛ Sometimes even when you brake you can’t stop. ❜ 
  34. ❛ It is not bad if you got stood up, it is worse if you liked it. ❜ 
  35. ❛ There’s good climate in heaven, but a better company in hell. ❜ 
  36. ❛ A bright mind is a necessity while shopping. ❜ 
  37. ❛ There’s a dark side and light side and it holds the universe together. ❜ 
  38. ❛ I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again! ❜ 
  39. ❛ You have an act for showing up unannounced. ❜ 
  40. ❛ The real trouble with reality is that there’s no background music. ❜ 
  41. ❛ Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege. ❜ 
  42. ❛ You can’t be late until you show up. ❜ 
  43. ❛ A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic. ❜ 
  44. ❛ You never learn anything by doing it right. ❜ 
  45. ❛ If you’re gonna go, go obnoxiously. ❜ 
  46. ❛ You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. ❜ 
  47. ❛ Do you really believe that killing is going to make up for it all? ❜ 
  48. ❛ The grass is never greener on the other side, stop looking at it. ❜ 
  49. ❛ Do you think we’ll ever be able to come back from all this? ❜ 
  50. ❛ I don’t think I could ever come back from all this. ❜ 
  51. ❛ We all have our place and each us are important for this place. ❜ 
  52. ❛ I thought you would have forgotten all about me. ❜ 
  53. ❛ If love is great then why has it broken so many hearts? ❜ 
  54. ❛ It is not love that breaks the heart. It is betrayal. ❜ 
  55. ❛ Absence makes the heart grow fonder. ❜ 
  56. ❛ If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it loved you too. ❜ 
  57. ❛ You could always get a dog or a cat, to help with being lonely. ❜ 
  58. ❛ I didn’t kill anybody! It wasn’t me! It was you! ❜   
  59. ❛ The fact that you’re totally oblivious, just amazes me. ❜ 
  60. ❛ I’m not here for you, so you can stop smiling at me now. ❜ 
  61. ❛ I’m completely surrounded by idiots. ❜ 
  62. ❛ What are you doing? We don’t give up. ❜ 
  63. ❛ What’s this? What am I supposed to do with it? ❜ 
  64. ❛ Are you really ready to start the chapter of your life? ❜ 
  65. ❛ Look, if I’ve heard one sob story then I’ve heard them all. ❜
  66. ❛ Is it really that hard for you to be humble? ❜ 
  67. ❛ I will relish the day you are captured and hung. ❜ 
  68. ❛ Do not take my kindness as a weakness. ❜ 
  69. ❛ Are you stupid enough to be challenging me right now? ❜ 
  70. ❛ If you want to leave, fine. I’ll hold the door open for you. ❜ 
  71. ❛ Go on and leave, if that’s what you want. No love lost or found here. ❜
  72. ❛ If you kick me while I’m down you better pray I don’t get back up. ❜
  73. ❛ I don’t think I have anymore fight left in me. ❜
  74. ❛ I cherish every word that you speak to my heart. ❜
  75. ❛ Is that really your best at trying to sound endearing? ❜  
  76. ❛ If you leave now, you better not return! I will have you locked away! ❜
  77. ❛ You can’t make me leave! This is my house! I pay the bills here! ❜
  78. ❛ I’m beginning to think you’re stalking me, you know.. ❜
  79. ❛ Are you following me? I’m pretty sure you’re following me.. ❜
  80. ❛ Just remember, where there is smoke, there is a fire. ❜
  81. ❛ Please, underestimate me! My favorite thing is proving people wrong. ❜
  82. ❛ I love your perfume! What is that? The stench of death? ❜
  83. ❛ You think I won’t cut you, but I will so cut you. ❜
  84. ❛ No offense, but you really creep me out sometimes. Like right now.
  85. ❛ I thought we were friends and you do something like this…..
  86. ❛ I don’t think I could ever grow tired of you. ❜
  87. ❛ Can you not take a hint? Make a move on me already! ❜
  88. ❛ You was that you were kissing over there? Not that I was watching.. ❜
  89. ❛ I see you peeking at me from your window all the time. ❜
  90. ❛ Wait! Wait, no! This isn’t what it looks like! I swear! ❜  
  91. ❛ Why are you always following me? Someone put you up to this? ❜
  92. ❛ You kind of remind me of someone from my past. ❜
  93. ❛ You always know what to say to cheer me up, I’m lucky to have you. ❜
  94. ❛ I haven’t kissed anyone other than you, stop accusing me! ❜
  95. ❛ Well, let’s just put it this way, I’d only break your heart. ❜
  96. ❛ You think you scare me? I don’t scare easily though… ❜
  97. ❛ You’ve mistaken me for someone who gives a shit. ❜
  98. ❛ Trust is like glass, once it’s broken, it can never be the same again. ❜
  99. ❛ I can’t believe you can’t even apologize! ❜
  100. ❛ You make me sick to my stomach and I’d rather never see you again. ❜

Always surround yourself with good company. And better if they share your passion.

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Sterek + 14

14. “How was I supposed to know there was someone in the trunk? I was just stealing the car not trying to kidnap you!”

Accidental Interagency Cooperation
Read on Ao3

Stiles genuinely loved going undercover, it was fun to infiltrate different groups and gangs and he was good at it.  He was so damn good at it, maybe too good at it. 

He had been undercover for three months now, this time infiltrating a ring of human traffickers in New York. This time it was deep cover, something he had only done a few times before, but the FBI had given him all the training he needed to take on this mission. 

The whole undercover thing was going pretty well, all things considered, he had gotten pretty much every bit of evidence that he needed when his cover was compromised and he was forced to bolt. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Stiles muttered to himself as he bobbed and weaved through the streets of Manhattan with one of the smuggler’s low level henchmen ran after him. 

“I need a car,” Stiles said to himself, looking at the cars that were slowly moving along the street. He spotted a silver sedan at a red light and he dodged into traffic before he knocked on the driver’s side window, “FBI I’m commandeering this car.”

The driver looked panicked but opened the door and Stiles slid into the driver’s seat, not caring that what he had just done was probably not entirely legal, he needed to get to the Bureau now that his cover was blown. He just hoped that Finstock had gotten his message and had sent the team in before the crew scattered.

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any cute mcspirk headcanons about bones overworking himself? two space husbands come to the rescue?

  • Bones is exhausted when he comes home from a double shift in med bay. Understandably so, of course, but Jim feels sorry nonetheless. “Sit down,” he orders his boyfriend, pulling the other against his chest when they’re on the couch, and he presses his hands on Bones’ shoulders for a well deserved massage. Bones nods off to sleep almost instantly. 
  • Spock finds Bones sitting at his desk. He’s going through that old fashioned paperwork. Probably decided to do some late night reading, but he’s fallen asleep at his desk. Briefly, Spock considers waking him. Instead, though, he finds a spare blanket in the bedroom, and he gently puts it around the doctor’s shoulders.
  • “Why don’t you take the weekend off?” Jim suggests quietly. Bones shakes his head. “James, we are three men down in the med bay right now. Chapel has been sick, like a lot of the crew, and M'Benga has been on personal leave for at least another month.” “Okay,” Jim says, “we can get some cadets to shadow you,” Jim suggests. Bones is lying on the couch, his own arm thrown over his eyes to fight the already dim light in Jim’s quarters. “I don’t want no damn untrained cadets messing around with my patients nor my medical files,” Bones complains, and Jim sits down next to him. “You can’t do all that work by yourself,” he says, and Bones simply shrugs. “Someone’s gotta do the work on this mess of a ship.”
  • “Doctor McCoy,” Spock says when he enters Bones’ office. “What can I do for you, Legolas?” Bones asks, without looking up at the other. Spock frowns at that remark, raising his eyebrow curiously. Maybe a little offended, too. “I have a few symptoms I would like you to take a look at,” Spock finally says. That makes Bones look up almost instantly. “What’s the matter?” He asks, standing up to instead let Spock sit down on his chair. “I don’t think it’s very severe,” Spock says. “I’ll be the judge of that, darlin’,” Bones says, “now tell me what’s wrong.” Spock explains his symptoms, and Bones listens quietly. Fatigue, forgetfulness, being asleep without really resting, “-and a distinct lack of appetite in both food and sexual activity.” “You’ve never had an appetite in food,” Bones says, “and I’ve not noticed anything regarding the latter.” “Can you just give me your diagnosis, Leonard?” “Sounds like you’re close to a burnout,” Bones says, “you should consider taking a medical leave before your symptoms progress.” “Hm,” Spock replies simply. “I’m serious, Spock,” Bones says, “if these are the things you’re struggling with, then I’ll schedule you off duty for the next few weeks. You’ve been working hard enough as it is.” “I wasn’t referring to my own symptoms,” Spock says, “I was referring to yours. I find your diagnosis to be accurate.” “No,” Bones says, “get out of my office, I have work to do.“ 
  • “Well, what do we do?” Jim asks. They’re both in bed, but Bones is still at work. It’s not something either of them agree with, but they are quite understaffed after their last attack. Especially med bay suffered there, and Bones feels the consequences of that daily. Jim and Spock suffer, too, but not to the same degree. “He doesn’t want any assistance from the cadets,” Spock says, and Jim nods. “I know.” He rolls over on his side, fingers gently brushing over Spock’s cheek. “What should we do?” Spock turns, too, and Jim’s pretty sure the other leans in for a kiss, but instead, Spock reaches out for the PADD on his nightstand instead. Jim’s a little bummed out at that, but he doesn’t say anything, instead he watches Spock quietly. “What’s up?” Jim asks. “Bones doesn’t allow cadets to assist him on his shifts,” Spock says, and Jim nods. “I know, what about it?” “What do you suggest about a captain and a first officer assisting him?” Spock suggests, and Jim sits up straight. “Let’s do it.”
  • Bones doesn’t agree, of course he doesn’t. But Jim and Spock ignore that much, and instead help Bones wrap up his work sooner. Bones passes out shortly after they arrive back to the quarters, and Jim purposely shuts off his morning alarm to let the other sleep in. Sulu takes over command on the bridge while Jim and Spock tend to the wounded the best they can. Some of that medical equipment doesn’t require a lot of careful work, other things require a bit more research. Really, Jim patches people up with bandaids and bandages more than actual equipment. Spock does his research, asks medical cadets for help anyway. They can’t really do any of the complicated treatments, or advice anyone of medication, but the least they can do is clean up the archives, document everything, and prepare the patients for Bones to look at. If anything, it saves Bones a couple hours of daylight where he can rest with the two of them.
  • Gradually, Bones starts feeling better. Less exhausted, taking more time to bicker with Jim and Spock about their varying opinions. Chapel comes back, and they divide shifts. Bones is permanently tired, that is nothing new, but at least he’s able to get his rest back. He starts drinking again in Jim’s company, and that’s a good start. Even better, though, is when M'Benga returns, too. Bones is truly his old self when Jim finds himself in bed at night, Bones’ hand sneaking around his waist and warm lips kiss his neck. “What is this?” Jim asks, though he’s more than happy to accept. Jim leans in for a kiss, but instead, Bones leans away. Lame. Though, watching Bones lean over Jim to instead kiss Spock, that isn’t such a bad sight. “You’re your old self again, huh?” Jim asks, smiling when the other finally kisses him, too. Bones simply shrugs. “I have some energy to spare.”
The Universe (Lin x Reader) Soulmate AU Platonic

WC: 4185 (I don’t think I’ve ever written a one shot this long before)

A/N: I’m basing this off of a fic I read a little bit ago that had this same AU. I thought the idea was great so I wrote my own fic with it. For clarification, Writing will always be italicized, and Lin’s will always be bolded. I’m really proud of this one!

When Lin turned 20, he received a notebook in the mail. It was red and spiral bound, looking pristine as notebooks of the same kind did when you first bought them. This notebook wasn’t for the countless lectures left in Lin’s college career. Instead, it gave him a form of communication with his soulmate. The pages were blank, meaning Lin had turned 20 first. There was no way of knowing who was on the other side until they were in possession of their own notebook.

Lin sat down with his nicest pen and wrote the first entry.

Dear Soulmate,

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Keiii first of all I just wanna say thank you for your art and really fun characters. I love them all. But Nuri in particular stands out to me she reminds me a lot of my friend (sorry this is really cheesy) who unfortunately isnt with us anymore. I miss her but I honestly feel like your characters are kinda like friends to me in a way. I just enjoy seeing them and look forward to your art when im on tumblr. Thank you so so much for your art <33

Seeing that funny and adorable drawing of Nuri cornering Gio makes me feel like my friend is at a better place with good company. Sorry for this depressing ask. But please keep on arting and keep on being yourself, you are doing amazing and i wish you nothing but the best in the future <3 Thank you

!!! I’m really speechless! But thank you so much for this!! I wish the same for you as well!! <333

Try Not To Laugh (Youtubers Imagine)

Characters: Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) & Sean McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye)

Fandom: Youtubers

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: Try Not To Laugh

Requested by anon:

Hello! :) I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is having a rough week or something and her YouTube friends (i don’t really care which youtubers :3) make her a video trying to cheer the reader up! Thankyou :)

I groaned in exasperation when the doorbell rang.

I put my laptop away and stood up from the couch to go open the door even if I had no idea who could it be.

“Who is it?” I tiredly asked, still feeling as apathetic and blue as I had been these days.

All that came from the other side of the door was just mumbling nonsense and gibberish, but I did hear laughs and giggles.

Curious and baffled, I opened the door to find face to face with no other than Mark and Jack.

“I should have known it was you two” I mumbled feebly as I opened the door.

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Just Hufflepuff things...

• Good food
• Music
• Sweet smelling candles
• Coffee, hot and always
• Clothes that make you feel pretty
• Spending time with your favourite people always makes you feel better
• Warm days
• Sunshine and good company
• Dancing like an idiot to your favorite song
• Which is probably a huge guilty pleasure song
• Baths with colourful bath bombs and other smelly things

Moonlight & Christmas Lights

(Everlark - a Continuation of Mistletoe and Majoram)

Hello!  I originally wrote Mistletoe and Majoram for Winter’s in Panem, December 2015.@sunfishdunes is always pushing me to continue my stories, so I finally wrote another chapter for her. So this is dedicated to her, an incredible person who’s kind of a badass. I am so grateful to have met her in this crazy place called Tumblr. And to think it all started with grey nail polish. 

I hope you all enjoy!

The sound of laughter ripples downstairs intermixing with party music I am so tired of hearing incessantly thumping. I shove my clothes in my suitcase with more force than necessary, ready to get the hell out of my family’s house before the party really gets started. A stupid rebellious tear escapes, falling onto a shirt, and I wipe the trail from my cheek quickly before it encourages anymore to come.

What are you doing? You can’t be leaving now?!” I turn around to see my sister at the doorway, a look of distress lining her pretty face. It’s hard to face her when she looks so upset, especially considering I’m the cause, so I turn around and stuff my clothes in my suitcase faster.

“Look, it’s better that I go home Prim. I’m not good company right now and I’ll just bring down everyone’s celebratory mood. Who’s gonna want to hang out with the gloomy loner at the party.”

“No you won’t,” she argues, and I just lift an eyebrow at her and slumps in defeat. We both fully know that I have the unique ability to suck the life out of the room when I’m in a bad mood.

I zip my suitcase with finality, and lug it with me towards Prim and better yet, the exit. “Just call me when you get home so I know you got their safe. There are a lot of crazy drivers out there right now,” she says in defeat.

I almost feel bad for a moment, and then I remember she has her handsome fiance waiting to give a champagne toast with her. And I think of all the couples up there, happy and having a great year. Hell even my mom found love with our gruff neighborhor Haymitch. Only I am the loser with no luck, and I’m not in the place to see everyone else in their joy.

“I will Little Duck. And congratulations on your engagement. I really mean it, even if I kinda threatened him if he hurt you. Rory is a good kid and I know he’ll make you happy.” I go in for a quick hug but she pulls me in tighter, so I give in and melt into it, squeezing her tight.

“I know I shouldn’t say anything,” she whispers in my ear, “but I hope you and Peeta work out. I know he made you happy. Try and talk to him.” I blink away some tears before pulling away and grabbing my suitcase again.

“Maybe I will,” I answer, giving an empty promise. Because I am going to continue to avoid him as much as physically possible like I have for over a month. I’m just counting the days for my school term to be over so I can move far away from him and try to forget he exists. She squeezes my hand gently with eyes shining with hope and I turn away, heading to the back of the house so I can avoid as many partygoers as possible.

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Boyfriend Hansol
  • yes my busan prince has a request ( finally omg )
  • big shoutout to the anon who requested this ,
  • and also for @anoukpower for requesting too !!
  • sm better debut him soon he deserves more
  • im weak for him too so this might get really fluffy idek
  • and also this marks the very last post of the boyfriend! series i had alot of fun writing for all the 17 boys ( i cant believe i actually did all of that too ) but there are still many more scenarios and au’s to come so feel free to request ~
  • okay let’s go

  • so you have been friends with yuta since like forever

  • his friends are your friends and vice versa with him
  • so it wasn’t much a surprise when yuta suddenly introduced you to hansol one day
  • but something about him was just different but you couldn’t seem to find out what it was
  • back to hansol ,
  • when he first greeted you he said it in a monotone without much expression
  • “nice to meet you , yuta’s friend . i’m Hansol ”
  • “ haha nice to meet you , Y/N here ”
  • /gives a small smile and says nothing else/
  • then he acts as if nothing happened and goes back to listening to the conversation
  • and throughout the whole time he doesnt even glance at you
  • he hardly smiled too
  • you highkey thought he actually disliked you and you also scolded yuta for forcing him to join since he didn’t look too happy
  • little did you know he was just shy and wanted to seem like a tough man infront of you
  • and he’s an awkward little bean so he didn’t know what else to say
  • and he was the one who begged yuta to introduced you to him
  • “ yuta-ah , hyung needs help ”
  • “ what is it ? ”
  • “ your best friend … she’s really pretty ”
  • “ are you interested in her ? ”
  • “ …. ”
  • “ what do you want me to do ? ”
  • “ introduce her maybe .. ? ”
  • “ hm … not until you treat me to a meal ”
  • and just like that , for the sake of getting to know you hansol burnt a hole in his wallet because yuta just had to pick a 5 star high class restaurant which caused 50$ a dish
  • yuta you asshole
  • soon enough he began hanging out with the both of you more ,
  • and you’d slowly notice him looking at you from time to time ,
  • and how he’d blush a little when you got too near
  • one day you fell ill and yuta was busy so he couldn’t rush over to attend to you just in time
  • and once hansol heard about it he rushed over to your house within like 0.2983293secs
  • he wrapped you up in thick blankets
  • and offered to cook for you
  • and he attended to all your needs despite being tired
  • soon after he fell asleep beside your bed with his head in his arms
  • and you couldn’t help but take in every detail of his features
  • you were utterly touched and stunned by his caring side
  • which he hardly ever showed to others
  • after this incident the both of you grew closer
  • and yuta being himself , he teases the both of you a lot
  • “ wow Y/N , 8 years of friendship gone just like that because of hyung , bye i’m off ”
  • “ why are you saying this yuta ”
  • “ because someone’s been stealing my bestfriend /eyes hansol/ ”
  • “ i did not steal her ”
  • “ and i’m not even yours wth yuta ew ”
  • “ you’re not mine but you should be his ”
  • then the both of you stare awkwardly at each other
  • blushing like mad
  • then two weeks later he showed up at your house ,
  • and he passed you a small notebook
  • and when you read the contents of it you almost cried
  • because it was hansol’s daily journal/daily entry of his feelings for you
  • all for 4 months
  • and you hugged him so tightly he almost choked
  • and when you tell him you like him too
  • he smiles like crazy and immediately pecks your forehead
  • so cute aw -and when the two of you cuddled in bed together that night ,
  • he thought you were still asleep so he called yuta to fanboy over the news
  • when in fact you were lying in his arms trying hard not to laugh
  • “ hyung did it !! guess who’s my girlfriend now ? ”
  • “ she’s so cute ”
  • “ ahh i love her so much ”
  • honestly the type of boyfriend which helps you in everything ,
  • he tries to cook for you ,
  • buy gifts
  • and he likes to compliment you , but very lowkey though
  • and he doesnt show much affection , but on days when he’s in a good mood ,
  • he hugs you really tightly , and loves burying his face in your hair
  • pecks on the cheeks too !!
  • even though he seems manly and tough he’s actually a really big softie
  • he’s too shy to even initiate kisses on the lips so you’re always the one doing so
  • and when you do he blushes like crazy
  • for like one whole hour
  • he’s so tol you look so tiny beside him
  • so he loves having his arms around your shoulder ,
  • and resting his head on yours
  • lots of backhugs too aw
  • it started when he was busy with work one day ,
  • so you crept up behind him and gave him a backhug
  • he froze at first but he turned around and hugged you back without saying any words
  • from that day on he loves surprising you with backhugs , and catching you offguard makes him giggle like a small kid all the time
  • when he gets jealous though , he gets really confident and starts speaking more ,
  • when normally he’s just quiet and not saying much
  • “ baby do you want to go home now ? ”
  • “ it’s still early hansol , is something wrong ? ”
  • “ he’s getting too close to you ”
  • “ babe he’s only my friend , you don’t need to worry ”
  • “ i love you ”
  • and that was the first time he ever said those three words first to you ,
  • both sincerely and genuinely
  • you were so touched and happy you agreed to leave early with him in the end
  • he has your picture set as his phone’s lockscreen
  • and on yours , it’s a picture of him sleeping on your lap
  • and he blushes everytime he sees that picture because your hand was on his head , your fingers touching his hair
  • when couple fight happens he’s always the first one to apologise
  • and he’s always on the verge of crying because he cant bear to leave you
  • yuta also plays an important in helping y'all to patch up ,
  • he’d lecture you with his wise words on the choices and decisions you should be making
  • and he reminds you of all the times hansol has been there for you at your lowest points when he couldn’t be
  • and when you broke down after you heard his words ,
  • yuta called hansol right away
  • and like always , he appeared within seconds and he comforted you
  • okay ngl but lots of binge-watching of animes & probably cartoon shows together
  • when he first told you he liked watching them you were shocked at first before y'all dated ,
  • “ you’re turning 23 soon hansol ”
  • “ but it’s really nice , i can guarantee ”
  • “ okay … but what if it isn’t ? ”
  • “ it is ”
  • and he said it with so much confidence you couldn’t help but watch it with him
  • now both of you are hardcore anime enthusiasts taeyong had to stop y'all from influencing winwin any further
  • but it’s too late , yuta already did
  • he lowkey bought y'all matching pokemon soft toy keychains
  • but you didn’t know until you noticed he had the same one hanging from his bunch of keys
  • he often posts one word description pictures of you online ,
  • “ Beautiful. ”
  • “ Stunning. ”
  • “ Mine ”
  • yuta unfollowed him once because he was posting like 8 pictures of you in a day with those captions
  • he’s a great listener so you often rant to him when you have problems ,
  • and even though he doesn’t give great advice ,his hugs and company never fails to make you feel better
  • but since he isn’t that good with words either , he has problems trying to speak/say out his feelings and thoughts
  • so he asks for nothing more than your hugs when he’s sad
  • he stares at you in awe like 24/7
  • and everytime you ask him ,
  • “ what are you staring at ? ”
  • “ You ”
  • “ why ?? ”
  • “ you’re beautiful ”
  • he’s so sweet ahh
  • in conclusion he’s someone you can lean on and ask help from
  • and he loves showering you with love even though it may not be obvious
  • dont sleep on him , he’s too adorable not to be loved
  • i hope you enjoyed this series and thanks for reading !!