this commercial is always so annoying

Lots people rush to get Danse as a companion, so they can take that hood off and look at his handsomeness. Have you ever thought about the moment that It happens though? Sole: “Paladin Danse, I… Could you take that hood off?” Danse: “Why would I remove my protective layers?” *he looks a little annoyed at the freshly knighted Sole* Sole: “Well… Uh, I do have a different hat for you.” *holds up a military cap* Danse: *raises an eyebrow* “I have always been fond of these.” *he admits and proceeds to take off the hood. He looks like he’s in a shampoo commercial, instead of sparkling water droplets it’s fine dust particles coming off him and shining in the sunlight.* Sole: *just stands in awe of him biting their lower lip and blushing* Danse: *puts on the cap and looks at Sole* “Is something amiss? Your face is contorted in an odd manner knight.”

Cuddling with Calum (blurb)

Quick little Calum blurb for an anon. Hope you like it :)

I know it’s short but I didn’t have a lot of time to write my usual 6 page imagines, haha. 

I love you all so much & requests are always open!


“Guys, come onnnnnnn.” You beg to the large amount of band members in your kitchen.

“(Y/N), we’re eating.” Luke from 5 Seconds of Summer argues. You had invited all of the members from your band and 5SOS over for a Super Bowl party, but apparently they didn’t want to watch the extremely popular football game.

“But we’re missing all of the commercials!!” You whine, trying to be extra annoying.

“Calum, go with her and watch the stupid American version of football while I finish off this dip. Thank You.” Michael demands, scraping the rest of the dip from the bowl. You open your mouth to tell Michael off, but Calum quickly links his arm with yours.

“C'mon, let’s go.” He smiles sweetly, attempting to get you to calm down. You’d never been able to keep your mouth shut before you met Calum, he always finds a way to help you simmer down.

“Fine.” You mutter, giving michael the worst glance you could muster.

You and Calum walk downstairs to a large room with a big screen TV and plenty of couches.

“I spent 2 hours rearranging this furniture.” You sigh irritably.

“I’ll help you move it back once the game is over, okay?” He smiles, again.

“Why are you so sweet today? You’re usually so sassy!” You question, climbing back up the stairs to shut the door because Luke’s loud laugh was echoing throughout the entire house, and you knew as long as Ashton was there, the laughing wouldn’t stop.

“I’m just in a good mood today. Come sit by me.” He beckons. You walk over to the couch he’s sitting on and plop on the opposite side.

If looks could kill- you’d be laying on the cold hard ground- dead.

Really (Y/n)? I said by me not 10 feet away." 

There’s the sass!

You scoot as close to him as possible, your hips now pressed against each others.

"Better?” You mock.

“Much.” He quickly adds, turning his attention back to the screen.

He drapes his arm around you lazily, rubbing your forearm from time to time.

“This okay?” He quietly asks, making the butterflies from your stomach fly up into your throat, enabling you from speaking. You quickly nod, the blush on your cheek evident.

Before long it was halftime, and nobody had come down to join the two of you.

“Could you hand me that blanket?” You point to the soft cream colored throw you had on his side of the couch.

“Here ya go.” He says, wrapping the two of you up together. You lean down and rest your head on his chest while kicking your feet up on the sofa. He sets his up on the table in front of him and wraps his arm around you once again.

“This okay?” You tease, repeating his words from earlier.

“Anything you want to do is perfectly fine with me, babe.” He wiggles his eyebrows, making you laugh and slap his leg.

“Calum Hood!” You scold, your hand lingering on his thigh.

“(Y/f/n)!” He mocks, grabbing your hand from his thigh and tangling his fingers with yours.

“Why are we even watching this? I don’t get American football.” He questions, making you laugh and shrug. 

“We can go upstairs if you want.” You offer, beginning to stand up. 

“No! We’re staying right here to cuddle!” He demands, squeezing you even tighter. 

If some of you are stupid enough to think that Season Zero is Kotex exploiting the fanbase or annoying product placement or anything of that sort, I have two things to say:

1. You are an idiot.
2. Kotex has ALWAYS been the sponsor. The show is basically a serialized commercial for the company. So shut the fuck up with the whining and watch the goddamn episodes if you want to see a third season.

anonymous asked:

The US allows direct patient advertising which seems totally strange to me. Does it ever cause you problems as a prescriber? Do patients ever come in demanding a specific brand of drug...or for some self diagnosed problems?

yaaasssss it’s so annoying. 

Patients come in requesting drugs all the time, but not necessarily always the ones that are advertised (screw you, Z-pak!). Occasionally it’s appropriate. Usually it’s not. Patients get their hopes up about a new drug they saw on tv but they don’t realize that that drug will cost them $350 a month or that it won’t work for their condition or it interacts with their other drugs.

Then you get the patients who pick up on one symptom–usually the most vague one–listed in the “ask your doctor about drug A if you have X, Y, or Z” and come in convinced that they need that drug. For example, I’ve seen a lot of men lately who have come in complaining of fatigue and who demand to have their testosterone checked. “It must be low T!” Well the phrase “low T” comes straight off the commercials. Never mind that these men are often out of shape or get crappy sleep or have 5 chronic conditions that can all cause fatigue. The tv says it’s low T. It must be low T. Also: these same patients don’t typically care to hear about the side effects and interactions of the drug they think will cure all their ailments. 

The only drug commercials that I’ve seen consistently good outcomes from are vaccine commercials. It’s fairly common for me to have a patient walk in and say, “do I need that new pneumonia shot?” or “what do you think about Gardasil?” Good conversations usually come from those questions.