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The Contest-Part 16

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

The five of us ended up at one of the casinos on the strip.  Don’t ask me which one, because the next day it would all be a blur.  Jensen bought the first round of shots and we toasted the happy couple.  

“I still think you guys are nuts and totally deserve each other.”  He said before downing his shot.

“You call that a toast, Jay?”  I commented with a roll of my eyes. I signaled for the bartender to bring another round.  I raised my glass and everyone followed suit.  “Here’s to Nikki and Misha.  She is officially your problem now.”

Everyone laughed as we downed our shots.  Nikki made a face and gave hers to Misha to finish. “I’d like to remember my wedding night, thank you very much.”

Then a group of fans recognized us and bought us a round.  Things started to get a little fuzzy after that.  I remember Misha reminding us we all had panels in the morning. 

 Jensen, who didn’t have any official duties until the Saturday Night Special the next night, said it was early yet and ordered another round.  I remember Nikki and I dancing with a bunch of fans who sent over a congratulatory round when they found out Nikki and Misha had eloped.

Jared and Misha finally came over and pulled us from the dance floor.  “Come on Dancing Queen, time to go.”  Jared told me as I stumbled into his arms.

“But I’m having funnn!” I giggled.  “Hey Mish, guess what?” I whispered drunkenly.  “You and Nikki got married!”

I don’t remember the ride back to the hotel at all.

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Countdown to The Battle of the Five Armies: a post-hoc post

I got a message from a lovely Nonny (yes, they do exist!) asking me what happened to the last day of my Countdown series with Thranduil (counting down to the U.S. release of The Battle of the Five Armies), since the countdown stopped two days before Dec. 17, 2014.  The short answer: I never posted anything for the final day.  The longer answer:  I had run out of material except for a spoilery clip that came from a Hobbit cast interview but was not in any previews/trailers or any other official promotional material that I could find. Since my policy was to use only material that had been officially released by Peter Jackson or Warner Bros., I decided against posting the edits I made from that clip.

But, just for you, Nonny – and because Lee Pace said (in an interview somewhere) that it’s important to finish things – I am finally posting the edits I made for the last day of the countdown. ;-)

This also gives me a chance to thank everyone who liked / reblogged / commented on any of my Countdown posts.  (I’m surprised to see that some posts continue to get notes, even after the series has ended, but I suppose that’s because more people are still discovering the magnificent fabulousness of the Elven King.)  More than likes or reblogs, I love all your comments and tags (yes, I read every one of them!), and I am grateful for the new friends I have made in the course of doing the Countdown

Final tally: 94  When I started the series on Sept. 8, I wasn’t sure I would actually last the whole 100 days. Sure enough, I didn’t quite make it:  I missed day 44 to observe the Tumblr strike on Nov. 3, I would have missed day 28 but for a guest post by the lovely 3intheam (with her mad Photoshop skillz), I missed days 7, 6, 5, and 4 because of my trip to New York to attend the Apple Store Q&A with Lee and Richard Armitage, and, of course, I missed the final day.  The absenteeism rate in the U.S. is supposedly around 9%, so my 6% absenteeism is somewhat better than the norm.

It has been a lot of fun coming up with ideas and finding the right material, and also a lot of work making screencaps and edits (while learning basic Photoshop skills on the fly). Until I started making my own edits, I never realized how much time and effort were involved, and the level of artistry in the best edits I’ve seen never ceases to amaze me.  larygo, maivolchica, loriendesse, enfantdivine, stewardessme, armitageuniverse, @mrpuddingston, richardcfarmitage, synathroesmus, and of course 3intheam:  I bow to you all, senpai.

TL; DR:  Thank you for following along with the Countdown.  I have enjoyed doing it and have learned much.   


The Proposal

Summary:  Sam’s pushy boss forces him to agree to marry her, hoping to secure her stay in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada. But first she has to meet the family. An AU based on The Proposal.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Sam Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  3175

Warnings:  Some language, the reader is not a very pleasant person

Author’s Notes:  Multiple viewpoints, Sam and the reader. Please let me know if you would like me to continue.

Originally posted by samwinchesterappreciation

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Snapchat - Amber Liu

Requested by one very sweet anon! This is so much more fluff than i’d usually write that I was almost cringing, but I think it turned out okay.

Word Count: 959

Summary: Puppy Filters. Toast filters. Oh how stupid yet fun that can be.

Your neck hurt from lying on the couch. The pillows where on the chair across the living room, but you still had no intentions of getting up. You peeked at the wall clock. It was soon noon and your girlfriend was still sleeping. She came home after two yesterday, so you decided to let her sleep a bit longer. But noon was too long. You had missed her while she was on SMTown tour and even the coffee was cold soon.

With a bit struggle, you rolled off the couch. Walking baby steps to the kitchen, you stretched out your arms all at once. Opening the kitchen cabinet, you reached up for a clean cup. The apartment complex was nice, but the kitchen shelves were way too high. Amber and you both struggled to reach, but you had managed okay so far and had no intentions of fixing it. That took money and you two would rather spend that money on years of boba. 

You filled the cup with some coffee and walked your way to the hallway of the bedroom. The door was slightly open and you could hear her talking. So she had been awake without telling you. “Amber!” you shouted cutely and opened the door. She had her phone up and was in mid-sentence. “Hi babe” she smiled putting her phone down. You walked up to the bed and sat down at the end giving Amber the coffee you prepped. “Were you on snapchat?” you asked smiling at the beautiful girl in front of you. Sleepy Amber was your favorite. She was one of those people who looked stunning, yet kind of ratchet when waking up. She nodded and sipped the coffee, then putting it on the bedside table. “Do you wanna say hi to the fam?” she smiled. You looked at her with confusion. “The MeU’s barely know off me. I’ve been on your snap like once.” Amber jumped up and sat down next to you. “Then we better change that.” she smiled. 

She took out her phone and started talking to the camera. She looked so natural and you could tell she just loved updating the fans. Amber didn’t like to call them fans though, she considered the MeU’s more like close friends or family. “Today, i’m doing absolutely nothing. Me and babe will grab boba later, but that’s really all” she smiled at the camera, pulling you by her side. “Look how cute we look” she added. You smiled at her. She made you so insanely happy.

After the snap, you just decided to stay in bed. Both of you crawled back under the covers and you pulled out your laptop. “Babe” Amber said tapping your shoulder. “Uhhum.” you said as a noise of ‘I am listening’. “People are screenshotting the snap like the worlds gonna end. That just means we are the so called couple goals.” You giggled at Amber’s comment and continued on to browse twitter. “My mentions are filled with it as well.” you said surprised. 

“Unnies, please snap more. You look so cute. Can you share your day on snap. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ  i love you two.” Amber kept reading out loud. You loved the way they were responding, because originally you were really scared of how people were going to react when you two made it official. Most of the time luckily, the comments were nice and supportive and some people even shipped you to the next level, asking when you were getting married.

Amber pulled out her phone again. “Laptop off, come here.” she smiled. “Why?” you giggled confused. “It’s called fanservice. If us playing with a toast filter makes them happy, we will play with a goddamn toast filter.” You laughed out loud at what she was saying. It was stupid, but it was fun.

Amber pulled you in by your waist and turned on the filters. The first few snaps you were puppies. “You are so much cuter than I am!” Amber stated. “My puppy princess.” she said kissing your cheek. Being with her gave you a warm, cuddly feeling. You were all smiles. 

“I wanna try that one!” you pointed at the Harry Potter filter. Amber turned it on and glasses and a scar appeared. “Modern Hermione.” she yelped from your left. “Wingardium leviosa!” you laughed out loud. 

Time flew by, literally. Playing with filters that made your head look like a alien or a piece of toast was fun. “My story has never been this long.” Amber laughed surprised. You smiled while cuddling up next to her. You glazed at the cup on the bedside table. “Your coffee is cold by now.” Amber smiled at the cup. “We can always get more. Have you eaten yet?” You shook your head. “I wanted to wait for you. I hate eating alone.” Amber got up and pulled her hoodie on over her head. “Let’s go then. I am hungry and you have been awake for even longer.” You took her hand and you two walked to then kitchen. You sat down at the counter and watched her prepping some sandwiches and make coffee. Sunlight shined on her face and her smile stood out. “So pretty.” you said almost silently. Amber looked at you and raised her eyebrows. “What?” 

You got up and walked up to her wrapping your arms around her waist. “You. I said you looked pretty.” Amber tilted her head smiling. “I don’t even have to tell that to you everytime you do. Otherwise that’d be the only thing i’d ever say.” You leaned your head against Amber’s warm chest. A little ‘i love you’ slipped from your mouth and as a reply you felt a pair of soft lips kiss your forehead.

Larry proof from 17 Black themselves

This picture speaks for itself. (Not my picture)

This picture of Harry and Louis was posted the 21st of July 2015 on 17 black’s official Facebook page. If you don’t believe me and think the picture of them looks fake, just check their facebook. 

This is the first comment (which is also made by 17 black) to the image of Louis and Harry together and was posted the same day as the previous picture. Once again, if you do not believe me, check their facebook. 

Although, today I found this snooping around on 17 black’s official facebook page. And as you can see (sorry, it’s in swedish) only two people liked this post. 

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Notes: So, I’ve decided to do a fic challenege. One fic every day until Christmas. I’ve appropriately named it 25 Days of Coliver!Christmas. I have a masterlist here, that I will include with every new fic and update daily. This fic is SUPER mild angst and mostly fluff. And from Oliver’s POV, which is new territory for me. Enjoy!

Oliver didn’t much care for how quiet their apartment was without Connor in it. Connor was a ball of nervous energy more often than not, always fidgeting, always moving around. The stillness and quiet without him there made Oliver miss his presence more than he thought possible. He had gone home to Michigan for a long weekend to celebrate an early Christmas with his family and Oliver had stayed behind due to work obligations.

“I’ll be home for Christmas, Ollie.” Connor had reassured him with one of those crooked smiles of his before pecking his lips and getting out of the car at the airport. But of course, the two of them hadn’t factored in possible weather disasters.

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I think the most ironic thing I’ve ever seen is on the facebook page for owari no seraph 2nd season.

They posted this mikayuu fanart believing it was official art. And people actually believed it.

The best thing however, was that some people commented stuff like “oh my god this isn’t yaoi and they will never be canon they are brothers!” after seeing a lewd mikayuu fanart believing it was official.

anonymous asked:

So when exactly did you change from a blog that had curse words in every sentence to a sweet--but blunt--blog?

Good question! For me (Jez), it was a very gradual change over the last year or so. It always took a little extra work for me to write the rude posts because that’s not really how I think or write normally. In addition to this, HTGTFU used to receive a lot of hate mail and I recognized very early on that this was because WE were the ones setting that mood. By yelling at people and swearing a lot, we were creating a negative environment, which gave followers permission to respond in the same way. I wasn’t comfortable with that, so in my posts, I would try very hard to be straight-forward, but not mean.

The blog officially became a “sweet but blunt” blog in July 2015, when I became the sole owner & moderator. When I took over, it was first and foremost in my mind that this become a supportive and positive environment. I still get the occasional negative comment—usually on a reblog, very very rarely do I get actual hate mail these days—but it is vastly outweighed by the amount of positive feedback I receive. And once I made the switch, my follower counts skyrocketed.

This is more than you asked for, I know, but I just want to illustrate that negativity breeds negativity, but positivity breeds positivity. I want to be someone that creates positivity.

anonymous asked:

Sorry I'm the only one who can't buy this crap ? I have a hard time believing what they want me to believe. Maybe i'm crazy but I'm not bying it especially after bafta.

You are not alone, anon! Not by a long shot!
So many problems with this scenario and, as usual, it’s so easy to pick out the two conflicting narratives here that it’s hard to take this whole thing as anything other than the same old game.
The “Sam is with _____” narrative is suspect from the get go. Not just one, but two members of a private Facebook fan group just happen to be shopping in the same grocery at the exact same time as Sam and his “lovely girlfriend” have decided to shop too. In this tiny town what are the odds? The fan group is private, but yet somehow these pictures and the comments the women made about this meeting are all conveniently leaked out. And there was very obvious advance press about this. We got tweets about Sam being in town for the holiday on the day before Thanksgiving, and there have been anons in my inbox for weeks telling me that he will be in NC to spend the holiday with MM’s family. Really, Sam has made official appearances with less advance press than this one in the grocery store got. And an appearance is what it really does appear to be. It’s obvious that someone had been tipped off and, he even remembered to put on his “game” hat. Honestly, I think the only people who were surprised by that grocery sighting were the women who saw him. And just between you and me I take leave to doubt that they were surprised to see him either.
So Sam makes a public appearance to a private Facebook group in service of the “not with Cait” narrative. And, as usual, the competing “with Cait” narrative gets some air time as well. The “not with Cait” story seems to be that Sam has spent the Thanksgiving holiday cozily tucked away in MM’s hometown. But there have been holes poked in this story from even before the rest of us knew there was a story. And it seems that, as usual. Sam himself did a good bit of the poking. On Thanksgiving Sam and Cait made a show on SM of retweeting each other and of being on at the same time and that all of their posts were made in UK time. Next was an airport sighting of Sam on Friday morning in Glasgow which specifically mentioned London as being his destination. Then that evening in London a cast member seems to have “accidentally” caught an image of Sam and Cait seen through a window at a party as she shot a short video of some Christmas lights. A 5am SM session tells of an early flight out to somewhere and then silence until Monday evening when during an appearance at a grocery store in a small NC town he tells a fan that he is in town “on holiday and looking at locations for seasons 4 and 5”. So the “with Cait” narrative is of a post Thanksgiving jaunt to get an advance look at potential next season filming locations (and perhaps to get best choice in housing options in this resort area, which will be best done prior to the summer season if you want first pick)
So which version to believe? A clearly staged and prearranged “meet up” with two fans in a grocery on a Monday evening given out as a proxy for an
entire Thanksgiving holiday spent with a woman whose presence at the meeting is only alluded to by fans but who is not even pictured at this appearance. Or follow the trail of hints from Sam’s own SM that show a Thanksgiving spent in Glasgow either with Cait, or working, or a bit of both, then a departure for London on Friday morning, a party with Cait on Friday evening, and then a flight out for the states on Saturday morning. His time in the states explained to a fan in his own words as “looking around the area for seasons 4 and 5” and she did put quotes around that statement. So those are Sam’s words that he was taking the opportunity to explore the area he would be working in next year, a very odd choice of words if this was intended to be a reveal of a holiday spent with her family- sort of the same marginalizing that took place when he had to come onto her IG and then called her “nobody”. For me the “with _____.” version, as usual, rings as staged and, also as usual, Sam’s cooperation with it appears to be minimal. The “with Cait” version of events seems to be the more organic and candid, it is the version told by Sam in his own word and in his own SM and therefore for me it’s inherently the more believable one. And also it fits in much better with all the other things we have seen, and failed to see, between Sam and MM.

Its just more business as usual; a narrative imposed from outside is countered by a narrative spoken in Sam’s own words.. And we got hints from both sides long before the appearance happened clearly both sides knew what was coming- ether there was lots of prearranging done- or perhaps the footage was already in the can and only waiting for a release date??

anonymous asked:

What is reaper!sans relationship with toriel? I mean he hated her at some point, but now that's she's "dead" he reacted pretty bad over it. I just want to know why? Love the update btw. ;)

If you check out the Reapertale Masterpost, there are links there that let you see how their relationship has developed to the point he’d react like that! :D And hehe, thank you!

Awww thank you so much! I really appreciate comments like this; I’m glad you like my content! You have a wonderful day as well! <3

You mean Fontcest? Not particularly, no xD But I would give a thumbs up to anybody who does like it though; ship anything that gives you the feels is my motto! B)

omg xD It’s not official or anything lmao – it’s just a silly ship made up a long time ago which gave me feelingsssss and has gone super POPULAH 8D (*queue Death laughing at Geno’s pain)

Yes, I am! :D I needs the monies lmao

Naw, omg thank you! This really means a lot to me as a writer hhhh ;A;; And it gives me a lot of confidence too, since I’m currently working on an original story Reapertale. There’s a lot of things that, because RT is an AU of an existing world, limits me with my imagination/how far I can take things, and there’s enough content I want to explore/incorporate that I really believe an original story will work really well! So I hope you look forward to when that comes out, because I’m pretty hyped! :D

TKATM Chapter 12: Kotori’s Coronation

Chapter Summary: Nine long months have passed and Eli and her squad are preparing for Kotori’s coronation when surprise guests arrive a day early. Kotori too has her own surprise she reveals to her kingdom and life couldn’t be any better for the group of friends.

Notes: Happy Birthday Eli :’)! I can’t believe I actually got this finished by your birthday but with amazing help from @pasdechat we managed to get this done in time~!

Hey everyone! This is it! The final chapter to The Knight and The Maiden and the conclusion of my first ever ongoing fanfiction. There is still the epilogue but after that this story is officially complete. 

Thank you everyone for reading, reblogs, likes and comments, and most importantly thank you for sticking around on this really fun adventure! Just by reviews and asks I’ve got I’ve received so many nice words, I’ve made people happy and I’ve achieved my goal in making people smile with my own writing (also cry and gotten people frustrated with my cliff hangers [im only slightly sorry for those]) and that alone makes me really happy.

Thank you all again and I hope you enjoy this second last chapter (: 

Word Count: 12,985


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[150109] Fancafe Update - B-Joo

Title: Come in and try to guess who I am


What day could today be~~~~~~~~~




It’s nothing more and nothing less than Happy B-Joo Day, the day I become one year older! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  

Yesterday was the second birthday I spent together with my lovelies♥ ToppKlass after debut~

Thanks to holding a concert the day before my birthday and being able to meet everyone on stage, it was even more meaningful

I wanted to meet every ToppKlass, one by one, but since I couldn’t do that I felt sorry.

Last year I thought it had been the best birthday I had ever had since I received so many birthday wishes but I’m so thankful that you expressed such a big love for me this year too~~~~~~~

I made an effort to read all of the letters you left in the official fancafe, the mentions you sent through Twitter and comments you left on Facebook  heh

When I opened the presents you gave me too, I hugged each one of them very tightly

I was full of the desire of hugging all of you heheheheheheheheheheh


Thank you




Se lo agradezco

Vielen Dank

Xin đa tạ

Благодарю вас

La ringrazio


Terima kasih



You might know that I looked all of these up in the search engine, but!!!!!!ㅋㅋ

All of you know that all I wanted was trying to tell you how thankful I am, right? hihi

Since this year is just starting it’s funny to say this but hehehe let’s be together next year too!!!!!

In 2015 everyone spend your birthdays together with us too and next year too, and the year after that, and the one after that, and the next 
And the one after the next, next, next, next, next, next one too!!!!!!

It’s hard to say more so just let’s be together for a lifetime!!

You can’t leave me alone and go anywhere >_<;;;;;;;

Lastly, a proof shot of my presents!!!!!

They say that pictures last longer, don’t they?? Everyone knows it hehe

Thank you once again. Thanks to everyone for every single one of their warm words hehe.

Have a happy new year and stay healthy

In 2015 everyone be even happier together with me
Heart to heartwo hearto hea2 heaaaaaaartttttt♡♥

I lurve[1] you my lovelies

T/N: [1] He slurred ‘I love you’ so in the end it sounds like 'I lurve you’ when you pronounce it.

Trans: ToppDoggIntl