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HEY so since we just got a Magic Kids episode I thought it’d be fitting to do Nerris and Harrison next for the College Camp AU, in which they are both roommates. 

Harrison-Does magic on campus for tips (or just the attention) for as long as he can until campus security chases him out 

Nerris-Sessions every Fridays and Sundays at 6:00 PM in the basement of the Kappa Kappa dorms


w h i p p e d ♡

A More Proper Review of GOTG2

Oh, man. What a movie this was.

First up, the music.
I enjoyed the music in this film, it was very fitting, with awesome songs in fight scenes, and mellow songs in calm scenes. It just fit the mood so well. While I admit it’s not as memorable as the first one, because, come on, you can’t top Hooked on a Feeling, it still does have its moments like Mr. Blue Sky, Brandy, Surrender, etc. Overall, 4.8/5.

Next, the characters. Spoilers follow, you’ve been warned.
Okay, I love, love, love Baby Groot. He’s adorable in every way and should be protected forever. And Teen Groot is even better.
Space Dads and Mom are great too. They each get their own character development, and I love that. Rocket learns he’s a bit like Yondu, Drax is teaching Mantis how to adapt to society, using things he learned from his family, Gamora lets go of her rivalry with Nebula, and Peter…
Oh, Peter. You poor guy. Your mom was killed by your blood father who is evil and your surrogate father was protecting you all along. And you lost 2 dads in not even 10 minutes. Dang. That hurts.
And as for Yondu, whoops, I mean Mary Poppins, what a badass. He stole his scenes in the movie, being a great dose of sorrow and laughter. I enjoyed his performance here, and it’s a shame we won’t see him again.
Nebula’s already cool, so not much to say about her. I’m glad she’s not fighting with her sister and out to kill Space God with a Capital G.
As for Ego, he’s an irredeemable jackass who deserved everything he got to him. End of discussion. I liked the build-up to the reveal, though.
Overall, for the characters, 10/5.

Next, my favourite scenes.
Can I not just say the whole movie? I mean, each scene is great in its own way. Action, drama, laughter, it’s just so perfectly executed. I enjoyed the credits, both opening and ending, they were just so fun. But I really enjoyed the Ravager Funeral scene. It’s just so beautiful, and heartbreaking, and UUUUGGGGHHHHH SO GOOOOOOOOOD.
Overall, 20/5.

The movie as a whole? (Ha, a-hole! :P)
James Gunn, you genius. You absolute sheer fucking genius. You’ve done it again. There are so many comic book and movie references, callbacks, continuity nods, it’s literally a perfect Marvel sequel. Stan Lee’s cameo was great, the 5 end credits scenes were great, Howard the Duck deserves a second chance at a movie, and I can’t wait for Volume 3.
Overall, 9999999999999999/5.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. It’s so good the word good can’t describe it anymore. Go watch it!

PS: Show of hands, who cried at Mary Poppins’ death? Because I know I’m not the only one who did.

(And cue Surrender.)

campiondarling  asked:

Hello again! As you know, I love your art and was wondering if you had any head canons for adult (Professor) Neville? Or, even better if you had any art of him? I'd love to see your take on him, especially since your adult Harry is literally perfect. Thanks!

Hello! Yes, I have a comic about Professor Neville here. Thank you <3


I imagine in some Pitch Perfect/Teen Titans AU, that Beca is Raven and Chloe is Starfire. Beca’s a small, angry ball of sarcasm and hatred from a broken family. She’s mature and distant, and likes spending her free time alone. Chloe’s a sweet, perpetually happy Tamaranian just trying to understand Earth culture. She’s super friendly and social, and always tries to get Raven to do things with her. They live together, fight crime, AND MAYBE THEY END UP TOGETHER BECAUSE DUH.

dicedtomato  asked:

Also I've literally just read through your entire Tumblr and whoever's running it is great. Literally the perfect combination of engaging, informative, comically blunt and hilarious

you’re welcome

sooooooo i saw wendy & peter pan done by the royal shakespeare company last night and oh my god. oh my god. oh my god? oh my gOD

  • first thing’s first: it’s called WENDY & peter pan, not peter pan & wendy, because wendy fucking ran this shit 
  • it was literally a feminist retelling of peter pan 
  • complete with a scene in which wendy’s talking to tink and tiger lily and she’s like “stop stop stop this is so stupid all the boys get to be friends and play games but we all hate each other, i’m DONE, be my friends and help me fight pirates” and tink and tiger were like “okay great let’s go” i was SO HAPPY
  • also there are lost girls, but they got sick of peter telling them to be mothers to they ditched him and went to live in the forest together. you read that right. all-girl community in the forest. wow 
  • tinker bell was a fat, fabulous girl with a cockney accent. i will never get over it she was incredible 
  • there was also a subplot where smee just really wanted him and hook to settle down somewhere comfortable and grow old together
  • i understand that you might think i got that from subtext but he literally talks about them a) retiring to a desert island together b) living together in a cottage and c) paint swatches AND THEN there’s a scene where hook’s talking about wendy/peter and he’s like I WISH SOMEONE FELT THAT WAY ABOUT ME and smee’s like “someone does. IT’S ME” but because of the whole it’s me/smee thing it all gets confused and oh my god i was crying 
  • smee throws himself in front of a sword to protect hook, dies, FLIES AWAY BECAUSE PROTECTING HOOK IS HIS HAPPY THOUGHT, then yells “I’LL PITCH THE TENT, CAPTAIN” as he ascends to heaven and hook goes “oh smee….i NEVER KNEW!!!!!” i'm 
  • peter/wendy is an actual thing in that they have a big old long kiss towards the end ((i literally stopped breathing) but it follows the traditional route in that they kiss and peter’s like WHOA THIS IS ALL PRETEND RIGHT HAHA YOU’RE SO FUNNY MUM and wendy was just like ffs 
  • wendy was amazing, literally amazing, her comic timing was PERFECT, we were literally picking ourselves up off the floor, she was HYSTERICALLY funny 
  • the whole thing was hysterically funny actually people (adults. adults supervising children) were cackling out loud all the way through 
  • and there was this one scene after hook has groomed wendy a bit (i’m serious) and she’s wearing this big blue dress and a tiara and talking to this pirate called martin (who was supposed to be a lost boy but bumped into the pirates first) and she’s DRUNK ON PIRATE GROG and rambling about her feelings for peter and she was like 
  • “he makes me feel…..WARM…..and his face.. and his…. EYEBROWS…… and the way he’s all like …….. …. WENDAAAAAAY” omg i thought i was going to die it doesn’t sound funny but shE WAS SOOOO FUNNY
  • and one bit peter just….starts pretending to be a monkey at her and she’s like “peter…what are you doing” and he’s like OOH OOH AHH AHH and she’s like “why are–” and he’s like OOHA AAHAH OH OH OH being a monkey and eventually she just kinda goes “….ooh” and then they’re both pretending to be monkeys for no reason 
  • it sounds so dumb but oh my god it was hilarious
  • except at THE END which was really fucking sad because the play started with a FOURTH darling child (tom) dying of something, and then the kids go to neverland a year later because their family is very sad and wendy hears peter say something about lost boys and she’s like WE LOST A BOY!!! YOU HAVE TOM??? LET’S GO!!!! and they all go to neverland to bring him back and fix their family 
  • and long story short stars are all dead children and they shimmer because they’re made of the tears their mothers shed over them and they’re up there to watch over their families, and when their families feel at least one moment of pure happiness the dead children can stop being stars and be young forever in neverland
  • so basically what you expect to happen happens and i was crying so hard hahahahah it wasn’t funny at all, the opposite of funny
  • (the theatre was sooooo quiet but it was the kind of quiet of 100+ adults desperately trying not to sniffle) 
  • oh and if we’re talking Sudden Changes Of Tone And Sadness, when tom got ill at the beginning they called “the doctor” and he came in in this really surreal scene and he had a weird coat and a top hat and he moved like a dancer AND THEN HE SHOWED UP AGAIN /AS THE CROCODILE/ THE CROCODILE WAS A HUMAN, THE CROCODILE AND THE DOCTOR ARE THE SAME GUY 
  • and he was super fucking hot i’m just saying
  • what else? 
  • alo creevey from skins gen 3 was in it, AS SLIGHTLY, and he, too, was side-splittingly funny
  • omg at one point peter was MIA and nibs was like “someone’s going to have to step up and be the captain” and john was like “yes. someone will” and nibs was like “yes. someone WILL” and they stared at each other for a bit and then had Very Etonian Good Old Boys Fisticuffs i was amused 
  • nibs, john and slightly were so funny, they were SO FUNNY, I AM JUST SO PLEASED BY HOW HILARIOUS IT WAS 
  • also wendy and peter climb onto a bed together and float away at the end hahahahahaha
  • goodbye


Comic by Axl-Fox

(ComicDub) Splatoon – Terry and Jackie’s First Encounter


Excuse me for the long wait people. This one was something requested and it did caught my attention (I’m still working on a couple more btw) but here is a new Comic Dub that’s illustrated by Axl-Fox. It’s perfect because Terry is literally a blind bang hehe, So enjoy guys meet Terry and Jackie and there first encounter. More coming soon

Voice Actors:

Terry and the Colossal Squid #2: GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA

Colossal Squid #1: Grimmjack69

Jackie: ManicWednesdayVA

anonymous asked:

Since you read so many ladybug fics do you have any favorites you wanna share? I'm always in need of fic recs...


I’d give you my ao3 bookmarks but then you’d know my ao3 so…

JUST PRACTICE by fabulousanima (kiss kiss break my heart)


EarlineNathaly’s Kiss Prompted pieces (kiss prompts man im telling you)

check yes juliet by exosolarmoon 


A Pedestal Hero No More by Witch Juliana (HEARTBREAKING fic based off of one of my comics)

pallasjoanna’s Ladybug version of the soulmates tattoo AU  (literally perfect)

catxnoir’s sweet 5 part fic (just so good)

taylortor’s heartstring complications (MY FAVE MARICHAT KISS)

Sunlight, Firelight, Starlight by AdJiT (definitely the most well thought out marichat I’ve read. also the best marichat reveal///ahhh)