this comic deserves a big fan base

Congrats to Cole, LilI, Bughead, everyone on the cast, and to all the fans for the wins tonight. 

I have been reading Archie comics since I was 9 [so about 21 years], and was so excited when a show based off it was announced. At first I was like “this show will be a hot mess, can’t wait!” Now I’m deep into it and the ship. 

I was never much of a fan of B*rchie. A part of me wanted them to end up together just to make Betty happy cause she’s my girl, but also a big part of me hated it because she deserves better than being the 3rd wheel. 

Along came Bughead on this show, and I fell in love. Finally someone who would choose Betty first, and it didn’t seem like Betty was just using him to get over Archie. She was very into him, and now would choose him over Archie. And I just love that. 

I would love to see this ship work out because I love seeing them happy, and they’re healthy together, and solve their problems, and I feel like this is a lot deeper than what B*rchie could have. Mainly because I feel like B*rchie is very shallow in a sense? Very high school fantasy like where you dream of marrying the boy who grew up next door.

With Bughead they open up to each other. She opens up about her darknkess she’s scared of, and he opens up about not being able to be open because of his past, and it’s so wonderful and beautiful. And I really can’t wait to see where they go.

Congrats again to all! I’m so happy for the cast of Riverdale, and so happy for the fandom for making this happen! 

I just feel for Zack every time I see pretentious bloggers posting shit about him just because he made a unique, unorthodox, and daring movie that they weren’t expecting to watch and clearly was too smart for the general public to appreciate. He has been dreaming of making a Batman versus Superman movie for decades. Based on the big and small references towards classic comic books, added to his controversial but perfect way of portraying a superhero’s character, he clearly loves and understands them better than any director before him (fight me). But imagine what it must have been like for him, spending so much effort on a movie that he was expecting people to understand and love (because the film really deserves it), excited to show fans a truly epic battle between two of the most iconic superheroes ever, only to get jeered and mocked at by self-righteous and ignorant critics and basically the rest of the world. I’ve even seen people calling him “mentally ill” and “stupid” because he has social anxiety and has obviously a harder time than others in interviews. 29%, lower than Daredevil (wtf) and neck-to-neck with… Fifty Shades of Grey? I’m feeling sick.