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Draco loves to braid hair headcanons

So I have this headcanon that Draco Malfoy loves to braid hair. And he’s great at it

  • He can do it all, French, dutch, fishtail, milkmaid, four strand braids, you name it, he can do it
  • He can do it all, French, dutch, fishtail, milkmaid, four strand braids, you name it, he can do it
  • He can do other hair things but he loves to braidHe grew up braiding Narcissa’s hair. Narcissa prefers her hair down but she loves having Draco braiding it and she’ll leave it up when he does it because, and that makes him so happy (and that makes her happy)
  • He had to learn from different types of braid from books. no youtube here folks
  • He wishes he’d had a little sister sometimes he would have always been doing her hair
  • He used to do Pansy’s hair when she visited the manor, and when they went to Hogwarts he did it all the time
  • And it just expanded from there, he did Pansy’s, then Millicent’s, Daphne’s and Astoria’s
  • He ends up braiding a lot of hair cuz he just can’t say no
  • Like he’ll huff and sigh and then you know he’ll sit down cross legged on the sofa and motion in front of him and they’ll just sit down in front and do it(it’s the only time he’ sit that way he usually sits very fancy like with just his ankles crossed)
  • He’s in high demand at dances
  • Before quidditch try outs and games he braids all the girls and long haired peeps hair if they ask
  • French speaking Draco braiding the Beauxbatons girls hair
  • People ask who braids his hair but they know better than to say Draco
  • It’s like the best kept secret in Slytherin
  • But in 8th year everyone finds out cuz of the 8th year common room
  • Then everyone gets their hair braided
  • Everyone’s sitting down and drinking and Draco is braiding someones hair
  • He still braids the younger Slytherin students hair
  • Other kids sneak into the 8th year common room to get their hair braided
  • Especially Luna. Although she’s there all the time anyway
  • In a ‘Sirius lives’ verse he braids Sirius’s hair. Sirius leaves it in for a month
  • He always wanted to be friends with Tonks so he could braid her hair. Braiding a metamorphmagus’s hair?? That’ be so cool
  • In a verse where she lives he finally gets to
  • They love it
  • Somewhere in this verse they watch tangled and see the hair braiding part
  • And they instantly look at each other and are like ‘yyesssss’
  • Everyone rolls their eyes
  • They do it. It’s awesome
  • Grown up Draco and Harry and Draco braiding Harry’s long hair for his work
  • Teddy grows his hair long and Draco braids that too. Also great
  • And also yes Draco can braid his own hair but it’s not the same. Braiding someone else’s hair is beautiful and relaxing and it’s trust because that person trusts you to do it
  • In 8th year Draco does a lot to try to apologise to everyone and make it up to them. Especially Hermione. And the day that Hermione comes to Draco and asks him to braid her hair he knows he’s finally forgiven

Woah. This got way out of hand. At some stage I’m totally making a fic about this, but till then, thank you for reading this.

Super special thanks to @ferret-face for being my sounding board and contributing to this wonderful headcanon

anonymous asked:

How do I come out to my parents as bisexual if they're Christian and dislike the thought of their children as anything but straight?

hey i’m not the best person to ask this kind of advice from, because i never formally came out as a lesbian to my parents, but here’s my two cents.

unfortunately, a lot of LGBT culture (particularly liberal/centrist LGBT culture) has put this huge emphasis on coming out to your family. coming out isn’t required. you don’t need to come out, especially if you’re a kid.

this isn’t to say you can’t come out: if you want to, feel free, but so many people these days put lots of important and emphasis on “coming out” when y’know, it’s not necessary, especially when you live with bigots. i suggest finding friends and allies who will accept you and not tell your parents, and maybe, y’know, try and convince your parents there’s nothing wrong with liking the same gender.

good luck, anon.

So here’s the thing.

I’m a biracial woman who is also bisexual and I also have Aspergers. When I come to fandom, I want to have fun. I want to share fan art and fan fiction and talk to people who enjoy the same things as me.

What I don’t want to do is deal with racism, biphobia or ableism.

I dealt with a lot of racism and other unsavory behavior from the Harry Potter fandom and to this day, I am still wary of the HP fandom. Fandom was a nightmare back in the day because people wouldn’t call other people out. But now, people are. And that’s a good thing.

If fandom is going to be enjoyable, then people need to be held accountable when they’re being harmful. That’s it. No, I’m not going to let someone erase black characters just because they want to ship two boring white dudes together. No, I am not going to let another fan erase a character’s bisexuality for a ship. I’m also not going to let people rag on me for seeing a character as autistic. I refuse to just lay here and let bigotry run rampant. 

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One of these days I’m gonna write an AU where everything is exactly the same except James didn’t reach the Whomping Willow fast enough but nobody realized until Harry’s third year when another werewolf (who has remembered his potion) comes out of nowhere and tackles Moony away from the kids

variane-98  asked:

How would the US/UF skelebro's react to their s/o have the same magic as them? (PS I really love your blog ❤️❤️)

Hm hm hm. I’m gonna do a quick ramble right quick to explain some of my headcanons (mostly so this reply will make sense, and partly because I have a need to tell everyone all of my headcanons all the time)

A monsters’ magic is tied to their SOUL (As is their HP bu that’s a topic for another day) and each monster SOUL, while having the same basic form, is unique. And monsters, in a way, are predestined to be a certain person, just like how human SOULs have their defining trait (such as Bravery). Basically, although monsters can definitely have their personalities and outlooks on life effected by the world around them, they will more-or-less come out of it the same, in terms of the SOUL. Only slightly changed if any. This is what makes human SOULs special. They’re malleable, can change everything, from shape to defining trait as the human grows and changes.

Which means it is common for monsters to have magic similar, or even identical to each other’s. Humans however are so unique, that it would be almost impossible for a human to have the same magic as anyone else.

Which is exactly why I’ll be using a human S/O for this ask. Now, onto the reply.

US!Sans is kind of confused? He thought human SOULs were special somehow? It’s pretty common in the Underground to find someone with magic similar to your own, but he’d always been told by Dr. Unynde and Queen Toriel that humans were different? Does this mean his S/O and him were meant to be? The idea of that makes him go all starry-eyed and he starts talking about soulmates. (Pun partially intended)

US!Papyrus is kind of… horrified, to put it lightly. Nope. Not another anomaly. No way. They’re his S/O. There’s no way they can be another anomaly. Just. No. He is immediately in complete denial, and refuses to even acknowledge that S/O even has magic. It gets to the point where whenever S/O uses magic around him, he shouts at them. He’s afraid.

UF!Sans, as much as he loves S/O. Would kill them. He doesn’t want to deal with another anomaly. He can’t deal with another anomaly. It’s better this way, at least in his mind. And then it hits him. S/O can’t reset. He’ll never see them again.

UF!Papyrus is alarmed, but not because of the magic. No, he’s alarmed because if anyone finds out that a human, a human with a seemingly impossible ability, is in the Underground. Well. Papyrus doesn’t want to have to clean that much dust off of his boots. So, for S/O’s own safety he asks orders them never to use their magic again.

Hollow Victory Pt. 10

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Grillby returned with a burger and a bottle of ketchup, grabbing another bar stool to sit himself across from Sans. The skeleton wasted no time in digging in, pausing only to wash it down with ketchup straight from the bottle. By this point Grillby wasn’t the least bit phased by Sans’ odd… tastes.

“… Everyone is worried about you…” The monster finally said, breaking the silence.

“tell ‘em i’m fine.”

“… Are you…?”

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