this coloring worked so well

i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)


Viviane and Kallias :)

I loved these two together, & the Winter Court is just so interesting in general.

ACOTAR series by Sarah J Mass

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Hi!! I saw your tags on your BNHA/Baccano! crossover, and I'm so excited to know you love Baccano! as well!! After seeing what you said about Claire (who is probably my favorite from that show as well), I was wondering if you've ever drawn him before! If so, I'd love to see it!!

Never had before!!!! But he’s my fav and there’s always a first time I guess, so here you have him anyway!


Merry (late) Christmas to @haikujitsu!!! I made this comic from this amazing drabble that brought joy into my life. I hope you like it, sorry it’s late! I hope your Christmas was amazing, and I wish you a happy new year!! <3

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Uhmm how about iwaoi, iwaoi, IWAOI??! omg. I'm dying for this <33

Uhm …. I’m still workin on con stuff so D: no big new art for now. But how about this? (can you tell i love fighting fish?)

I have decided that I shall henceforth ignore all the bad stuff associated with Joseph, he was sweet, I love him, and so does Philip


I don’t have enough training. And even if I did, I’m Valentine’s daughter. Nobody there trusts me. For 18 years, you made me believe that I could live a normal life. This life. But I can’t, can I? No. ‘Cause I’m not a mundane. I’m not a Shadowhunter. I’m not anything.


*wyvern noises* (click for gr8 captions)

i have a lot of schoolwork to do but that didn’t stop me from starting a sketch of the best wyvern mom

happy birthday cherche