this coloring totally vamp up her looks

Preference #12: Victoria Secret Model *His P.O.V*
  • James: she drags me all the way out here so she can walk in some fashion show? Its not even that major like what is Victoria secret? Mmmh this has really got me wondering but hey imsupporting her so ill stay. Here she go, please please don’t fall don’t fall wow her boobs are bouncing damn they look amazing, damn she look amazing “YEA THAT’S MY GIRL” wait I should of said that out loud oh boy everyone is looking at me, blend in James just watch the show but damn she’s hot.
  • Connor: I should be walking the fashion show damn im hot too and I want wings, ugh totally should of picked me but im proud she got it. Totally got played should have been walking in this fashion show but wait here she comes oh my they got her in a bikini shit she’s hot, wait everyone is looking she needs to cover up but damn baby girl is fine
  • Brad: ok so I get to see my girlfriend walk up and down this runway with some sexy stuff on? That’s really cool but I don’t want everyone else to see her like this, that’s mine and she knows how I feel about it. Cool lights, wait Taylor is here I shouldn’t be here but I want to see my baby walk. Wait there she go DAMN Baby getting is, looking sexy oh yea totally getting that tonight
  • Tristan: she knows I hate going to fashion shows but hey she’s in it so that’s cool with me. Imreally proud of her and I want to support her. I wonder what color her wings are I bet she will look amazing tonight. This show is really long and I want to go to sleep WAIT that’s my baby OH MY GOD she HOT! But damn needs to cover up but oh my that’s all mine and everyone should know it!