this coloring took so long omg

Sweet Akiryu kisses ~~

Originally I was going to have them at a booth at LeBlanc, but then my hand slipped and I drew their legs, and I wasn’t about to let that effort go to waste, so I had to think of something else. Sooo, feet in the water on a summer day. Good? (๑•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑✧ 

Bill and Reverse Dipper <3

No, I’m still into that ship, thank you for asking xD Tried a new coloring tecnique this time… I like how it turned out :D But it took so long quq Anyways, worth it! :D
And omg, only one follower away from 200 ;u; you’re the best <3 



But yea TTwTT…I’m pretty proud of this actually lol..I never do calligraphy, but it ain’t to shabby XD …

The two men I grew up listening too, were Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley :3 and I was listening to this song, and decided it would be a good song for Ana to sing~ !

So here ya go haha, I hope you guys enjoy the 3 ½ hours I put into this X’D


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This took me so long to do omg i’m so sorry guys, thank you for being patient with my work ;u;

Coloring and making proper frame is hard, and i’m sick again so i didn’t do anything yesterday, that’s why I’m a little late

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this new way of coloring and new page ! 

peter parker / spidey icons! ✨

a lovely lil nonnie & the wonderful @taserwebs requested yellow & pink homecoming peter parker icons so!! here they r!! 💖💖💖 (i also included some other colors, him in his suit, & some cacw peter bc i’m garbage oOPS) but thank u both sm for requesting!!!!! hope u guys enjoy!!! ✨💖

  • 25 icons total! 
  • maybe like or reblog if u use pls??? 💖💖 (credit is always appreciated but by no means required!!!!)
  • u can find them all on my marvel icon page & below the cut! enjoy!! 💖💖

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OMG FINALLY!!! Finally I was able to fulfill your wish. I am so sorry it took me so long. I know many of you have suggested Alfredo for quite a while now. I really hope I could live up to your expectations!

May he put a smile on your faces! ❤️

Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 132: Alfredo Aldarisio from Pushing Daisies 💞😘

Next will be the glasses one and Barba.


a shut out! this time inarizaki seals off the original!