this coloring started out well

Samuel “Cool” Beans + Amanda Hess

i dont draw much on here but here is finn and poe looking like some mean fine ass mens…you cant sit at their table!!! this is a gays only event!!!

started sketching Goshiki and it ended up drawing for 2 hrs [twitter ~ ✨]


as long as we’re all together, it doesn’t really matter, right?

(trying to get over my artblock, click for better quality :’^D)

more lineless aesthetic art. This one is definitely frans.

Did a self portrait!! It’s an 11x14 prismacolor pencil and took me about 12 hours ish


Somehow 18 // Episode 2 // Oh Kyung-Hwi


Mavis Sketch + Colored Version

[Please ask to alter or repost]

For @shiny-pokemon-giveaways ‘s art contest!

I think I’m going to call it Whispeon! (since I roughly based the tail and such on a whisp)

To get Eevee to evolve into this form, you must have it hold the spell tag and have it faint in battle. Essentially, this form is Eevee “reborn” I guess, coming back as a ghost type to help aid you in battle. (This is why the body is similarly colored to an Eevee) The bottom half of the legs are detached from the main body, causing the upper half to levitate a bit, but they all work as they should.

Whispeon also acts as a caretaker to the soul orbs floating around it’s body, keeping them calm and trying to help them move on.

((I’m really bad at writing descriptions, please forgive me…)

I can’t believe I’m actually happy with this. I legitimately didn’t think I’d actually see it through. I may go back for minor edits another day, but I’m happy enough to post. Part of me wishes I could do something more original (since I stole the pose and expression from his skit image), but I like to think it’s good progress. Plus this marks the first full drawing that wasn’t purely a copy in about a year for me.

anonymous asked:

Hi can you write a bts reaction to you telling them that you´re pregnant? Thanks!

BTS Reaction To You Telling Them You’re Pregnant

//I’m so sorry if this is super late. I’ve been busy ><”” I hope that I did a good job for my first reaction request. I got carried away with some of them, it was fun trying to think of how they would react ^^. Any way I hope you like it -Kit

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What if he remembers that time instead?

Poor Touka…of course she would be angry after becoming all emotional lol …i guess?…..but seriously her disappointment though lol xD

(Touka: Come back when you remember my real name, stupid kaneki….*drops tear*)


Asoiaf Old Hollywood fancast
↝ Greer Garson as Catelyn Tully

“One day she would allow herself to be less than strong. But not today. It could not be today.”


Yoichi Saotome backgrounds requested by shirazuuginshi & anon ღ

↳ size (750 x 1334)

feel free to use, don’t take credit for them