this coloring is ugly im really sorry


“Jacob,” Bella begins. “I love you. You’re my best friend. But… I can’t change how I feel.” Bella’s voice is quiet, and wobbling with emotion. “Because it’ll be him. It’s always him.” 

Anguish sweeps across the wolf’s fierce face, and it’s even harder to take, Bella thinks, than if he were in human form. It is moments like these where she’s amazed by just how human Jacob is– how life exudes from every inch of his skin, even more so when he is his wolf. 


That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I’m following him.

Art trade with @holililil QuQ

i know you already seen this on facebook but buut
oh wicchan you’ll never know how happy I was when you said ‘Kurooi’ HUHUHU and I’m really sorry bcs I took so long! ;;;
let’s do another kurooi art trade again one day, okay? XDD

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Hi! I was just wondering if you're willing to share the coloring from this set here that you posted on dcfilms /post/161476358136, it looks so so good, or maybe you have something similar saved or can remake it? Sorry if i'm bothering, I just love it a lot hahah, thank you anyway :)

thank you so much, it really means a lot to me! and sure, im happy to help with coloring this ugly ass movie lmao

  • works on dark and cyan/green scenes (it should be a nice warming up base for anything in suicide squad really)
  • do not redistribute or claim as your own (if asked about this coloring direct to this post or my blog)
  • click here to download

hulla! this is going to be a quick thing sorry, im yawning all over the place and dont really know what else I could tell you ;;;

hope you can read my ugly handwriting!

for the hair - for me its all about nice, light, waving in the wind streaks!
just put multiple layers above each other (also a good method to learn how much volume you want the hair to have. not fluffy enough? add more streaks!!)

for the coloring - I do one layer coloring, so finding fitting colors isnt that hard because they all have the same base on which I mix them! If that won’t do, you can do the overlay layer trick until you know better!
it’s also important to keep colors balanced in a pic / on a character design, so try to use a smaller palette and use the colors multiple times!

sjdgjdsf im so sorry im just so tired ;;;;

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10, 11, 7

already answered 10!

11. What do you like least about your art?

now here i have a huge list but i’ll write just some of them….hmm well first of all i hate the style overall, its not what i want it to be, i kinda want it to be something more serious but also cartoonish and i really have a hard time with it, also i find it really hard to draw diversity and this kills me

also i absolutely hate the way i color, its so plain and ugly, and when i try to color with more details or something it comes out really weird, also i hate my lines they never feel comfortable to paint for some reason i just hate them??? aaaa im sorry i’ll just tell you about these few i dont want to write a huge list

7. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

i already answered this but here is something else i doodled

(will probably join my collection of never finishing kagehina comics)


i was tagged by akirasmado, ((and a bunch of other people a million years ago, which ive forgotten, im sorry,)) to post some selfies, so heres some extremely edited pics of me, so u dont have to see how ugly i really am :’)

well i tag ohkagura, tobiios, cabendishayarambles, takatins, sassy-megane & everybody else who wants to do it, tho you dont have to do it ofc