this coloring is super weird tho


twitter colored sketches ~

the first one tho LOL i drew an AU where benio switch role with Yuuto cuz someone voted me as protagonist in my twitter poll while others voted me as antagonist so i drew yuuto as a good guy which is super weird.

second one is Nalu as Shimayu, their colors are matching well.

“When Javert laughed, which was rarely and terribly, his thin lips parted, and showed not only his teeth, but his gums; and around his nose there was a wrinkle as broad and as wild as the muzzle of a fallow deer. Javert, when serious, was a bull dog; when he laughed, he was a tiger.”

(i haven’t actually got to this part, i just saw the quote somewhere and i WANTED TO DRAW IT)

(ignore the gross weird color splats i just wanted to cover up the copy/paste holes. p.s. i really like my javert design even tho it doesn’t match any canon description of him i think it has a good feel *gives self a thumbs up* :DD)