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Sexting (Jimin smut)

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Summary: On a lonely night, you decide to sign up for an anonymous sexting site. Of course you are matched with the notorious fuckboy you’re constantly trying to avoid. Park fucking Jimin.

Themes: Sexting, Fuckboy Jimin, College AU.

Pairing: You x Jimin

Word Count: 4k

This fic contains: Explicit and graphic depictions of smut, sex over the phone, swearing. 






I’d rather not say/enter here:


Decent conversation/making friends/finding a language buddy/other





THOR562: 21 years old- Seoul, South Korea- also interested in ‘other’.




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Casino Night - Tyler Seguin (Part 2)

A/N: I’m really enjoying writing this, so I hope you enjoy reading just as much. Again, English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes.

Word Count: 1319

Warnings: None, I think.

Part 1

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I walk around, not quite sure if I need air, a shot of tequila, sleep for a year or someone to slap me. I feel stupid, to be honest, like I was a freshman who is starstruck by the senior quarterback. Tyler has got under my skin way too easily and I don’t like it. I’ve always been hard to impress, way too sassy, it’s difficult to keep my attention… and now I can only think about this guy I met less than two hours ago and that I know nothing about.

After walking around without direction I decide that it is time to find (Y/F/N) and getting the hell out of here before I start banging my head against the walls out of embarrassment. She is where she said she was gonna be, playing roulette and being the life of the party.

“C’mon, Miss Luck! Take some risks!” The guy I assume it’s Jamie Benn is yelling at my friend when I get to the table. God, I literally know nothing about the Dallas Stars and I make a mental note to investigate about them tomorrow.

“Having fun?” I ask her from behind, scaring her.

“Omg, (Y/N)! Don’t do that! I could have die” She scolds me and I laugh, kissing her cheek.

“I think you will live another day” I say, looking at the table “So, what’s your bet?”

“I kind of want to go for a number, but there is no way I’m getting it, right?” She whispers

“Just do it!” I cheer her and she pulls out her best smile before grabbing a couple $100 chips and putting them on the number 14.

Jamie looks at her closely and smirks “Good choice”

The little ball starts spinning around the roulette and I hold my breath, actually anxious about my friend losing $200 on a game. It seems like it is taking forever for the ball to stop and I can’t help but to shut my eyes before it does. I hear my friend laugh and I open my eyes to see the ball on the number 30, right next to the number 14.

“It wasn’t meant to be” she says and I put my arm around her shoulders.

“You still look bomb” I try to comfort her

“Cheers to that” Jamie says from across the table and my friend blushes until she looks more like a tomato than a human being.

“Shall we go?” She looks at me with puppy eyes and I realize that she is trying to not think about all the money she has lost.

I nod and we wave goodbye at Jamie as we walk to the elevators, ready to take a cab and leave the casino. We donate all our chips on our way out and the lady gives us an envelope.

“They are tickets for the next home game” she explains and we just take them and walk out.

The drive is quiet and my head can’t stop thinking about Tyler. I try to make a mental list of all I know about him; he is a hockey player, he plays for the Dallas Stars, he was drafted five or six years ago, he used to play for the Bruins…and that’s it. I know nothing more of this guy. I have never been too interested on the players’ personal lives, not even the Red Wings players, so I don’t know where he is from, his family, etc… Maybe it is for the best.

The ride feels shorter that it really is and before I know it I am home. I take my heels off before climbing the stairs to my apartment. My feet ache and I’m quite sure I have blisters all over my toes… ugh, gross.

My apartment is small but cozy. It has a decent size bedroom, a bathroom, a small kitchen, a living room and my favorite part, a nice terrace where I have a small table and tons of plants. The color scheme is simple, light blue, light grey and white. Everything is perfectly coordinated and my red dress doesn’t go well with it, so I walk to my room and change to a pair of leggings and a white sweater, feeling more like myself as soon as I do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m comfortable with my body, but the dress was just too much for me…I’m more of a pair of jeans and a nice top kind of girl. I walk back to the living room and sit on the couch, pulling my white faux blanket over my body as I grab my laptop from the coffee table in front of me.

“You are gonna regret this, dum-dum” as I get in the browser and type Tyler Seguin on it.

There are thousands of websites talking about Tyler Seguin and I spend what it feels like hours reading articles about him. Apparently, he is a good player but he is also known for his love for partying. I keep reading, learning about his trade from Boston to Dallas due for his attitude outside the ice and how it seems like he has calmed down and matured since his arrival to Dallas. I smile watching a video about his charity Seguin Stars, which is incredibly kind of him. I might have watched the video of his ESPN body issue too, but I will deny it if you ask me.

I yawn and I realize that it is pasted 2am and I probably should head to bed sooner rather than later but, as much as I love hockey, I didn’t start looking into him because I wanted to know his stats so I push myself and I type girlfriend next to his name and hit enter. I spend ten minutes scrolling through websites until I shut my laptop and frown, feeling like the biggest fool on Earth.

{Tyler’s POV}

“Tyler, I would’ve bought you that drink”

That sentence is playing on repeat in my head. I can’t believe that I didn’t come back with something witty to say. Man, I can’t believe I didn’t even get her number or instagram. God, I can’t believe I didn’t even ask her what her name is.

I hit the wheel of my Ferrari with the heel of my hand out of frustration and I speed, needing some sort of distraction from her. She knew who I was, but she wasn’t impressed and that was refreshing. I’m too used to girls throwing themselves at me and I just have to choose my favorite and the rest is done, but this mysterious girl wasn’t having it. A challenge, I haven’t had one of those for a while.

I get to my new house and park the car inside the garage before walking in through the door that leads to the kitchen, where pair of happy labs greet me.

“Hello boys” I coo to my sons “have you been good?” as I push Cash away before he ruins my Tom Ford suit.

They follow me to the kitchen, where I grab a bottle of water from the fridge and get a couple treats for them as an I’m-sorry-I haven’t-been-home gift. I walk upstairs to my room, knowing that the dogs will follow me as soon as they are done eating and walk into my closet, taking my suit off and hanging it next to a couple of pieces of clothing that I need to take to the dry cleaner. I walk to my bed and get under the covers when I hear the boys racing upstairs and hooping on the bed, getting comfortable next to me.

“You two are sooooo spoiled” I whisper to them and they just look at me like they own the place. They probably do.

I turn to my side, this girl still stuck in my head as I drift to sleep.

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Hi! Next year I'm going to live in France for Erasmus and it will be my first experience living alone (without my parents) and abroad. Could you give me some tips about it, please??

Omg this is so exciting!! Tbh I live in a residence hall so I can’t give you any advice on appartment and food related stuff

  • Keep track of your expenses – you’d be surprised how fast money goes. You now have to buy simple stuff like toilet paper that your parents provided, and trust me, it adds up.
  • Also it’s super easy to get carried away when you’re buying food and get a ton on crap but again, it adds up (specially junk food is super expensive?? like??). So I suggest you make a list of stuff you need before going to the store and sticking to it.
    • Preferably buy frozen stuff because it lasts longer.
    • And know how long stuff lasts. For instance, eggs are usually only good for like 2 weeks, so don’t buy more than you know you can eat in that time.
    • It’s better to go to the store several times than to overbuy.
  • If you can learn to do laundry beforehand, that’s always good. Please separate your white and color clothes, I’ve seen so many catastrophes bc ‘oh it doesn’t matter! My clothes will be fine!’
  • You can iron your clothes but tbh no one actually does that.  Takes to much time. As long as you store stuff that tends to get wrinkly on hangers, it’ll sort itself out. The only exception may be skirts.
  • There’ll be no one to tell you to get your ass to class and it’s so common to just stop caring. I have a post about that here.
  • If possible, get a roommate/flatmate.
    • It gets super lonely wihtout one, specially if it’s your first year living on your own.
    • You’re going abroad so it’ll help to have omeone you can count on to go out with.
    • Appartment expenses are so much cheaper when you split them up.
    • It helps with going to class too. You kind of feel judged if you don’t
    • And it sort of stops you from just lying around all day without doing anything.
  • Keeping your space clean is so important. Here are some tips. If you get a roommate, agree on a cleaning plan.
  • General posts on how to adult 1 & 2
  • Take care of your health insurance bc no one’s going to do it for you. This is really fucking important bc you don’t realize that if for instance you have a fever, you’re gonna need a doctor’s note and you’re not going to get it if you don’t have a doctor to go too (but if it happens, go to the emergency room. They’ll probably give you a long speech about how you should go to your doctor for this stuff but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).
  • Don’t hole up in your room!! Especially if you’re going abroad, go see stuff!!
  • On the same note, it’s not weird to go out by yourself. If you wanna go somewhere, go. You don’t need a roommate or a friend every single time.
  • Get your bank account stuff arranged omg. Also, I’d definitely suggest getting a debit card because that way your parents can send you money. But also!! Avoid using the card itself as much as possible. It’s better to go to an ATM and get cash because otherwise you don’t realize how much money you’re spending and it’s super easy to go crazy.
  • Get a hamper, a water boiler and mugs, all the mugs. You will use them for everything – water, tea, coffee, mug cakes, mashing stuff…  
  • And lastly, don’t hesitate to call your parents for advice. You may live alone but you’re not on your own. I can’t tell you the number of times a week I call my mom for advice on Adult Stuff.

Hope that helped! And have fun next year!!

Raising Kyuuta

A/N: I just NEEEEED to write a tickle fic with these two because omg so adorable and Ren/Kyuuta is such a grumpy little kid/teen haha. Doing this for my own fun, I haven’t seen the movie [Bakemono no Ko] around the community so no one might read or understand this but thats okay. I JUST WANTED TO.

Summary: Kumatetsu finds difficulties in raising the young human kid until he discovers a certain thing that makes him go weak with laughter. Now that is a unique way of taming his disciple! [platonic family tickles duhhhh]

Word Count: 1348

[9 years]

“Stop calling me fucking Kyuuta!”

“I am eating plenty, don’t tell me what to do!”

“Damn it let me sleep longer!”

Kumatetsu’s entire face twitched when he sat at the kitchen table after his first few tiring days dealing with his new disciple Kyuuta. It was one hell of a business. For a nine year old he sure had an attitude. Were all humans like this? 

The kid wouldn’t even tell him his name. He wouldn’t wake up at the supposed time, refused to react to the name Kyuuta so far despite not telling his real name, and he refused to train with him when he was ‘too tired’, a.k.a. a lazy litle shit. 

And now, after a few days more…

“Kyuuta. When was the last time you took a bath?” Kyuuta who was just busy forcing some rice with raw eggs down his throat tensed up and looked at him, his ears getting a bright red color.

“Yesterday,” he said. The dirt had literally become one with his skin and his hair looked awfully gross.

“Liar. Take a bath after dinner,” Kumatetsu ordered.


“Take a damn bath!”

“NO!” The rebellious little boy stood and banged the kitchen table, and Kumatetsu followed and their little chasing routine started again. He was so done with him. So done! 

“HA! You can’t get me!” Kyuuta roared, running around the house and around the table with a roaring Kumatetsu after him. Kumatetsu was close after him though, but when Kyuuta made another round around the table his furious master suddenly spun on his heels and changed directions.

And then and there for the first time, he won their chasing game and caught him; Kyuuta was too late to drop his speed and he ran straight into his arms.

“Gotcha!” Kumatetsu said, and he started to peel at the boy’s clothes.

“Now take these off and clean yoursefl!” His fingers were digging into the struggling body to get a grip on his shirt, and that was when Kyuuta snorted loudly and let out a cute mewling sound.

“Lehet go!” he giggled, his arms flailing and legs kicking, but there was a smile on his face. Was he looking forward to a bath after all?

“Having fun now?” Kumatetsu asked obliviously, and he continued to bring the shirt up over his head. Kyuuta jerked heavily and barked out a high pitched squealing laugh.

“AHA don’t touch me!” he yelled, and Kumatetsu dropped his shirt back down again and cocked his head. Humans were so weird. Kyuuta was being angry, but he was laughing as well.

“You are a weird kid,” he said, poking his tiny tummy, and this made Kyuuta squeak and pull back desperately to avoid his touch.

“Don’t touch me! That tickles hahaha!” he squeaked, and that’s when Kumatetsu’s face brightened.

“Ah that’s right? Humans are teeckles right?” he said happily, and he experimentally poked Kyuuta’s tummy again.

Ticklish you stupid ass-hahahaha no wait!” Kumatetsu now wiggled his fingers over his disciple’s torso, seeking out whatever touch and where would make him react the best.

“This is the first time I hear you laughing son,” Kumatetsu commented through Kyuuta’s hysterical laughter, and he lifted him easily, placed him on the kitchen table and clawed at his sides with both hands.

“I’M NOT YOUR SOHOHOHN!” Woah. The half emptied plates with rice and raw eggs got knocked over and fell with clattering noises onto the floor because of Kyuuta’s flailing arms and legs, but Kumatetsu didn’t mind now. He was rather fascinated by the ability to make the grumpy little kid laugh like this.

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Basic HUD circles in After Effects

I’ll be showing how to make simple HUD (heads-up display) circles (aka futuristic circle things) in After Effects (and without using keyframes) like these:

This tutorial is designed for people with little experience with After Effects, so theres a lot of extra explanations

Click “Keep reading” below to view the tutorial because looonngg post

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Pair: Nyx Ulric / Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Previously: For some reasons, if I insert the Ao3 link here, the post doesn’t show up in the tags. So if you want the previous chapters, just message me privately ;)

Words: 4785

Plot: Luna and Nyx didn’t fell in the Empire’s trap, Nyx didn’t had to use the ring and he survived. What would have happened if Nyx really had the chance to ‘see Luna safe to Altissia’, like he promised to Regis? Here the part 7: Galdin Quay. Magic atmosphere. Dancing. Dino shipping Lunyx in the background. What do you expect to happen? ;)  

I have to thank again my beta reader @loveiscosmicsin … and this time. OMG. THE ART. Look at the art this time. @ramibriidge for the drawing and @viianki (yeah, we pulled you in all this too!) for the coloring <3 

What an amazing staff I have beyond the curtains <3 I feel blessed.

Somehow, Dino monopolized their attention for the rest of the day. He offered to pay for their drinks and Coctura cooked dishes from the freshest caught seafood they could ever eat. From the water and straight to the frying pan as the chef put it simply. In spite of first impressions, Dino was quite an enjoyable company – if you were ready to ignore his sad flirting attempts with basically every living girl around him. He traveled a lot in his life so he could entertained them with spicy anecdotes about almost everything. For his own sake, he didn’t dare to comment the delicate relationship between the Oracle and the Glaive anymore, but he kept observing every move of them, every eye contact and every slightly touch. That was a bit weird but both Luna and Nyx learned to deal with it pretty fast. Only when the evening came, Dino offered another drink to Lunafreya and left her with Coctura while he casually took Nyx’s arm and whispered: “Can I talk with you for a second?” Nyx was creeped by what the question could possibly imply but didn’t have other choice than please him.

“What’s the matter?” he asked as they reached the pier.

Dino smirked and took a key out of his pocket, placing it into the Glaive’s hand. Then he sneered, “You’re gonna thank me one day.”

“If this is what I think it is, I –” 

“You’ll gonna owe me big one day, I know.”

“This is getting embarrassing. Me and the Princess, not what you’re thinking and I would neve–”

“Oh, sure, like you can fool me. Anyway, how you use it is up to you. Haven’t you two ever shared a room?”

“Yeah, we did but–”

“So what’s the problem? Look, you have to sleep somewhere, right? Don’t overthink too much, it doesn’t help you.” 

Nyx sighed but in the end accepted the key. “Why are you doing it?”

Dino shrugged. “I could write another article about the way I recognize gems among tons of useless stones but… maybe the truth is that I just understand when a man needs help with a girl.”

Nyx bit his down lip and admitted, “That is not a simple girl I can pick up and then let go. That is the Princess. That is the Oracle of Eos.”

Dino seemed deeply puzzled by the insinuation: “Well, beyond that, isn’t she just a girl, anyway?”

Nyx smiled, putting the key in his pocket. “You are not as stupid as you look.”

Later that night, the music was played to entertain the clients and Galdin Quay got even more magical. The soft lights painted in red, orange and yellow the water of ocean, the air smelled like sea and cocktails, the gentle breeze caressed the skin of them all. Luna was so carried away by the atmosphere that she almost forgot her problems. Coctura was constantly excited of being in her company and spoiled her in every possible way, so hunger was the least concern on Luna’s mind tonight.

Nyx decided to stay a bit in the distance instead, watching over her as always, but in the most discreet way. He just knew that she preferred like that right now because of the ‘dream’ and of course he was right. Luna was kind of relieved in not having him around, constantly remembering the sensual moments they shared in the dream. Yet, she looked in his direction every time she could, just to be sure he was still there, never abandoning her. And when she got the confirmation of that, her heart warmed up more than it should have.

After two hours of watching the local band playing music, Lunafreya sighed. Coctura was fun, but all she discussed was about food or recipes while Dino was flirting with a blond girl on the bridge and he didn’t seemed to have any interest in conversing with someone else. In the end, Luna got bored and had to go back to Nyx. 

“Maybe I should retire for the night.” 

“Really? It’s still early and the night life here is amazing” Nyx said, revealing how much he was enjoying the music and the atmosphere. “You should stay a bit more.” 

“I have nothing to do.” 

“You could dance.” 

“And with who? You?”

Nyx raised his eyebrows and sighed, going back to look to the distance. "Wouldn’t that be nice…”

Luna’s first attempt of making a joke ended in a huge failure, because nobody there was laughing at all. On the contrary, it looked like she just putted salt on a open wound. 

“Nyx, I cannot hold my tongue on this any longer. I’m truly sorry about that dream” she started, whispering in a neutral tone, “I don’t know how it happened and I couldn’t control it at the time. I’m also sorry for telling you and for every discourteous act that came right after. Maybe we should both forget about all this and go back to our usual professional relationship.”

Nyx swallowed and smiled, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. "Sure. At least until the next time we can have a conversation without you being snappy with me or red in the face to tell me what’s going on.”

Luna rolled her eyes. "Yes, this is exactly what I wanted to apologize about.” 

"It’s okay. If we go back to our professional relationship, may I have this dance?” 

Luna froze and faltered. "Ah, I…”

Nyx tried again: "Very professional dancing, I mean. I’ll just take it as the olive branch. You know, peace.”

The princess closed her eyes and hid the lips beyond her hand. She knew exactly what she wanted to do, but she also knew what was her duty to do and the two things didn’t coincide.

“Just one quick dance…” she said in the end, hoping that her heart and her mind would have accept such a compromise.

For Nyx it was enough: he tendered his hand, waiting for her to take it. She did it with a certain reluctance and regretted it immediately after, understanding where this would have lead in the moment she noticed Dino glancing at them with a victorious smile, raising his glass in the air. 

Nyx didn’t ever had a lot of dancing experience, but the battles of the past forged his body for every kind of movement, so he didn’t take a lot before settling for the dance. He rested a hand on Luna’s waist without looking shy, on the contrary, he searched for Luna’s eyes to sense if that wasn’t too much for her to bear.

Her cheeks were already burning hot, but she didn’t try to escape. She just positioned herself for the dance as the etiquette required and started on. The music was a soft jazz, which didn’t give them the opportunity to really keep the distance.

"Like I said before, Princess, it’s just a dance between two professional people. You can relax. And more, nobody except Dino and Coctura recognized us, so you can just enjoy the moment without fearing of ruining your reputation with a miserable Glaive like me.”

Luna took a deep breath and realized he was right. She was just too tense, so she relaxed her muscles and got closer to him, resting in the end her cheek on his shoulder. "A miserable Glaive…” she smiled. An unexpected feeling of protection and tranquillity invested her, making her closing her eyes. “You’re far from that.”

When a minute has passed and Nyx was sure she wouldn’t have freak out, he tightened his arms around her, smelling the sweet perfume of her hair mixed with the one of the salted sea. He was never been so close to her and the new experience lit up senses he didn’t even know he had. Suddenly, he felt everything at once. Like supernatural powers triggered by her closeness, his taste, sight, hearing, touch, smell were amplified, and at the same time he also experimented the electrical and magnetic vibes she radiated, enjoying them like a breath of fresh air. 

"Yeah? What do you think I am?” he asked, knowing that yes, he was such a miserable Glaive. For wanting a woman that was not his to have. “Just tell me if I’m getting warmer or colder.”

Luna placed her arms around him and shook her head. She started to think and think, and the line of her thoughts got darker as the time passed. "Nyx,” she whispered when the song was almost over. She stood on the tips of her toes, reaching his cheek and slightly kissing him right were his small tattoo was. The Glaive almost felt his heart explode in pure joy but totally froze when he heard she saying: “Once we arrive in Tenebrae, I’ll be safe. I won’t need a bodyguard anymore. We should go separate paths. I’m sorry.”

And then, she abandoned his arms and ran away.

Nyx was so shocked he couldn’t move until Dino came, clearly worried by the scene he just watched.

“Whoa, buddy, what the hell happened? Not even the girls I flirt with run away like that! How did you screw up such a perfect opportunity?”

Nyx wasn’t even able to answer. He was just trying to realize the real sense of what Luna just told him, but actually there was no sense at all. He just couldn’t believe at what he heard. Being safe in Tenebrae? No needing a bodyguard anymore? Getting separate? Three sentences hurt him like a stone squashing on his heart, destroying his expectations, mortifying his pride. Nyx mentally knew she never needed him, but in fact, all he hoped was to prove himself worthy of protecting her and cherish her even if he was just a mere immigrant Glaive, with no title and no magic to make him special.

"Hey big guy, are you listening to me? The suite is already paid for the night, you better solve your problem because I’m not getting that refund back.”

Nyx stared blankly at the man before him, thinking about the details he didn’t notice before: the princess’s sad eyes as he watched him, the soft kiss on the cheek which felt like a goodbye.

“Hello! Could you please act like a man and run after her?” Dino screamed in the end, cupping the hands on his mouth like he was using a amplifier. Nyx caught a deep breath and finally straightened up. “Good boy! Now go! Go!” 

And Nyx did so. He turned on his heels and followed the Princess down the bridge, until his feet met the white sand. The full moon was ready to illuminate his path, like it was giving him a sort of blessing.

Luna took her sandals off, walking fast in the sea to scroll away the tension and the sadness. The water was warm also at that time of the night, sparkling under the shining moon and the air was so restoring she already felt better. That until she heard him calling her name. “Princess!” She turned around, feeling tears wetting her eyes. 

“Go away!” and quickened her pace.

Nyx took really a short while to reach for her, entering in the water like he didn’t care of getting his boots soaking wet. “The hell I will!” He was pretty upset, she could tell only by the sound of his voice. When she saw his face though, Luna realized he was deeply mortified, too. “Have you lost your mind? What crazy idea did you come up with this time? Going on with the journey alone?”

She hadn’t the courage to talk to his face so she turned around a bit and looked down. “Nyx, you just can’t be my bodyguard forever, it’s too…” 

“Embarrassing? Inappropriate? Dangerous?” 


Nyx opened his mouth, closed it again, squeezed the eyes and pointed at the restaurant at his back. “So that’s the professionalism you were talking about just a couple of minutes ago? Wow, the coherence!”

“I’m just trying to do what’s best for both of us and for the rest of the world as well!” Her voice raised in the air a bit more, in a tone of frustrated sadness which was not usual to her.

“I don’t care about me and I don’t care about the world either, because I made a promise to my king to see you safe to Altissia and that I will, even if I’ll have to follow you around against your will.”

“Well, technically, your king isn’t Regis anymore so speaking about duties to the Crown, I’m certain Noctis would be enchanted to know how far you are ready to go just to ‘protect’ me!”

Nyx wide opened his eyes, in a very comical expression: “Excuse me? Are you trying to blame me for doing my job?” He got closer, leaning down on her to see her face in the darkness but she tried to step back, giving up when she noticed she couldn’t hide anymore.

She raised her hand and closed her eyes. “That’s not what I wanted to–!” 

"YOU’RE the one having dirty dreams about ME and now I’M the one going too far!” 

“Yes, having that dream was my fault but you certainly didn’t help me, with all your teasing and at the same time, being… kind!” She was so desperate she was getting ridiculous, causing Nyx to be even more confused. 

“Are you saying I was wrong being nice to you?” 


“Then I don’t get the point you’re driving at.”

“My point is that I can’t control myself when you are around and this not only scares me but it’s wrong!” she blurted out in the end. “The more I want to be professional, the more I end up closer to you and this can’t lead to anything good. I can’t have it, Nyx. I just can’t. For so many reasons I can’t even start to explain!”

Nyx waited for her to finish the sentence with the mouth open in surprise, then he slowly shook his head and lowered his voice, even if he was still strongly upset when he answered: 

“Listen, Princess. We don’t know each other for long, but I dare to say I understood a lot about you, more than you think. And you know what impression you made to me?” He looked her straight in the eyes, with a burning resolution, “You’re a frustrated woman.” Luna tried to reply but he cut her down with a light move of the hand. “Don’t even try to deny it! You’re a frustrated woman. You sold your body and soul to an important cause, and even though this is admirable, you now discover that beyond the façade of the ‘holy Oracle who will save the world with her merciful deeds’ you are just a normal girl which is scared by Kenny Crow and likes to listen to all kind of music on the radio! You love life, even if you’re ready to sacrifice it to appear like the most flawless being of all time and you inspire people. I’m not surprised that with all the people in the world you’re attracted by me - a common immigrant who joined the Kingsglaive as a sign of gratitude for the person who helped him - because for the first time in forever, with me you can do what you really want and not what other people tell you to do. With me you can be yourself and not what other people expect you to be!” 

He marked every word with a tenacious gesture and looked at her, talking with his heart in his sleeve. He was so brutally honest, so perfectly sincere, Luna couldn’t help but feel touched. Nobody ever talked to her like that. 

"Nyx, I–“ 

"I’ve not finished, because I want you to know that I know you hide things from me, which probably means I don’t have the whole picture of the situation. But one thing is clear, Princess: you-should-live-your-own-life!” At that point of the preach, he was warming up a bit too much, and almost screamed: “Why do you think you don’t deserve it? After being hostage of Niflheim for years, after being used as a bait in Insomnia’s fall, after being idolized by people, after all the fights you fought in secret, after being the only inspiration of Eos; why do you still think you don’t deserve to be selfish sometimes and do what the hell you want?” He took out of his shirt the necklace with the Ring of Lucis hung on it and showed it to her. “I accepted to take this for you only because I wanted to give you a break, for the Astrals’ sake! You should give the same opportunity to yourself, too!” 

After all that yelling, Luna was almost crying, swallowing down every word she wanted to say because it wouldn’t have make justice to the purity of heart Nyx let blow out in that very moment. 

For a minute, there was only silence, interrupted by the low crashing of the waves of the ocean. 

Then, Nyx sighed and turned around, moving away. 

Luna didn’t expected it and screamed in a broken voice, “W-where are you going now?”

“Where do you think? I’m going to sit on the sand, and watch over you, business as usual!” he answered, opening his arms, still very upset. “I told you I will never let you go!”

And so he did. He got out of the water, sat on the beach, trying to recuperate his composure. He took awhile, since he didn’t get so mad since he argued with Selena years before. Exactly like his little sister, Luna was stubborn and spoiled, but she was also more layered and complicated which made Nyx’s job of standing by her side very difficult.

He took a deep and frustrated breath and finally felt better. Looking at the distant figure of the Princess in the water also helped in the end, because if he could ignore the argument they just had, he should have admitted that it was the perfect picture, pure art. Everything of her was perfect: the way she looked at the moon in the distance with a thoughtful expression, the shape of her slender body, the way she let her hair down on her shoulders and turned in his direction. 

Nyx swallowed hard.

All the imperfections he - and probably only he - noticed made her so real and so perfect, and such a perfection only hurt him more in the end, knowing she was not something that would have ever been under his reach. Yet, she slowly came out of the water, beautiful under the moonlight like the goddess she used to represent.

Nyx watched her without saying a word, he totally fell under her spell. “Can I sit by you?” she asked after awhile. She was calm now, and even a bit sad. Nyx couldn’t tell if he nodded in response or what, but Luna sat down next to him anyway. Her breath was regular, barely audible because of the waves of the sea and so was his.

“About what you just said…” Luna started, “Every single word was a knife in the stomach but… I fear you are right. Yes. I think I really fear it.”

Nyx couldn’t say a word, her profile was just so ethereal to watch, he was captured by her words and couldn’t react. “My duty is my destiny, Nyx. I held on to this my whole life and I just… can’t imagine myself without it. Not only this, but people are depending on me. Helping Noctis and supporting him during in his ascension means giving hope to the whole world and I can’t falter especially now. Knowing all this forged my existence. You’re telling me to live my own life and do whatever I want but… I just can’t. I never actually could.”

Nyx turned around on the sand, casually touching her side with his knee. “But it’s not right. You know that, don’t you?” he asked, lowering his voice to let her know his concern. “You deserve to be happy.”

She looked at him, allowing herself to admire details she never really observed, like the form of his little tattoos, the scars underneath the beard, the braids in his hair, the changing color of his eyes under the moonlight. Suddenly, all those details were so dear to her, because they were part of him. 

“Happiness comes in different forms and perhaps mine is in fulfilling my destiny.”

“This is ridiculous…” he murmured, leaning a bit. They were so close now, she could almost hear his heart beating. He had fire in his eyes when he added: “I think you’re smart enough to know what makes you happy.” 

Luna felt her heart sunk, her arms going limp, and whole body go weak. Nobody ever gave her so much credit, so much space, or so much freedom. 

Surprising herself, she reached for his hand, entwining her fingers in his, looking for warmth. She didn’t care if his skin was rough or if his grip was too strong. She just wanted him again closer and closer, exactly like in the dream which tormented her for two days already. And his body was there in front of her, ready to surrender. If she only would have let him…

“Are you saying all this just because you want to take advantage of me?” she asked instead.

Nyx didn’t even get mad for the insinuation this time, he was just too enchanted by the rare occasions she was cheeky towards him. “No” he answered, very seriously. “If I wanted to take advantage of you, I wouldn’t have get angry when you asked me to leave you without protection, nor I wouldn’t have accepted to see you to Altissia where you’re gonna marry another man.” He raised a hand, caressing her cheek with a surreal gentleness. “…And maybe I wouldn’t have invited you to dance with me and gone off with the brunette who watched me the whole evening.”

That surprised her. “There was a woman watching you?” 

Nyx smiled and with that smile he didn’t caressed her cheek: he caressed her heart.

“Remember what King Regis said to you before he died? He wanted you to live happily. And as long as there’s life in me, I will work to make his last wish to come true. Even though it’s not gonna be with me, even though this would damage me, I want you to live happily, Princess. If this doesn’t prove I’m not trying to take advantage of you, I don’t–”

“It’s enough to me.” Luna swallowed, clutching the grip on his shirt: “I’m sorry, I was asking because my whole life men looked at me like that, they used me, they forced me into–”

“It’s okay.” Nyx shushed her, moving the thumb on her lips, while his whole hand was still cupping her cheek. “I didn’t ask for your reasons.” And then he stared at her lips, letting the desire grow stronger. She noticed.

“This is not good. In the end, I will be the one taking advantage of you.”

“Fine with it …” He sighed, too distracted to pay any heed to the warning.

"Let’s enjoy the moment?”

“Let’s enjoy the moment” he agreed.

Luna closed her eyes and opened her mouth, feeling him putting an arm around her waist to pull her closer. They had to move on the sand until they found the right position, but this didn’t stopped them. She touched his biceps, tracing a line to his neck, holding on to it like it was an anchor in the ocean of her bursting feelings. She longed for the kiss she thought would come, but immediately realized when he backed up from it. She opened her eyes and looked at his yearning look, wandering what made him to hesitate now.

“Ask me,” he begged. “I won’t do anything if you don’t ask me.”

Luna’s eyes got wet. “Nyx…” She tightened the grip around his neck and got so close until their lips touched. His breath was smelling like the cocktail Coctura served them before. 

“I just want it to be your choice, Princess.”

“It is. Kiss me.” 

She didn’t have to repeat it twice. He immediately rushed his nose against her cheek, kissing her opened lips, lingering on it to feel the flavor and the warmth. It tasted like liberation, like they both finally broke down the dam holding back their bursting feelings. Being that her first kiss, Luna didn’t even know how to handle things, so she let him take control, focusing on what she was receiving instead and enjoying every single instant of it. Nyx couldn’t ask for better. Even though he never allowed himself to indulge on that thought, he instinctively knew how to set his Princess on fire. He bit her down lip, and then the upper one and then he kissed her deeply, stealing her breath. Luna had to shrink back a moment to catch some air but he immediately pulled her closer again, forcing the princess to gasp in his mouth. She didn’t dare to escape ever again.

Nyx putted his fingers through her hair, guiding her moves. Then his hands slipped down on her neck, on her breast, until they reached her hips, where they stopped. 
He gently pushed her down on the beach and after watching her for a second - her golden hair loose on the sand, the innocent expression confused by her first effusion of affection and yet, the big blue eyes eager for him - he leaned down on her and kissed her lips again, this time with more tenderness, knowing she deserved it. The most beautiful flower of all Eos was in his hands and he needed to take care of it.

Luna putted a hand on his chest, exploring his shape, experimenting new sensations, looking for his natural warmth and then stopped when she heard his heart beating. She immediately understood that would always been her favorite sound from now on. 

They didn’t stop for a long while, not even caring if someone saw them or if the temperature was getting lower. 

They took all the time they need to learn to know each other’s lips, each other’s movements and breathing. Luna didn’t feel like rushing. If kissing a man for the first time meant feeling what she was feeling right now, she wanted to learn and understand every detail of it and she wasn’t ready to halt. Not now, at least. She let him take the lead and followed his instructions. It felt better than she expected.

In the end, it was Nyx the one who decided to stop, when he started to feel the urge to explore her body and give in to basic instincts. It took all the restraint he could muster to pull away.

“Princess,” he whispered, kissing her cheek and then her ear. She shivered deeply and hold on his back, instinctively sinking her nails in his shirt. He smiled and didn’t complain, because even that hurt was pleasure if it came from her. “It’s better if I stop now.” 

She sighed and opened her eyes to look straight at him. She found a sweet note on his face, like he was completely satisfied by how that conversation ended and not just that. Like he was proud of her. “… W-why?”

He raised himself up on one elbow, and looked for something in his pocket. Doing so, he had to distance him a bit and Luna already missed having him on her.
In the end, Nyx took out the key Dino previously gave him and put it under the moonlight. 

Luna wide opened her eyes and started to stutter: “Nyx, w-wait, I–”

Nyx bit his lip and then started laughing.

“You should’ve seen the look on your face!” he said, his beautiful large smile shining only for her. “Relax. It’s not what you think it is. Or better, it is, but I’m not even gonna enter in the room where you will sleep tonight, otherwise I would totally ‘take advantage of you’. I know, big contradiction to what I said a couple minutes ago.”

Luna sighed in relief but at the same time she rested her hands on his chest. She didn’t want to let him go. “And where will you sleep?”

“I’ll pay for another room. Or in the car.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

Luna caressed his face, feeling his beard brushing against her fingertips. They were looking in the eyes like it was the last time and Luna couldn’t help but ask: “Just… another kiss before I go?” 

That was a request he would have always accepted. Fearing that it was their last moment of intimacy and that next day Luna would have regretted letting her walls down, Nyx kissed her again passionately and it was his deep devotion that she felt safe between his arms unlike any she never was anywhere else.

Whatever it would have come next, it wouldn’t have change what they felt that night. It was wrong, it was useless, it was not fair, yet, it was theirs and only theirs. And they enjoyed every second of it.

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hello, i'd like to request a minghao flowershop!au please :)

- you’re on your way to buy flowers because your friend jisoo is sick
- of course he didn’t tell anyone he was sick because he didn’t want anyone to worry and then fainted on the spot like really jisoo TELL US WHEN YOU’RE SICK YOU’D MAKE US WORRY EITHER WAY
- so you walk into this humble little flower shop and the first thing you see
- is the cutest boy ever standing at the counter
- he greets you the moment you step into the shop and it takes you a second to regain your thoughts and greet him back
- please imagine minghao with an apron on and a white daisy tucked behind his ear
- you go around the shop admiring every bouquet, and they’re all so healthy and vibrant and beautiful
- you pick one up and you think yes. jisoo loves these colors he’s going to love this one
- when suddenly someone asks “do you need any help?”
- you jump at the sound of the voice and turn around to see the cute boy from the counter just inches away from your face
- you shyly take a step back and say “o-oh hi! no i’m good, thank you. i’m just buying a bouquet for my friend”
- the boy looks down at the flowers in your hands and says with a sympathetic expression on his face “i… i’m really sorry for your loss”
- you’re like…… what
- you look down at the flowers in your hands and say “… i guess this bouquet doesn’t mean get well soon huh”
- and the boy laughs and his voice is cute and soft and you’re dead the flowers might as well be for you
- he says “daisies are what you’re looking for.” and he points at the white daisy sitting behind his ear
- so he leads you to where you can find bouquets with daisies in them, and you pick one out that smells so good with soft colors like jisoo’s soft personality
- “good thing i stopped you before you gave him that last bouquet” the boy laughs and you laugh too
- you say “thanks for saving me!! i really appreciate it”
- after wrapping a light purple ribbon around the plastic, he gives you the bouquet and says “i hope your friend gets better”
- and after saying thank you, you leave the shop and the boy is on your mind but you’re like oh well that’s it i’m never going to see him again
- one week after buying the flowers for jisoo, seungkwan tells everyone he’ll be coming back from jeju later on tonight and your friends all have welcome back gifts except for you
- seungkwan’s honestly the easiest person to shop for because he gets excited and happy over almost ANYTHING so you settle for…. flowers!!
- because it’s simple NOT because you wanted to see that cute boy again ahahah…….
- you liar
- so you enter the shop and the boy, who’s watering some flowers turns around and says “welcome—oh, it’s you again!!”
- and you’re like OMG HE REMEMBERS ME and you calmly make your way over to him
- he says “so what do you need for today?” and you tell him that oh yeah my friend is coming back after being away for like four weeks and we’re all throwing him a welcome back party
- and he immediately gets to work. he asks you questions like “so describe your friend. is he more on the shy side? or extroverted? cheerful? soft-hearted?” and by the end of your visit he puts together a bouquet that’s even more beautiful than the last one you bought
- when he’s done he says “i put in yellow roses the most because they mean welcome back, and i’m sure you’ve all missed him while he was gone”
- you’re like “thank you, you saved me a second time. without you, i probably would’ve picked up a bouquet that meant you’re the worst lmao”
- and he says “so you really don’t know the meaning of flowers??” and you say no because idk flowers have always interested you but you never really found the time to learn their meanings
- after your explanation, he picks out a yellow daffodil from a nearby bucket and hands it to you and says “your first homework is to find out what this flower means and let me know if you figured it out the next time you come here”
- and you wordlessly take the flower and nod because YES EXCUSES TO SEE HIM
- he says “i’m minghao, by the way. it’s nice to meet you.” and you tell him your name and leave the shop, already excited for your next visit
- seungkwan’s welcome back party goes well as planned but before you know it, you’re in font of your laptop looking for the flower and its meaning
- you discover that it’s a yellow daffodil and it means “new beginnings”
- you immediately look for excuses to go back to the flower shop like “HEY WHO WANTS A FLOWER IT’S ON ME” but the boys are like why tf would we want flowers at least offer to buy us coffee or something
- you’re like fine well if no one wants a flower i’ll just get one for myself and are you really going to spend money on a flower just to see minghao again??
- yes. yes you are
- so you get there and minghao’s face just lights up the second he sees you enter the shop and he says “so have you finished your homework?”
- and you say “yes actually!! you gave me a yellow daffodil which means new beginnings!!” and he’s so proud of you for getting it right
- he then says “so what’s the occasion? what flower are you looking for?” and you just freeze because you didn’t plan this far ahead and you just stutter “uhhh my friend is….. sad!! yeah he’s really sad so flowers would cheer him up right??”
- and minghao makes you a custom bouquet and you watch him make it and he’s so handsome and cute
- you notice the way his ears stick out cutely, and how gently he handles the flowers, and how each one has to be placed perfectly so they can be noticed and admired by the person receiving them
- and in the end when he tells you your total you’re like….. omfg i’m CRAZY i’m spending so much money just to see this boy
- when you hand him the money he says he hopes your friends feel better and you say thank you and wave goodbye
- but he suddenly cries out “wait!!” and he runs over to you before you step out the door. he hands you an orange rose and says “here’s your homework for next time” and you take it and promise to be back
- when you get home, you put the bouquet of flowers in a vase and discover that orange roses mean “fascination” and you’re like woah. i’m actually learning things
- you become a regular customer at the flower shop and eventually you come by just to hang out and talk to minghao, but you of course don’t leave without your homework
- you know, just to keep him company in the lonely little flower shop
- and also because you might have a little crush on him
- but one day while watering all the flowers minghao gave you….. something just….. clicked
- yellow daffodil: new beginnings. the start of your friendship??
- orange rose: fascination. interested in you??
- iris: your friendship means a lot to me. you and his friendship??
- and every flower has some kind of meeting related to your visits!?!?! does this MEAN….
- you get to the most recent flower and it’s a purple lilac which means
- “i think i’m in love with you”
- but these past few weeks with minghao have been so fun?? you could be yourself around him and you could talk about anything and he’s cute and perfect and just….
- you want to confess to him, you know, take a CHANCE
- but how you may ask??
- you confess to him in the language of FLOWERS
- so the next day when you go to the flower shop, minghao greets you like always and when he bends down to pick up a coin he dropped while counting the cash that morning, you quickly pick up a specific flower from a nearby basket
- you walk up to the counter and minghao says “so… do you know what a purple lilac means?”
- and you say “I do BUT…. it’s MY turn to assign you some work. in fact, i’ll give you a little quiz right now” and you cringe at your own words like why didn’t i just keep my mouth shut WHY AM I SO EMBARRASSING
- you hold out the flower you were hiding behind your back and it’s a red rose and you say “since you already know the meaning of flowers…. you should know what this means. or you know…. what i mean….”
- minghao’s eyes go wide when it clicks and
- he turns as red as the rose you’re holding
- he quickly plucks a flower from a nearby bucket and it’s a yellow daffodil
- he asks “do you remember what this one means?”
- you nod and say with a smile “new beginnings” and he nods his head and places the flower in your hair and he slowly leans in…..
- and he kisses you!!
- “new beginnings” aka new relationship, new chapter, new love story, GET IT
- for your first date, minghao takes you to a garden and he tells you about the meanings of all the beautiful flowers and you love seeing how happy he looks while talking about them
- when he’s mad at you he speaks to you in flowers and you’re like I DON’T UNDERSTAND JUST TALK TO ME
- he surprises you with bouquets all the time and
- florist minghao is just the cutest

i love flower shop au’s, thank you for your request!! ^^

I'm bored and giddy so here's some Makorra wedding headcanons

•Korra’s one requirement for her dress is that there can’t be sleeves. She wants to show off her guns

•Tenzin pays for the whole thing. Mako tries to convince him to let them save up themselves, but you know how stubborn Tenzin can be when he has his mind set on something

•Mako and Korra both agree on a small, simple wedding so that they can spend more on their honeymoon

•Bolin cries when Mako asks him to be his Best Man (even though he never would have considered asking anyone else), Asami’s the maid of honor. The airbending babies are the flower girls and ring bearers

•Their engagement is really short. Like, a month. They’re like “well we both know we love each other and that’s not gonna change any time soon so let’s just get this shindig done”

•Katara helps Korra get ready for this “shindig”

•When Korra’s dad gives her away, Mako says softly, “Don’t worry sir, I’ll keep an eye on her for you.”

•Mako cries. A lot. Throughout the whole thing.

•The one time Korra cries was during the vows. Mako incorporated “I’ve got your back, and I always will,” and Korra allows herself to shed one tear

•ok I know this is really cliché right now but they dance to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and they grin like idiots the whole time (FIGHT ME ON THIS I DARE YOU)

•(Mako cries again)

•The only person who cries more than Mako is Bolin

•"Dude, you’re not even the one getting married" “I know, it’s just so beautiful… And you’re so happy…”

•Bolin’s speech was actually really precious. He mentions how proud Mom and Dad would be of him, and how much they’d grown since their days on the streets. And then: “Welcome to the family, sis”

•Lin shows up later. “Well, I figured if my best detective was running off for a while, I should see his excuse” which are the nicest words she’s ever said to him

•Mako’s smile somehow gets even wider

•seriously, he’s grinning the ENTIRE night. And his eyes never leave Korra.

•Korra is having the time of her life and has never laughed so much before

•they hold hands for like 10 hours straight and don’t let go and are basically glued to each other’s sides. You’d have to get a crowbar to pry them apart

•after the delicious dinner (catered by Narrook’s), they DOMINATE the dance floor

•I have strong feelings about them taking swing-dancing classes before hand

•even Lin is impressed

•ok so airbending babies: Ginora is just in complete awe that two people could be in love THIS much. Ikki is as energetic as always and basically jumps around and asks a gazillion questions whenever she gets the chance (“so what kind of flowers are these? Why are they blue? Why are the streamers red? Those two colors don’t really go together–wait! That’s because you’re a waterbender and he’s a firebender! Aw that’s so cute omg but aren’t you technically a firebender too since you’re the avatar? Shouldn’t you include green and yellow in here too??–” “IKKI STOP”). Meelo doesn’t really know what’s going on but all these adults are laughing at everything he says so that’s fine by him

•cutting the cake turns into an all-out war

•"the fire nation is attacking again!“ “You started it!” “We had a peace treaty, remember? Ask Katara, she was there”

•it takes them forever to leave because everyone has something sweet to say to them or some embarrassing story

•it doesn’t help that Mako keeps offering to clean up every two seconds

•eventually Korra just picks him up bridal-style (or I guess you could call it groom-style) and carries him to the car

•The airbending kids, Bolin, and Asami all helped paint the “just married” decorations on their car

•Basically the whole ride back home was spent either kissing or calling each other “husband” or “wife”

How To - Have a Teacher Crush

How To - Have a Teacher Crush

This is a compact how-to guide on how to have a tc, what turns them on and off, and how to get them to cope with this. If anything here is something you wrote or looks like something you might have posted, feel free to message me so that I can add your name and credit you! I am just taking a ton of things that I have read online and on Tumblr and putting it into a big thing!


Oh, and if you enjoy this, feel free to send me a message asking what you would like to see in another TC Guide if I made one! And also, if you want to talk about your TC, my kik is bjrcarebear!

So here it is…..

What is a TC?

A “TC” stands for “Teacher Crush”. Do not let this be confused for thinking that a teacher is cute or hot. A genuine crush is when you just can’t seem to get them off of your mind or you have pictured the two of you together.

I think I have a crush on my teacher. How can I get over him/her?

If you “think” that you like them, then you most likely don’t actually like them or if you do then you will hopefully get over them within a month at the latest. If you have a genuine crush on your teacher, then expect the feelings to hang around for quite a while. In my personal experiences, a crush on a teacher has lasted almost exactly 2 years. I only got over my former TC when I moved across the country and fell for another teacher a whole two years later.

I think I really love him/her! What now?

Alright, take a second to just sit back and process the thought of your TC. Imagine you two growing old together and finding out their quirks. Now I don’t mean their good cute ones, but the ones that they hide from the world. If you LOVE someone, you accept all of them. What if they pick their nose? (Insert “Frozen” gif here) What if they don’t do they’re own laundry or sit on the toilet for 2 hours simply to have some alone time?

Okay, now think to yourself - are you ready to accept all of that and grosser things that might come along? If so, then you just might actually LOVE your TC. I personally have a thing where I HATE feet but I wouldn’t mind him being barefoot and snuggling with me. That is how I know that I love him. What about you?


Men are visual creatures, as are women. We as human beings judge people based off of how they look and that is just how we are. So you want to make sure that you catch your TC’s eye and that it isn’t in a bad way!

Maturity Over Nymphets

Many people with a TC have heard of Lolita and her notorious nymphet-like fashion. Well, I am here to tell you that dressing as a nymphet isn’t exactly going to make them look at you. However, I do not know your TC so if they like dresses or are attracted to cute things (I suppose this only applies to the women teachers, but as I said before, I don’t know your teacher!) then dress like a Nymphet! However, many grown men/women would want to be seen holding hands with someone who looks like their girlfriend, not their daughter.

Looking Mature

If you are taking the route of maturity, then this passage is for you. I shall help you with picking out clothing to wear and what to do with your makeup!

CLOTHING - So for clothing, remember that you want to look as though you are years older than you are. That doesn’t mean dressing like some stuffy business woman or anything, rather than not looking like a hobo every day of your life. I used to do this and got no attention whatsoever. Now though, I dress with a more mature look. Clothing such as…

- Skirts (Pencil, hoop, maxi, etc.)
- Crop Tops (Not ones that show your stomach, but ones that a skirt covers.)
- Anything black!
- Heels/Flats
- Hoop earrings
- Light Patterns
- Knee high boots
- Trench coats

Now this isn’t saying that you can’t wear sweats or jeans because you can, but make sure that if you really want to seem mature most days, that it is worn with a cute top that shows off your curves without it being like, “LOOK AT MY CURVES OMG FUCK ME NOW!” if that makes any sense at all! (I hope it does) The point is to consider your outfits and think to yourself, “Would this get me into a modeling magazine?”

MAKEUP -  So you kind of want to go for a natural look. By this, I mean that you want to make your eyes pop and don’t want to look like you walked out of a Crayola factory either. So try to stick with a foundation that matches your skin tone. I use a liquid foundation from Chanel and apply it with a sponge. It is my skin tone exactly and doesn’t take too long to apply. For me, this is about the extent of my makeup, but for you beauty queens that enjoy wearing makeup (or know how to apply it) then here are things to keep in mind…

- Dark colors make your eyes pop!
- Don’t ever overdue the eye shadow
- Blend the colors (Black - white)
- Blush makes your jaw line more prominent.
- With blush, try not to look like you got beat up by a red crayon!
- Eyeliner is always beautiful! But never over due it!
- Smokey eyes are always beautiful!
- Nude lipstick or anything nude
- Light pink lipstick

- Wear your hair however you see fit, but straight hair is very attractive in my opinion!

As you can see, makeup is a battle between light and dark and never going overboard. As I said before, you want to look like you aren’t wearing makeup while actually wearing makeup.

Looking Like a Nymphet

As I mentioned before, I don’t know what your TC likes and doesn’t like, and I am NOT going to tell you what to wear. So if you want to look like a Nymphet, here are some tips…

Clothing - So the whole purpose of Nymphet fashion is to look cute and girly! So I don’t mean to look like a 5 year old walking out of Walmart rather than a teen with Ariana Grande’s old fashion sense! It is cute and catches the eye. Here are some things that a Nymphet might wear…

- Skirts (If they flow or have cute patterns, then this is great!)
- Crop tops (Make sure it matches the skirt or whatever. You may show some stomach as you wish.)
- Sneakers (Converse, Vans, etc.)
- Ballerina flats
- Wear bright colors, but not neon bright!
- Thigh high socks
- Heels (Wedges usually!)
- Frilly dresses are super cute!
- Checkered patterns
- Cute chokers are great! (Search “Lolita chokers”)

Please, as you dress like the cute Nymphet you are, keep in mind that just because you show your butt, your TC won’t always look your way. Look cute, not trashy. And please please please… NO SCHOOL GIRL STUFF! It is too suggestive and the point is to, again, be cute not trashy.

When it comes to makeup, I find that this is kind of Nymphet-ish

- Light pink/purple/blue eye shadow
- Eye liner! (Just a tad on the darker side but not too much darker than usual!)
- A liquid foundation to match your skin tone
- Blush
- Light pink lipstick
- Bright red lipstick
- Mascara!!!

- Wear your hair however you like, though having some curls would look super cute!

Here, makeup is a mix of cute and popping out. However, don’t look like you belong in the circus either, meaning that you shouldn’t go overboard with your makeup!

How to Act

I ask that you follow these in order of the steps. This will gradually add you to their thoughts instead of making them think that you are simply some lustful kid!

STEP ONE - Be an Amazing Student

It doesn’t matter what your personality is, many teachers like the same thing, so here is a GENERAL list of things that you should do in their class to catch their eye. This does not include flirting, though there will be a section on that.

- Pay attention
- Always ask questions
- Always raise your hand to ask questions
- Don’t sit too close to the front of the class (They might know how you feel, then!)
- Take amazing notes!
- Attempt to write as neatly as you possibly can
- Don’t slouch

STEP TWO - Be More than the Average Student

This is kind of a topic that sits on the edge of flirting and being a normal student. This will get them to look your way, but not exactly lust for you. However, you can bet that they will think of you once in a while! (Insert “Phantom of the Opera” gif here)

- Sit on the edge of your desk whenever you can
- Swing your legs back and forth
- Dot your “i” with a heart
- Doodle tiny hearts on your papers as though it is a simple doodle
- When they look at you, hold eye contact
- Smile when they look at you
- Ask how their day is going
- Compliment something small such as their shirt or new haircut or tie!

STEP THREE - Flirt/Seduce Them

Have you followed the first two steps and feel that you are at a point where you are ready to flirt a bit?

-Don’t flirt unless you are 100% sure that you like this person and could see the two of you being together in the future. This will just end a mess if they actually do like you!
- Suck on a pencil every now and then
- Hold eye contact for as long as you can
- A smile is super sexy!
- Ask about your TC and their weekend, night, likes and dislikes, etc
- Find reasons to email them
- Instead of only giving a compliment every so often, give one every day or every other day
- Never come on too strong!
- Being bold is a good thing. Being too bold is a bad thing.
- Keep your TC out of the loop sometimes. Guys in general enjoy having to work to turn the page, not just being handed an open book. So if your teacher asks what you and your friends were talking about, smile/smirk and reply with, “Nothing.”
- Tease them gently. Don’t be an ass hole to them, but poke fun at them at certain things that won’t crush their spirit.
- Make funny faces at them sometimes.
- They won’t always start the conversation, so keep this in mind. You won’t get anywhere simply by awkwardly looking at them from across the room.
- Keep the conversations light (unless they bring up something personal) by never diving into their past or something. Remember that in the end, you are still a student and they are still a teacher.
- Don’t cross your arms or legs (unless you have a dress or skirt on, that is) because this is a sign that you want to back out of a conversation
- Play with your hair a bit! Twirl it around your finger or brush it off of your shoulder.
- Casually touch their arm or something.
- Always turn your body towards your TC while talking to them.
- Keep conversations short and sweet. They might be busy with teacher stuff.
- Don’t complain while flirting.
- DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE WHILE TALKING WITH THEM! (Unless you are talking about cell phones and comparing them aha!)
- Keep gum or mints with you. It not only draws attention to the mouth, but you can also offer your TC some!
- Be yourself!
- It is totally alright to be a bit crazy! People don’t want to date a Barbie, and plus, everyone is a bit crazy so embrace it!
- Be interested in what they have to say. Even if you don’t care in the slightest, act interested!
- Tell them a cheesy joke
- Apparently, according to scientists on Google, the color RED (Insert Taylor Swift gif here) draws attention to you.
- Have a scent for yourself so that whenever they smell it, they are reminded of you. Don’t spray too much though!
- Paint your nails something cute. If you are in the maturity column above, go for a French manicure. If you are in the Nymphet category, go for a light pink or something.
- Never let on that you are nervous to talk to them, even if you are.
- Laugh at their dumb jokes.
- Call them out when their makes a mistake! It will show confidence. However, don’t be a bitch about it haha.
- If you can get a hold of their phone, change their background to something super cute or cheesy.
- Sit in their chair until they make you move.
- Talk about common interests but NEVER fake liking things to make them like you more.
- Don’t flirt forever. If it seems like you two might be able to go farther, don’t be afraid to ask for “study time” or their phone number (If you are super ballsy) or simply their personal email.
- If you don’t feel like you could ever really ask for their number, somehow sneak your number to them or simply give it to them!
- Invite them to a dance you are in or the school musical you are in or something of the sort.

Reading the Signs

So you think that your TC likes you back or favorites you as a student, or simply hates you? Well, here are some ways to tell if what you think is true is actually true or not.

Do They Hate You?

I should start by saying that unless you murdered their pet, they most likely don’t hate you. However, teachers do dislike people sadly. So if they do any of the following, then they might dislike you. However, this is just my opinion.

- Never face you in class
- Never look at you during a lecture
- Give you dirty looks
- Rips the paper out of your hand
- Carelessly tosses a paper on your desk
- Refuses to help you with work but helps other students
- Crosses arms while talking to you
- Only talks to you when he has to
- Makes conversations short.
- If you deserve a high grade and they give you a low grade
- If someone deserves a low grade and they get a high grade
- If you have always been good at said class and all of a sudden your grade drops with this teacher

If you are super brave, ask if they hate you! Also, keep in mind that if they seem to be ignoring you, it might be unintentional.

Are You Their Favorite Student?

It might be a bit hard to tell if the two of you have mutual feelings,

- They smile at you as you talk
- They give you extensions on your paper
- If you mess up in class they don’t embarrass you
- They give you a better grade than you deserve sometimes
- Give you credit on an answer you got wrong
- They make conversation with you outside of class
- They let you pick your own group partner (Or in my case - lets me work alone)

So I would like to point out something that I realized. The difference between being a favorite student and your teacher crushing on you is actually quite obvious. If a teacher has a crush on you, they won’t make it pop out. Like, they won’t give you extra things or talk outside of class. They might actually keep their distance so that others don’t point out their liking you more.

Is the Feeling Mutual?

Continuing on from that last statement, I should point out that teachers talk. If another teacher sees them giving you special treatment, they can say that you are their favorite student. If they like you, they will play it off. So here is how you might know if the feeling is mutual…

- They don’t just smile at you when the two of you talk, but they smirk at you when you aren’t even talking with each other.
- Talks with you after school
- Gets into personal detail about themselves without you even needing to ask
- They wink at you
- Will see if you need help in class even if they know that you don’t.
- Walks past you often (More than he walks past other students.)
- Pay attention to how they act and talks to you verses other students
- They act in a suggestive manner
- Call you beautiful, hot, etc…
- They suddenly starts to like things that you like
- Asks you a lot of questions about you (They want to know you better)
- They lean in towards you while talking
- They go from being super amazingly nice to you and then all of a sudden they are ignoring you. (Guys especially feel that they either need to distance themselves from you or that you will notice and say something.)
- They bring up something that they would have only known had they been on your FaceBook
- They stare at your lips, breasts, or some other part of your body
- You catch them looking at you and then they quickly turn away.
- Asks about a guy you are close with or, if the guy is in their class, they will move one of you so that the two of you are far apart
- They always agree with you
- They seem nervous around you and only you
- Guys will try to seem like the best guy in the world and like they are the alpha
- They are protective of you (more so than with other students)
- They get jealous
- They remember small things about you
- Always tries to impress you
- They stand a bit closer to you than they should
- They give you a nickname
- Inside jokes?
- They are asking around about you
- Talks to/only puts up with people because they are your friends
- If the two of you are talking, they won’t check the time
- Say they tell you exactly what they did over the weekend and tells another student a plain old answer.
- They not only remember small details about you, but the know them off the top of their head.
- They tell you that something reminded them of you
- Maybe you mention in the past that you like a certain shirt of theirs or a certain tie…maybe they wear it more often
- He doesn’t look at the other pretty girls that pass and only looks at you
- They understand you and your mood swings
- Remembers your friends names or family members’ names
- They get you a birthday/holiday gift
- They make a move that shows them wanting to touch you (a hug, resting an arm on your shoulder, etc) but stop mid-way for any number of reasons.
- Cancels plans to help you with something.
- Will talk about girly things with you (if they are a guy)
- Men have up a wall that never crashes, so if he shares personal life experiences with you, then there might be something there.
- They mention being single while around you
- Following that, they keep themselves single even when they could date an adult whom they are close with.
- They let you borrow personal things of theirs (personal books, favorite pen, phone charger, etc…)

Coping with having a TC

So I have a best friend who is not on Tumblr but told me that she has fallen for a teacher. She is the kind of girl who is used to crushing on guys her age and she told me that she doesn’t want to have this. So this is how you cope with having a TC…

If you don’t want it to go anywhere, then follow these steps. Sadly, you could just be ‘friends’ and the heart will want more, so do this to insure that the heart doesn’t get that way.

- Just be a student
- Don’t talk to them outside of class
- Only talk about things related to that class
- Be a good student and keep your grade up, but if you need help, ask a friend or someone else.
- Set the boundary between the two of you somehow.

Wow that is a crappy list, but I just really kind of ship the whole Student and Teacher relationship thing. However, if you follow these steps, you can stop your heart from wanting more than it will ever get.

superdupermare  asked:

That andreil comfort thing you wrote a c t u a l l y murdered my soul omg but here's another prompt: maybe an andreil coffee shop au?? Pls, I need some fluff in my life after what I just read

ahhh thank you! that one was actually super fun for me to do becuase apparently i have a thing for angst. here is my take on a coffee shop au! (sorry its really not that fluffy, my mind just always has to add some angst!)

  • honestly this is andrew and neil we’re talking about here and there is no way in hell this could be a simple, typical coffee shop au
  • so i’m thinking that after neil’s mom dies he doesn’t go and play exy and he just keeps running
  • his father is in jail, his mother is dead, he really only has to worry about all the random henchman that sometimes might come after him
  • he finds a town and sits and stays for a while, he even gets a job at a local sports store (lets be real here for a second, just because he’s not playing exy doesn’t mean he isn’t still absolutely obsessed so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

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Modeling and Something More - Dylan Sprayberry Imagine

Modeling and Something More - Imagine

Prompt/Request: Omg so like what if you did a Dylan Sprayberry imagine were the reader is a grungey rebellious model/actress. And Dylan and Her have a photoshoot together,maybe you can add a smut-ish make out session like when they are in there dressing rooms??

A/N: OMG so I wrote this and had so much fun! I didn’t write the smut part though. This is nothing like what I usually write but it was a change. Im so sorry if the kiss scene was awkward since I didn’t know how to write a hot makeout session. The ending is kind of bad but I don’t know.. Anyways this one is kind of long so yeah! Nonetheless, I hope the person who requested this enjoys this anyway and tells me what they think about it. PS: THIS IS THE CLOSEST I HAVE EVER/WILL WRITE TO SMUT. (maybe ;) ALSO, I KNOW THIS ISNT TW BUT ITS DYL SPRAYBERRY AND I PRODUCE WHAT MY READERS WANT :D

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Word Count:  2004


Originally posted by trettbalbot

Your POV

I made my way towards the studio I was expected to be in 5 minutes for the photoshoot with another male model. Of course I was familiar with who I was going to be working with. Heck, he was a good friend of mine.

My heels tapped against the marble tiles as I walked into the empty and open elevator ahead of me. I pressed the button of the elevator, the button showing a lit up number 6. As the elevators closed and began to move, I went on my phone to check any new updates. Being a model and actress at the same time gets your life pretty busy. Especially if you’re known as the bad girl-rebellious famous person. I check my Instagram and it’s not long until I’m finally on the 6th floor of the building.

The doors open and I’m greeted with the fresh smell of coffee and people working. From where I was standing, I could already see the photographer and makeup artist working today. I think the noise of the elevator attracted the attention of everyone as I stepped out of it. Everyone but my manager, Beth who was already holding her notebook and yelling at everyone.

“Has anyone seen Y/N? She’s supposed to be here in 2 minutes!” She growled, scribbling in the pages of her notebook.

I chuckled silently as I snuck up behind her and tapped her shoulder. “Calm down Beth, I’m here. Relax.”

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tessysart  asked:

Hello! Could you give me some bokuaka fic recomendations? Would love if you brought some of your own in the list 😋 I know you are busy so don't sweat it, your school work takes priorety 🙌🏼 Have a really good day and hope you smile loads! *huggies* 💕

Thanks love <3

And sure! (Time to raid the ao3 tag lol) 

I’m warning you, almost every fic in the ao3 tag might be here (BECAUSE I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH)

I’m going to put this under the read more because it’ll be long. This is now my official bokuaka fic rec list because damn I’m not up for making a separate post after that XD

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Full House

Request: If requests are still open could you possibly do more poly! Sam and Dean x reader maybe throw a little of my baby Cas in there, with a lot of praise!kink daddy!kink and like spanking? Sorry if it’s too much oml OMG MAYBE LIKE READER AND CAS ARE SUBS/LITTLES AD DEAN AND SAM ARE THEIR DOMS OMGEE

Warning: polyamorous relationship, destiel, dd/lg

Summary: Daddy Dean and Papa Sam are introducing little Cas to his new friend. 

Tags: @training-wolves @get-royally-fucked

Originally posted by yourockmoose

It was clear from the moment that Castiel arrived, he shared a profound bond with Dean. If given the choice between Sam or Dean he would always choose Dean. Dean had stepped up and taken on the role of Daddy after God checked out. His little angel was good, small and obedient.  Cas never misbehaved, only he broke his rules about announcing his presence and using his words, but that was petty. 

The problem was that Sam and Dean were a package deal. Girls (and the occasional guy) loved being taken care of by both Winchesters. Cas wasn’t as responsive to Sam. He responded more to Dean and it was hard to not think his innocent blue eyes were adorable when he said “but I have a profound bond with Daddy.” 

It hurt Sam, he knew he messed up. He’d done stupid things, but he was still capable of love. Love was all he wanted. Cas loved his papa, he did, but only for punishments. So that left Sam alone in his bedroom, knowing down the hall in the playroom what was happening. Late at night, his anger pulsed through him as he tore into all the things he bought for Cas that went unused. After his tantrum, he’d head on out to the dingy bar uptown to drink his sorrows away. This has become common place and it eventually led to drinking in the day time. During those escapades, he’d stumble into the bookstore. The bookstore where she was. She was dainty in a plump way. Soft innocence radiated off of her and into Sam. Her lips were painted a delicious pink that bought out the blush in her cheeks. Whenever Sam tucked away in a corner for hours on end, she’d bring him coffee and a cookie. To most it was a simple act of kindness, to a dom like Sam, it was an act of submission. 

The pattern of getting drunk and going to see y/n (at least that’s what the name tag on her soft chest suggested) continued for about a month. Finally, Sam was sober enough to by her flowers-daisies because she wore a flower crown with them in it once- and ask her out. Her eyes avoided his, focussing in on his chest as she said that yes, she would love a date with him. 

One date became two, two became three, and suddenly she was his. His alone, his secret, his little girl. Y/N spilled out quite quickly that she was a little. A little that was abandoned by her mommy and needed a dom. Sam would have been heartless to say no. She was beautifully submissive, always behaving for the sake of pleasing papa. What Sam hadn’t counted on was Dean getting nosy. Dean knew something was up and the last time Sam was disappearing…he’d rather not lock Sam in a panic room again. So, he took Sam’s phone and it became quite clear that a family meeting was in order. 

Dean sat silently across from Sam and y/n. She was adorable, especially in that choker with Sam’s name engraved on a heart that dangled against the hallow of her throat. His eyes had slowly taken her in, luscious thighs straining the silky thigh highs she wore. Sam’s flannel (his purple one which was for special occasions) hung loosely on her , swallowing her whole. “Did you plan on telling us?” 

Y/N quirked a brow, silently asking Papa for say so. When Sam nodded, pulling her up in his lap, she spoke, “Papa talks of you often. He loves you and your little boy Cas. I thought maybe we shouldn’t. “ She trailed off pawing at the sleeves of her shirts. 

Dean leaned forward slightly, resting on his elbows. “Why princess?” He asked voice void of sarcasm. 

“Because I didn’t want to lose him. “ Her lip trembled slightly. “I didn’t want you to take him away like they took mommy away.” 

Any anger in Dean vanished as he watched tears well up in her eyes. “Oh baby girl,” he cooed holding his arms out waiting for her to climb into them. Once she had been passed from Sam to Dean, dean rested his chin on her hair. “You are going to be so loved, so very very loved.” His gruff assurance and rocking motion was enough to lull her to sleep. 

Little did the daddies know, but Cas was witnessed to the whole thing and he was not pleased. Losing Papa was one thing, but Daddy was war. So he started throwing tantrums when Daddy got to close or when Sam didn’t play with him. If he could get them away from her, she’d leave. Y/n was strong, resilient in her relationships. She wouldn’t give up until it was clear it wouldn’t work. 

Cas sighed, entering the shared playroom. Y/N had been crisscrossed on the floor coloring. He chose to pretend he didn’t see her pink panties under her skirt. “Y/n?” 

She looked up with eager eyes. “Yes Cassy?” That was another thing he wouldn’t understand. She was so damn eager. 

“Daddies are whispering, I think it’s important.”  They set out together happening upon the kitchen where Sam and Dean sat at the table clearly in argument. 

“Oh come on! Sam you know he loves her!” 

Sam scoffed. “When was the last time we got time with her? Cas is always intervening and you know it!”

“So? He’s jealous you don’t exactly go out of your way for him.” 

“Because he hates me!” 

Cas became startled, peeking into the room. “I don’t hate you Papa!” He ran out hugging tightly to Sam. “I just have a profound-”

“Bond with Dean yeah, we fucking get it.” It was y/n, entering to face Sam. “I’m sorry Sam but I don’t think I can handle this anymore. Not when Cas needs both his daddies.” 

Cas felt a surge of happiness, only to deflate when Sam scooped him up heavily. He laid the small raven haired  boy across his lap. “You have three seconds to tell me why you did this.” He growled, his animalistic side taking over. This was not part of his plan, and he didn’t intend on getting spanked today. Sam brought down a hard spank on the bare bottom before him. “That was three.” 

Dean bit his lip, watching the small girl tremble. “Princess I’m so sorry I didn’t notice earlier.” He held her close, watching her flench with each spank. “You’re so good to me and Sammy.” 

She shook her head, whimpering slightly, “Papa, don’t. He doesn’t deserve it. Cassy was just lonely.” 

Sam softened his eyes and nodded. “Go to the playroom, I’ll bring Cas in with me, you go with Daddy.” 

From that formative night on, the family of four was open to each other. A schedule was created to keep jealousy limited. Daddy had Cas most nights and Papa had Y/N most nights. Weekends they switched and off weeks were created so the littles could rest a bit. The bunker was full of excitement and love and they wouldn’t have it any other way, 

anonymous asked:

is there a rec of links for a beginner to kpop, like top groups or things to know. i can't seem to find one anywhere sorry to bother you

A Beginner’s Guide to Kpop

(aka, good lord i’ve wasted so much time on this)

I’m gonna introduce you to some basic groups and songs and terminology for Kpop. Be aware that I’m not an expert or anything, but I can help you out with some of the basics you should know if you want to get into it!

First, some words/terms to know.

A group, or band, is exactly what is sounds like. Most bands are usually either male or female (but some, like Akdong Musician or MFBTY, aren’t gender-specific) and usually range from four to twelve members (with some exceptions, like Orange Caramel and Seventeen.)

An idol is any single member of a group, regardless of gender.

For each group there is usually (but not always) a division of vocal, visual, dancer, and rapper. Vocals sing, visuals are the aesthetic draw/face of the group, dancers dance, rappers rap. Some members can fill more than one of these roles – for example, BTS’s Jungkook, who is a vocal, dancer, and rapper. Or MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, who is a vocal and rapper.

A bias is your personal favorite member of a given group, while an ultimate bias is your favorite member out of any group, period. 

A debut is a group’s very first song/MV that is being promoted. A comeback is a group’s newest song that is being actively promoted or made into a music video. Usually comebacks are accompanied by appearances on music shows, or even full albums. 

Aegyo is a Korean term for acting cute, making adorable faces and talking in a high-pitched voice. (I didn’t know what this was until like a month after I got into Kpop, and it left me so confused at the time lol)

A group’s Maknae is the youngest member. All older members are considered a Hyung/Oppa (a term that equates to ‘older brother’, shown as respect) or Noona/Unnie (a term for ‘older sister’, also shown as respect).

A Sasaeng fan is a creepy stalker fan. These are the people who sneak into idols’ dorms, who find their numbers and call them in the middle of the night, who write them letters in menstrual blood, and all kind of other nasty scary things. Don’t be like that.

There are some others, but these are the most important. That being said, if you do not speak Korean, please don’t throw Korean words around as an accessory. Show some respect for the language and those people who speak it, please. Don’t be that fan that’s like “OMG OPPA I LOV YUUUUU SARANGHAE” please don’t do that

Now, some top groups you should know about. 

(To anyone who is already in the Kpop fandom, please don’t get mad or say I’m ignorant if I don’t mention a group I should have mentioned. I might forget one. Also, again, I’m not exactly a Kpop expert.)

The groups I’m naming are ones that have made a very significant impact on the industry, or continue to show strong success today. That being said, there are a ton of influential groups, and I can’t really fit all of them on here without it getting too long. 

Some original, old-school groups to know are SHINHWA, Baby V.O.X., H.O.T., and Fin.K.L. These guys are like…. some of the OGs. We’re talking about the some of people who started what’s considered modern Korean entertainment industry. This was arguably the first ‘wave’ of Kpop music, and it hit around the late 90′s through the early 00′s.  

The next ‘wave’ brought some names and songs you might recognize, and this era is what people (who don’t really know much about Kpop) generally associate with Kpop. Artists like Shinee, 4MinuteSuper Junior, Girl’s Generation, TVXQ, 2NE1, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, f(x), and yes, PSY. A quick youtube search will bring up the top songs from these bands – most of the groups I just listed are even still active, despite debuting in 2005-2009. 

Around 2010-2012, the genre began gaining recognition on a more global scale. VIXX, EXID, CN-Blue, Orange Caramel, SISTAR, INFINITE, Ailee, Block B, A-Pink, BTOB, AOA, and EXO are popular artists that debuted under this time frame. This is when Kpop started to pick up steam in the global market, with more international hits coming from the Korean market (like PSY’s Gangnam Style or Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby, both of which you have probably at least heard of before). 

Kpop has exploded on a worldwide scale recently, bringing around a ton of new groups. 2013-2016 has been a timespan of massive international growth for the industry. This has led to the debut of tons of groups, but most notably – BTS, Akdong Musician, GOT7, MAMAMOO, Red Velvet, Winner, Oh My Girl, Monsta X, Twice, Seventeen, iKon, GFriend, Cosmic Girls, and NCT. That sounds like a lot, but there are a lot more I could name. 

That’s your brief history lesson on Kpop eras and group debuts! 

A few popular/influential songs from some of the groups listed above. 

(I had to pick and choose, because I couldn’t do every group. For each band I’ve listed an older song first, and then a newer song second. And it’s okay, you’re allowed to be a little bit freaked out by some of the older stuff. It’s okay.)

I’ve starred*** some of my personal favorites – I know it’s biased, of course, but those are just personal suggestions if you don’t have much time! I love pretty much every song on this list, though. I tried to choose songs that showcased each group’s strengths and growth over the years. 

SHINHWA - Perfect Man / This Love ***

2NE1 - I Am The Best / Come Back Home

Shinee - Lucifer / View ***

Super Junior - Mr. Simple / Devil

Girl’s Generation - Gee / Lionheart 

Big Bang - Bad Boy / Bang Bang Bang

f(x) - Electric Shock / 4 Walls ***

EXID - Every Night / Hot Pink

Block B - Nalina *** / Toy

EXO - Growl *** / Lucky One ***

AOA - Miniskirt / Good Luck

BTS - I Need U *** / Save Me ***

MAMAMOO - Piano Man  / You’re the Best ***

GOT7 - A / Fly

Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake *** / One of These Nights

Seventeen - Adore U *** / Very Nice ***

Twice - Like OOH-AHH *** / Cheer Up

Monsta X - Trespass / All In

Oh My Girl - Closer / Liar Liar ***

NCT - The 7th Sense *** / Fire Truck

This doesn’t cover the whole Korean Music Industry. 

There is a lot more to Korean music than just boy groups and girl groups. There are tons of solo artists, indie artists, and hip-hop artists that I haven’t mentioned, and the groups I’ve already mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. But if you’re just interested in learning about the more mainstream Kpop, the list above is a great place to start!

As far as solo artists go, I can highly recommend Zion.T, Lee Hi, DΞΔN, and Ailee

Getting into Kpop can be a gradual process, especially for a non-Korean speaker.

You pick things up as you go along, you learn what is and is not appropriate to say. It can be daunting at first, when you’re just learning how everything works. Honestly, it took me months to get a firm grasp on music shows and comebacks and promotions and variety shows and all that kind of stuff. 

The Kpop music industry is wildly different from any Western music industry, so if you’re more familiar with Western culture, there may be some things that confuse you. If you want to get into Kpop, please have an open mind and be respectful of cultural differences. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but please do it respectfully!

Also, if you choose to follow Kpop idols on Twitter or Instagram, please be polite and leave kind/positive messages. If you look it up, there are lists of several translations of supportive messages (eat well, take care of yourself, i’m supporting you, etc.) that you can send in Korean, if you wish to. 

Kpop can be overwhelming at first. Trust me, I’ve been there. If you’re having trouble with learning a group’s names/songs, your best bet is to look up member profiles on Youtube or Google. The most helpful thing to me was watching music videos that had the members’ names on the screen! That helps to give some face recognition. 

(A tip – never memorize members by their hair color, because they change it up literally all the time.)

I hope this has been comprehensive and helpful, and I’m really sorry if I left anything out! If you’re looking to get into Kpop, I really think this would be a good place to start, and make things a lot less overwhelming.

Imagine Owen and you have kids and you show them the raptors and then the Indominus Rex escapes

Owen Grady x Reader

Requested by:

“Sam, Lily, let’s go! We’re late! Owen, you too!” You called your kids while opening the car door. They were going to see the raptors for the first time. You were very nervous because they were very young, Sam was 8 and Lily 5, but they insisted with you and Owen. They wanted to see his father working. Owen used to tell them the most impressive stories about raptors and they grew up fascinated by all of that.
Sam came out first, he was carrying a backpack full of dinosaurs and the rest of his things he loved to carry around. He wore a red cap that hid his blond curls. Her eyes were green, the same as his father. He was an authentic copy of Owen.
“Where’s your sister?” You questioned tightening the seat belt around him.
“I think she’s choosing the shoes.”
Inside, Lily was sitting on the bed putting her pink converse. But there was a problem, she still couldn’t tie the laces. She wore a pink blouse and a denim shorts. She loved that color. Her long brown hair was braided. Owen was already out there holding the front door.
“Sweetie, c'mon!” Owen said. Your daughter walked up to him with her tennis untied.
“Daddy, help me, please!” Lily said looking down at her feet. Owen sat her down on one of the stairs steps, knelt down and laced her shoes. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and took her in his arms, heading to the car. He placed Lily on the car seat, closed the door and sat down beside you.
“So are you guys ready?” You asked them as you started the engine.
“Yeees!” Sam and Lily screamed excited.
A few kilometers after, you arrived at the raptors cage. You already had been there, so you weren’t surprised. But your kids were flabbergasted looking at the large installations. It looked bigger to them because they were very small.
“Woooow!” Sam said and started to run towards the first gate, which was open. Owen quickly grabbed the backpack that was on his back, making him stop. If Sam approached the bars, it could happen something very serious.
“Hey, hey fella, easy!” Owen said and glanced at you. He nodded saying that everything was okay. You were hand in hand with Lily. She was a little scared, because she already could hear the roars of the 4 raptors.
“It’s okay, they’re not gonna hurt you!” You tried to comfort her, but never let go of Lily’s hand. Owen put Sam on his shoulders, and started to up the stairs to a kind of balcony that covered the entire paddock. You and your daughter followed them. When you got up there, your children ran to the railing and looked down. Owen called the raptors. You heard a noise, it looked like something running, and suddenly they appeared. They jumped and roared at you. Lily stepped back and hugged your leg.
“Mommy!” She looked at you almost in tears. 

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anonymous asked:

Scenarios for the RFA + V putting up a Christmas tree with MC? (Just HC is fine if scenarios are too much work^^)

Tis the season ( ゚▽゚)/

~my tree this year is way too big, I went so overboard whoops….>.>

◉ Yoosung

  • It’s one of his favorite things about Christmas!
  • He puts on Christmas music and gets really into it
  • The first time you decorated a tree you asked if he wanted you to bring a stool to put the star up
  • Omg
  • Wrong thing to say lolol
    • “I’m tall enough to get it MC I DONT NEED A STOOL OK”
  • So from now on you pretend to have to do something in another room for a bit
  • And however it gets up there…
  • well you’ll never know haha
  • Loves to use a lot of color on the tree!
  • The more the better

◉ Jumin

  • Of course he has the largest and most brilliant tree brought in
  • Expensive ornaments
  • He really enjoys decorating it with you
  • He thinks it’s best to color-coordinate it and it’s silver and dark purple
  • You guys stop often to laugh because Elizabeth 3rd had climbed into the tree or is knocking things off
  • He thinks it’s so cute!!!
    • “She’s not a fan of this ornament, we’ll have to leave it off the tree, MC”
  • A lot of your ornaments are cats

◉ Zen

  • He doesn’t want a super large tree
  • Just something simple
  • A lot of your ornaments are pics of you two it’s so cheesy but cute
  • He just cares about the mistletoe tbh, he’s not an expert tree decorator
  • He does think it’s so cute when you’re trying to figure out where to hang an ornament
  • So he spends most of the time staring at you
  • Afterwards, you guys will turn the room lights off and cuddle on the couch at night, watching it twinkle

◉ Jaehee

  • She doesn’t like real trees
  • She has a white plastic one you guys set up every year
  • Less messy and less maintenance
  • She also likes color coordination and you guys do blue and silver decorations
  • She will bring a chair and hold you steady by the hips as you put the star on the top
  • Also a fan of the tree ribbon so you guys have that cascading down
  • Beautiful tree!! when you finish
  • Then you guys share a mug of cocoa

◉ Saeyoung

  • Always gets a huge tree
  • And insists on carrying it himself omg GET HELP
  • But he won’t listen
  • You don’t know how he manages to get it in the stand every year
  • He will not start decorating until you both have put on your matching ugly Christmas sweaters
  • Your tree is pretty eclectic but he is crazy about the spacing of the ornaments, he needs them to be in certain places
  • Also lots of kitty ornaments
  • His favorite part is setting up the train underneath the tree
  • After everything’s done you guys lay together and watch it go around and around

◉ V

  • He has to rely on you to pick it because he can’t see
  • He doesn’t really care what it looks like
  • That’s not a blind joke (lmao) but he truly just doesn’t worry about that stuff
  • A lot of your ornaments are handmade and personal ones that you’ve given each other over the years
  • So putting the tree up is kind of like a walk down memory lane for you two and you talk about the past !
  • So cute
  • He still wants to help you
  • Usually smoking his pipe with a sweater on
  • Putting the ornaments wherever he feels first
  • Your tree is kind of a jumbled mess because of that but it makes you love it more
  • Since its YOUR tree
  • the best waiter to ever exist?????
  • like he isn’t just going to completely disregard you and appear as though he has far better things to do
  • no he’s going to go out of his way to make sure you have the best experience of your  l i f e
  • the restaurant he works at has increased their business so so much since he started working for them
  • like they get so maNY CUSTOMERS
  • lots of them are regulars but some new ones stop by and hope with everything they have that they’ll get him as their waiter
  • he works in a more casual-style place, like it’s not super fancy but it’s certainly not just a random grimy restaurant
  • so he tries to dress relatively nicely!!!!!!
  • think button-up t-shirts (a nice sky blue color) or t-shirts with simple colors!!!!!!
  • has a little apron with a notepad for orders (and lowkey some extra candies for the kids)
  • likes to scribble everything down bc he doesn’t want to mess any orders up and wants to be 100% sure
  • probably internally panics when there’s something wrong with an order
  • it’s never his fault but he feels like it is and he just gets so flustered and apologetic and cute
  • the customers always love him
  • there’s just no way they can’t
  • even the most guarded, cold person will somehow find themselves liking him a lot
  • he’s just always moving and doing something??????
  • like he comes in a little early so he can clean up any messes (and sometimes buys the other staff meals bc he knows that they can get really busy and wouldn’t have time to eat otherwise)
  • is always bubbly and happy and just generally lightens the mood
  • it’s hard to be frustrated and angsty when there’s a literal ray of sunshine around
  • he doesn’t really step into arguments all that often but it’s just his prESENCE
  • like the chef and a waiter could be fighting in the back but ten walks in and the mood just immediately lifts
  • he’s just the best thing that has ever happened to this restaurant
  • and plus it’s where he met you so it really is the best thing
  • you weren’t even at one of his tables??????
  • like you were just out for dinner with one of your friends and everything was normal
  • just a casual night out, nothing terribly special
  • and he was waiting tables and bustling around and generally being a busy little noodle
  • except he watched as a waitress tripped and flung a legit entire bowl of soup into your face as she passed by
  • the noise that came out of his throat was inhuman
  • you were just sitting there, and the bowl fell on the ground and shattered and you were covered in scorching soup and it was generally embarrassing + unpleasant for you
  • and ten
  • being the ultimate waiter
  • rushes over faster than the waitress could
  • and is just like “oh mY GOD OH MY GOD I’M SO SO SORRY COME WITH ME”
  • and you’re like “!!!! no it’s ok i’m ok!!!!!”
  • but it’s too late bc he is pulling you into the back and already has a towel
  • he keeps apologizing and being all flustered and blushy and adorable and you’re like omg omg the waiter is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen?????
  • but anyways he’s helping you get the soup off and he’s partially blushing bc he thinks you’re really cute too and it’s just a giant mess but at least it’s a cute one
  • and once you’re officially clean again he smiles and you swear that he’s more brilliant than anything you’ve ever seen
  • and he’s like “hey dinner is on me!!!!! i’m sorry about this again,,,”
  • and you’re like “no no it’s really ok!!!!!!!”
  • so you part ways and you’re both like damn i should have just asked them out or something why am i like this
  • but you eat dinner with your friend and it’s a good night and just as you’re leaving ten frantically sprints after you and he’s just like “waIT”
  • and you turn and you’re like “????? ye s?”
  • and he grins and he may look kind of confident but unfortunately he’s blushing too hard to pull that off completely but he messes up and he’s just like
  • “can i buy you dinner again?????? together????? a date???????”
  • and he’s just so stuttery and cute and there’s no way that you would ever say no

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Mc gets into a car accident and suffers from severe brain damage and mentally reverts back to a child like state how would the RFA+Saeran react and how to they try and take care of her

(Pre-reaction info) At the hospital, the doctors tell them that you may have suffered from severe brain damage from the impact on your head, but there’s no telling how it will affect you.And at the hospital, you were being really quiet and not talking, so there was no way to know what had happened to you yet. They agree to take you home and watch over you as you recover from the accident.


  • Yoosung wasn’t quite prepared for what it would entail, although he really hoped he would be
  • You were the kind of kid who would take the pots and pans and make them into drums, so Yoosung finds out
  • “What are you doing??” He says, hopelessly confused
  • “Playing!” You squeal, pounding the spoons on the pots. It makes a horrible clatter
  • What in the world is he supposed to do??
  • He calls Seven for backup “Seven, she’s acting like a kid, I don’t know what to do, what do grown up kids do??”
  • “Yoosung, you’re a grown up kid”
  • He’s not wrong
  • “Hey MC, what’cha up to?”
  • You were playing house. You had a pot on the stove with water in it
  • “You wanna play a different game?” Yoosung points you over to his games reluctantly “those are big kid games”
  • “You only get to play them if you’re good though” which means cleaning up
  • You pout, but you really wanna play the “big kid games”
  • So you do
  • Yoosung manages to keep you entertained this way till you’re better and come back to your memory
  • Good thing he can cook or you guys would be screwed


  • Jaehee was honestly prepared for anything
  • It’s not that she expected you to act like a kid
  • But she surprisingly has toys. She says they’re from the kid who lives nearby, who she used to watch before she got super busy. thanks Jumin
  • You play with the dolls she has, while she makes you chicken noodle soup
  • Chicken noodle soup becomes your main diet
  • Apparently you were a very picky child
  • Chicken noodle soup is your only diet
  • Jaehee makes sure you eat some veggies too or else she threatens to send you to your room
  • She also gets a lot of hot chocolate for you, and kool-aid
  • You are so psyched about the kool-aid
  • You must’ve worshiped it as a kid
  • It’s like your lifeline (that and chicken noodle soup)
  • Not that Jaehee’s making a fuss
  • It’s easier for her to take care of you that way
  • She gets her neighbors to watch over you when she’s busy, giving them the simple instructions to keep you away from crayons and to feed you chicken noodle soup and kool-aid. They’re surprisingly good at watching over you she knows who she’ll go to when she needs a baby sitter one day


  • Zen is super loving and comforting to you. And you think he’s your dad
  • “Dad, why’re you kissing me so much??”
  • He’s so confused??
  • “Dad?” Uhhmmm “What do you mean MC?”
  • “I wanna play a game” and you run off into the bedroom
  • He follows you in and finds a board game out on the bed. Where did that come from??
  • “Let’s play!”
  • He gets the picture that you’re kid-like, and then he starts taking care of you like you really are a kid. He plays board games with you and takes you to the park to swing on the swings, and he makes PB&J for you like how you remember it everyone thinks you’re just doing really cute couple stuff
  • He won’t let you eat cereal with chocolate syrup and whipped cream though
  • No MC
  • It’s not good for you
  • He kissed your boo-boos though (that big cut on your head wasn’t because you tripped on the sidewalk MC, it was from the accident but he wouldn’t tell you that, he doesn’t wanna confuse poor little kid you)
  • When you get better he keeps bragging to you that he was such a good dad to you
  • You gotta agree he’d make a good dad though


  • Jumin is sure he can take care of you this boy has no idea how to take care of you
  • It couldn’t be that hard, right? omg Jumin stop lying to yourself
  • He thought so until you got home, when you bounded into the house and started coloring on the walls
  • And chasing Elizabeth the III around
  • And just overall making a complete mess
  • You gotta give him credit
  • He tried cried
  • Jaehee came to the rescue and became your personal babysitter
  • She calmed you down and got you some toys
  • And said you can’t play with the cat unless you’re nice and gentle with her. Which means no brushing her fur backwards or Jumin might flip out more
  • She left it to Jumin then to take care of you 
  • He awkwardly joined you playing with the dolls Jaehee brought
  • When you gave him a hug, and said thank you, he kind of melted
  • You said it in such a little girl voice
  • And it made him really want a little girl one day


  • Seven is actually psyched when he finds out you’re all kid like
  • He enlists you into the “super-secret-special-club-of-not-pranking-but-pulling-“nice”-tricks-on-people-who-deserve-it”
  • You are agent 606
  • Your first mission is to pet the pretty cat’s fur backwards (he says it looks better that way)
  • Your second mission is to hide the game remotes he gives you (he says you’re gonna play hide and seek with Yoosung)
  • He says you’re really good at completing your missions, and he’s really proud!
  • Candy is your reward!
  • You are a little kid in a candy shop
  • Seven this isn’t a good idea you’re gonna make the poor girl sick
  • You do get sick that wasn’t your best idea Seven
  • He keeps you in bed and feeds you chicken noodle soup and pop until you get better
  • He finds out keeping you inside and letting you play a DS all day is actually really good and you don’t get sick. He challenges you to pokemon matches all the time and purposely loses
  • When you get better, you help Yoosung find his remotes again
  • And you kiss Seven ‘cause he wasn’t too bad at taking care of you
  • But you do avoid eating candy for a while


  • He doesn’t know what to do
  • He thought you would maybe have a little memory loss 
  • But you’re a kid??
  • What do you do with kids??
  • How do you take care of them??
  • He didn’t have the best example
  • Seven comes and helps, ‘cause Saeran is reeeaalllllllllly at a loss
  • He gets out some cards and teaches you some card games
  • Kid-you doesn’t want to sit still, but Seven promises you candy if you sit still
  • You and Saeran are honestly both helpless little beings
  • Seven feels like he’s taking care of two kids
  • He feeds you both chicken noodle soup and gives you both crayons and paper. You draw pictures of sun shine and rainbows, Saeran draws some of… well, it’s actually just red scribbles
  • Seven doesn’t leave til you’re better
  • When you are better, Saeran is sooooo relieved. You give him a kiss for helping you out while you were out of it
  • although you all know Seven did all the work

~Sunflower (:

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Omg please, um a blurb with like squirting and alot of dirty talk, maybe anal play??? I need this omg

Hi, friend! You’ve got 2/3 here because someone else requested a similar theme with the third point. I’m going to mull it over a bit and potentially combine them, but in the meantime, I hope this does the trick! Set in the “It’s About” sequence sandbox because this came in when I opened requests for that the other day. Enjoy! x. 

004. More About Waiting

It had started with the offhand remark of, “I’ve done that.”

Harry had nearly fallen over in the process of taking off his too-tight trousers. “What?” he’d all but barked at you. “You’ve…?”

Your cheeks had burst with color and heat and you suddenly felt very self-conscious. “Just once,” you told him. “I think.”

“Think you’ve done it or think it was once?” Harry pressed.

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Vampire Tournament
Midorikawa Hikaru, Hirakawa Daisuke, Kaji Yuuki, Konishi Katsuyuki, Toriumi Kousuke, Kondou Takashi, Takahiro Sakurai, Kimura Ryohei, Suzuki Tatsuhisa & Kishio Daisuke
Vampire Tournament

Here you have another Diabolik Lovers More Blood Drama CD~~~! This CD is available only if you purchased all ten More Blood drama CDs.


Translation: (made by

Reiji: hm… it is finally night… tonight’s moon has that kind of color that’s able to arouse us vampires… hehe, the tea which I’ve just made seems quite delicious too. It’ll be the perfect night if nobody interrupts me… somehow, I have a bad feeling about this.

*reiji’s sipping his tea when some tsukaima (1) approach*

 Reiji: aah… it was too good to be true. It wasn’t necessary for you to make my bad feeling come true, you know? Well? I’m talking with you over there, bat. You came here with a letter right? Give it to me.

*reiji opens the envelope*

Reiji: I wonder who on earth… hm…? Ah!! What…!? This… surely wasn’t the time to leisurely drink tea!


*reiji’s already called the rest of the sakas*

Ayato: hey Reiji. What the hell are you doing calling people all of a sudden? If there’s no good reason you better prepare yourself. Hey, Chichinashi (2)! Don’t just stand there! Try to complain a little, you too!

Kanato:It has nothing to do with me”. Your face is telling exactly this. Hah, in the end this is what you are… a cold-hearted, disgusting human. And in addiction you’re stupid too… you’re really beyond saving, huh? Right, Teddy? You think the same too, right? ok, this hurts a little

Raito: ah-ah… the one who called us was indeed Reiji but even if we did something to him it wouldn’t be fun at all… Then why don’t why just make this Bitch-chan pay in his place with her body? Nfu♪

Subaru: hah! You always have to say those absurd and idiotic stuff don’t you?

Ayato: Subaru, are you trying to defend Chichinashi? Haha what a looser. But it’s meaningless you know? She’s already mine.

Subaru: cut the crap! It’s not like at all! I wasn’t trying to defend her or anything… But get this into your skull before I fucking break it: she’s not fucking yours!!

Kanato: right, right. Regardless of how considerably disgusting Subaru was right know, I have to say that if you say something like that again, Ayato, I might get angry too.

Subaru: Hah!? “Disgusting”!? I can hear you Kondo-san hehe


Shuu: aah… just shut up… you’re all such a bother… I was trying to sleep, stop yelling. Aah…

Reiji: alright, alright, alright! Don’t start a fight over trivial matters please. Subaru! You’re always destroying walls or furniture! Who do you think is the one who has to repair them in your place? It is unbelievably troublesome so stop please! And Ayato, Kanato, Raito! Stop always stirring people up! you go Reijiji [nb. sorry, it’s a stupid joke between the name Reiji and jiji (爺), old man]

Subaru: you—

Ayato: tch.

Reiji: do not try to threaten me, it’s useless. Good, let’s get to the main point. It’s obvious that I called you for a reason. Please listen to me quietly.

Shuu: aah, stop giving yourself airs and just say it.

Reiji: it’s really unpleasant receiving orders from you, Gokutsubushi (3). But yes, I’ll do it. Take a look at this letter please.

*well, they do*

Ayato: huh…? Ah!

Raito: mmh? Whaaat? What is it? Let me see… an invitation to theVampire Tournament (4) that takes place every 400 years…?

Kanato: what is this Vampire Tournament?

Reiji: you don’t know it? It is a festival which is hosted every 400 years in order to determine who the strongest vampire in the world is.

Subaru: the strongest vampire in the world, you say? Hmpf, I guess that up until now it’s been that damn old man the one to win right?

Reiji:  yes, it is exactly as you say. However it seems that this time our father is too busy to participate.

Shuu: you’re saying that he wants us to participate in his place? Aah… it’s something that he’d totally do… dull… annoying…

Ayato: hah! Just bring it on! If it’s about deciding who the best is then I’m in. It’s just obvious that I’m the best.

Raito: you reeeeally like saying it, don’t you? Well, as for me I’m not really interested in it so I’ll pass. Nfu♪

Subaru: Same here. If there’s him to participate our old man can’t complain right? omg the way he said the last part (*ノノ)キャ

Reiji: unfortunately it isn’t so simple. Read carefully the letter please.


Kanato: let me see… huh? A “team competition”? Does this mean that we all have to participate?

Reiji: it sounds like that indeed. And since there seem to be three different parts of this tournament, I believe that we have to split into three couples and each couple will participate to one of those matches. Good grief, does our father really want to expose us to that much attention?

Kanato: I can’t believe it. Why should I do something like that!?

Ayato: why would you bother to participate if there’s already someone like me? Moreover it doesn’t matter if it’s a team competition, they can’t expect us to participate together.

Raito: aaaah… all this, it’s so like that person… he really likes making us brothers doing things together… ah-ah that’s so depressing…

Reiji: well, at any rate it isn’t like we have other choices. We must follow any order of our father. There are three matches as I said before, so please decide which one you’d like to enter.

Shuu: …why me…


Shuu: aah… let me sleep… so dull… why do I have to participate to this absurd tournament…?


Raito: yes, I feel exactly the same. Is there any point on winning at least? Like the permission of doing dirty things with some of the most beautiful girls of the world?

Subaru: that’s the only stuff you have inside that freaking brain of yours isn’t it?

Raito: eeh? But it’s normal, isn’t it? Pretend what you want but the reality is that you too want to do dirty things with Bitch-chan, right? Nfu♪ like eating her, licking her or making out with her… why don’t you just try to be honest once in a while? I say it all the time: I waaaant to do dirty things with Bitch-chan!

Subaru: just shut the fuck up! You want me to beat the crap out of you!? Eh!?

Reiji: put an end to the fight please. I forgot to say it but there seems to be an amazing reward for the winner team, so let’s try to do our best. I still have no idea what it could be though.

Kanato: an amazing reward? What could it be? I’d be so happy if it were a massive quantity of delicious cakes… it’s something to look forward to, right Teddy?

Reiji: if it is something which is given at this festival only, then we can surely expect something good, don’t you think?

Ayato: a lifetime supply of takoyaki would be so cool! ayato…

Shuu: who cares about something so stupid… I want to sleep…

Ayato: tch! Hey Shuu! What do you mean stupid!? Don’t joke around with me!

*ruki-kun & co. approach*

Ruki: hmpf, you’re as noisy as usual. Did you come thus far to yell out your internal discords?

Ayato: who the hell are you?

*turns to him*

Ayato: Mukami Ruki? how come it’s not interi yarou?

Ruki: it’s been a while.

Shuu: if you’re here too it must mean that… yep, that your boyfriend is here too

Yuuma: of course we’re in too! Why should it be different!? there you are

Kanato: could it go worse? I’m really starting to feel sick.

Azusa: huh? Kanato-san, do you hate us? Ah… I see… if it’s really like this would you kick me please? Oh… now that I think about it… it’s also fine if you hit me…? Really, it’s fine… Whenever you feel like it—

Kou: Azusa-kun, not now please. It’ll be troublesome if he really does…


Raito: aah…  meeting you all in this place… there’s no way that person isn’t involved, right? Nfu♪

Kou: don’t say something like that! We’re vampires too! Well, more or less… but we surely have the right to participate to this festival!

Ayato: “the right” you say? You’re all just a pain in the ass! Listen me well: if you try to get in my way I won’t forgive you!

Kou: whoa, Ayato-kun, you seem quite eager—

Ayato: shut up! I said I’m doing it and I’m going to be the best at whatever it is. Moreover I’m quite interested in seeing what the reward is.

Reiji: indeed. I would lie if I said I am not interested. It could even be something rare beyond comparison… after all, it is something designed for the strongest vampire of the world.

Ruki: hmpf… you’re really some quite greedy family… what more could you desire? Anyways, it seems that two teams only are going to participate: as you can predict they’re the Sakamaki team and the Mukami team. In this way, I’m sure we’re be able to settle some matters.

Kou: hmm… so it’s just us… maybe the people here don’t have interest in playing in a team? I don’t know why but I feel like that it’s a bit strange that there are so little entrants…

Shuu: shut up… why do you even care? Aah… the tournament is about to start… you better go. I’m going to sleep until it’s my turn…

Yuuma: this guy really lacks motivation eh?


Azusa: the first match is something called “the championship of the one who recognizes blood”. The entries have to distinguish the blood of the target from the others.

Raito: aaah yes, and the entries of this match are me and…

Kanato: me.

Yuuma: hah, so you’re playing in team eh? We’re just 4 so someone here won’t be able to participate… but don’t you get too excited. We’re going to make you understand that numbers don’t count. The one playing this match… it’s you Ruki, right?

Ruki: yes. Leave it to me.

*in the meantime kou gets to the stage and grabs a microphone*

Kou: ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the only festival which is hosted every 400 years: the Vampire Tournament! Your host is a handsome idol who’s perfectly able to both dance and sing: Mukami Kou! To be honest I was asked by the actual presenter to take her place and since the tournament consists in three matches only and I’d have been left out, I thought “why not?” and now here I am! Nice to meet you all!!


Kou: hehe, thank you! Thank you and thank you again! And now let’s start the first of the three matches without any further delay: the championship of the one who recognizes blood! This match is about telling a certain blood apart from the others within a limited period of time. So let’s just start it! The entries of both the teams step forward! The time limit is three minutes. The one who will be able to recognize the target’s blood will be the winner! Ready? Go!


Raito: so here we are. It’s finally time to make our appearance, eh? I wonder what kind of beauty is the target… aah… just thinking about it makes me shudder! Nfu♪

Kanato: if her blood tastes bad I might end up killing her… it’s fine, right? After all there’s no meaning for a woman whose blood tastes bad to stay alive, right? And besides… huh? Isn’t she…?

Raito: whoa, Bitch-chan? Bitch-chan, what happened? Why are you over there tied up?

Kanato: now that I think about it, it’s true that I wasn’t seeing her… this means that she was kidnapped and left there? She’s really a dunce, isn’t she?

Ruki: I see… we have to tell that woman’s blood apart from the rest of the line. It’s this easy, right? Hmpf, I’ll be the winner.

Raito: nfu♪ Is that so? Even though you haven’t drunk as much of her blood as I have? I’m drinking her blood from aaaaall sorts of places, you know?

Kanato: hehehe, it’s the same for me. But I’m quite sure I’ve drunk more of her blood than you have, Raito is it even possible? So, the winner of this match will be me.

Ruki: let’s just stop grumbling and let the match decide, shall we? There’s no time to make unnecessary talks.

Kanato: hmm… so we have to recognize that girl’s blood among these beakers…? They’re labelled from the letter A to J.


Raito: hmm… I prefer drinking blood directly from the veins… ah, I guess it can’t be helped. Then let’s start with letter A.

*they all drink it*

Ruki: …nngh!? Cough cough cough…!!

Kanato: ngh… wh-what is it!? It’s so disgusting!!

Raito: bitter…! It’s so bitter!! Moreover it is kinda… sticky? It has a massive quantity of fat… pooh! Pooh!

Ruki: This… must be the blood of a man… a middle-aged man…

Raito: !!!!!

*raito throws up*

Kanato: Raito, it’s disgusting!! Don’t throw up in this direction!!

Raito: …even if you say that… ahh… I feel sick… brr… I’m sta-starting to shudder too… I ended up ingesting… the blood of an old man… of all people… why me…?!?

Ruki: aren’t you exaggerating a bit?

*raito is shivering… a lot*

Raito: …just thinking about it… makes my body… get so itchy…!!

Kanato: Raito, your face is so pale…

Ruki: you’re throwing in the towel, aren’t you? After drinking so little blood… this is exactly why I can’t stand nobles like you… really?

Raito: …nngh… I’m very delicate!! I’m crying No… I can’t… bear it anymore… I don’t think… I can go on…

*raito faints*

Kanato: wai— Raito!! If you do that I’ll be left alone!! Damn it…!!

Ruki: heh, a one-to-one fight eh?

Kanato: nngh… I will not lose. I won’t lose I said!


Ruki: that’s what I was hoping for. Come on, let’s taste the next.

Kanato: fine, let me taste it!

*they both do it*

Ruki: …hm? Ah… there’s no doubts, I’d say. This is Livestock’s blood.

Kanato: hehe, are you sure? Are you really sure?

Ruki: are you trying to make me think I’m wrong…? Stupid strategies like this won’t work with me. I’m sure of what I’ve just said. This is Livestock’s blood. Want to hear more? I can even tell you what her feelings were when this blood was drawn


Kanato: ah—! I ca-can do the same!

Ruki: I can taste so much fear in it… it was drawn from her about an hour ago, as soon as she had been caught. Being kidnapped and having your blood drawn out of the blue… it’s no wonder that she was so scared.

Kanato: stop talking like you know everything!! I already knew what you said!!

*bells ring*


Kanato: huh? Already!? That was too fast!!

Kou: huh? But the three-minutes time limit has already passed. Well now, it goes without saying but the winner is… our Ruki-kun!

Ruki: hmpf, so the game’s over.

*kanato starts crying*

Kanato: …sob… I won’t forgive you… talking like… you know everything about her… when… I’m the one who’s always been with her… I… will kill you…

Reiji: Kanato, try to calm down now please.


Shuu: …ahh… shut up… you woke me up…

Reiji: good grief… injuring the pride of your family in the middle of a fight… you’re really a shameful eldest son, aren’t you? Gokutsubushi, it is your turn. Please wake up.

Shuu: ahhh… dull…

Subaru: then why don’t you just give up and lay there eh?


Shuu: if only I could… you know what it could happen if that old man finds out right?

Yuuma: seriously man… have you ever thought about enjoying life a bit more? You just keep saying dull and boring about everything…

Shuu: shut up, don’t tell me what to do. So, it’s our turn right? What’s the match?

Kou: let me see… the next match is… Tsukaima Chinese whispers (5)! Use properly your tsukaima so they can give you the right message, then say it. The time limit is again 3 minutes. Who are the players?

Yuuma: as for the Mukami team there’s me. Hehehe, I’m going to leave you blue-blooded people speechless.

Shuu: ahh… this is just a waste of time… but okay, let’s do it. From the Sakamaki team there’s me and…

Subaru: …me.

Kou: now that the players are chosen, please select three of your tsukaima.

Yuuma: hey you guys! If you mistake the message even a little I’ll cut you to pieces and use you as fertilizer for my garden! Got it!?

Subaru: tch… it’s the same for you… just try getting it wrong… I’ll fucking destroy you all. I’ll rip you all to shreds and make Reiji use you as raw materials for his poisons.

Shuu: ahh… why are they getting so fired up? Hey, you guys… just do what you can.  No need to break sweat, okay? I don’t care about winning…

Kou: whoa, it’s nearly amazing how much apathetic this vampire can be… well, whatever. So, are all the preparations done? The person who’s going to whisper the message to the tsukaima is… this person!

Subaru: …ah!? That’s—

Kou: that’s right! Our M-neko-chan!!

Shuu: ahh… whatever… hey you, choose something easy.

Yuuma: SOOOOW!! LET’S JUST START IT!!! the hell…?

*the game starts*

Kou: as we can see the tsukaima have just started to fly and are now rushing to M-neko-chan and gathering around her! She’s now giving the message to them…!


Subaru: don’t you even dare mistake!

Shuu: yaaawn

Kou: it seems they’re finally back! Yuuma-kun’s and Subaru-kun’s bats have terrified expressions while those owned by the apathetic guy look for some reason pretty carefree! But now, will they all be able to give the right message to their owners?

*bells ring*

Yuuma: I got the message!

Subaru: me too!

Shuu: …dull…

Kou: now that each player has his message let’s see who got it right! First we have… Yuuma-kun!

Yuuma: gotcha! The message is “Yuuma-kun I love you”!

Subaru: hah, sure. Seriously, can you be more stupid? The message I got is… h-huh…? w-well… i-it’s— tch! S-s-s-su-su-su-su nngh— SUBARU-KUN I LOVE YOU! really, this guy… (/ー\*)

Yuuma: hey hey, stop saying gross stuff. You’re not inside one of your weird dreams. Geez, you’re really desperate…


Yuuma: huh? You’re picking a fight, you punk?

Subaru: I’m gonna destroy you!

Yuuma: you’ve got guts, haven’t you?

Shuu: okonomiyaki are good.

Subaru: Huh!? What are you saying now!?

Shuu: I said… okonomiyaki are good. This is the message, right? Hey, that’s right isn’t it?

*you say it is*

Kou: huh? It’s right, M-neko-chan?

*opens a piece of paper that contains the message (6)*

Kou: ah! It’s right! The winner is Sakamaki Shuu-kun!

Shuu: ahh… geez, just leave me alone…

Subaru: shit! What the hell it’s wrong with you guys!? Why did you get me that fucking message!?

*subaru’s tsukaima run away*

Yuuma: tch! Hey, you guys too! What’s with that damn message?!

*yuuma’s too*

Shuu: ahh… dull… ‘night.

Yuuma: hey, you bastard! Wait a sec!


Reiji: alright, alright, that’s enough. The match is over. Take your grudge somewhere else please.

*raito awakens*

Raito: …eww… I still… feel sick… but somehow… I’m able to… stand now…

Ayato: hey Raito, in the end you’ve awakened eh? It’d have been better if you hadn’t hahaha

Kanato: I agree. When you fainted I started to feel uneasy and lost to that guy. It’s only your fault!

Kou: …and the Sakamakis are fighting as usual. Now, let’s go to the last match! It is the bloodsucking pleasure that involves all the members (7)!

Ayato: hehe, it’s my turn finally. I was getting tired of waiting!

Reiji: finally it has come mine, as well.

Azusa: the last one is… me…? oreee kaaah Hehe… I can’t… wait to start… if I do my best… may I get… some punishments…?

Kou: we don’t really need any explanations for this match, right? Basically the players have to drink the blood of an already selected person. And that’s all. Now, let’s see who this person is…

Ayato: hahaha, isn’t it pretty obvious after the previous matches? It’s Chichinashi, isn’t it? All I have to do is make her feel good, right?

Azusa: Eve… I really like… your blood… you too… like my blood… right…? Heheh… errrrr

Reiji: so it seems that we are finally going to play a match worth for a vampire.

Kou: wait you three, let’s not jump to conclusions now. I still have to say who that person is—

Ruki: stop beating around the bush, just say it.

Kou: ahh… you too, Ruki? Right, that person is… the man who’s standing over there:  Lord Richter!

Ayato: HUH!? RICHTER!?

Reiji: it… it cannot be possible… why him!?

Azusa: I’m sure that… that man’s blood… tastes horrible… I don’t want to… drink it…

Kou: let’s explain this a little! The outcome of this match will regard one single individual, since it is easier for the person who’s going to be bitten to give a right verdict. Please select the first candidate. —-by Karl Heinz. Well, after all this is the truth. So, who’s this candidate?

Ayato: Reiji, you go.

Reiji: …!! Ayato… you go first.

Azusa: Ayato-san… you like… being the best… right…? I… hate it… so it’s fine… if you’re going… to be the best… no… I should say… please be the best…

Ayato: noooo waaay!!

*he runs away*

Azusa: ah… it’s unfair… running away…

Ayato: becoming the best after sucking Richter’s blood… this is never gonna happen!!


*reiji catches ayato*

Reiji: wait a moment! If you run away now you will surely dishonor the name of the Sakamaki family! Do you plan to sully our father’s face!?

Ayato: nngh… lemme go…! Damn it Reiji! If you don’t wanna that to happen then you go first to suck his freaking blood! Let me go…!!

Reiji: …ngh… forget it…! I always… have to take the responsibility… for all the things that you all don’t… this time… you’re the one to go…!!

Ayato: …ngh… hey…! you there…! Azusa…!! Help me!! well, if he isn’t cute

Azusa: …me? I… like Eve’s blood… so I can’t…

Ayato: …!! Didn’t you hear me!? I asked for your help!

Azusa: I’m sorry… but… I like Eve’s blood… because… it’s so delicious… I don’t… want to drink… that man’s blood… hehe… if you’re angry… you can hit me… but even if you do that… I won’t let you go…

Reiji: hahaha you’re really someone who does understand…

Ayato: …hey, you guys!! Stop just standing there like idiots and help me!!

Raito: mmh… but to say the truth I kind of want to watch you drink his blood…

Shuu: heh… yeah, me too…

Kanato: I think it would suit you very well… hahaha

Subaru: …same here hahaha

Kou: it seems that the scrappy relationship of these brothers brought us a candidate… Ayato-kun!!


Ruki: what an unpleasant sight… come on (8), be a man and go first.

Yuuma: that’s really what you should do! Watching you sink your teeth into that old man’s skin will really be something worth to see. Make us enjoy the show okay? Haha


*ayato’s able to run away*

Azusa: it… hurts… ah… I have a new wound… hehe… how should I call it…? Ah…! Wait…!

Ayato: LIKE HELL I WILL, YOU IDIOT! Damn it! If that’s what it takes then… I’ll destroy this damn place!

Reiji: …! Catch him!

Ayato: I won’t let you…!

*ayato makes his tsukaima go against the others*

Kou: oh my! Ayato-kun’s attempting to strike his tsukaima against the others while still escaping!

Kanato: w-wait! Why are you—-!?

Shuu: you’re so annoying…! Don’t coil around me…!

Raito: the only one allowed to coil around me is my cute Bitch-chan…!

Ruki: you damn things… stop bothering me!

Yuuma: what the hell…!? How dare you… coiling around people’s bodies…!? You wanna become fertilizer eh!?

Subaru: …ah!? Let me go! Damn it, fuck off! Nngh…. you damn things… I said… FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!

*err… well, I hope they didn’t die…*


Reiji: …!! Subaru! Please calm down now! If you keep doing it this place will fall down!


Kou: …! Su-subaru-kun! Calm down…!

Ayato: …you’re pissing me off. Cut it out, you cheeky bastard!!

Kanato: seriously, stop it! The roof of this place is about to fall down!

Azusa: aah… if we’re smashed under it… it’ll surely hurt right…?! We’ll all be sloppy…

Kou: tch… everything is in a mess… HEY YOU GUYS! EVACUATE NOW!

Subaru: gwaaaaaah…!!

Ayato: taaake this…!


Shuu: ah-ah… there’s nothing left… everything is smashed to atoms… what’re we going to do about it?


Reiji: good grief… how are you two going to explain this to father?!

Ayato: tch! It’s not my fault! It’s Subaru who started first!

Subaru: hah!? It’s you who set your damn tsukaima against us!

Raito: okay, okay! It doesn’t matter anymore! Just look around! This place doesn’t exist anymore! And look at our clothes! They’re falling to pieces!

Ruki: ahh… how are you going to clean up all this? You know, it was a festival which was hosted right here every 400 years…

Yuuma: he’s right! I hope you’re gonna pay for this!

Kou: ah! Don’t worry about it! Just a minute ago Karl Heinz-sama called and said that the victory is ours! Look over there! That’s our reward!

Reiji: tch, normally I would have complained… but thanks to my stupid brothers I simply cannot say anything.

Azusa: …aah! What is it…? It’s really big… don’t you think…? It’s entirely wrapped around some kind of cloth… I can’t wait to open it…

Kou: I wasn’t told the contents as well! Ruki-kun, can you unwrap it?

Ruki: sure.

Yuuma: ah-ah, you have to pull that cloth!

Ruki: then let’s just pull it. It’s something given to us from Karl Heinz-sama… it’ll surely be something rare and beautiful.

*he unwraps it*

Ayato: huh…? What’s that?

Shuu: …I wasn’t expecting that…

Raito: hahahahahahah no way!! Who has such a bad taste!? Hahahah

Kanato: now I understand why there were so little players… hahah

Subaru: …it is… an enormous… golden statue of… our old man…

Yuuma: …I’m… speechless…

Kou: …but it’s not like we have to put this thing at ho—- we… have to… don’t we…?

Ruki: err… it’s… a present… so… we’ll gladly… put it at home… what about the back yard? …behind the trees.

Yuuma: HUH!? But there’s my field there! There’s… not enough space to fit this!

Azusa: why are you all saying such things…? I like it…!

Kou: ah, then let’s put it in Azusa’s room!

Azusa: no… I can’t… it’s too bright… it makes my eyes… blink too much…

Shuu: …thinking about it… we should have expected it…

Ayato: in the end it’s a good thing we didn’t win. Hey, what about Chichinashi? Where’s she gone? She’s not… under these rubbles right!? Hey, Chichinashi! CHICHINASHIIIIIIIIH!


(1) 使い魔 (つかいま) Tsukaima are basically familiars, spirits or otherwise magical creatures which aid a magician or sorcerer… well, or vampire I’d say.

(2) 乳無し (チチナシ) Chichinashi, titles, pancake, whatever you like. I personally like “pancake” a lot but you know.

(3) 穀潰し (ごくつぶし) I usually just write “good-for-nothing“ but maybe it’s better to leave it like this. It can also mean parasite, deadbeat, loafer, drone, idler… but it doesn’t feel right writing something like those ones. Reiji is not so mean, poor guy.

(4) Well, as you can hear from the drama CD what is said is “Vampire Pick” (ヴァンパイアピック). I wanted to write it like that but I’m not sure if you can say “pick” meaning a challenge/tournament in English so I decided to write “vampire tournament” to avoid misunderstanding.

(5) You know it right? The telephone game basically. One person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group. Errors typically accumulate in the retellings, so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly, and often amusingly, from the one uttered by the first. (thanks Wiki)

(6) As a proof only. It’s not used in the game.

(7) This one sounds even worse than the other two. I’m so sorry.

(8) I don’t know if you noticed it before, but Ruki calls Ayato “sannan”. Now, if I heard it right it should be this thing 三男 and it means “third son“ (maybe he knows that he’s the third one among the triplets…?). I still have to do Ayato’s or Ruki’s route on MB so it’s possible that he says it there and it has completely different kanji so the meaning it’s totally different. I was afraid to mistake so I just avoided to write it down in the translation.