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Suho @ MBC Idol Cooking King - bunny masterchef who clearly knows what he’s doing…! [trans credit: @sebaeked]

Every architect, architecture student, person who is interested in architecture, or anyone who is wondering what’s wrong with the world, should read Architecture Depends by Jeremy Till. Immensely engaging (and entertaining!) book. This sketch, by R, is reference to the cover of the book | March, 2017

The signs as IVE known them

Saw this floating around the horoscope tags and decided to do one of my own. Disclaimer this is the signs as actual people I have known and does not account for the behavior and personality of the signs as a group.

Signs as I’ve known them:

ARIES: Homestuck, anime, world of war craft. Glasses. Short red hair. Goofy jokes. Feminist as fuck. No seriously don’t fuck with the angry feminist. Pan sexual. Open minded. Lover of all things cats. Odd little British southern cinnamon roll. Ramen noodles, toast, cheese, coffee. Baking is life, not a hobby. Art, creativity, so smart but doesn’t see it. So sweet but will stand up for what’s right. Doc martins.

TAURUS: Good food, healthy while also being comfort food. Cheesecake with berries and pecans. Nature walks with her golden retriever mix. Bedding so fluffy it’s like you’re sinking into a cloud. Painting the walls earthy Gemtone colors. Paintings everywhere, art studio with a glass wall looking out over the backyard. Champagne blonde curly hair pulled up into a messy bun,tan skin. Green tea and Panera bread when we’re on the go. Incense burning in the living room. Knows all the celebrities. Friends with George Clooney. Getting me autographs the entire time I was growing up.

SCORPIO: opinionated. Never wrong. Overly confident. Mustang convertible. Pink everything. Spoiled af. Pasta all the pasta,Olive Garden fuck me up. No seriously, what’s a vegetable? Mani-pedi’s every week. Hot tub Sunday’s. Traveling. Christian when it’s convenient for her. Harry Potter. Twilight. Basic bitch, but still hella cute. Cali life. Superstitious. Terrified of ghosts. Biology major. Goal orientated. Self centered. You either love her or hate her, there is no in between, and she couldn’t care less either way.

SAGITTARIUS: prayer beads. Incense. Messy unkempt curls. Thick beard full of tufts of cotton from work. Blue eyes. Goofy smile. Weird sense of humor. So incredibly intelligent. Bollywood movies.

LIBRA: Blonde hair, amber eyes that are warm and mesmerizing. McChickens only mayonnaise. Country music and pretty little liars marathons. Talking about boys and being set up with one of her cute friends. BEST LAUGH I’ve ever heard. Inside jokes. Sister like bond that is unbreakable. Always having each other’s back, even if they’re wrong. Being there for each other through heart ache and abuse. Understanding each other like no one else could. Cigarettes and bonfires. Staying out all night, lying to your parents about where you are. Riding around in a jeep going no where in particular, windows down, hair blowing in the wind, freedom. Best friend. Soul mate. Platonic love of my life.

VIRGO: Road trips filled with loud music, LAUGHTER, Taco Bell quesadillas EXTRA SAUCE and sun drop, lots of sun drop. Staying up late at night dying each other’s hair and making art with oil pastels. Matching tattoos. Getting ready for a party, trading clothes, throwing them on the floor until you find the right outfit. Waking up late extremely late and rushing out the door in a hurry. Unwashed hair pulled up in a ponytail. Sitting in the bathroom floor In front of a mini heater playing with her makeup and talking to her while she showers. Ice skating with a hangover. Cats. A strong love for all animals. Hookah. smoking for the first time in a cold attic, making jokes and laughing til our stomachs hurt. Shady house parties in basements. First girl I ever kissed. Rise against. Being close and sharing everything, having someone you can be 100% real with,just yourself, no facade.

Opinions, lots of them. Stubborn as FUCK. Sharp tongue, soft heart. Passionate about everything, music, politics, art, cinema. Captivating smiles, Green eyes lighting up when they’re talking. Wanting to share their hobbies and passions with you. Sending you music, making you playlists. Loves all music. Crying during movies. Love for sci-fi. Love for human kind. Chips for dinner. Lemonade vodka and strong bow. Toboggans (as he calls them) through all seasons. Love poems. Snuggles and talks about aliens and conspiracy theories. So soo intelligent. A smile that could stop your heart.

Very studious. Smart. Glasses. UFC.
Mustache. Funny. Red hot chili peppers. New shoes. Principled. Phlebotomist. Football. Coffee obsessed.

CAPRICORN: Tiny human. So fake. Will stab you in the back for a French fry. Spoiled brat. Disrespectful to her parents. Queen bitch. Pop music. New car every 6months. New boyfriend every 3.. OMG IM SO
FAT. Weighs 100 lbs soaking wet. Dog lover. Cat lover. Great Britney Spears impression. Gave her rabbit chocolate one time. Thinks she invented steak and eggs for breakfast.

CANCER: I don’t think I know a cancer????

Football. Long black hair. Stories on Native American culture. The Grateful Dead stickers on an old dresser. Reptiles. The smell of weed lingering on his Tshirt. Playing golden eye in the living room. Dinner consisting of beef jerky, Doritos, snickers and dr.pepper.

GEMINI: Marlboro reds. Curly brown hair. Deep brown eyes. Broken nose. Heath ledger doppelgänger. Perfect teeth. Led Zeppelin. Skate board shoes. Foster kid. Nick names. Has a cat named kitty mow mow. Promise ring after 3 months. Very troubled. Compassionate. Loves deeply. Secret tattoos. Protective. Possessive. Red.
Hoodies. Awful friends. Video games.

Two Homes : Daddy!Ashton One Shot

The song When You Love Someone by James TW sets the mood for this x

Ashton doesn’t know where to begin. 

His heart grows heavier by the minute, looking at the small boy waiting on the race car bed that escaped being made this morning before school. It doesn’t matter to Ashton now, the accidental act of disobedience an irrelevant concern compared to the news he’s about to give. He sighs and walks into his son’s bedroom. None of the scripted explanations he’s been practicing throughout the day feel good enough. Nothing he could say would spare the six-year-old from the inevitable corruption his innocence will soon face. 

The biggest pair of green eyes timidly look up at Ashton, only to shy away after acknowledging that something’s wrong. Ashton pulls up a child-sized chair from the messy coloring desk on the side of the room and sits on it backwards, crossing his arms over the top rail. 

“We gotta talk, bud,” Ashton says, his voice sounding abnormally quiet. 

The boy shifts on the mattress, knowing that when Daddy is this serious it’s usually because he’s mad. 

“Am I in trouble?” he asks in a voice so small, thinking of possible bad things he might’ve done recently. 

“No,” Ashton dismisses, wishing he would’ve led with that. He’s already messing this up. “You’re not in trouble, Jamie. This is about Mommy and Daddy.“ 

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In the Heart of the Sea

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Peter Parker x Reader

In the Heart of the Sea

Author: Morgan

Warnings: None?

Note: I tried to tag everyone that asked, but some of the tagging seems to have worked and some of it didn’t! Sorry! But yeah y’all were so hype for this! I hope it lived up to your hopes! Please give feedback!

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Lightning flashed above the stormy sea. The waters swirled wickedly, churning the Iron Man, the ship captained by the second-best captain on the seven seas, Captain Stark. The crew scrambled to toss their belongings below deck before any more crates could fall overboard.

“I mean it, Peter! Get below deck!”

“No can do, Captain Stark! I’m not going under until the rest of you do!” Peter replied stubbornly. He was soaked with rain water, dripping wet. The boat lurched to the side, causing everyone on the deck to fall over. Peter scrambled to get to his feet, grabbing onto the sail mast.

“Get! Below! Deck!” Stark ordered. “Now!”

“Okay fine!” Peter shouted in reply, making his way towards the door to the lower deck. The boat tilted again, violently lurching to the side. Peter slipped on the wet wooden floor, sliding across it. In one swift motion, Peter hit his head, fell overboard, and landed in the angry waters with a splash.

Somewhere in the depths, you felt like something was off. Perhaps it was the smell of the human deck boy from the large ship, or maybe it was the alcohol that leaked from the pirates’ lost barrels. So many foreign smells from the humans that lived on the ship drifted through your nostrils. But whatever it was, be it fate or something written in the stars long ago, you followed the feeling, large scaly tale flicking behind you powerfully.

Your long hair trailed behind you in the water as you swam as fast as the currents could carry you. It was a powerful storm, and even a mermaid like you had difficulty navigating the harsh waters.

Drifting in the murky waves was the deck boy. His eyes were closed, and it appeared he was unconscious, his tousled brown curls surrounded his head in a cloud. You rushed forward, much surprised by the sight of a human. He must have fallen off of the ship along with the other cargo floating around in wooden crates and barrels, you figured.

Moving as quickly as you could, you dragged the boy to shore, depositing him on the beach. However, it appeared he wasn’t breathing. You leaned down and pressed your lips to his, and with an ounce of magic, you pressed a hand to his muscled chest. Its only covering was the whispy white shirt that hung limp and wet around his body. Your fingers glowed, palm pressing a jolt of power into him.

With a heave, Peter coughed wickedly, desperately, depositing the water in his lungs onto the shore. He looked at you with a hazy disoriented expression before slumping onto the sand, unconscious. You smiled softly, deciding to sit on the beach with him until the storm ended.


The next morning, Peter still hadn’t awoken. He was beyond exhausted from the ordeals of the night before. Carefully, you carried him through the water and set him in the small rowboat attached to the side of the ship, wrapping him in what appeared to be part of a sail to keep him warm until he awoke.

Humans were cute, you decided. His legs were certainly odd, much unlike the tail you possessed, but he was too handsome for his oddity to matter. He appeared to be young, about your age if not a bit older. You smirked, pushing these thoughts out of your mind. Relations with those that walked the land was strictly forbidden. But still. He was cute. For a human.

Peter bolted awake with a shout, looking around at his surroundings. You returned to the water with a large splash, narrowly avoiding his disheveled brown gaze, or so you thought. Dr. Jarvis Vision looked over the railing of the ship very surprised, but grateful to see the little deck hand.

“There you are, Parker! We feared we had lost you to the sea!”

“I uh…well, I guess not…” Peter raked a hand through his hair, looking around. He could have sworn there had been someone next to him, but maybe it was just remnants of a restless dream. A dream. Of course. There couldn’t be a…whatever he had seen. No. It had to be an illusion of the water. He had simply hit his head too hard. “Good morning Dr. Vision.”

“Is that Parker?” Prince T’Challa, the royal-gone-rebel who had recently joined their crew of merry pirates, asked, looking down at the deck boy. “Welcome back, boy. Maybe next time you’ll obey the captain’s orders.”

“Yeah…” Peter gazed off into the waves. “We’ll see about that…”


“Quit gazing off into the sunset, Parker! You’re supposed to be sweeping!” Captain Stark teased the dazed teen as he rushed to get back to work. “What’s gotten into you? Since you fell off of the boat last week, your head’s been in the clouds! Did you lose a few brain cells down there?”

“Not exactly, I just…” Peter paused, sighing as he watched waves lap the shore of the nearest island. “Captain, permission to speak freely?”

“Of course,”

“Well…sir…Have you…ever seen something you thought was impossible? Something that couldn’t be real, and yet…it feels…feels like you could reach out and touch it if you really tried. But when you look, it’s…”

“Gone.” the captain nodded, a look of empathy flashing through his eyes. “I know that feeling. The feeling that something extraordinary slipped through your fingers. The…One that got away…”

“Yeah. I guess. I dunno…” Peter scratched the back of his neck. “I just…I can’t help but wonder if we’re not alone here.”

“Of course we’re not. Rogers is still out there with the others somewhere. If they survived the wreck.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know, kid.” Stark ruffled Peter’s already-messy hair. “I know.”


“I think you’re sick.” Your mermaid friend Jemma braided your hair. “Your cheeks have been red and you’ve been stuck in a daze. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.” You stated, gazing at your reflection in the speckled glass mirror you had found in a shipwreck not so long ago.

“I think she’s in love. Who is it? Triton? Neptune? Percy?” asked Skye, Jemma’s sister.

“No, not quite.” you shook your head. A shy smile tugged at your lips and a rosy color spread across your cheeks.

“Do we know him, or is he from another cove?” Jemma continued questioning.

“You don’t know him.”

“Hmmm…” Skye hummed, looking at you. She wouldn’t let it show, but there was concern in her kind brown eyes. “Just…be careful, would you?”

“I will…I promise.”


You hadn’t intended to swim so close to the surface, nor had you meant to wander to the pirate ship that floated on the glittering waves. But your heart and your tail seemed to have minds of their own. And they were conspiring against you. You watched the crewmates walk across the deck on the peaceful night. The stars were so bright in the sky above, making a map of glowing diamonds.

You watched carefully for the deck boy. Peter, you had overheard. Peter Parker. There. There he was, sitting on a barrel. He was messing with a trinket from the mainland. You had no clue what it was. You had never seen anything quite like it, but you could tell from the way he held it, looked at it so carefully, that he had a strange interest in the little devices.

Cautiously, you surfaced, letting your head out of the water so you could hear him. He was deep in conversation with one of his other crewmates. He had hair so white it was almost silver, the beginnings of a beard, and he spoke with a thick accent.

“You look so lost, Peter.” the man said, a silver locket dangling from his fist. “I know how you feel. I haven’t seen my sister since The Avenger sank.”

“We’ll find her, Pietro. We’ll find the others.” he promised the man in the dark. “I know it.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“I always am.” Peter offered a half-hearted smile.

“Well, I’m going to bed. Don’t stay out too late. And,” Pietro smirked. “Don’t fall overboard.”

“I won’t.” Peter chuckled, shaking his head.

You sighed, looking up at the deck boy. What were you doing here? It was forbidden. This was forbidden. And with great reason. If men, greedy mortal men knew of the existence of the merfolk, they would stop at nothing to take everything the creatures held dear, hunting them to extinction.

And yet, this boy, this human boy looked so kind. His eyes held all of the stars, and his skin was smooth and soft and warm. You put a hand over your mouth, fingers tracing the smooth lips that had saved his life as you remembered the feeling of his against yours. Did he even remember? Would he?

You turned to leave, but before you could, he spoke.

“Wait.” he pleaded, his voice soft. His eyes searched the shadows beside the boat frantically. He knew you were there. He could feel it with all of his being. “Please. Don’t be afraid.”

“Perhaps it’s you that should be afraid of me.” you said in a somewhat teasing tone. “After all, my kind aren’t supposed to exist.”

“A-are you-?”


“Why…Why did you save me?” Peter asked. “I know it was you. I think. Unless there are more of you.”

“You fell overboard.”

“Well yeah, but-”

“You were going to die. No one, not even a man deserves that fate.” you answered simply. “I have to go. If my people know I was here, if I talked to you, Poseidon forbid…”

“Wait! Don’t leave. I…what’s your name?”

“(Y/N).” you told him against your better judgement.

“(Y/N).” he repeated. You blushed, cheeks burning red at the way your name sounded on his tongue.

“I have to go.” you stated, more seriously this time. Though he couldn’t see your face, he could hear the urgency in your tone.

“Will I ever meet you again?”


“Yes.” you cringed as soon as the word left your mouth. You couldn’t stop the next one. “Tomorrow.”

“O-Okay! Great! Um-” he nodded, his heart fluttering. “I’ll be here.”

“See you then, Peter.” you smiled, splashing into the murky waves.

“How did you know my-” But you were already long-gone. “Name…”


You avoided your friends from the cove all day, careful not to speak to them too much. You didn’t want them to suspect anything. They couldn’t know you had gone to the surface, much less been caught, much lesser actually talked to him. It was a dangerous game you were playing, but your heart didn’t seem to care. You couldn’t get the youngest pirate out of your mind. Everything about him was so different than the humans you had heard of growing up.

His smile, his laugh, his kind brown eyes that held all of the stars…You felt like you were flying. It was nothing you could control. But it was a good feeling. A good sort of fiery chaos coursing through your veins.

It was late at night after all of the pirates but one had gone to bed. Peter leaned against the railing of the boat. He climbed down into the rowboat, holding a lantern. He set it in the boat and looked out on the horizon. Another clear night, and no sight of you. Maybe you had lied to him. Maybe you had been unable to find the ship. Possibilities swam through his mind, and his hopeful expression fell.

“Hey there sailor,” you greeted, popping up to rest your elbows on the edge of the boat.

“Oh my God!” he pressed a hand over his heart. You laughed at how cute he was when he was surprised. “You’re here.”

“I’m here.” you smiled.

“God…you’re so beautiful…” he whispered, stunned. He had never gotten a good look at you until now.

“Thank you.” you giggled. “You’re quite cute yourself, deck boy.”

“R-really? You t-think so?”

“Well, for a human anyway,” you laughed.

“So you really are a-”

“Yep.” you waved the fin of your tail behind you. “Crazy, right?”

“Yeah,” he ran his fingers through his thick brown hair. “Crazy.”

“I take it your humans don’t know you’re here.”

“Nah. They’d think I was a madman if I told them I was staying up to meet a mermaid.”

“Maybe you are mad.” You tilted your head, grinning. “Maybe you hit your head just a bit too hard when you fell from your boat.”

“Maybe I did. That would explain why I’m talking to an angel.”

“Are you always so flirtatious or is that a new development?”

“I-I’m sorry. Am I not supposed to do that? Is that okay?”

“I suppose I’ll let it slide.” you bit your lip, your wet hand cautiously finding a place above his dry, warm one.

“You’re not going to drown me, are you?” Peter asked, brown eyes wide.

“What would be the point in saving you only to drown you?” you laughed, shaking your head. You pressed a kiss to his soft cheek, causing him to blush five shades of red. “I think you’re mistaking me for a siren, Peter. There’s a difference.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

“Well, I’m afraid I have to go before one of the others notices I’m missing.” You told him, glancing away. His face fell, not wanting you to leave quite yet, but he understood why. “I’ll see you soon. I promise.”

“Okay. See you soon.” He nodded, giving your hand a quick squeeze before you slipped into the water. He watched your tail twisting through the water like a fine ribbon as long as he could, but soon you were out of sight. He held a hand over his heart. Was he trembling? Had this single creature turned his limbs to jelly? Melted him to a puddle? Yes. She had. And best part was she hadn’t even tried.


Captain Stark gazed out his window as the mermaid splashed back into the depths. A smirk tugged at his lips. The sight of his deck boy falling head over heels for the mystical maiden tugged at his heart strings. And it brought back memories of her. The woman that had stolen his heart.

She too, was a mermaid, a beautiful mermaid by the name Virginia. But the other merfolk simply called her Pepper. She would visit the captain, back when he and Captain Rogers were co-captaining The Avenger. It was long before the crash. Long before the wreck that had split the crew in two, leaving half of them with Tony and the other half with Steve.

He met with her as often as he could, almost every night. One night, she had joined him on the ship, sacrificing her tail for a temporary pair of human legs. And after that seemingly magical evening, she vanished. He never saw her again. But that had been so long ago. Peter would have only been a glimmer in his parents’ eyes at that time.

Stark shook his head. He half-wanted to warn the boy not to get attached. Their kind never seemed to stick around long. But yet, he couldn’t bring himself to shatter the magic he saw in the boy’s eyes. He sighed. Peter would have to learn that lesson for himself.


Back in the cove, you sat at the mirror, combing through your long silky tresses with a shell comb. You hummed a melody to yourself, smiling. You couldn’t stop thinking about Peter. You couldn’t get the human boy out of your mind.

“I know what you’re doing, (Y/N),” one of the older mermaids, Maria stated. Her voice was warm, but firm. She had compassion, but she knew you had to stop doing what you had for the past month. Almost every night, you had snuck off to see Peter. It was too dangerous. What if the rest of the humans found out? What if they tried to take you? She couldn’t lose you. Not after she had already lost…

“What do you mean?” you asked innocently.

“I know you’ve been seeing someone, and I knows he’s not-”

“(Y/N)? There you are! We’ve been looking all over for you!” Jemma swam into your chamber with Skye not far behind. “Sorry Maria, but we’re really, really late for class.”

You looked to Maria apologetically before swimming after Jemma and Skye as fast as your tails would carry you. There were no classes today, but there were plenty of shipwrecks to scavenge.

“You saved my fin,” you chuckled.

“We know.” Skye nodded. “Jemma and I might be all right with you spending your nights with a human boy, but Maria? May? They won’t be.”

“I know.” you nodded solemnly. “I can’t hide him forever. But…I don’t know. I…I care about him. A lot.”

“We know. Just be careful.”

“I will be.”


“Look what I found~” you sing-songed, surfacing beside the rowboat. Peter jumped, the silence of the night suddenly gone. A smile found his lips easily. You set the sack of metal trinkets in the boat. “Thought you might like them.”

“These are for me?” Peter asked, sifting through the things you had brought him. Compasses, stopwatches, silverware, candle holders, old bracelets and rings. “Where’d you find them?”

“A shipwreck not far from here. This stuff has been down there for nearly a hundred years.”

“This is so cool! Thank you,” he smiled gratefully.

“Will you help me up? Into the boat?” You asked. Peter nodded, gripping your arms and waist and helping you into the small rowboat. You sat with him, closer than you had ever been. Only your fin touched the water.

“There you go,” he smiled, cheeks red. He slipped his hand into yours, his larger fingers, intertwining with yours. “I missed you.”

“It’s been a day, Peter.”

“I still missed you.” he chuckled. You rolled your eyes and gave his shoulder a little shove. “Do you…is it possible…” he shook his head. “Nevermind.”


“It’s stupid.”


“Is it possible for you to…stay? Here? With me?”

“You mean like all the time?”

“Well…yeah…I guess…”

“Wouldn’t that be weird? For me to just swim around the ship all the time, Peter?”

“Well…I meant like…on legs.”

“I’ve never tried. I could look into it. If you like. But…I have a life at the cove too. I can’t just leave forever.”

“I know. Maybe I could come with you? We could take turns.”

“Where did this sudden urge come from Peter? Why do you suddenly want to be attached to my hip?”

“I…I think I realized that I’m in love with you. And it’s okay if you don’t feel the same, but I-”

“I love you too.” you offered a soft smile. You wrapped your arms around him, tucking your head into the crook of his neck. He held you close, letting out a long breath. His calloused hands pressed against your back as his eyes squeezed shut. He wished he could just stay in this moment forever.


Weeks passed. You researched everything you could on mermaid-human transformation, but you came up blank. All of the spells were either extremely dark or undocumented. It was an impossible search. Soon, Maria caught wind of what you were trying to find and pulled you aside for a private conversation.

“(Y/N), we need to talk.” she tried again, closing the curtains to the chamber.

“I know you know about Peter.” you whispered, tears welling in your eyes. “I know it’s not allowed, but…I love him. I’m sorry. I…I can’t control how I feel. I can’t just stop loving him…”

“I know.” she nodded, compassion in her eyes. “There’s…there’s something about your mother that none of us have ever told you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your mother…my best friend, fell in love with one of them. A human. She didn’t care about the rules. And because of it, she died.”

“What are you saying?”

“Your mother died in childbirth. She was a mermaid trying to give birth to…you. You’re…you’re not entirely merfolk. You’re one of them too. What I mean to say is you’re drawn to the human world for a reason.”

“Does that mean I can be one of them?”

“There are legends about those born of earth and of the sea. They say you can change back and forth at will, but it takes a certain motivation. Your heart has to be in it.”

“It is,” you nodded.

“Good.” Maria offered a smile and a warm embrace. Though she was worried, she knew you would be safe. You had to learn for yourself. “Go. Explore.”


“Peter!” for the first time ever, in broad daylight, you called to him. He nearly dropped his broom. The others on the ship looked to Natasha, the only woman on board to see if she had called, but she hadn’t. She shook her head. “Peter!”

Peter made his way to the railing of the ship and looked down at you, swimming in the water. Had you gone mad? Coming to him in broad daylight when everyone could see was dangerous to say the least.

“What are you doing here?” he yell-whispered, looking at you with fear in his eyes. Fear of what the others would say, what they would do. Stark stared at you with a look in his eyes that you didn’t recognize. Something silent, reminiscent, something lost in translation. But there was something familiar about you. Something he couldn’t quite place.

“Come here,” you told him, motioning him to come down to the row boat. He did, hopping down with ease. The crew watched in disbelief as he helped you onto the small boat. Your long, heavy green tail dipped into the water slightly.

“What are you-?” he started to ask. Before another word could escape his mouth, you kissed him, pressing your lips to his softly. There was a warm feeling, deep in your stomach. It tingled, pulling and pinching and twisting. And it hurt, but it was a reassuring kind of pain. Then you felt it. You felt your tail slowly begin to split into a pair of legs, feet replacing your fins, and a pair of scaly shorts left around your hips.

You opened your eyes, peeling away from Peter to look down at them. It was bizarre, but it felt so right. Like everything in the universe finally clicked into place.

“How did you-?”

“My dad was a human. I don’t know who he was, but…because of it, I can change back and forth.”

“You’re joking.”

“No. I’m not.” you smiled. Peter helped you stand. You shook, wobbling on the strange appendages. He pulled you to his chest, holding you close for support.

“I’ve got you.” his eyes sparkled like the glittering waves surrounding the great ship. “I’ve got you.”

“Mind…introducing us to your friend, Peter?” First Mate Rhodes asked with a smirk. The others pulled the rowboat up closer to the deck. Peter helped you step onto the wooden surface. You leaned against him, waving shyly at the strangers that surrounded you.

“This is (Y/N).” Peter stated. “She’s uh…a mermaid. Kind of.”

“Kind of.” you repeated with a nod.

“Well…welcome aboard!” Tony motioned to the rest of the ship. He tried to act as though everything was normal, but it was very obvious that something was off. “I…I’m sorry for asking this, and I know it seems off, but was your mother…was her name Virginia? Did she go by Pepper?”

“How did you-?”

“And you said your father is a human, right?”

“Yeah…” you raised an eyebrow as he stepped closer, looking over every miniscule detail of your face. It finally clicked. This was your- “Dad?”

“I think so,” Stark nodded, enveloping you in his arms. He pulled you close. This was why Pepper had left. This is why. His daughter. His child. And she had found her way back to him.

“Nice to meet you…finally…” you whispered. Tears fell from your eyes. Everything seemed to fall into place.

“You too, kid.” Tony nodded. “You too,”


And so you learned about the human world from actual humans, alternating between living on the ship and living in the sea. Eventually, you brought your mer-friends to meet Peter and the others and introduce them to your long-lost father.

You and the other mermaids spent months searching, but after a long while, you found the other half of the Avenger’s crew on another boat called the SS Freedom. Pietro and Wanda were finally united, and the team became whole again, welcoming you to their ranks with open arms whenever you wanted to join them on the ship.

Life seemed so strange compared to the way you used to live, but you loved it in every way, thankful for the hand fate had dealt you. As you laid on Peter’s chest, listening to his soft, sleepy breaths, you couldn’t have wished for anything more in life. This was heaven, and you would never, ever get enough of it.


Summer Nights Stuff Pack

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A small stuff pack best for Summer nights of romance, when the sun’s going down and love fills the air. This pack includes 6 new meshes in our Summer Nights palette.

4 Belted Dress Variations
🌸Lace Top
🌸Polka Dots

2 Maxi Dress Variations

2 Shorts and Tank Set Variations

All Hairs in EA Colors

🌸Ponytail Hair AF (Child version available)
🌸Short and Messy Hair AM
🌸Long Wavy Hair AF

Download Summer Nights Stuff Pack [Here]

All mesh credits go to @coliswonderland for her amazing work :)
Also if there’s anything wrong let us know, this is our first stuff pack so consider us inexperienced


Recoloring is encouraged but please link back to the original work

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1-8-17: Robin and precious son Morgan, with prompt from here

anonymous asked:

Can I request an imagine where Josh attempts to dye a streak of the reader's hair pink, and it makes a mess and they're laughing and happy and it ends all fluffy like, like maybe watching Catfish marathons? Omg I love your writing xx :D

Ah thank you so much!! This was such a cute prompt! Sorry it’s a bit short, but I hope it’s what you wanted (:

Pink (A Josh Dun Imagine)

Trigger Warnings: None, just 100% fluff (!!)

“I’ve never actually dyed someone else’s hair before.” Josh said absentmindedly as he worked the color through a strip of your hair.

“Wait, what? You’d better not mess this up or I swear…” You warned him, only half kidding.

Josh gave you a playful grin through the mirror. “Relax, it’ll look fine. We’ll be matching!”

You wiped the pink running down your forehead with an already-stained towel. When he offered to dye a strip of your hair pink like his, you thought nothing could go wrong, but the bubblegum-colored splatters covering the bathroom tile and countertop proved otherwise. It looked like a massacre.

“Is it always this messy when you dye your hair?” You asked him, biting your lip to keep from laughing at the mess.

“Sometimes. You should’ve seen the bathroom after my first time. My mom had me scrubbing color off the floor for weeks.”

Laughing at the thought, you watched him through the mirror. He was squinting in concentration as he applied the last little bit of color to your hair. “Done.” He stepped back to admire his work. “Now we just have to wait.”

“Ughhh…” You sighed dramatically. “You didn’t tell me this would take so long.”

“What did you expect?” Josh laughed, pulling the stained towel off your shoulders. “Uh-oh.”

You froze, preparing for the worst. “What did you do this time?”

“Um, I hope you weren’t too attached to that shirt.”

You looked down at your gray t-shirt, now adorned with drippy pink stripes. It wasn’t long until you and Josh were bursting with laughter. “How did you manage to do that? You asked him between gasps.

He just shrugged. “I guess a strip of hair wasn’t enough, I had to dye your shirt too.” He flashed you a sly smile. “I think it’s cute; maybe you’ll start a trend.”

“Yeah, well,” You teased him, picking up the bottle of hand soap off the counter and pumping a few foamy squirts into your hand. “What do you think about this?” Before he could run, you squashed the soap pile onto his shirt, rubbing it around with your hand. “Is this trendy?”

The shock on Josh’s face quickly melted into a smug grin. “Oh, you’re gonna regret that.”

You let out a shriek and dove to hide behind the chair as Josh grabbed the spray bottle full of water from the counter. “Don’t you dare…” You warned him, but your protests were ignored. You screeched from behind the chair, laughing as he pelted you with cold water. You pumped soap onto his socked feet as he continued to spray you, grinning wildly.

Dashing to the tub, you grabbed the bottle of shaving cream and held it in front of you defensively. “Don’t make me spray you!”

In response, Josh spritzed the bottle in your face. You gasped openmouthed, but you couldn’t keep your eyes from crinkling into a smile. You aimed the shaving cream can at the top of his head, letting the cream spray wildly into his hair, howling with laughter when he grabbed a handful and rubbed it into your gray-turned-pink shirt. You two were breathing hard by the time the laughing finally subsided.

“Do you think your hair survived the battle?” A smiling Josh asked you, wiping the soap off his shirt with his hand.

“My hair should be fine. I think it’s the bathroom that took the biggest hit.” You chuckled, surveying the chaotic smears of pink and white covering every inch of the room.

Josh helped you wash the dye out of your hair, and you had to say, considering the circumstances, the final product was pretty good. The streak stood out from the rest of your hair nicely.

After a mutual decision to clean the bathroom later, you slipped on a fresh shirt and Josh did the same. Ten minutes later, you were both on the couch, snuggled up in a blanket with a big bowl of popcorn between you.

It took a few minutes of channel surfing, but you finally decided on Catfish, only because Josh liked to make up ridiculous theories about who people were dating.

Noticing a small puff of shaving cream in his hair, you leaned closer to Josh and brushed it out with your fingers. He still smelled like lavender soap. You rested your head up against his chest, rising ever so slightly with every breath he took.

“I bet that girl’s actually dating Will Smith.” He mumbled.

“Nah, it’s gotta be her ex.”

“Or an alien.”

“Or an alien.” You laughed in agreement.

“Hey,” He said, rubbing his thumb gently over your hand. “You’re really pulling off the shaving-cream-in-the-eyebrow look.”

Pursing your lips, you playfully slugged him in the arm. “Don’t make me get the soap again.”

It’s Not What You Think (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Originally posted by sebastianstahn

A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble… lol. I guess I got carried away and I just kept typing and typing but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! This is for the lovely @mariathedorkydragon. Enjoy!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: Domestic abuse

Word Count: 1,984

Prompt: Bucky finds out the reader’s boyfriend has become physically and emotionally abusive.

Your walk to the Avengers tour was slow and each step you took you held doubts whether or not leaving him was the best option in your current situation. Your decision was spontaneous, you didn’t know what else to do. All you knew was that you had to get out of there. You had to get away from him.

Sure, you loved him, you’d been together with him for almost a year now, but you weren’t sure that he felt the same way he did last month. The relationship started off with a spark and was filled with happiness, joy and love and now all those important aspects of a relationship had faded away leaving anger, negativity and violence. There were very few spurts of joy but you had long found them occurring less and less.

You puffed a breath of air into your hands, trying to warm yourself up as walked through the 30 degree Manhattan weather, with nothing more than a thin t-shirt, pajama shorts and nothing to cover the growing bruise grazing your eyebrow and eye socket. You regretted not taking anything with you. You didn’t know when you were going back. But you knew you had to keep this quiet from the Avengers, especially Bucky.

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You’re My Type (TaeKook)

Pairing: Taekook (Taehyung/V and Jungkook)
Rating: T (but maybe M)
Genre: Humor/Fluff/…tiny bit of smut?

Words: 8,621

Summary: Taehyung has a crush on the lifeguard of the local pool, and his thirst cannot be contained. Especially not when eye-candy like THAT is walking around.

A/N: Favs/Comments/Reblogs always appreciated~ <3

Taehyung spots his new boy-toy when Namjoon is yelling at Yoongi and Jimin to “stop wrestling in the pool! You can’t have sex here so stop your foreplay!” Hoseok and Seokjin are standing nearby laughing, and Taehyung turns away from the commotion to look up at the blue sky, but before he can tilt his head all the way back a six-pack catches his eye and, of course, everything goes south from there.

The six-pack belongs to a boy, a very handsome boy who, besides his six-pack, has toned legs, dark brown hair, a strong jaw-line, aaaand…abs. Did he mention abs? Damn he’s sexy.

Taehyung’s pretty much drooling into the chlorine filled pool but couldn’t care less as he watches the male walk around the side of the large pool, dark eyes surveying the populated warm water. It’s the beginning of summer, and many other people besides Taehyung and his friends are here trying to cool off. However, mister sexy lifeguard is only making Taehyung feel hotter.

“Yo,” Hoseok says, swinging his arm around Taehyung’s shoulder. He notices that the younger is intently staring into the distance and follows his line of sight. “What are you looking a—…oh. Damn.”

Immediately Taehyung snaps his head towards Hoseok, eyes wide and dangerous.

“Hyung no! He’s mine!” Taehyung nearly growls and Hoseok holds his hands up in defense, stepping backwards until he’s heading down the ramp into the deep end and can’t stand anymore. That snaps Taehyung out of his momentary rage and the younger laughs, moving to drag Hoseok back to a place where’s he’s not drowning in the water.

“Seriously though,” Hoseok says, smiling at Taehyung and bumping their shoulders together. “You gonna try and hit that?”

“Are you kidding? Of course!” Taehyung says, his eyes scanning the area for his new prey. He spots the boy after a couple seconds of frantic searching. He’s sitting atop one of those tall towers that overlooks the pool, sunglasses on and a long, red life preserver sitting beside him. Oh…wait…he’s a lifeguard.

Damn, that’s attractive too!

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The orders came in as soon as they finished breakfast. The President had a stroke the evening before and his health was declining rapidly. There was a change of plans to the Nibelheim mission. Zack would stay and await for Kunsel to help him with the mission. Sephiroth was to prepare to to return to Midgar. 

Then the second message came through. Sephiroth had to find and locate someone named C. Strife and take him back to ShinRa. That part of Sephiroth’s mission was to be kept secret, however. 

Sephiroth wasn’t one to question the mission, especially one so easy. The innkeeper was happy to point him towards the Strife house. The woman who answered, seemed a little suspicious, but was willing to talk to him. 

Her expression turned dark when he asked if she had a family member who’s name started with a C. 

“I have a son, Cloud,” she said, “but…he doesn’t live here anymore. He left for Midgar two years ago. Has…has something happened to Cloud?” Sephiroth wasn’t sure what to tell her, but he was saved by a nervous cough. 

“Um…sir?” One of the troopers sent to accompany them was standing behind him. He turned. The trooper took off his helmet with shaking hands. 

“I’m…Cloud Strife,” he said. 

Cloud fidgeted nervously with his helmet, wondering what sort of trouble he could be in. Sephiroth seemed just as confused. 

“As far as I know, you aren’t being brought back for doing anything wrong,” Sephiroth said, “just that someone was looking for you.” Cloud nodded, but still felt a deep seed of dread in his stomach. It didn’t mesh well will the bumpy truck ride. 

Zack was still sending him a slew of text messages. 

Yo Spikey, sorry you couldn’t stay for the extended paid, vacay. 

Dude, I just told your mom I knew you and she’s baking me cookies!

How are you doing? Your mom wants to know. 


Don’t worry, I’ll save you a plate. 

For serious tho, call me when you find out what’s up

: )

Cloud debated how to reply as the truck rolled to a stop. Sephiroth stood to get out and meet their connecting transport. 

Cloud put his PHS back and stuck his helmet back on his head. 

Cloud had never been this high in the tower before. He was positive lowly troopers like himself weren’t supposed to be up here. A Turk swiped a card in the elevator to bring him up here. Another was waiting at the door the elevator led to. 

He rubbed his sweaty palms over his pants in an attempt to dry them. He stepped forward into the open door. 

Rufus wasn’t sure when to do when Strife walked through the door. He’d imagined and re-imagined this scenario over and over, but his fancy speech fell apart the moment he saw him. 

Strife was nothing at all like he expected. Messy blonde hair, and a rumpled trooper uniform that didn’t quite fit his skinny frame. But he could still see it. The blue eyes hidden behind the hair, lightly colored freckles dusting his cheeks. 

He looked at Lazard on the sofa and got a nod. He looked back at Strife. 

“I’ve waited a long time to meet you, Strife,” he said, “I only had your last name, but it was enough.”

“M-me sir?” Strife said, “But…I’m just a trooper. I don’t know what I did but-”

“You haven’t don’t anything wrong,” Lazard said, “Rufus, don’t dance around it.” Rufus shook his head, and nodded again. 

“I assume you heard about my father’s stroke,” Rufus said, “They don’t think he’ll make it through the night. I’ve assume control of the company for now…and I found…a few things I didn’t know about my father.

“The most surprising thing, however…was that my father had other children…from a few affairs he had years ago. I have two half-siblings. One, you know as Lazard Deusericus. The other…the other I believe is you.”

Strife was quiet for a long moment. 

“I’m…I’m…We’re…brothers?” Strife said. He seemed to be wavering on his feet. 

“You can sit,” Rufus said, as Strife collapsed in a chair. Lazard sat forward. Strife looked up again. 

“I…I don’t know what to say,” he said, “I don’t…I won’t ask for much. I’ll keep quiet about it…I just wanted-”

“You’re misunderstanding,” Lazard said. 

“I didn’t bring you here to to tell you and threaten you into silence,” Rufus said, “I want you here to join me, join us.” Strife’s eyes were wide and he still seemed confused.

“You’re my brother, part of the family,” Rufus said, “whatever my father thought, I want you running this company with me.” Strife buried his face in his hands, his shoulders shaking. When he lifted his face, there were tear tracks on it. 

“C-can I bring my mom here?” he asked. Rufus almost laughed, it was such an innocent question. 

“You’re only of the wealthiest men alive,” Rufus said, “of course you can.”

“I-I’m sorry,” he said, “I-I don’t know what to say.” Rufus sat next to him. 

“Take your time,” Rufus said, “I know it’s a bit of a shock. But…I only knew your last name and first initial. I meant to ask before dropping it on you, but…what’s your name?” 

Strife wiped his eyes. 

“Cloud,” he said, “My name is Cloud.”

I had this small idea after seeing some artwork with a little Cloud and his Big Bro Rufus (can’t find the link, but will add it when I do)


Sorry for the messy sketches but I had to get this idea down!
Starfleetrambo was asked about the demons getting more and more humanoid the more they connected to their human (or something idk correct me if I’m wrong) and then I started imagening the stages of the demons, you know, like, getting something that has the basic human shape but no destinct color or clothes. Just small bodies like chibi demons or something haha.

It also looks like Pi Mo is offering a sort of business proposal for Stan… Hmmmmm…..

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I get a "I attract good luck and wealth" sigil please? 😁also what method of charging would you recommend for a sigil of this type?

Of course! (My hands were shaky, so excuse the messy cursive.) There are a thousand different ways that you can charge this sigil! The question is, what resonates with you the most? There’s nothing wrong with going the “simple” route by writing it on a piece of paper and then burning it. You could also draw it on a pulse point; that’s a personal favorite of mine.

Want to get more creative? 

* Carve it into a green candle, light the wick, and let it melt away. (Maybe green doesn’t symbolize “good luck/wealth” to you. No worries. Use whatever color works for you.)

* Use a fine-tipped marker to draw it onto a coin, and keep the coin in your pocket throughout the day.

* Feel like witchin’ in the kitchen? Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves are all great spices for luck and good fortune. Make a spiced apple pie and carve your sigil into the crust before it bakes. 

At the end of the day, though, use a method that you feel is most powerful.

“I attract good luck and wealth.”

Go forth and rake in those fat stacks, my dude.