this coloring is disgusting


Ruby Bridges was the first black child to desegregate the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana during the New Orleans school desegregation crisis in 1960.

This movie made me cry, I was so heart broken by how Ruby Bridges was treated! She was only 6, but was so strong. She is a very brave girl and she did not care what the white folks called her.

People are simply disgusting to minimize people by skin color!

Ruby you might not think you’re a hero… But to other people you are! You are A HERO and you are A PERSON WHO MADE AMERICA CHANGE!

snake emoji reviews!

A solid snake. looking mighty and fresh. Kinda ugly shading though: 4/5.

very cute style and i would be glad to adopt this snake: 5/5.

Disgustening…… what is happening over here microsoft!!!! this looks like a maze: 0/5.

A very happy snake but also looks like a scary frog: 1/5.

This is like Apple’s but better: 5/5.

Too flat. Looks like a school mascot: 2/5.

this one is so tiny…..but cute! like a small dragon: 4/5.

Slimy guy…very handsome and swirly. the perfect snake: 5/5.

Its head is facing the wrong direction this is so awkward!!!!!: 0/5. i hate this

this one has teeth! but is a disgusting color and looks squishy: 2/5.

Cheer Up Buddy………   1/5.

What The Fuck….. 0/5!!!!!!!

Drew my two favorites! Who both happen to eat children hoh

Halloween started here! Happy Halloween!! oOo i’ll draw something proper later i promise oTL

My dear trans/nonbinary children, 

Sometimes questioning your gender looks different than how people think. 

When someone hears “trans boy”, they may imagine a person who since early childhood always hated wearing dresses and was disgusted by the color pink, someone who was a “tomboy” and never had interests that are considered traditionally girly, like make-up, someone who felt horror when going through (or thinking about) puberty and the changes in their body. 

Those people exist and some of you will surely nod now and think “Yes, that’s my story.” But some of you have had different experiences. If you are the latter, this letter is for you. 

Maybe you identify as a trans boy now but at a younger age you tried to push away your uncomfortableness with your body by wearing more pink dresses. Maybe you identify as a trans girl now but you used to be a typical “dude” who only cared about football during puberty because that’s what was expected from you and you just followed the example of the others.*

Sometimes trans/nonbinary people go through a phase of acting/dressing very stereotypical their assigned gender before they fully accept themselves as trans/nonbinary - and that’s okay. 

You’re not fake or “suddenly/constantly changing your mind”. 

Your story is not less valid than the “never did that” one above. 

Everyone’s path is different. And if yours included fulfilling any stereotypes of your assigned gender, that’s okay! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

 (*And maybe you actually enjoyed or still enjoy pink dresses or football because those things can be enjoyed by people of every gender! I want to add this because it’s important, even though it’s a bit different from the original topic of the letter.)

Neck Raspberry!! ✨💋💕😆😆😆

This is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen tonight. Comments from a light skinned black woman to a darker skinned black woman. She also called her a ‘nappy headed turd’. If it were a white person that made these same comments, everyone would be burning the place down, but this gets excused🙄🙄. These comments were made within the last hour. I’m sick to my stomach. BUT COLORISM STILL DOESN’T EXIST THO😒😒😒 we are just making it up and looking for a pity party.


#literally everyday

Satan Emoji Reviews

The fuck is this bullshit? Purple? The horns are too large and off the sides of its head? and what’s with that gradient? Apple you can suck my ass. 0/10

Now this is a quality satan. Classic red color with some striking yellow eyes. Expression portrays complete disgust which is what I feel at Apple’s emoji. At the same time he’s a blobby boy and I feel like I want to hug him but he’d eat my hand off. 100/10

what the FUCK is this GARBAGE? jesus christ it’s all shapes that were premade in paint! awful! the only reason it’s better than Apple’s is because it’s red. 1/10

Now this one is unique. At first you may think it’s a child DRESSED as satan, but notice the lack of headband, oddly colored hair, beady eyes, and fangs. No, no, boys what we have here is a good ol’ fashioned antichrist child. A beautifully impish little lad. Not satan but creative. 9/10

Bitch looks like he took a swim in buffalo sauce. Disgraceful but let’s be real satan probably would. 8/10

Love! Him! Look at that devious face! He looks young and fresh, he is a baby. Evil satan baby has my heart. 10/10

it’s PURPLE…. however it has a delightful shiny exterior. not a perfect surface, a blob boy. 5/10

this one is so shite that I’m not even going to say anything about it. Instead I’m going to tell you my review of Fuller House. Overall I found the storylines and episodes to be lacking greatly, but sheer nostalgia kept me watching. I cannot deny that the episodes where everyone comes together again made me very emotional. Could use some work but I am weak and will keep watching new seasons. I give Fuller House a 7/10

Very plain and basic, but the solid colors and cell shading is a nice choice. Not as mean as he could be but still pretty pissed. 4/10

An ugly little man. He’s trying too hard. He’s the guy who shows up at parties but won’t stop talking about his new vape pen. “Please, I’ve heard about your Sex on the Beach flavored vape juice 10 times. Let me go.” You say, but he’s not listening. He tells you he’s going to do a cool vape trick, but he just blows vape in your face. It smells like pineapple pizza. “Let me try again I’ve got it this time.” he says, messing up again. He continues to do this until the Google satan shows up and slaps the vape pen out of his hand. Emoji One Satan starts sobbing hysterically. 5/10

this one looks like that one little fuckhead from Scary Godmother. God I hate that kid. I had a nightmare about him once where he was just slamming all my doors in my house. He also ate a box of frozen corndogs in my kitchen and didn’t close the freezer. What a douchenozzle. 1/10


This is quite random. Our weird Wizard Liam adopted two loud disgusting evil mole-rat babies…Our DM didn’t expect that. 

They are lovingly called Mel and Ford. Don’t ask me which is which….

Liam gets in serious protective dad-mode when in battle (ง’̀-‘́)ง. So far so good. (He even sacrificed his new cape to make a baby sling).  

Not sure if this illustration is finished yet, but I have other stuff to do. We’ll see. It was supposed to be practice anyway, but again, as usual, it got out of hand. Just like Liam’s caring nature :/.  

my bro forgot he had a bag of unopened gummy bears sitting in his car for god knows how long not even he knows how long its been there and all the individual bears have melted and fused together with the trapped heat of the car. then for some reason he stuck the melted goop into the fridge because i mean fuck it it looks like a forced fusion from hell but its still good and edible y’know?? Few hours later and the end result was this disgusting colorful abomination. I actually took a few bites off this blob because I have literally no standards for my food intake and not only did I just consume 10,000 calories in three bites but I can feel the souls of these poor gummy bears screaming in agony at the pit of my stomach and I feel death is near