this coloring is atrocious

The Stupid Bag (Draco Malfoy x Reader)


Draco pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation and turned just in time to see most of your books cascade to the floor. It was the fifth time in three days that this had happened and he honestly didn’t understand why you wouldn’t just buy a new bag. Instead, you insisted on repeatedly casting Reparo multiple times a day. Talk about a waste of time and magic. He watched in disdain as a group of sixth and seventh year boys began to crowd around you eagerly trying to offer you their assistance. His eyes narrowed at a particularly bold one who actually dared to put a hand on your arm.

“Keep that expression on your face and you’ll get permanent wrinkles, you know.” Pansy said from next to him. He leveled a glare at her before smoothing out his aristocratic features. “Malfoy’s don’t get wrinkles.” He sniffed while Pansy merely rolled her eyes in boredom. “Come on, class starts in five.”  She said pulling on his arm. “And stop pining after her for Salazar’s sake, it’s unbecoming of you.” She smirked. Draco’s protests were lost in the crowd as their professor arrived just in time to usher them into Transfigurations. Pining? Since when has he ever pined? He doesn’t pine. Pansy can shove it.

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would you mind making a color and anatomy edit of this? (sorry if it’s been done before, i just picked a random screengrab that had particularly atrocious colors)


The anatomy isn’t the worst in this frame, just both their arms were a bit odd. However this is in a scene with a lot of movement so it’s not so bad imo.

But the colours….oh lord. Lapis’ skin was especially turquoise that episode, it’s actually a different colour to her normal cyan day palette so I toned it down and made it more blue. Did the same thing with Peridot and just toned down her skin a little bit.

Hope you like it!

I’ve recently stumbled upon the twins au in the ML fandom, and it’s given me a lot of ideas:

Felix catching on pretty early—if not from the start—that Adrien is Chat Noir and deciding to act as Adrien’s Secret Keeper, providing excuses for him and even posing as him in one instance so that no one’s the wiser, except for Marinette who confronts him in private. Felix makes up some excuse, like Adrien’s sick or tired and thus can’t do X, then gets offended by Marinette’s shock that he’s actually doing something nice.

Felix knowing that Marinette is Ladybug before Adrien, but not saying anything because even though he’s the more serious twin, he still gets occasional urges to be a little shit like his pun-loving brother and enjoys seeing Adrien suffer.
Adrien being surprised that Felix knows about his alter ego, to which Felix scoffs about how they have the same hair and eye color and they both love atrocious puns, how could it not be obvious?
Felix being a 1000 times more blunt when calling Chloe out, and then getting annoyed for being scolded for acting too harshly towards her. (But part of the reason he’s so harsh towards Chloe is because he used to have a crush on her when they were younger, and he can’t stand that she’s become such a witch.)
Felix being both annoyed with but also pitying Sabrina for sticking with Chloe for so long, because he knows (or at least suspects) that Sabrina’s hoping that Chloe will go back to how she used to be and knows that it’s most likely a lost cause.
Adrien being furious when, after learning that Ladybug is Marinette, that Felix knew the whole time but didn’t say anything, to which Felix replies that if he gave Adrien all the answers he’d never learn how to do things himself…while bearing a shit-eating grin rivaling Chat Noir’s.
Felix not even being on Hawkmoth’s radar because he rarely gives any fucks.
Felix slowly befriending Marinette over time, to the point where Adrien thinks he’s ‘interested’ in her—because his brother tolerates very few people—until Felix scoffs at the idea (and at the fact that his brother is so damn oblivious).
Felix slowly becoming nicer over time (and I mean slowly) as he starts interacting with others at school more.
Marinette realizing that Chat Noir is Adrien after Adrien puts himself in harm’s way to save Felix during an akuma attack, because until then, Chat’s only sacrificed himself to save her, so Felix must be very important to Chat, and who’s more important to Adrien than his brother?