this coloring is absolutely disgusting



These girls from Barrington High School in the Chicagoland Area are racist and disgusting.  Share the hell out of this post, and I’m about to explain why.

These girls here have claimed that being “pretty and white” is enough to spare them from consequences.  They are living in the fantasy that because of their skin color, they will face zero issues.  Is this really what people in America are believing and saying?  Fucking seriously?

A couple of them have easily gone out of their way after the original Snapchat post, to talk more about it.  Notice the text message and the Facebook comments.

Barrington High School is filled with nothing but extremely rich and privileged CHILDREn, who do not understand the BASICS of racism.  The school keeps taking down posts all over Facebook and has had complaints for days, yet will not say anything or take action.

REBLOG THIS POST.  GET IT OUT THERE.  We want justice to be served and to have these girls face real world consequences for their online actions.  They have deleted all of their Instagram accounts after people contact them out of anger.  They have disrespected all people of color in more than one post, and it is absolutely disgusting.  People like this will never understand that actions and words have consequences.  At this point they have dug a deeper hole for themselves than they had before.  


the way to you (becomes flowery)

Author : pizza_netflix_hp

Pairing : Verkwan, mentioned Soonhoon and Meanie

Genre : Fluff

Warnings : None


Summary : “I’m not insulting you; I’m just offering advice,” Seungkwan says primly. “But fine. What’s your name?”

“Chwe Hansol,” Hansol replies, looking as if he’s stifling a smile. “And you are insulting me. I spent hours looking for that suit.”

“I don’t know why you’d do that, seeing as the color is absolutely disgusting,” Seungkwan scoffs.

{or : in which hansol has a terrible fashion sense, seungkwan only wants to offer advice and check out cute guys in peace, and jihoon is just amused}

Word Count :  3155, ongoing with 2 chapters

is no one going to talk about the fact that there’s only ONE confirmed female character on the most popular snk character poll (two if you count Hange as female).

is no one going to talk about how gross and yet completely, utterly expected this is. 

this fandom is dicks. yall complain about the lack of awesome, complicated, interesting female characters in media and isayama gives you a VERY DIVERSE SPREAD ON A SILVER FUCKING PLATTER and what do you do? nah, suddenly it’s all about the guys. as usual. just forget about sasha, annie, ymir, historia, petra, nanaba, hitch. whatever. who cares about them. 

and if people do manage to remember these characters, it’s all about shipping – about making them some ancillary object to the MAN in the equation. forget about the only canon ship in this whole fucking fandom; because they’re lesbians, hardly anyone cares. 

you all know exactly why this happens. 

Ladies: be more like ladybugs
  • use your cute colorful outer shell to hide your monstrous true self
  • evolve to taste absolutely disgusting to your predators (fuckboi commonae) and announce it with bold color choices and accessories
  • if the place you’re at doesn’t satisfy you, don’t settle. Fly for 74 miles to find a better spot if you must
  • maintain your positive public image but never forget: you’re a predator and there’s thousands of aphids out thee with your name on them
  • release deadly toxin on those who dare touch you while you eat
  • fight a caterpillar. you can do it