this coloring is a little shitty though

I’m really loving the theme lately with big budget film and TV projects in the ‘nerds and nostalgia’ genre having White Male Entitlement as the villain


Mad Max asked who killed the world

their answer was 'toxic masculinity’

Jessica Jones answered with 'rape culture’

and Star Wars threw in 'entitled, privileged white dudes with nostalgiaboners for eras of extreme oppression for everyone else’

could we ask for a more accurate unholy trinity, or a better group to be putting this shit on blast??


OKay so I finally finished that Little Mermaid Au thing. To be honest, I spent all of my energy on that first one, and the second two are really just scribbles. But give me a break, I’m halfway across the world from my home. And last doodle is adaptation of when Ariel saved Eric from drowning…not…you know.

dasseinhundin: I apologize for my shitty work but I hope you like it (even though I was the one that sent the prompt, but whatever lol)

All this “I don’t need feminism” stuff exists mainly for spoiled first-world suburban housewives, though and their Yoga classes and Weight Watchers Diets and book clubs (where they read shitty books) and bad dance classes that they make their unwilling daughters go to. Let’s be honest about that.

You sad, insecure little cows tried to turn feminism into a sad spray-tanned fucking joke, though.

You failed, for the record.

On Invisible Characters of Color

So, listen: I have no problem with Victoria Aveyard. Red Queen wasn’t one of my faves, but I know a lot of people who enjoyed it and I’m happy for her success - I also think her drawing attn. to people openly pirating books on tumblr is a good thing, bc guys that’s a wild shitty thing to do - BUT a few months ago I realized she was doing the invisible POC thing with Mare and that book, and it’s very frustrating to me. By invisible POC, I mean that the character is not truly written as a person of color with little to no textual evidence, but the author intends the character as one, making them invisible to readers. 

So basically, though little to no one actually read Mare as mixed/POC, Aveyard explained that because the book takes place in an American future, Mare would be mixed. 

Which, to be frank, is just bullshit. Or at the very least, it is meaningless representation. And it is not what readers of color, who want to see themselves within the pages of books, deserve. Casually inserting that a character is mixed in the second book is so insulting to me. 

When you write a character, you factor in many facets of their life - physical appearance, socioeconomic status, family, wants, desires, many things - but Mare’s physical appearance, besides her red blood, is not a factor in her characterization, or her place in the world. Even working within the frame of a future world in which most people are mixed, there is a meaningful way to put this into the text. If she is mixed, SHOW that she is mixed. We all know how easy it is for people to white wash a character - it can be a revelation to linger over traditionally non-white features. 

All readers deserve an actually thoughtful treatment of race. It should not be something casually thrown in. Though not every book written about people of color has to be about their race or culture, to ignore it completely AND insert it in the second book, is just unacceptable. Ultimately it feels both like pandering to the current campaigns for more kids lit books with people of color, as well as a slap in the face. Here’s some diversity - wasn’t enough of a priority to put it into the first book, sorry. Just so not okay. 

**It should be known that this is in no way intended as hatred toward the author, but critique. Like gender, sexuality, mental health, race deserves thoughtful intention from both readers and writers. 

The day Aradir killed true love II Royal AU II Closed


It was a little ridiculous to put so much effort, time and money into a birthday celebration while they were at war. But Xaver couldn’t make himself feel bad for it, even though he knew he should. He loved birthdays too much. 
Birthdays meant family and friends (though this year it was mostly family, considering most of his friends were currently fighting in said war, which he did not want to think about too deeply), dancing, handsome nobility (who were much better company than his husband), and most importantly: presents. Xaver loved presents. He couldn’t help that part of him either, though, again, maybe he should have. 
Sadly, the days surrounding his birthday never began with presents. They began with the most dreadful part: the welcoming of the guests, who all wanted three hour long conversations with him about topics he did not even remotely care about.
It was worse, now that Aradir was constantly around. Xaver could feel the hateful (and frightened) stares people gave his husband, just as well as the pitying and sometimes gloating glances they gave him. He didn’t want their pity. It would get him nowhere. Especially not out of this marriage.
Nevertheless he smiled at all of them, enduring the conversation that (almost) made him wish his birthday was over already.
Yes, he was absolutely delighted they could make it. No, he was still the same height as he had been last year. Yes, his dearly beloved husband was going to attend the festivities. Of course, why not? Well if they did not want to see him they would have to look away. A trick he had learned in marriage? Yes it proved so helpful. A laugh here, a laugh there. It was tiring. 

Xaver was about to fall asleep (he did not care much for the economicalbenefits related to the trade of vegetables and why peasants just simply could not be trusted with anything regarding tomatoes these days), when the doors to the great hall opened once more and two small children sweeped in, followed by two (much larger) adults. 
“Xi!” One of the two smaller humans, a girl wih a high pitched voice suitable for her age, called out and darted towards Xaver, her brother right behind her.
Up close they looked even more alike than they did from afar. They were almost similar in height (though the boy was a little bit taller than the girl, which she tried to make up for by standing on her tiptoes at all times) and both had wavy black hair and dark eyes. They looked nothing like Xaver who gave them a bright smile, dismissing his previous conversation, and picked up the girl, while the boy clung to his sleeve. 
“Raj, Chaya, don’t run like that. You’ll run into someone.” Xaver reminded them, halfheartedly, but only because their mother and Xaver’s aunt was currently frowning at them. She probably wasn’t all too happy about her children being so close to Aradir. Raj however seemed fairly pleased about that. He was still holding on to Xaver’s sleeve, bouncing up an down, his eyes fixed on the Vierr. “You’re so huge! If you stand on tiptoes, can you reach the ceiling?”

Donald Trump is a fucking joke.  A sick, sad fucking joke. Most sensible Americans and the rest of the world realizes it. But a minority of angry Americans can’t deal with it. Oh, you, living in those shitty little trailer homes. And with no real education. Blaming PoC for everything? Isn’t this Trump Campaign the only time in your life you ever felt  truly empowered?

It doesn’t last, though. And you are, ultimately,  fools without any real intellectual ability.  

I have no pity for you. I grew up with about as much as you did. Less, even. But I still didn’t shit on innocent immigrants. Never. Not once.