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Roommates (M)

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╳ Pairing: Jimin x Reader 

╳ Genre: (one shot) smut and kinda fluff & angst ??

╳ Summary: Being roommates with your best friend can be fun until one day you look at him differently. 

(this is something that I found that I had written months ago and just decided to post it!!)

The day you looked at your best friend as more than a friend, you knew you were screwed. It happened out of nowhere. You just woke up one morning and looked at him differently. You were never going to tell anyone, you weren’t stupid. That would just lead to Jimin being freaked out and nothing being the same. Risking your friendship with Jimin was not worth the little crush you had on him.

Deciding that you couldn’t fall back asleep, you got up to start the morning. Walking into the kitchen to get some breakfast, you didn’t notice your best friend standing there.

“Holy shit! Jimin, you scared me!” You yelled, clutching your chest.

“What’s gotten you so jumpy?” Jimin asks, laughing while opening the refrigerator

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Auction AU Part 2

Here’s the first part  ! I recommend you read it before this part, or else it won’t make much sense.

Sorry this took like, ten million years. Thanks to everyone who messaged me and said they liked the first part, it always made my day <3 


    The relief only lasted so long once he realized that yes, no more old-leopard-print lady (thank god), but still there’s a date with someone. A stranger.

    Jack’s barely held decent conversations with his teammates, how would a date with a stranger work?

    It wouldn’t. No way.

   Feeling like he’d just survived a brutal game, Jack took a few seconds to gather himself. He wiped the condensation from his forehead (he really hoped no one had noticed), slowed his breathing, let his jaw unclench. Once his fingers became steady enough he fixed the cuffs of his uncomfortably hot suit.

   “Fuck it,” He shucked the jacket off entirely. It felt good until he lifted his arms- “Ugh.”

   Pit stains.

   For a moment he struggled with what to do: If I wear the jacket I’m uncomfortable and sweating more, but if I don’t people can see the sweat and thats embarrassing and-

   “Jack!” Someone from management tapped his shoulder, “This way, the kid is waiting on stage right.” She gave him a brief once-over, “Put on the jacket.”

    With a somewhat relieved nod, he slipped the jacket back on and wished for a calmer heart-beat.

     The wish didn’t come true, of course. It rarely did.

    They approached the stairs leading off the stage.

    This kid must like you. They bid on you. They spent money for a date-thing-whatever with you. Just smile. Act like a normal-



   “Uh, hi.”

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Here Are My Colors

Anthony Ramos x Reader

Requested: anthony x reader where reader is anthony’s longterm girlfriend who stuck with him through him never being home, missing out on date nights for rehearsals & performances, & really through everything together. when the show hits broadway, anthony starts staying waaay later than he has to @ the theatre & on readers 3 year anni with him, he insists he has to stay late at the theatre when they already had plans together & reader discovers it was just bc he wanted to hang out with jasmine

Words: 6,149 (i get it man, I’m so extra)

Warnings:  swearing, cheating, AND angst, SO much angst, I’m sorry


ALSO, I have no words as to how PROUD I am of this fic, it’s UNREAL. It took me so long to write and I love it, it’s basically my child. PLEASE ENJOY.

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Taako is in Neverwinter. He doesn’t know why.

It’s definitely Neverwinter; he’s spent more time here since joining the BoB, he knows what the place looks like. He’s by his favorite boutique. Down the street he can see the bookstore Angus likes to visit, and he knows that two streets over is the florist and a tiny bakery that makes some of the best petit fours he’s ever had. But when he looks around, there’s not a single familiar face in the crowd.

He wanders, but there’s no additional context to go off of - it’s a nice day and he’d be thrilled at the prospect of a day off if he could just remember how the fuck he got here. There was nobody giving him weird looks, so as much as it feels like it, he didn’t just wake up. There’s no indication of magic around him, so it’s probably not an illusion. Maybe it’s some kind of prank? Maybe one of those chucklefucks stuffed him in a bubble and sent him on his way, unaware? If he finds out who’s responsible for this he’s going to bedazzle their entire fucking wardrobe.

Taako pulls out his stone and calls Magnus, because Magnus should be here somewhere. Taako usually can’t take two steps on a planetside day trip without an excitable Magnus trailing along. And if it was a prank it probably wasn’t his idea - this isn’t his style.

Magnus is in Raven’s Roost, and what the fuck.

“Why the fuck are you in Raven’s Roost?” Taako doesn’t notice how hard he’s clutching the stone.

Magnus laughs, the absolute ass. “Was I supposed to visit? You have actually tell me when you want me to come over, pretty sure that’s how it works. This another one of those last-minute family dinners? …am I allowed to bring the dogs this time?”

Visit, like he’s been there a while instead of here. Like he’s there a lot, even though Taako can’t think of one time Magnus has ever been planetside alone. Maybe he is in on the prank, maybe Carey is feeding him lines on the moon base right now.

“My dude, I see you daily whether I want to or not. You didn’t answer my question.”

Magnus laughs a little and it sounds uncomfortable this time. Like he’s not sure where Taako is going with this, like he wants to give the right answer but doesn’t know what Taako is asking for, and Taako doesn’t understand why he feels a sudden, nervous chill of familiarity. “I… live here?”

Definitely a prank, absolutely some kind of joke, that is the truth Taako is sticking to even though Magnus couldn’t lie to save his life and his voice should be cracking with laughter instead of even and sure. He’s kidding. He has to be kidding. “Uh huh, okay. So if you’re not coming back I can start renting out your room on the base, yeah? Taako could use a little extra income.”

There is a silence that Taako doesn’t like for a long moment, and something in Magnus’s voice has changed when he speaks again. “Where are you right now?”

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Midnight Memories // The Color Of My World Part Two [A Stiles Stilinski Soulmate AU]

Series Masterlist

Relationships: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC/Theo Raeken x Reader/Theo Raeken x OFC

Warnings: Making Out, A Smug Stiles Stilinski Talking About Sex, Swearing, Physical and Verbal Violence, Abusive Relationship, AND REALLY FUCKING ADORABLE STILES STILINSKI SERIOUSLY HE IS SUCH A CUTIE YOU’LL FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM ALL OVER AGAIN.

Word Count: 6,168  

Song: Kid In Love by Shawn Mendes (The lyrics are so spot on it’s actually kind of terrifying)

A/N: Thank you so much for loving part one y’all. Here’s part two that also ends with another cliffhanger because I’m addicted to making you guys go crazy lol

“Oh, shit.” Stiles gasped, letting go of me as I stood on my own.

The room remained full of life and color even though he was no longer touching me. My skin, however, felt lost without Stiles. His touch left a lingering burn in my body and I was already craving it again. I longed for someone I just met and, for some reason, it felt right.

“W-We’re-” I stuttered, my mind completely overwhelmed with what we just discovered.

“Soulmates.” He finished my sentence, his warm colored eyes piercing into mine.

Stiles Stilinski, the boy my boyfriend secretly despises, is my soulmate. It’s funny just how sadistic the universe really is.

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Mad: Part 16 (Final)

“We're all a little crazy on the inside, some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Contains graphic smut

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15 

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So let’s talk about Bi Steve Rogers.
  • He’s always been casually bi
  • Always been pretty obvious about it by media standards but The Straights™ never noticed
  • The lgbt+ community all took notice but didn’t wanna say anything in case the first avenger was actually really homophobic and would get mad
  • Then one of those shitty homophobic news stations starts talking about the rumours and how they are ridiculous because Steve is an American hero and knows traditional values and all that jazz
  • When he hears about this he decides he wants to come out
  • He researches ways to come out but all the tips he finds are for small scale situations
  • While searching he comes across dates for nyc pride
  • He calls Natasha to tell her
  • She totally supports him but warns him of media backlash and being careful and all that stuff
  • And so, a few weeks later Steve is getting ready to go to his first pride parade
  • He painted over his eyes with the bi pride colors and wore a t-shirt of his shield with a bi color pallette that he found online
  • When he gets there he immediately starts smiling??? Like, he can’t stop grinning??     
  • At first no one notices it’s him because face paint and huge crowds
  • But then he finds a group of people waving bi flags around on a float and walks over
  • He starts talking to one of the girls walking next to it and about 30 seconds into their conversation she realises she’s talking to Captain America and has a mini heart attack
  • She wanted to make sure so she quietly asks his name and he happily tells her his full name
  • She almost screams but instead thanks him for everything he’s done and asks him why he’s here
  • “Well, I’m bisexual and I saw some guy on the tv talking about how there’s no way I like boys because I know ‘traditional values’ or something like that, so I decided to come to pride. Just to prove them wrong.”
  • She asks if he wants to talk to the group leader about making an announcement and he very excitedly says yes
  • She brings a man with his hair dyed blue, pink, and purple and a flag tied around his shoulders over and he gasps before going to shake Steve’s hand
  • The man brings Steve up onto the float and hands him a megaphone
  • They check around for cameras near them and once they were sure that someone would get it on camera Steve started talking
  • He basically just said he was bi as hell and loved girls AND boys, along with a little undertone of “fuck the media and it’s heteronormativity” mixed in
  • The news goes crazy within half an hour
  • When Steve gets back home he immediately contacts the news outlet that caused this whole debacle and asked if they would have him on the show
  • Obviously they said yes because who says no to a war hero
  • They try to keep the interview on the topic of his achievements but he keeps bringing up people he hooked up with during that time period
  • The first one he talked about was a girl so they were relieved
  • Most people thought the video from pride was a hoax and it was just someone claiming to be Steve and hum talking about a girl made the interviewer feel like it really was a hoax
  • But then he starts talking about the time him and Howard Stark made out in the back room of his lab and laughing about it
  • That’s when the interviewer decided to just ask him outright whether he really was in that video
  • “Yeah, that was me. Of course it was.”
  • The interviewer is baffled and mildly offended
  • “Why would you do something like that?” He asked in a way that made it seem like some huge scandal
  • “I saw someone on the news, this channel to be exact, try to disprove rumors about me being gay. Which I’m not, by the way, so at least you were half right. I’m bisexual. That means I’m attracted to both men and women.”
  • “That’s not possible.”
  • “Sure it is! It’s stars and stripes, not one or the other isn’t it?”
  • The internet has a fit
  • The lgbt+ community has never felt more alive honestly
  • Steve goes to every pride he can and talks to younger kids
  • He went on Ellen and talked about his experiences as a bisexual man in the 40’s
  • Mostly he just said he spent most of his younger years either fighting someone or crushing on someone
  • On the twitter account Tony helped him make he constantly tries his best to help out anyone who is feeling unsafe or unsure about their identity
  • Donates to lgbt+ charities
  • Probably starts a group that helps lgbt+ kids who have no place to stay by building group homes that have materials/resources specifically for them
  • So many bi jokes
  • Like any bi pun you could possibly think of he has made
  • Really helped a lot of people feel better and learn to accept themselves/others because of his openness and sheer willpower
  • Just, bi Steve Rogers being a pure force in the universe
“Caught Up” (Yugyeom Smut)

Originally posted by wonshu

Title: Caught Up

Featuring: Yugyeom (GOT7) X Noona Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17

Summary: After giving Yugyeom an eyeful of your slinky undergarments, you use the incident as fodder to tease him, but the tease might have gone too far this time.

Requested by anon! I don’t know why it took me so long to finish this, but here we go!


That sing-songy voice rang out across the room and sent a cringe through your body. You absolutely hated when Yugyeom called you that, even though it was accurate. You were older than him, sure, but he had a way of teasing you about it that dug at you. You wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off his face when he said it.

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The Hottie Next Door Part Three

Characters : Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : Chris moves in next door. Only thing is, he isn’t alone. *based off my out of bounds series*

Warning : Language and VERY LIGHT smut
Word Count : 1.9K
A/N : So I was just only going to post on my wattled but some of you don’t have it, so for now, until September, I will post on both here and my wattpad. Enjoy! 

Tagging : @imaginesofdreams @deansimpalaqueen@chrisevansisdaddy04​ @almundbuttercup @sailorchibimoonunicorn​ @mybucky-yourbucky​ @theresnotenoughwords@hollycornish

Part One - Part Two 

The breeze fell still, and everything seemed so quiet.

Or so it seemed.

Your fingers were deep in Chris’ hair as your lips molded against his. You were both so caught up in each other, taking every second in. Until the sound of a dog barking caught your attention, breaking the kiss.

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Two Hours ‘Till Kendrick


Warning: smut

Author’s Note: thank you everyone who has been so nice and encouraging to me as a writer. I love writing and I love Ethan and all of you have made this this a fun little safe haven for me. I can’t say thank you enough. Drop me a message or an ask. I love talking with you! Now here’s a little Coachella Ethan, kinda, sorta.

“Remember when Ethan gave you fake flowers for Easter?” Cameron spoke dryly, knowing fully well Ethan was only a few feet behind her, leaning against the doorframe and nibbling on a plate of pancakes. You were sitting in front of a mirror curling your hair.

You looked at her through the reflection, a smile stretching at your lips. You went to speak, but were cut off by your obnoxious boyfriend who still spoke with his mouth full no matter how many times you told him it was rude and unbecoming of him.

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Coming Home (Chapter 16)

We get to see Tony smile this chapter and honestly its the best. Short chapter building up to bigger things!


Enjoy :)


Clint was still wearing his collar the next morning, and Tony couldn’t go more than five minutes without snatching the Omega close and nosing over his face and into his hair, mouthing down his neck to dig his teeth into the thick collar.

Clint didn’t do much more than lay his head back to encourage his Alpha closer, dragging his fingers through Tony’s feathers and backing up into any available wall or door so Tony could rock against him.

The first batch of pancakes burned because Clint had purred something into Tony’s ear that made the Alphas eyes shoot to red, and when Bruce came running up from the lab to see why the hell the smoke alarms were going off, he found Clint up on the kitchen counter, Tony wedged between his thighs crooning something about smart ass and beautiful and mine.

Bruce said a silent prayer of relief that he was basically immune to the pheromones that were no doubt flooding the kitchen, and pushed and poked at Tony until the Alpha laughed and peeled away from Clint, leaving a sweet kiss on his lips and turning to take care of the disaster that was the pancakes.

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anonymous asked:

HI, can I request one with RFA+Saeran+V, like moments that they would have with their kid/kids? Maybe taking their kid/kids to work, coming home after a long day but even though they're tired, they still play with their kid/kids. These are just some examples and the kid/kids could be any age(as long as they count as a kids.) Thank you for all the Headcanons, some of these have helped me got through my depression and I am way better now because of you guys. *BIG HUGS FROM MY SIDE OF THE WORLD!*

So glad we could make you a little happier! *GIVES BIGGER HUG FROM OUR SIDE OF THE WORLD* Hope you enjoy these~


  • His daughter had been spending way too much time with Jumin’s son
  • So, Zen wanted some quality time with her, at least for one day
  • He wakes her up one morning and takes her out for breakfast at a little coffee shop
  • They have a cute little breakfast while they talk about life and school
  • Zen pulls out his phone and takes a bunch of selfies
  • His daughter may have picked up some traits from him and joined into his selfie shenanigans
  • They use so many filters, and her favorite one is the wolf one, since Zen makes so many jokes about him being one
  • It’s all going great until her friends from school happen to pass by
  • “You didn’t tell me your dad was so…hot.”
  • Thankfully, Zen had been paying for the  meal, so he didn’t hear, but his daughter was mortified
  • She hurried Zen out of there when he was done
  • For most of the day, they visited different shops and walked around town together
  • When they got home at night, they put on masks together and put on a movie–that Zen wasn’t in
  • Zen fell asleep in the middle of it, and his daughter took the advantage and took a bunch of pictures and selfies
  • Zen looked ridiculous with the mask on and his mouth hanging open
  • She sent several to her mother for both of their amusement


  • He had a day off and it was a rainy day
  • Thankfully, he had an entire playroom for his little boy
  • Yoosung had recently bought this huge foam blogs and several packs of them
  • So the two of them spent the entire afternoon transforming the room into the boy’s little house
  • There were walls that separated off a tiny living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom
  • He dragged Yoosung along in all the rooms
  • The first stop was the kitchen, complete with fake food and fake pots and pans
  • He made Yoosung a plastic omurice before serving him in the dining room
  • Yoosung plays along for the whole hour, even though his knees are killing him from being on the floor the whole time
  • The kid gets really excited and tries to run into another room
  • Unfortunately, his excitement causes him to run into one of the foam walls
  • A domino effect later, the whole foam house is on the ground and the kid is crying because he messed everything up
  • Yoosung tries to calm him down, “No, no! You’re just super strong. Like Spiderman!”
  • To cheer him up, Yoosung changes his son into a spiderman onesie
  • He then lifts him up in the air and lets his son pretend he’s flying
  • The kid is doing the spiderman thing with his fingers while Yoosung jumps from place to place around the house, the kid in his arms
  • Eventually, the kid gets tired and so does Yoosung, so they just take a nap together


  • It was bring your kid to work day at C&R
  • Jaehee really didn’t want to bring her seven year old daughter, but there was no school that day and she couldn’t find a babysitter
  • So she brought her along
  • Her daughter was in awe by the place and kept asking Jaehee questions about what she did
  • Jaehee didn’t want her to get bored while she was doing paperwork, so she gave her little tasks of her own
  • She took a big pile of junk paper and set beside the shredder, teaching her daughter how to use it
  • The girl was fascinated with watching the paper shred into little tiny pieces
  • “Mom, this is so cool!” 
  • “Yeah, honey, it is–No! Not that paper!”
  • After that, Jaehee gives her the job of putting stamps on envelopes to be mailed
  • It killed her pride, but Jaehee wanted to do something special for her daughter
  • So she asked Jumin to award the little girl with a certificate
  • She didn’t expect Jumin to give an entire speech in the conference room about how there has never been a better paper shredder in the company
  • What made it worse is that her daughter has this huge admiration for Jumin now


  • One of his business deals went through and the client gifted Jumin with this huge Lego Star Wars ship
  • It was an odd gift, but Jumin thought his ten year old would like it
  • So, he gave it to him that night and promised to build it with him as soon as he got home from work the next day
  • The son was so excited
  • He opened the set and separated the legos by color and type and waited patiently for Jumin by the coffee table
  • As soon as the keys jingle from the door, the son is darting forward to greet his dad
  • Jumin keeps his word and they get to work
  • He didn’t expect it to be so complicated…
  • Jumin is so confused by all the instructions…and why they are pictures instead of written words
  • “Hey, Dad! Look!”
  • Jumin slowly lowers the huge paper and sees his son one-fourth of the way done
  • Eventually, Jumin tries actual building, but his long fingers make it difficult to put the tiny pieces together
  • The kid crawls in his lap and helps his dad as they build certain parts together
  • Hours later and they finally finish
  • Jumin is so proud, since his son managed to figure out the foreign language of instructions and finish
  • He wants to take a picture, so his son stands on the couch and does a little peace sign next to their creation
  • Jumin goes out with his son and buys some more smaller lego sets
  • MC comes home with her living room full of Star Wars spaceships…


  • His eight year old daughter came home from school a little pouty
  • She tells him that she has a science fair soon and she needs to build something for it
  • He suggests a solar system, and she responds by pulling a disgusted face
  • “Space is boring though!” 
  • Seven gasps loudly and promises to show her she’s wrong
  • Knowing he can get a little extra when it comes to projects, so she emphasizes that she only needs the simplest thing
  • He tells her to go draw a picture of the solar system and he would help with coloring or something
  • She brings it back to him and he just spreads it across the table, “Great! This is the blueprint.”
  • Knowing she can’t stop him, she just goes along with whatever he has planned
  • They spend the day building with whatever equipment he has in his house
  • He gives her a bunch of space facts as they’re building the planets together and putting together the rods
  • When it comes time to a snack break, he takes her out to the store and buys some HBC and Dr. Pepper
  • “I use to live on this when I was younger,” he told her.
  • He sees sparkles in her eyes when she first tries them together and he’s so proud
  • They finish the project together throughout the week, and both end up really liking spending the quality time together
  • And she doesn’t hate space anymore, which was a plus
  • But then he gets a call from a teacher the next day voicing their concerns
  • Apparently, a solar system complete with lights, moon phases, and a robotic orbit implied that she might have cheated
  • Seven didn’t care that she got disqualified, and he took her out for ice cream to celebrate anyway


  • Unfortunately, Saeran’s six year old son had the same health tendencies as his father
  • That meant he got sick pretty often and had to stay home from school
  • Saeran saw he was getting pretty bummed out about it
  • So he decides to make that sick day as fun as possible
  • He brings a bunch of books to the bed and lets his son pick one out
  • He reads as many as he can, but in the middle of one, his son requests a puppet show
  • Saeran is hesitant, but he can’t resist his son when he looks so pale and tired
  • So he builds a little theatre and draws faces on some old socks
  • He begins reading from the book again, this time with the puppets talking
  • “And then the king said–”
  • “No, Daddy, you have to do the voices!”
  • “Oh…sorry…Ahem.” He proceeds in a higher pitched voice
  • He actually does finish the story–voices and all–and the kid is laughing by the time he’s done
  • Saeran will put on his son’s favorite movies and move him over to the couch
  • He melts a little when his son snuggles up to him for warmth


  • He takes his daughter to the playground since it’s a nice day
  • But she’s very shy so she ends up being alone on a swing at one end of the park
  • He feels bad, but he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable and push her at the other kids
  • So he joins her
  • First he takes to slides, but she’s too scared to go down the really long slides
  • So he sets her on his lap and goes down with her–even if he hits his head a few times
  • He plays that game where he pretends he’s in trouble as he’s lying backwards on the slide and holding out his hand while she pulls him up
  • After awhile, she’s not scared anymore so she tries to impress him by walking up the slide
  • But she ends up slipping and going straight to the ground, and he has to get wood chips out of her hair
  • The other kids are attracted to the fun the two seem to be having
  • V somehow ends up as a jungle gym with children climbing him and asking to play with them
  • By the time they leave, his daughter has made quite a few friends, but she looks up at V and grabs his hand, “I had the most fun with you, Daddy!”

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anonymous asked:

Could you list you favorites smut fics of sterek? You seen to have a pretty good taste.

There is no way I could choose and rate my favorite smut fics. There are just way too many but here is a long list of the best. Hope you enjoy!

Over the Threshold by alisvolatpropiis

This is the last time,” Stiles declares, just before he attacks Derek’s mouth with his, the kiss fevered and desperate, his long fingers jabbing roughly into Derek’s abs as he tangles them in his shirt. He pulls him close and walks them away from the front door, and in his hurried clumsiness, Stiles’ nose smashes Derek’s glasses into his face, hard enough that they smudge against his eyelids. It should be annoying, but like everything else about Stiles that should be infuriating, Derek can only find it hopelessly endearing.

That’s the thing about love, he supposes, even a love he won’t fully admit to himself, let alone to Stiles.

The Awkward Moment by stilinskisderek

…when your sister sets you up on a blind date with the one night stand you hooked up with three weeks ago who vanished without a goodbye leaving you pathetically heartbroken.

Maybe by MellytheHun

Tumblr Prompt:

my fave overheard on campus moment of all time was the two guys who sat behind me in pop culture theory

as class was starting one of them was like “so… do you want a blowjob after this” in a rly bored voice, and then the second guy was like [pause][dejected sigh] “yes”

Little talks by Vendelin

“Your favourite is here,” Danny says, smirking. “I tried to steal him away by giving him some extra attention, but he just looked uncomfortable.”

Stiles snorts, though he’s secretly pleased by his regular rejecting Danny. “He always looks a bit uncomfortable. I bet he’s married with a kid and a permanent guilty conscience when he’s here.”

It had been quite the surprise for Stiles to realise that he had a regular. A pretty young, hot regular, on top of that.

In which Stiles is a stripper, and Derek is the always-polite regular at the club where he works.

Moved on from Whispers by wishingonalightningbolt

He’s not dumb. Out of everyone in the school, Derek is second in grades only to Lydia Martin, and the only reason Stiles is third is because he’s taking more APs than Derek, so his grades are suffering the slightest bit. That’s why Derek knows, when Stiles arches an eyebrow at him, why what he said was so incredibly dumb.

Stiles didn’t break into Lydia Martin’s upstairs bathroom to take a piss. He broke into Lydia Martin’s upstairs bathroom while Derek was in it, because—because of reasons.


Stiles is tired of pretending like and Derek don’t want each other.

The One Where He Pitches And Catches by mikkimouse

Derek entered the conference room, spotted the table with “M. P. Stilinski” on it, and stopped short.

Oh fuck.

It most definitely was not going to be fine.

Sitting on the other side of the table was the most attractive man Derek had ever seen, with whiskey-colored eyes and pale skin with dark moles speckled across his jawline, moles Derek was very familiar with because he’d spent two hours last night drunk out of his mind and licking them.

R U Mine? by blackstar

It hits him like that - in the middle of fiery hot sex with Derek one night that he’s in love. It’s not lust and it’s not a crush anymore, he’s very much gone on this man above him, who is now stopping his rushed efforts to bring Stiles pleasure in order to look slightly concerned.

Never Been by Lenore

Stiles gets snared in a virgin trap. Derek to the rescue!

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The Story Of A Girl Who Has A Crush On A Cute Cashier

“It’s okay, you can do this, talk to her. She’s just a girl. Just a gal. Like you. There’s nothing weird about this. She’s human, you’re human. Everything should be fine.” I whispered to myself until I noticed what I was doing and stopped. I approached the front desk and looked at the cute cashier.

I only gave her a glance but it was enough to see what I wanted to see. I saw her beautiful neon blue hair, her adorable freckles and her pink eyes. I saw the little chub to her cheeks and I saw the smirk on her face as she played a game on her phone while waiting for customers. I saw enough to know I was in love.

“Hello.” I said, and my voice cracked. I fucked up. I fucked up so bad. I put down my things on the counter and remained quiet.

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miraculouslydottedcat  asked:

How about “Must be a day ending in y."  for one of your fabulous Drarry prompts

“Hermione, I don’t know if this is such a good idea-” Harry started.
“Oh, do be quiet. We’re trying to promote unity; what better way to do it than a Halloween party? Besides, it’ll be great to see everyone again.”

Harry could think of a million different ways that would be better than a Halloween party. But he knew there was no arguing once Hermione had made up her mind so he kept them to himself. After all, it couldn’t be that bad, right?
Harry stared at the pile of tan colored clothes sitting on his bed.
“Er, what exactly am I supposed to be?” he asked, carefully picking up the outfit.
“A ghostbuster,” Hermione said simply. Harry raised his eyebrows in confusion.
“Oh honestly, the Muggle movie, you know? These guys decide to set up a ghost removal service-”

“But I thought Muggles didn’t believe in that sort of stuff.”
“Typically, they don’t. Which is why Halloween for them is all about the supernatural and things they don’t understand.”
“I thought it was to dress up and get candy-”
“Harry! Just go put it on, we’re going to be late. Ron and I will meet you there,” she yelled, shoving Harry into the bathroom.

Harry felt like an idiot. A lonely ghostbuster, whatever that was, in the corner watching as his friends had fun on the dance floor. Ron and Hermione dressed as ghostbusters too but it didn’t quite work when they spent their time together and not with Harry.

It wasn’t like Harry wasn’t getting any attention. Of course he had people trying to ask him about the war or Voldemort, but Harry was used to that and he’d taken to shooing them away with part of his costume, something like a proton gun.
As more and more people arrived, the dance floor became so packed that Harry could no longer see his friends, so he decided to head over to the bar, taking a seat next to a white sheet.

“Firewhiskey for me please, just keep them coming,” he grumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose. The bartender seemed to be in awe but luckily didn’t say anything. Harry glanced over at the sheet. That person must be dressed as a ghost.
“Hey. Do you need some, er, busting?” he asked, trying to make conversation. The ghost jerked upright as if they’d been asleep. “Oh trust me, I need plenty of busting,” the ghost giggled with a familiar voice before turning toward Harry and gasping.

“Wait, who’s under there? You sound familiar-”
“Potter! Oh look it’s precious, pretty Potter!” yelled the ghost as a pale hand came out to punch Harry in the chest. Suddenly the sheet was gone and Harry was left staring at Draco Malfoy, clad in a cape, fangs and blood. Wait, was that real blood?
“Oh. Hey, Malfoy?” Harry hadn’t meant for the name to sound like a question. “Are you okay?” he asked carefully as Malfoy continued to stare at him with a goofy grin, exposing his fangs.
“Oh, my dear, how could anyone not be okay around YOU?” he asked, forcefully poking Harry’s cheek as he almost fell off the stool.

“Malfoy, how much have you had to drink?” Malfoy waved his hand dismissively. “You know, Potty-Potter, didn’t expect to see you here, looking so good, oh but of course you would. Hey, why ya covered in blood?”
Harry looked down in a panic before remembering Seamus had dumped a bucket of fake blood on him about half an hour ago. At least, Harry hoped it had been fake. Seamus never really answered that question. However, Harry was more concerned about the fact that it sounded as though Malfoy just gave him a compliment.

“Seamus,” he answered. “Oooh! I must owl him then, because you look delicious,” Malfoy licked his lips as his eyes traveled down Harry’s body. What was Malfoy doing? He’d only ever seen that look on a person when Ron was about to devour a chicken leg.
“Er, you’re not like a…real vampire now, are you?” That made Malfoy laugh so hard he actually did fall off the stool and onto Harry’s chest. “Silly Potter, no. It’s you that looks delicious.”
“Yeah but-”
“All the time,” Malfoy purred, “You know I’ve had a thing for you for years?” he asked, absently tracing circles on Harry’s chest.

“Yeah?” Harry croaked, swallowing hard.
“Oh, yeah,” Malfoy smiled as he looked up at Harry, still crumpled in his arms. It was probably a good thing they were both already covered in blood.
“You’re plastered.”
“Indeed,” Malfoy’s smile turned wicked.
“So you don’t know what you’re saying! You-you hate me!” Harry finally let go of Malfoy, carefully setting him back on the stool.
“Is this just some kind of joke for today? To see how I’d react?”

Malfoy’s smile faltered, “Oh no, love. Tell me, what day is it?”
Harry stared at the glass in his hand, “Er, must be a day ending in y.”
He’d had 3 drinks already since this conversation began and he was beginning to think that he was getting drunk too.
“Well,” Malfoy purred, leaning close to Harry again, “Must be a day ending in y, that I’ll love you.”
Harry froze. The first time anyone had ever said those words to him, came from the mouth of his drunk ex-nemesis. Why couldn’t he have a normal life? Although he couldn’t deny the way his heart clenched at the confession.

“That’s it, Malfoy. You need to leave.” He tried to haul Malfoy up but he banged his fist on the counter.
“No, Potterrr! ’M not done drinkin!”
“You are now,” he growled, making Malfoy shiver, “I’m getting you out of here.”
“Oh, yours or mine?” he winked.
“You don’t even know what you’re saying right now. Come on, I’ll take you to mine. I don’t trust that you’d be able to remember where you live, let alone apparate there.”
Harry slung one of Malfoy’s arms across his shoulders, and they headed toward the door, where he caught sight of Ron and Hermione before leaving. Ron looked like he might burst into flames while Hermione just gave them a smile before he dragged Malfoy out of the club.

He led Malfoy to a dark alley where they could apparate but Malfoy let go of his shoulders when they arrived.
“Is this your house, Potter? My, my, it’s not what I pictured but it certainly is…pretty. Let’s get on with it, shall we?” he left no time for Harry to even wonder what it was before Malfoy lunged at him, falling to the ground when Harry moved away.
“Oh, you want me down here then? Potty doesn’t like foreplay, I presume.”
“How are you still so articulate when you’re this drunk?” He fell silent as Malfoy crawled toward him, sitting up and nuzzling Harry’s thigh with his cheek. Harry suddenly felt like he couldn’t breathe; everything got so much tighter.
“Why so tense, Potter?” Malfoy purred.

Harry groaned quietly before yanking Malfoy up by the arm. “Listen. We haven’t even apparated yet, we’re standing in an alleyway. I want you to grab my shoulders like before and I’m going to grab your waist to make sure you don’t splinch yourself. Got it?”
Malfoy nodded vigorously as Harry wrapped an arm around him and they disappeared.

As soon as they landed in Harry’s flat, Malfoy pressed Harry against his front door and kissed him hard. Harry froze, his lips unmoving, still gripping Malfoy’s waist. Regaining his senses, he broke the kiss.
“What?” Malfoy panted.
“I can’t. You-you’re drunk, it wouldn’t be right-”
Malfoy stepped closer.
“Yes, you can. And if I remember correctly, you had at least four glasses of firewhiskey while talking to me. Besides,” he leaned in to whisper in Harry’s ear, “I think it would be very right. I think it would be the first right choice I ever made. In fact, I think it would be,” he slowly moved his head, “perfect,” he whispered against Harry’s lips.

“Fuck,” Harry murmured, gripping Malfoy’s hips and pulling him in for a desperate kiss. Malfoy tasted like Firewhiskey, hot and bitter, but there was also a hint of sweetness. Malfoy didn’t kiss like a drunk person, he kissed Harry deeply and passionately and as much as it felt like fighting it felt more tender than any kiss Harry had ever had before. Malfoy nipped at Harry’s lips, drawing blood with his fangs. He panted and groaned into Harry’s mouth and tilted his head to deepen the kiss, pressing his body as close as he could to Harry’s as he cupped Harry’s face with one hand and dragged the other through his hair. Harry kept one arm locked around Malfoy’s waist as the other ran up and down his back before ripping off his cape. Malfoy gasped but still never left Harry’s mouth, until one of Harry’s hands slipped lower to grab his arse and he tore his mouth away, dropping his head into the crook of Harry’s neck in an attempt to muffle his moan.

Harry quickly let go as he came back to reality. “Oh god I’m so sorry, we really can’t do this. I took advantage of you. I don’t want you to be drunk if we’re gonna do this. Look, you can have my bed and I’ll sleep out here, okay?”
Harry felt so guilty. Malfoy probably had no idea what he was doing yet Harry had kissed him anyway. Malfoy was silent as Harry led him to the bedroom, throwing him one of Molly’s Christmas jumpers Harry liked to sleep in when it was cold.

Harry had just gotten settled on the couch when Malfoy appeared in the doorway wearing nothing but Harry’s jumper. He was biting his lip and looking down at his feet like he wanted to ask something, and he looked much younger than he had moments ago.
“What is it, Malfoy?”
“Look it’s your house you shouldn’t have to-the thing is-” Harry could tell he sounded exhausted but couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t just sleep.
“What is it?” he asked gently.
“I can’t sleep alone,” Malfoy finally met Harry’s eyes.
“Malfoy, I told you I can’t.”
“We’ll just sleep, I promise,” he stepped closer to the couch as Harry sat up, “Please, Harry,” Malfoy pleaded, his voice breaking.
That sound made something inside Harry fall apart, so he got up and followed Draco into the room.
A scream woke Harry up a few hours later to find Draco at the foot of his bed with a shocked expression.
“Morning to you too, love,” Harry groaned.
“Love? Why in the name of Merlin did I wake up in your bed? Cuddling you, of all people?” Draco screeched.
“How much do you remember from last night? You must’ve been more drunk than I thought,” Harry laughed, sitting up to rub his eyes.
“Drunk? I wasn’t that drunk, Pansy gave me some…oh, god,”
“I remember Pansy telling me she laced my few glasses of firewhiskey with veritaserum…”
Harry gulped. Did that mean-?
“And you. You were there!”
Harry nodded.
“Oh Merlin I thought it was a dream. That actually happened? All of it?”
“What exactly did you dream about, Draco?” Harry asked, crawling toward the foot of the bed.
“No. It’s not possible,” Draco backed away as Harry climbed off the bed.
“Really? Because I seem to remember you flirting with me,” he stepped closer, “telling me you had a thing for me,” another step, “and saying, what was it? Oh, ‘Must be a day ending in y, that I’ll love you.’” Draco’s back hit the door and he breathed rapidly.
“That’s p-preposterous, Potter.”
“Oh, Potter, is it? That’s too bad. I guess you won’t get my response then. At least tell me you remember that kiss. When you had me up against the door like this,” he grabbed Draco’s hips, turning them around so his own back was against the door as he pulled Draco close.
“Feel familiar?”
Draco gulped as he stared into Harry’s eyes, gasping as Harry pulled him in for a sweet kiss.
“How about that?”
“Nonsense, Potter. It was more like this.”
And Draco was kissing him again, and everything felt right as he was led back to bed.
It was a few years later that Harry stood across from Draco, staring into his watery grey eyes as he slipped a ring on his finger and whispered, “Must be a day ending in y that I’ll love you. I’ve never stopped and I never will.”


“Heirs: The Scent of Revenge” - [ Tom Hiddleston / Jeremy Irons - One shot].

Based on: Imagine: Tom’s reaction when you get home late one night, and after falling asleep on the couch waiting for you, he opens the door and as you walk past him, he catches a whiff of another man’s cologne.

Imagine: Tom cheated on you with one of your best friends before getting married. So your revenge is hooking up with his father, Jeremy. Tom feels guilty, apologizes and begs you to get back with him. Jeremy walks in and looks at Tom saying, “My son, what a huge mistake you made.”

Written by: A.Wölf.


Not even the high levels of caffeine in his bloodstream could keep Thomas awake.

One, two, three. One, two, three strong cups of coffee later and he still felt his eyelids heavy, his blue eyes not maintaining focus anymore until they finally defeated what was left of his willingness around 3:15 am, and closed as he fell asleep on the couch. Not having slept the previous night made it easier for his body to give in, not to mention the emotional pain he had felt which now resided in his back in the form of multiple knots, thus turning into physical discomfort as well.

He had been waiting for her to return home, but after the recent events, it’d be a miracle if she did. After a terrible indiscretion was committed by a friend, she found out that her husband had cheated on her before their wedding, which had taken place no longer than five months prior to the unfortunate discovery. The sleepless night was spent arguing until she locked herself in their bedroom and left Tom in the living room.

“You bastard!” the wife had cried against the door as she sank to the floor with a broken heart.

On the other side, Tom did the same thing but remained silent, accepting the consequences while running his fingers through his hair, looking hopeless.

A couple hours after the sun came out, he could hear her moving things inside their bedroom, he wasted no time and made himself useful in the kitchen. He washed and diced some fruit, cooked eggs and waffles, even made freshly squeezed orange juice before setting the table. And just as he finished, in perfect timing, his wife came out of the bedroom, already dressed and with her purse hanging over her shoulder as she wrapped a purple silk hair scarf around her head.

They locked eyes in utter silence, and Tom tried to show her a friendly smile but she broke eye contact to glance at the perfectly set table. Tom cleared his throat and shifted in his spot. And just like everything had abruptly changed between them, so had the weather; gray clouds had covered the sun and a heavy summer rain had started to fall.

“Uhm, I thought we could have breakfast together”, he said timidly.

The wife let out a breathy chuckle and walked towards the door. But before she even reached for the knob, Tom had already taken three long strides to block the exit.

“Where are you going?” he gently asked, trying to remain collected.

“You have no right to ask me anything”, she said in a quiet yet firm tone.

Tom looked away and sighed, looking upset for a split second but trying to come up with any reason to make her stay.

“It’s raining”.

“Get out of the way, Thomas”.

“Please don’t do this. Let’s talk”.

She ignored him and brushed past him to finally open the door. If the situation hadn’t been as serious, perhaps he would’ve touched her, grabbed her gently by the arm to stop her but he knew it wasn’t a wise thing to do. He wasn’t giving up anyway.

“I made breakfast”, he insisted.

She turned around to face him again and frowned while blinking several times before showing him a sarcastic smile.

“I do wonder, my love. If things had been the other way around… if I had slept with another man and made you an apology breakfast, would you have forgiven me?”

Tom’s lips parted, he was hurt but by nothing but the truth, so at last he let her go.

He spent the whole day waiting for her. The sun had set and she was nowhere to be seen. He tried calling her twice but there was no answer. By 11pm, the lack of sleep caught up with him, and he decided to make some coffee.

The sound of her keys woke Tom.

He sat up on the couch, looking confused, and glanced at his watch. He got up in a rush but his drowsiness made his movements clumsy, and yet he managed to beat her at opening the door. She looked up at him as soon as he did and seemed startled.

“It’s almost 5 in the morning”, Tom said sounding utterly displeased.

“Yeah, so?” She challenged.

Tom pushed his hair back trying to feel awake.

“I was worried, I-” but he stopped talking when she walked past him.

He frowned when he caught her scent, an unnerving mixture of the perfume she used and he loved, notoriously eclipsed by a man’s cologne; Her notes of pink pepper, lilac, peach, amber, and patchouli, stained with strong bergamot, nutmeg, clove, sandalwood and lemon.

A man had marked his territory.

Tom’s first instinct was to reach out and grip her arm.

“Where were you?”

“Don’t touch me!” She said trying to break free in vain.

“Where were you!?” Tom repeated between gritted teeth, “Who were you with!?”

His wife let out an amused giggle, somehow, it scared him and he absentmindedly loosened his grip around her arm for a split second but didn’t really let go.

“Jeez, Tom, your true colors are showing”, she said.

Tom pulled her closer to him in a rough manner.

“Quit fucking around”, he warned.

“Do you honestly believe you have the right to ask me that?”

“I know you were with someone. Just tell me the truth”.

Of all the weapons she fought with, her silence was the most violent. It was torturing him, and the more he stared at her the more details he picked on about the change in her appearance from the time she had left the house until then; her hair and clothes looked different, even her expression of anger seemed to have softened and turned into pride or something else.

She showed a demure and empty smile.

“You’re projecting, darling”, she whispered, and Tom let go with a clenched jaw.

She walked towards the bedroom but stopped and stared at her husband one last time.

“But then again”, she added, “There are some things in the world better off not knowing”.

Tom was beyond confused, he knew that his wife was mad but this was something else. Something had changed and she was acting out of spite, deliberately trying to hurt him back.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

She shrugged.

“Goodnight, darling”, she said sweetly while blowing a kiss in his direction before locking herself in the bedroom again.

Tom made tight fists, and felt like punching a wall, like trashing their place and even thought about going after her, kicking the door down and forcing her to tell him the truth. But this was his punishment, he knew. He didn’t really know whether she had been with someone or not. She was playing mind games. The uncertainty would eat him alive until she decided to speak, that is, if she ever did. But how could he demand answers after what he had done? And what could he do about it anyway?

“Perhaps, not knowing is better…” he thought.

“You look good”, Tom said as soon as he walked into his father’s bedroom, and leaned against the doorway with his hands in his pockets.

He hadn’t seen him in a couple months. Father and son never had the best relationship. Daddy had been absent most of the time, working, and the few moments he shared with his son, had always been characterized by a peculiar coldness. The more Tom grew up the more he tried to impress his father which wasn’t an easy thing to do, especially when he already had it all; prestige, money, a family.

The family was incomplete and had been for a while now.    

“I feel like a million bucks”, Jeremy said with raised eyebrows and in a playful tone.

He was standing before his mirror, fixing his bow tie and getting ready to attend an awards ceremony. He glanced at his son’s reflection.

“Surprisingly though”, he added, “I didn’t really get much sleep last night”.

“That makes two of us”, Tom murmured.

Jeremy walked towards the bathroom.

“You don’t have to come if you don’t want to”, he said.

Tom walked towards the unmade bed and sat down before grabbing a picture frame from the nightstand. It was a photograph of Jeremy and his late wife, Tom’s mother, on their wedding day.

“Mother would have never allowed it”.

Jeremy smiled to himself as he applied cologne on his neck. Then he grabbed his watch and put it on.

“She’d also go bonkers if she saw this mess”, Tom said while his eyes traveled around his father’s bedroom, “Whatever happened here?”

“Ah… yes. The maid will take care of it when we leave”.

A familiar scent suddenly invaded Tom’s nostrils, and he stared at his father who was standing before the mirror again, putting on his jacket. It had to be just his mind playing tricks on him, the sleep deprivation. He rested his elbows on his knees and shut his eyes briefly while running his fingers through his hair and taking a deep breath to shake away the malicious thought but the smell wouldn’t fade. And then he saw it; right there on the floor, next to his left foot.

“Ready to leave?” his father had asked but Tom had gone deaf, and his fingers trembled as he reached for the purple silk fabric.

“You son of a bitch”, Tom whispered.

Jeremy’s lips parted when he noticed what his son had found. His mind flashed back to the previous day.

He had put on his trench coat, ready to leave the house to attend a work meeting when he opened the door and found his son’s wife standing on his porch, soaking wet from the rain, about to knock. Jeremy furrowed his eyebrows, looking worried and confused.

“What are you doing here, child?” He asked looking over her shoulder to find no companion.

She was trembling, so he took his coat off and put it over her shoulders as he let her into his home.

“What happened?” he asked, “Is Tom with you?”

“Y-your son…” she stammered, “He cheated on me”.

Jeremy froze, and surprise and disappointment were evident in his expression. He dragged a hand down his face and looked around, expecting to find the maid standing there.

“Carol? Carol!”, he yelled.

“Yes, sir?” the old woman asked joining them in the foyer.

“Change of plans. I’ll be eating here”.

Tom’s wife stared at her father-in-law as he told the maid to prepare them a special soup or any warm meal. She had always liked Jeremy, and he had always been nice to her, but she was there for other reasons, and the nervousness made her stomach clench. When the woman left, he gave her his whole attention again.

“Good God, I don’t know what to tell you”, he said looking genuinely concerned.

Jeremy placed his hands on her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes.

“You’ll tell me all about it later, alright? First, we need to get you out of these clothes or you’re going to get s-”

She suddenly pressed her lips against his, interrupting him with a long and slow kiss. And when they pulled away, Jeremy was speechless, just swallowing hard and staring at her lips while the taste of her urgency traveled down his throat. She hadn’t come to find solace, or to tell on his son as if they were children. She had come for revenge. And for the first time in years, Jeremy, hard-working, routine-driven, widower Jeremy… was thrilled.

Tom carefully rose up from the bed, his eyes still glued to the hair scarf in his hands. He was speechless, outraged by his wife’s actions, by his father’s. Jeremy tightened his jaw, put his hands inside his pockets and took three slow steps closer to him. If he had never been warm towards his son before, this certainly wasn’t the moment to change that but to shamelessly emphasize it instead.

“My son, what a huge mistake you made”.

Tom had gotten his answer, and confirmed what he had wondered in the midst of chaos with his wife at home the previous night; it would have been better for him not to have known a thing.