this coloring came out decently

I did a speed art of gothy , I know I messed up on his scarf as well as the coloring likes a bit mmmm sloppy but I think it came out decent none the less. I wanted to draw goth all day today, not sure why had the sudden urge but he needed to be holding a cute stuffed kitty dang it. I hope you like him Neko neeeeeeeeeee  pff XD forever my nickname for you lol.
Goth: @nekophy


Final Fantasy VIII au where everything is the same except Cloud’s shop in Esthar City is actually run by Cloud Strife (∗ ͡⁰ ω ͡⁰) ━☆゚.*・。゚

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“Lu Meng… Your instinct to kill Guan Yu was not necessarily wrong. But you also need to learn to pull back when necessary and manipulate your enemies. You are too guileless. Although, your honesty has made you who you are.

Learn all you can every day. Support the future of Wu.

Yes, surpass me…. and even, one day, Master Zhou Yu.”

Lu Meng requested by carmenmcsdoubledemonfang


Disneyyandmore’s Pick a Disney Princess Challenge: ♥ Ariel ♥
→Favorite Song:  Part of Your World (Reprise)

Ravi of VIXX in #29 requested by kimwonshriek

I drew Garnet, Sapphire, and Ruby for mylittleauggie who likes Steven Universe as much as I do. The only down side is that I only had 4 colors to use and no purple-esque colors other than violet, but hey, at least it came out pretty decent lol