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I notice you have 7w8 in your tritype. I know a couple ISTJs but I'm p sure their head fix is either 5 or 6, so I'm curious. How does your 7w8 show itself in your day to day life?

tbh i’m not 100% sure if the 7 is even correct because the whole head triad is like “???” to me.

my reasoning so far is basically:

- knowledge gives me no additional value
- i don’t get excited about trivia
- the idea of living in my mind only and not doing physical stuff is bewildering to me (i guess that’s also why i never mistyped as INTJ)
- i’m actually pretty dumb and unperceptive and i have several episodes a day where my mind is literally empty and i don’t think about anything
-> so no 5-fix (?)

- i just don’t get 6s at all.
- passive-aggression makes me so mad why would anyone think that this is a good strategy when dealing with people?
- i’m not warm, deep or diplomatic or any of the other supposed good qualities of 6s
- fuck guidance, fuck authorities
- mind-reading was always the most unappealing answer in those “what super power do you want to have?”-tests
-> so no 6-fix either?

- “first play and then work”
- “everything will work out fine and people should stop worrying”
- terrible commitment issues; i’ve changed my jobs several times in the past years because i felt like things were going nowhere
- the concept of having a partner and having to stay faithful is absolutely terrifying
- owning material things lifts my mood (about 1-2 hours daily online shopping)
- not exactly financially responsible considering i’m sp-dom

but like [inf Ne voice] maybe what i perceive as 7-fix-traits are symptoms of other issues and i actually have a 5-fix instead? i do relate to the isolation-part and i’m not really spontaneous, but that could also be due to me being both Si-dom and sp-dom?

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On Monday, July 3rd, King Angus McFife XIII and sir Damakos are to be wed in the kingdom of Fife.

Rules for the event

  • Everyone is invited
  • If not a part of the above groups, you are more than welcome to join!
  • Be kind and courteous
  • Keep it sfw
  • No fighting or battles

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message @we-are-viking / @angus-mcfife-xiii or @we-aredancer

A blond-haired, blue-eyed actor named Chris is playing an American named Steve, who’s fighting in a world war. Along the way, he meets a scary foreign brunette woman and takes an unlikely band of friends of different nationalities through an event, and goes up against a couple of Germans, one large and deranged, one smaller and a scientist. Steve, at some point, hijacks a plane and destroys it (and a weapon) for the greater good. Someone is looking back at it from the future, and will eventually team up with a millionaire with daddy issues and cool toys. There’s also a shield involved.

Am I talking about Captain America: The First Avenger, or Wonder Woman?

u ever just thinking…. im v lonely lol but tryna stay calm abt it cuz otherwise u would have a breakdown..but like…everyone has other ppl but u and ur like a lost bitter lemon who is laying in bed feeling so lame. other ppl r out havin fun. dancing. living life. smiling. talking to other ppl. and ur.. just..with the long legged flying spider creature in ur room thinking too hard abt how actually ur just alone and miserable and forgotten and a bit pointless…

okay here’s what me and @isaksqueaks have discovered so far:

the video isak watched of even and mikael’s interview in s3 last year, was released on 9th september 2014 (if you zoom in, you’ll be able to see that date):

9th september 2014 - start of 2nd year at bakka, even and mikael seem fine here. happy. completely. “best buddies, i only say this because i care about you.”

fast forward to this:

1st june 2015 - so even’s still in his 2nd year of bakka here, but at the near end of it. we still don’t know what the battle is about, or exactly how close yousef and even were here, but … they must be pretty close? for this all to start off as, what looks like banter, from the design of the poster or whatever it is? because all the boys in the balloon squad reacted to even’s name being mentioned in the latest hei briskeby video, as if they knew stuff personally. (note the use of fire here in this pic, and then elias’ instant reaction of “fire emoji”)

but i feel that from all the boys, mikael and yousef were somewhat pretty close to even, the most, perhaps, hence mikael’s composed reaction, and him STILL having even’s number on his phone, and yousef’s somber, sad reaction. noticeable change from how happy he was prior to it. 

even’s episode happened, i’m presuming, sometime after this battle, causing him to feel so … much … shame? guilt? bad feeling? that he couldn’t go back to bakka to complete his final year - he had to transfer. but looking at yousef’s reaction in the hei briskeby video, it seems like there’s a lot more to the story.

as sonja said, in that year, even educated himself a bit in islam, and learnt the qur’aan in arabic.

through vilde, we learnt last season that even “went completely off the rails and wrote a lot of crazy stuff on the (facebook) wall of the revue group and stuff.” - we now know from skam’s profile page, that NONE of the boys have a facebook account apart from yousef, and neither does even. 

but the boys have a youtube channel. and now the girl squad know about this too. 

the only missing link now, is sana, figuratively, visually, telling us (the casual viewer) that she (and by extension, us) has made this last link between even and the balloon squad.