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Wish You Were Here (part 9/?)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Your high school sweetheart moves back into town, and you reconnect for the first time since college.  You both have gone your separate ways, but a series of events places you back in each others lives.

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After leaving Bucky’s building, you found yourself sitting in your apartment the shock having worn off.   You had no idea how you managed to get home, all you knew was that you needed to get out of here.   It would only be a matter of time before everyone came to see you.  You needed time and space.

After calling Tony and letting him know you were taking a much needed vacation, you went to pack a bag.   People assumed being a travel agent meant you traveled all the time, the truth was that you never went anywhere you just kept collecting vacation days.   As you finished packing your bag you turned to the world map on your wall.

Looking at the map, you scan the countries, looking for somewhere far.  If only you had your own private island.  The thought hits you and with a smile you call the airline. You knew where you were going.

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do u love ur best friend.

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not to come off as a barbarian or anything, but i saw your post three days ago about the lais of marie of france and you mentioned werewolves? can you elaborate? i havent read it but i thought it was just a collection of medieval poetry (not that those are mutually exclusive concepts but, y'know.)

Well, they’re a collection of Breton lais written in Anglo-Norman (medieval french). A lay isn’t a poem, per se, it’s a “short rhyming Romance narrative”, so that’s what they are. Marie de France’s collection are very interesting and worth a read! “Lanval” is her most famous, as it’s Arthurian, but I wrote about “Bisclavret” which is about a knight who is secretly a werewolf. When his wife finds out, she leaves him for another knight, and Bisclavret leaves to become basically the lap dog of the King. When the King finds out that his dog/wolf (who is v fond of) is actually a man/his favorite knight, he doesn’t turn away from him in disgust or fear (which is what Bisclavret’s wife does) but runs toward him and kisses him on the mouth. 

so, yeah! my paper was titled “Searching for the Queer in the Lais of Marie de France”. The other argument I made was that the lais created a “queer reading experience” for the women who read them, because they were courtly romances written by a woman that subverted courtly expectations of masculinity and femininity. 

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Can you please explain why so music bloggers genuinely finds Emotion by CRJ so gripping? Like I love the albums, but its just your typical pop collections?? Is therr something that stands out?

yeah, the whole album stands out

ok everyone the playlist is not to fuck to i just like collecting things that share a theme

i also once made a playlist of songs that mentioned lucky charms i didnt do it to eat lucky charms to.

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do you take requests? in that case I would looove you to create a pair of yellow aviators. sunglasses with yellow glass is like the hottest thing right now


you can download my daddy collection aviators and just change the lense color to yellow with sims 4 studio ♥

tl;dr - I Have Too Many Fucking Stories On My Plate

Amy @ushiiwakas tagged me to do a thing where I list out all my WIPs and tell a bit about them, and, uh, I have a few, so here we go.

We’ll start with the ones I’ve posted a bit of, and then get to stuff that’s still theoretical at this point. 

Fire, Fire: A prequel to my most recently completed long fic, Top of the World. It’s a collection of literally just the worst shit that happened to Noya during his childhood and before he met Asahi. You have to read TotW before you read this one, because otherwise a lot of the dramatic tension in TotW kind of falls apart lmao. 

A King and His Knight: An IwaOi medieval/royalty AU, where Oikawa is (of course) the crown prince of his kingdom, and Iwaizumi is (of course) his personal guard. The fic is going to follow them through their lives together, from when they meet for the first time as children, to the time they spend together as adults, and the complicated feelings that arise between them as time goes on.

Halo: A multi-ship (though let’s be honest, AsaTanaNoya is going to steal the show) post-apocalypse AND superhuman AU, featuring all the Karasuno kids and accompanying siblings and coaches - plus a few appearances of characters from other teams, including the Karasuno girls. All these kiddos have superpowers of some sort, almost none of them are straight, and a good number of them are trans. As for the plot: civilization as we know it has ended due to the combined efforts of a massive plague that wiped out the majority of the population of Earth, and a legion of grotesque monsters that continue to pick off the rest. Everyone who’s left has to either fight or die, and sometimes it doesn’t even make a difference. (can you tell this is going to take eight years to write)

Hey, why limit this to fic stuff? I have an original work I can throw in here too!

Mannequin Eyes: A rework of a story I wrote (and finished) back in 2014. A lot of it still holds up to the test of time, which is weird, and I really like this idea, so I’m revisiting it (and might actually try to publish it? wild). It’s the story of a young girl who has never been allowed to leave her home, but through books and pictures dreams of a wider world beyond. The girl’s name is Amalie, and her body has metal insides and fake-skin fake-hair outsides. She’s different from her flesh-and-blood family, and she knows that difference is what keeps her isolated, but she doesn’t know why. One day, a terrible accident forces Amalie and her older brother, Owen, out of their home and into that big unknown world. They soon team up with Owen’s childhood friend, Nick, and the three of them together embark on an adventure the likes of which even Amalie could never have imagined.

I’ll be showing this one to you guys too, when I write it. I’m excited to show off some original stuff!!

And now for the stuff I haven’t even started writing yet.

500 Miles: Another TotW companion, also to be read after the main work. It’s a road trip story; Asahi and Noya are traveling across the country to visit Asahi’s family together for the first time. Noya still has his doubts and Asahi comforts him the best he can.

The Rules for Lovers: Telling you what this one is about will spoil it.

Of All People, You: [working title.] Noya and Asahi haven’t spoken since Asahi graduated high school; in fact, nobody’s really heard from Asahi at all in about five years. Due to the way they left things - the way Noya acted the last time he saw him - he isn’t surprised that Asahi never tried to contact him again. It didn’t stop him from worrying, though, or from trying to get a hold of him. After a year or so, though, Noya had to admit defeat; Asahi didn’t want to be found, and certainly not by him.
One night though, about two years after Noya gave up looking for him, he has a terrifying and extremely vivid dream involving Asahi… and this dream does not end well. Noya wakes up with the awful feeling that something is very very wrong, and sets out to find him again with renewed determination.

So yeah I have my work cut out for me for about the next decade. Hopefully you and my motivation both stick around long enough for me to write all this shit. I’m really excited to get to that last one tbh.

If you’re a writer, feel free to do this and tag me if you want me to see :D. Specifically I wanna ask @maeofthedead and @tiredasahi if they have anything in the works they wanna talk about ~ no pressure tho.

i remember in the 2nd or 3rd?? grade my teacher did assigned seats n i was paired up w a boy whom i thought was cool n wanted to be friends w he told me he liked yu gi oh n i was like oh cool n remembered my brother had an old huge collection of yu gi oh cards the next day i just came in and gave them all to him and he bought snacks to school just for me for an ENTIRE year Every Single Day and i was like …shook ..he moved to ca though n still to this day im like what ever happened to that white boy who sat next to me in the 3rd grade wtf that was some kind of dedication …

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Which noble (non-royal) family do you think has the best jewellery collection?

Hmm, I feel like I don’t know enough about the many noble families in Europe to answer this.  Before the Russian Revolution, the Yusupov’s jewellery collection was ridiculously amazing.  The Duchess of Alba had a large collection but I think that’s probably been split between her children now.  In the United Kingdom, the Grosvenors (Dukes of Westminster) and the Percys (Dukes of Northumberland) have both seemed to hold onto a decent amount of jewels.  I’m sure that there are tons of noble families with great jewel collections out there but they are just not pictured or written about as often as royal jewels so it’s harder to find out information about them.

i was in a “band” for a hot minute w/ 2 of my friends when i was 13 or so and all we did was alternate playing the same 2 nirvana/red hot chili peppers songs in one of the friends garage and i think we’ve all just collectively forgot about it till now? was with them this morning and M started playing about a girl and we all had a group flashback like Huh that happened

u ever just thinking…. im v lonely lol but tryna stay calm abt it cuz otherwise u would have a breakdown..but like…everyone has other ppl but u and ur like a lost bitter lemon who is laying in bed feeling so lame. other ppl r out havin fun. dancing. living life. smiling. talking to other ppl. and ur.. just..with the long legged flying spider creature in ur room thinking too hard abt how actually ur just alone and miserable and forgotten and a bit pointless…