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[He was] a person who struggled with balancing the competing forces of the Light and the Dark, and whose quest for perfection showed him that he was, above all, a complex of contradictions, and that in the end, such perfection did not exist.

He lay before her, an imperfect man.  And that was what made him so perfectly–and beautifully–human.

-All That’s Best of Dark and Bright (Eallach Monstrosus)  

Reylo fanart for the transformation scene by the always incredible @panda-cappuccino .  The story is a Monster!Kylo / Beauty and the Beast pastiche based on the amazing prompts of @cobwebbing .  It’s part of the Ring in the New Year with Reylo collection on AO3.  (And yes, we were inspired by our mutual love for Sophie and Howl, and Beauty and the Beast).

Mulder softly crooning, “Hey now, none of that…” and then actually reaching to cradle his newborn son will never cease to be my undoing. I have a physical reaction. I can’t watch it anymore. It lives in my dreams. 


So, I haven’t been posting consistently for the past couple of weeks because I’ve been ripping and tearing through the hordes of hell in Bethesda’s new DOOM game, oh and what a fucking game it is!! There are few experiences as emotionally exhilarating as when you are violently blasting through fucking droves of demons while the game serenades you with glorious heavy metal. If you haven’t, please play it!

Recently, I beat the game, and I bought a cute DoomGuy POP Vinyl to add to the toy collection. Please enjoy some of the best doom game tidbits I found on Tumblr. Some of it’s pretty funny!

…The first time my husband left me, I took a small cabin in the woods… to enjoy a benevolent solitude. I brought one suitcase with me, photograph of myself looking serene and wistful, some drawings to hang on the wall, and my violin…I planned to go swimming every day in the stream behind the cabin, take long walks in the woods, and practice my violin. I was going to stay the whole summer. I stayed three days. During those three days I swam in the morning, practiced my violin until the noontime hour, ate lunch, and went for a walk in the woods. The walks left me hot and sweaty, so when I got back to the cabin, I heated water for a sponge bath, then made some tea. On the third day, when I came back from my walk, I was about to heat some water when the kerosene stove caught fire. I took a blanket to the flames, but they had already covered half the room. For a long while I stood there, trying to think of something to do. Then, in a flash, I realized I hadn’t a second to waste if I was to leave there alive. So I jumped through a screen, stark naked. Some farmers came along, puzzled by the sight of all this brown flesh against a backdrop of raging flames… the fire burned my hair, my clothes, my violin. Nature is beautiful that way…she leaves you with nothing to say….I came back home, bought a large flower box for the kitchen window, and began to grow herbs… it was very hot and lonely…
—  “Interiors,” Kathleen Collins

I finished my last MoreS2SL story today as I was driving. I really enjoyed this collection very much. I’ll be sending my messages to the authors but I warn you in advance, if I duplicate a review, forgive me.  My brain isn’t what it used to be.

Thank you, lovely, talented authors and artists for another unforgettable collection of stories!

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And a super big thanks to @sohypothetically for organizing this challenge.

You guys have given me several hours of THG goodness. Thank you so much!