this collection warms my heart

bughead is the happiest thing to have happened to me recently

My life currently has a lot of unforgiving darkness that I am struggling with and RIverdale and bughead came to me at my darkest like a beacon of light and hope. Watching how these two beautiful people have come together to fight a collective darkness to forge something beautiful warms my heart and gives me strength. It might sound odd but bughead is my happy place to go when the going gets tough. I understand that it is a fantasy and a fiction but I’d be devastated if Bughead didn’t work out on the show. 

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I'm in love with your parentlock stuff because it made me feel really happy! I especially enjoyed your Sherlock Bed Time Stories Review! :)

Thank you!!!! That’s so nice to hear. Parentlock warms my heart. Oh, and I collected the fairy tale reviews and put them on AO3 in an easier-to-read format… just cuz. Maybe I’ll incorporate them into an actual fic. I like thinking about bedtime in 221B.

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Can someone tell Haylor to stop accidentally matching :( I remember seeing the pap pics of tay in saint laurent and haylor shipping heart flew out the window

Okay but do you wanna talk about how HER SHOES are the sneaker version of HIS BOOTS

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Hey- um.... I, really think you're a awesome human being! And I hope you feel... Better. I've got anxiety like damn, and you're blog... well it cheers me up, makes me laugh, and gives me something fun to see. It's not even the porn really, you inspire me to write what I want! No matter how out there and grammatically incorrect it turns out! You're just, great. Thanks, and take ALL the time you need right now, I know how it feels when you get the meds that don't work out.

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Thank you angel. Anxiety isn’t fun. Medicine isn’t fun. It’s hard. The collective support from all of you really warms my heart. Thank you, doves.

Why YOU need female only space!

Thanks for creating a female only home for us.
I need female-only space because seeing how and living with women who create a safe environment for each other inspires me to be the best me possible. Before going to woman only space, I had been under the impression that females don’t do certain things, don’t look certain ways and by no means can be alone in the woods without needing to get locked up in a “crazy hospital.”

The female only space also helps me realize that I am good enough just the way I am.

I need female only space because our collective creative energies recharge my spirit.

I need female only space because our collective compassion warms my heart.

I need female only space because I don’t fit the “norm” and need to be present in the same space with other wild womyn.

I need female only space because we nurture and heal each other.

I need female only space because too much of our past has been dominated by male energy, patriarchy & violence.

I need female only space to show other womyn who I am and that its ok to be you or me!

Because of female space, I know that “we can do it.”

I could go on and on… Simply put, I need female only space.

With gratitude,