this collection makes the models look fat

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I need some cute Shadow head cannons to cheer up, do you have some in mind? :'(


- Omega is the only one who can make Shadow laugh briefly with his deadpan antics. But since he tries to retain his srs bsns demeanor, this is what he usually ends up looking like:

- He has a plush rabbit that Maria’s mother gave him. The rabbit was intended to be given to Maria once she came home from the hospital over sixty years ago, but that never happened.

- Gerald would show him his model rifle collection and sometimes quizzed him on makes and models, which is why he’s rather familiar with guns.

- Cats love Shadow, much to his chagrin. They’ll follow him around until he obliges them with a quick scratch behind the ear. His biggest fan is the Commander’s fat tabby, who climbs up on his lap and starts purring like a motor every time he visits. The whole family thinks this is hilarious and tease him to no end. Meanwhile Shadow’s just sitting there on the couch with this huge fluffy cat engulfing him like -_-

- Omega sometimes administers “technical support” when Shadow overexerts himself: that is, picking him up and marching off with him. 

- His ears flick when he hears something that piques his interest.

- His favorite chore is sweeping the floor with a broom, since the motions calm his mind and clear away the dust. 

- Every Christmas he adds the last ornament to GUN’s tree.

- Amy once chased him around Cream’s house just to stuff a cookie into his mouth.

- He’ll sometimes joke with Rouge in a very dry way. Some of their inside jokes are that they’re only friends via contractual obligation, and that Shadow doesn’t know how to stealth without blowing everything up.

- Shadow is very good with children, whether it be making sure they get enough rest or simply watching them play. He has a quiet but firm and calming presence that eventually makes them feel at ease even if they find him intimidating at first.

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