this collection is so beautiful


Fall Out Boy Vinyl Discography

Take This To Your Grave (2nd Press Blue Vinyl)
From Under the Cork Tree (2nd Press 2xLP Maroon Splatter Vinyl)
Infinity On High (2nd Press 2xLP Blue & White Splatter Vinyl)
Folie à Deux (1st Press 2xLP Red & Orange Vinyl)
Save Rock and Roll (1st Press 2xLP Red Vinyl)
American Beauty / American Psycho (1st Press Ice Blue Vinyl)


when solar’s leader unnie vibe comes out

The Eastern sea
like an endless field of crushed lilacs
over stardust. The shore, swept gold
as the knees of her sister
at Delphi,
far-stretched below the balcony,
and the white-silk lilies
with crystal stalks and Old Viennese petals;
—  Catherynne M. Valente, from The Oracle At Savannah in “Oracles: A Pilgrimage”

Darkest Dungeon has what is probably my new favorite enemy in any game ever, the Collector

(Shown here with one of his friends. Not shown: His idle animation where the skull inside the cage rattles around and bangs against the bars, with no movements from the main body)

The Collector, as you may have guessed, collects the severed heads of people who fall in the dungeons, summoning them and giving them spectral bodies so they can continue performing some of the attacks they had in life. The Collector has a chance of appearing before you party if their inventory is sufficiently cluttered, and I choose to believe that this is because he sees the party as a collector of curios as well, a theory that holds some water because most of his attacks are basically

“Hey, did you want to see what I’ve been collecting? Look!”

Look, look! Aren’t they beautiful? I’ve worked so hard to gather all of them!



Oho, a certain somebody arrived today! :D

I am so excited. My Wol is even more gorgeous in person. <3 She’s a stunning piece of artwork, and I’m so delighted to have had the chance to bring her home. It may be a little while before I can afford her body, but I’m going to see if she can at least borrow somebody else’s body for a little while.

Wol & her face-up are by @armeleia (Etsy). <3

Starters | Serial Killer

“Now, is there really a need for all that screaming?” 

“You’re a smart one, aren’t you? Tell me, how much blood can a human lose before dying?” 

“This is one of my favorites, do you know what it does? Why, I’ll demonstrate.” 

“You can’t get away from me, you’ll never get away from me!” 

“Go on, I love a good chase! It gets the heart racing!” 

“I must say, you put up a good fight. Some of this blood is mine!” 

“Oh, don’t cry. You’ll be so beautiful, soon. I’ll immortalize you in my collection.” 

“Which limb would you like to lose first?” 

“You’re so fucking smug, you deserve a death that’s fitting.” 

“I finally caught you, isn’t it exciting? You’ve evaded me for longer than anyone else!” 

“I love you, how else was I going to keep you? No one else can have you!” 

“I like stringing my prizes up. You do look so helpless, like that.” 

“Ssh, just breathe. The rope isn’t even tight, yet!” 

“You really are as twisted as I am. Aren’t we a perfect match?” 

“You look best in red.” 

“Did you think you could outsmart me? My dear, I’ve been doing this for a long time.” 

“You young ones always squirm so much!” 

“I don’t tolerate escape attempts. I will break your legs.” 

“I’ve been watching you for a long time…you’ve made me wait. But, it was worth it.” 

“Go on, then! What’s your plan? Bargaining, begging, threatening? Maybe try to psychoanalyze me?”