this collection is so beautiful

Damn this boy is so prettyyyyy…….. I need more of him next season

Darkest Dungeon has what is probably my new favorite enemy in any game ever, the Collector

(Shown here with one of his friends. Not shown: His idle animation where the skull inside the cage rattles around and bangs against the bars, with no movements from the main body)

The Collector, as you may have guessed, collects the severed heads of people who fall in the dungeons, summoning them and giving them spectral bodies so they can continue performing some of the attacks they had in life. The Collector has a chance of appearing before you party if their inventory is sufficiently cluttered, and I choose to believe that this is because he sees the party as a collector of curios as well, a theory that holds some water because most of his attacks are basically

“Hey, did you want to see what I’ve been collecting? Look!”

Look, look! Aren’t they beautiful? I’ve worked so hard to gather all of them!



Lunvr’s Art Collection Vol.1

Hi!!! So I made some more paintings of some beautiful black women, I mean idk, I liked them so I put them in my game and decided to share them with my lovelies. Credits to the creator of the blank canvas, as well as to badassgenius (IG) for these great pieces. Download is under the cut! Tag me if you use em blah blah…whatever. Here ya go.

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me: *posts a ryan ross photo* this is my favourite picture of ryan

me: *two seconds later posts another picture of ryan ross* this is my favourite picture of ryan

me: *waits a minute and posts another ryan ross photo* no wait, this is my favourite picture of ryan


Okay. I’m going to be really calm here.
Y'all know how much I love Steampunk. To log onto Twitter and see this is - it’s indescribable.

Hesokuri Wars is implementing a new premium gold set - Steampunk Matsus~
Friday at midnight! Grab your diamonds and be there!


My Snake collection has grown!!!
By far, I don’t think I’ve ever loved a character as much as I love Snake 🐍 He’s just too adorable ☺️

There’s this destructive type of person out there in the world. The type that when you meet they leave this seed in you and carefully take care of it as it slowly starts to blossom. They love it and nurture it inside of you as if it was the most precious thing to them. And when it’s fully grown they just leave it. And you’re there wondering why they left you with this blossoming thing in you if you have no clue how to care for it or do with it and when you try and seek their help again all they can say is it’s your problem now. You weren’t special, they’ve done it many times before you and now they have done it many times after you. They’ve managed to collect so many blossomed beauties they have a garden of their own. A garden they betrayed. A garden they only used to harvest their seed without having any intention of continuing to care for it. Why leave your seed to someone who has no clue what to do with it when you’re gone? Why let such a beautiful thing destroy someone?