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Where is the best place to get like herbs and stuff (for spells & tea making)? And do you prefer them fresh, already dried, or drying them yourself?

I’m a city witch, so fresh things are not readily availble to me, and I also live in a very cold part of the world so we don’t have as much warm weather as we did where I grew up, unfortunately. I would love to have fresh herbs, I would love to grow and dry my own! But I just get mine from the grocery store! And for the ones that you can’t find there, Monterey Bay Spice Co. is a fabulous resource! (:

[TRANS] BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine - Suga’s Biography

A mischievous kid growing up into a boy who enjoys reading 

I was born in Daegu in the South, the third biggest city of Korean, and grew up there until I came up to Seoul. When I was young, I was pretty much an ordinary kid. I loved playing around so my kindergarten teacher didn’t seem to like me. (laughs) I remember being scolded “It’s dangerous!” a lot. I also loved sports and was good at running, to the point of being picked as a relay runner from elementary school all the way up to high school. When it comes to studying, I’m slightly above average. 

I used to love playing outside with friends back then, but I changed as I grew up. Even when we went outside, it wasn’t like we did anything, we just gathered at the park. I wasn’t fond of that so many times I just stayed at home on weekends. My mother told me to go outside and meet my friends sometimes. (laughs) 

I had a thing for collecting, so I collected a lot of books when I was young. It was a time when I wanted to be a cultured man, wanted to pretend I know things too. Mature stuffs that didn’t suit my age or novels, poetry books, essays, newspapers,… I read everything regardless of genre. I don’t know why but up till middle school, I had the habit of reading books from the back page. I still read books sometimes now. My reading speed gets faster by reading multiple sentences at a time. 

Memories of first love from elementary school… I really don’t have any. Unlike Seoul, the provinces are conservative, and my school didn’t have that kind of atmosphere in which boys and girls talk to each other. If I was with a girl, I would become really shy and wouldn’t even say a word. 

The encounter with hip hop
Started composing in middle school 

I started to be interested in music in 5th year of elementary school, while watching the performance of “Stony Skunk”, Korean artists, on TV. It was the prime of ballad back then so if 18 teams perform on a music program, 10 would sing ballads, 5 would be idols and the other 3 would be other genres. They were one of those 3 teams. It was so cool how they were different from other singers. Up until then, I didn’t have any interest in music, but with Stony Skunk, I started listening to hip hop and reggae music, and was influenced by Epik High as well. MP3 player was starting to come out at that time, but I bought a Panasonic CD player and listened with that. 

Along with listening to music, I also started writing music at the same time. It wasn’t like someone told me to do it, I just had the thought of having to do so. I started writing rap lyrics in elementary school and started composing after I went to middle school. Back then, no one around me liked hiphop… It became extremely popular in Korea now but when I first started listening to it, hip hop was a genre once popular a long time ago. I think there probably wasn’t anyone on the streets who raps, except for me. If I rap at the karaoke room, it would just become some kind of sound to my friends. You know the moving hand gestures that are hip hop’s specialty? I was picked on for that too. 

Despite that, I still kept liking hip hop and in my 2nd year of middle school, I went on the stage for the first time at a festival. I performed Dynamic Duo’s “Go Back” with a friend. I didn’t like standing in front of people, but at that time, I only felt like I have to do it. I showed the rap that I practice too, although it wasn’t anything great. (laughs) 

 Actually in middle school, I wanted to go to an arts high school so I composed classical music. But the tuition was too expensive so I ended up just going to a regular high school. I told my father “I have done enough music now so I’ll study hard in high school” and went to that school, but of course I didn’t. (laughs) 

Full-fledged activities as a rapper after joining a crew in town 

Middle school years was when I composed music to satisfy myself only, on a hobby level. It was after I changed the MIDI software that I started full-fledgedly making music. In 1st year of high school, I showed my song to a person that was like a mentor to me, and he liked it a lot. I was introduced to a hip hop crew called “D-town” and joined. That song had the feeling of new-age music but had hip hop beats similar to Nujabes. For your information, the mentor that acknowledged me studied at Berklee College of Music and is currently working as a movie music director.

I think I started rapping properly after joining the crew. I have been rapping since elementary school, but since there wasn’t anyone who raps around me, I thought I was the best. (laughs) 

After that, I came to the Daegu underground scene, and from then, I also got to know that you can’t make a living out of music in the underground scene. Most of the hyungs who made music with me that time was about 10 years older than me, there were also people over 30. They worked part-time jobs and made music at the same time, but it seemed very hard. Even when performing live, it was already a huge deal to have 100 audiences, and I hated that fact. I thought “If I success, could I be the liaison of the underground scene?”. There are plenty of people who make good music in the underground scene, so I thought when I become famous, I want to create a better environment for them, I want to show their music to the world. 

Just then, I knew Big Hit was holding an audition in Daegu. I came there knowing nothing but that it was a company formed by composer Bang Shihyuk, but I was told that I was accepted the next day. I heard it later that when he saw me, he immediately thought of letting me pass. Even though I wasn’t good at rapping that time. (laughs) 

Coming up to Seoul after becoming a trainee
Different from first thought…!? 

I came to Seoul on November 7th, 2010, when I was in 2nd year of high school. I still remember it now. 

I joined to company not to rap, but to become a composer. So I thought I didn’t need to dance, and let people who are good at rapping rap, I just needed to follow the producer path. But it became a totally different thing. (laughs) At that time, rather than idols, the company was planning to create a group consisting of rappers, but that changed. The members were Rap Monster, J-hope and me. There were also Supreme Boy, i11even-hyung who is now active in the underground scene and Iron-hyung who made it to the finals of Show Me The Money 3. I think if we debut like that, despite being good at rapping, we would fail. (laughs) 

Rapper & producer
The future Suga thinks of as a goal 

My 4-year-older brother plays a very big role in letting me be able to walk on the music path like this. He started liking hip hop under my influence, but when I came to the audition, everyone in my family opposed it except for my brother. They didn’t view music activities nicely, even my relatives told me “What music for you, go study.” So I only showed my songs to him. He was the first person I informed that I passed the audition too. Our relationship is so good that we’re like friends. I basically don’t drink alcohol, but I drink it with him only. 

My family all support me now, of course. Even the relatives that told me to study ask for my signatures. (laughs) 

These days, I have thoughts about wanting to also be active as a producer. I have no greed of being in the center, I just want to make music. I don’t have interest towards the entertainment world too, everyone says they want to act, or to go on variety shows, but I don’t want to do those. (laughs) But still, the first thing is to make BTS get 1st place in Korea as well as Japan. And myself too, I want to be the best rapper, the best producer. I don’t know if it would take time, but I have to try.

JPN - KRN © mondomizel1

My Best Friend’s Brother Part 6

Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

Pairing: Eventual Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, eventual smut in future parts

A/N:  Thank you everyone who has been reading these and giving feedback, it means so much to me<3 hope y'all enjoy this part, things are starting to heat up;)

You settled in your usual seat in the Impala between the boys. You were reading your book but found yourself re-reading the same line over and over. You were too distracted by every little movement Dean made. You kept sneaking looks at him from the corner of your eye, he was completely focused on the road though. Getting agitated you pulled your legs up criss-cross and pushed your reading glasses up that had a tendency to slide down your nose trying to re-focus on your book. The case was in New Mexico so you had about a 10 hour drive and were only on hour 2. You had put on a pair of black leggings and one of Dean’s white t-shirts tying it so a sliver of your stomach showed. You’d hoped to get some flirting or something from Dean on the car ride, with the two of you sitting so close but with Sam being there Dean wouldn’t even look at you. You’d even started to wonder if you’d made up all that stuff that happened today. You also didn’t know what you wanted it to mean. Dean was your best friend and you lived and hunted with him, you had a good thing going, but you couldn’t ignore the way he gave you butterflies or the heat between your legs from earlier…

“You ok Y/N?” Dean asked never taking his gaze from the road.

“Umm yeah I’m fine” you said quickly trying to focus back on your book.

“Sweetheart you’ve been reading the same page for the last thirty minutes” as he said this he moved his hand to rub your knee. You looked over at Sam and realized he’d fallen asleep.

“Well I’m a little distracted, have a lot on my mind…”

“Are you thinking about what happened earlier?” his grip on your leg tightened and moved up your thigh.

“Mmhmm” your heart beating faster, this man could make you lightheaded with just a touch.

“And what are you thinking about it?” He looked at you questioning.

You looked into his eyes and tried to decide what direction to take this conversation.

“Listen sweetheart if youre uncomfortable just tell me we can pretend nothing happened…” he looked away from you and removed his hand and you could see his hands tense as he spoke.

You turned and scooted closer to him, “No Dean that’s not what I want, I guess I’m just wondering what it will mean” you bit your lip and looked trying to figure out what you wanted

“I don’t know, I mean you’d still be my best friend, it just ya know would be a friendship with sexual benefits I guess”

You felt your heart sink at that, of course he didn’t want to be with you, at least not in any other way than sex and friendship.

“Or I mean maybe something else…” Dean continued, you looked at him and could tell he was uncomfortable and was trying to figure out what to say, “ or we, we could just act on what we’re feeling and just see where it goes from there”. Being Dean’s best friend you knew this was his way of saying that he wanted more than a friends with benefits set up too, but that he was just as confused as you were on how to go about this.  

You smiled up at him and he placed his hand on your leg again rubbing his thumb in circles, you wrapped your arms around him hugging him tightly, “ that sounds like a good plan to me Dean”.

“ You know I really care about you Y/N, whatever this is, it wont be just physical, at least for me, I just don’t know yet what all I can offer you, I don’t really do relationships”

“Whatever this is, it wont just be physical for me either. And I don’t have any expectations, I just know how you make me feel and I want to explore that,  we can take things slow and figure it out together”

“How slow exactly are we talking?” you could hear it in his voice that he wasn’t asking about the relationship aspect.

“Oh my god Dean that’s not what I meant” you said laughing and sitting up to look at him, “just the relationship side of it we’ll take slow”

“Thank god, because you are driving me crazy in my shirt, I won’t be able to keep my hands to myself” He said practically fucking you with his eyes.

You let out a loud laugh, “Well you’d better not keep your hands to yourself, after this morning my thoughts have become explicit fast and I don’t know how much longer I can wait” you turned bright red as soon as it left your mouth.

Dean chuckled, “Glad you enjoyed yourself” his hand creeping up your leg as he spoke.

You rested your chin on his shoulder and put your mouth next to his ear and whispered, “I just wish we were still back at the bunker so you could show me what exactly you meant when you said I was yours, and maybe mark me in a few other places…” referring to the bruise his mouth had left on your throat. You’d worn your hair down so Sam wouldn’t see it but you pulled your hair to one shoulder to give Dean a good look at it.

“Baby girl the things I want to do to you” he growled moving his hand to the top of your gripping hard enough that you knew youd have finger shaped bruises. You leaned in a little closer and pressed a kiss to Dean’s throat and feeling alittle brave by how excited he seemed you leaned in again bit down and sucked a love bite like he had done to you. Dean moaned at that sensation and you smiled, “well don’t stop now” he said wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you even tighter into him his hand then traveling down and giving your ass a squeeze.

“Dean we can talk but we cant go any further your brother is asleep less than an arm’s length away” you giggled at his frustrated groan.

“But that felt good you cant just tease me like that and then stop” he pleaded.

You lifted an eyebrow and smirked at him, “That’s exactly what you did to me earlier I think its only fair”

“You liked me teasing you and you know it” and before you could respond he pulled his hand back and landed a nice smack right on your ass and you couldn’t help the moan that escaped. You looked up at him wide eyed embarrassed and hid your face with your hands, “whoa there baby, maybe you’re a little kinkier than I thought” he said with a huge smile on his face, “I knew we should’ve watched 50 Shades together, a little more info on your kinks would come in handy know” he pulled you into his side and placed a kiss to your forehead.

Your embarrassment subsided a little and you said, “I’d rather you figure them out than me just tell you, it’s more fun that way, but yes I can definitely promise you I’m kinkier than you think” you said a little quieter feeling a blush spread across your face but you didn’t avert your eyes this time.

Dean looked down at you like he could devour you and you could feel the warmth and wetness pooling at your center, ”Sweetheart I cannot wait to discover every little thing that makes you squirm”. You smiled at him and snuggled into his side, you needed to calm yourself before Sam woke up. A few minutes passed and you and Dean had just been sitting in comfortable silence wrapped up in each other as much as you could and Dean still drive safely.

You were thinking again about everything that had happened and realized that through all of this the two of you still hadn’t kissed yet.

“what are you thinking about princess?”

“You haven’t called me that before” you said looking at him with a big smile, he blushed and looked forward shrugging, “I like that one too but my favorite is baby girl”

He smiled at that, “Well baby girl you still haven’t answered my question”

“I was just thinking about everything that’s happened between us the last few days and how its escalated yet we still haven’t kissed’’

Dean looked down at you and moved his arm to rub your side,”Don’t worry, you wont have to wait too much longer for that” you were at a stoplight and he leaned in like he was going to kiss you but he dipped his head down and placed a sweet kiss on your neck. He placed several kisses down your neck to you shoulder, moving your(his) shirt of out the way to place kisses on your collar bone back up your throat. His movements were so slow and tender you didn’t know if  you preferred this or the heated lustful fast moments. You just hoped you’d get to feel both to their fullest extent. He placed one last kiss on your jaw, and looked back into your eyes you could melt into those emerald eyes, his eyes dropped to your mouth and you hoped he didn’t hear your heart beating, but then the light turned green and he went back to driving with a smirk on his face. Right as you were about to get upset with him about getting you excited and leaving you again Sam started to stir.

“Mornin’ Sammy” Dean chuckled. Sam glared at Dean and started to sit up and reach for his bag to do some more research for the case. He was oblivious to the looks that kept passing between you and Dean.


“Sweetheart we’re here” you’re not sure when but you’d fallen asleep some time after you and the boys had stopped to get food and had slept through the rest of the drive apparently curled up in Deans lap. You looked up and Dean was smiling down at you and rubbing your shoulder.

“Im sorry I didn’t mean to sleep all over you” you said rubbing your eyes.

“Its ok sweetheart, Sammy is actually going to go do some interviews with Cas and so we can go rest in the motel room”

“Castiel is here!?”you shot up, you adored to awkward angel and hadn’t seen him in a while

“Yes Y/N, I am here” you looked out the passenger door and saw the trenchcoated angel.

“Cas!” you yelled crawling out of the car and almost knocking him over with a hug, “I’ve missed you Cas! Where have you been?” you asked smiling up at him, Cas still wasn’t great with physical contact but he always smiled and blushed whenever you hugged him like that.

“I had to take care of some things in heaven and it took a while, I am sorry I haven’t been in touch” Dean got out of the car and grabbed the bags and looked over at you impatiently, he was probably just tired from driving all night and wanted to get to the room to sleep.

“Alright well you two be safe and call us if you need anything, we’ll just be in the room resting and since I got a little nap in I’ll try and dig up some info” you said hugging Sam and Castiel and then walking towards Dean.


“Hey Dean I’m gonna grab a shower” the two of you had been sprawled out on the bed watching tv and coming in and out of sleep.

“Want some company in there princess?” Dean smirked at you as you felt your cheeks blush, he was trying to get to you.

Deciding that two could play at that game you turned around in the bathroom doorway, “If you think you can handle me Winchester you’re more than welcome to join.” You raised an eye brow at him while you said this and giggled at the expression on his face he looked surprised and flustered. “Hmm that’s what I thought well I’ll be in here if you decide to join me” winking at him and turning into the bathroom.

You were washing the shampoo out of your hair when you heard the bathroom door open the sound of a belt being undone. You couldn’t believe Dean had actually decided to come in. You were extremely nervous but also very excited, “Dean?”

You felt strong arms wrap around you and pull you back, “Mmhm babygirl” Dean said as he placed a kiss to your neck and then turned you around to face him, you were standing to close to him to see anything below his stomach but you could feel it.

“Hi” you said reaching your hands up caress his cheek.

“Hi” he said back leaning his head down to press his forehead against yours, “so beautiful…” he whispered running his hands down your back. You looked up into his green eyes and you swear in that moment your heart stopped. Finally he leaned his head down and pressed his lips to yours. At first it was just a chaste kiss, but then his hands wandered down to your ass and he gripped you tight deepening the kiss. You reached your arms up around his neck and pulled him down further to you until the two of you were making out in the shower that had long turned cold but neither of you had noticed. Dean then went for your neck biting and licking turning you into a moaning mess, “babygirl the sounds you make drive me crazy, I can’t wait to feel you everywhe-“

“Dean, Y/N, where are you guys?” Sam called out

“Shit” you and Dean said at the same time wondering how to talk your way out of this.

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MALEC SCENE FROM 2x01 - City Of Heavenly Fire’s quotes.

I was—I’m almost four hundred years old, Alexander. Warlocks, as they get older, they start to calcify. They stop being able to feel things. To care, to be excited or surprised. I always told myself that would never happen to me. That I’d try to be like Peter Pan, never grow up, always retain a sense of wonder. Always fall in love, be surprised, be open to being hurt as much as I was open to being happy. But over the last twenty years or so I’ve felt it creeping up on me anyway. There was nobody before you for a long time. Nobody I loved. No one who surprised me or took my breath away. Until you walked into that party, I was starting to think I’d never feel anything that strongly again.


“I swear you never cease to amaze me, (Y/N).”

“Yeah, well, it’s kinda my job to be smart.”

“No really, you just always know what to do. I’m really glad that we’ve become friends, (Y/N).”

“Aww, me too, Barry.”

“So, friends hang out. Do you wanna maybe hang out sometime? Like not at work?”

“Barry, (Y/N), as much as I love seeing your friendship grow, we don’t have time to just sit around. There are meta-humans wreaking havoc in central city that we need to stop.”

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Final designs of characters from my fake game school project that I love so much that I forgot to post them!

The first one is the player character (you!) Shadow, then your questionable Guide (who has ponytail tied with vertebra which makes me envious) and then leaders of each of the seven parts of the city - Dura the doghead guy, Onos the short but tall merchant, Endur the despot who is cold like a freezer, Kama the spider lady, Yolaksha who is actually like 5 meters tall and really weird, Mashda the fish guy who is MY FAVOURITE and also completely crazy and Suna who has five arms growing straight out of his coat, which sure is…handy

Not gonna lie - Jack and Lady Ev are really growing on me.

They make so much sense together. Individually they are utterly selfish and neither of them seems to know any better. But they bring out the best in each other.

Lady Ev telling Jack off in the carriage was perfect. “My father died and you’re making this about you and your pain?! Gtfo!” It was exactly the wake up call bitch baby Jack needed.

But he helps her too, to realize that she has to be considerate of others. The old Lady Ev wouldn’t have come back for him, and she openly admits that, but things are different for her when it comes to Jack. The fact she was so willing this ep to let him see her face when only a few eps ago it was “when we’re friends I’ll show you” was a beautiful bit of writing.

They are both so lost and unsure of who they are, but Oz’s two biggest misfits found a place to belong with each other. Their relationship is strange and unsettling, but so are the both of them so it works. Jack & Lady Ev, who knew? But I’m shipping it hard.


James Wesley

“I find a few days, a week at most, is ample time to form an emotional response. Growing to love something is really simply forgetting slowly what you dislike about it. I’ll be perfectly honest, the situation calls for it, I do not love this city. The crush of the unwashed garbage stacked on the sidewalk, the air that seems to adhere to your skin, the layer of filth you can never completely wash away.”

Great Potential

When I was growing up, I was always the girl everyone said would make a great mom. It made sense; I love being around kids. I was a babysitter for the neighbor’s children when I was ten, and they liked the work I did so much they recommended me to their friends. When I finished high school, I was one of the few people who knew exactly what she wanted to do after college: teach! What better way to enjoy children than being a formative presence in their young lives?

After I got my Masters, I was lucky enough to get a job as a kindergarten teacher in the city. Growing up on a farm in the Midwest was something I’ll always be proud of; great people, strong faith, meat and potatoes meals, and all that, but I really hoped I’d end up in a big city. Lo and behold, my prayers were answered.

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City & Colour - As Much As I Ever Could

Give me one last kiss,
For soon, such distance,
Will stretch between our lips,
Now the day’s losing light.
Lost at sea,
My heart beat is growing weak,
Hoping you’d hear my plea,
And come save my life,
As the storm grew fierce,
And danger was certainly near,
I knew there was nothing to fear.
Bring me your love, tonight.
No, I am not where I belong,
So shine a light and guide me home.

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River and lust for life:

When I think of River I feel a dull ache because I think of Melody dying alone without a care, of Mels growing up with rage and deaths wishes, of River and her memory  gutted like a war-torn city. Because I think of soldiers, fanaticism, hatred and a child in the middle. Because I think of a terrible loneliness that comes from being chosen, special, different, criminal, imprisoned, insane, nothing.

But when I think of River I also feel an irrepressible joy. Like the smile superimposed in the ghostly light of her helmet the very first time I glimpsed at her face in the Library. I hear a throaty laughter, a teasing quip, an assured tone, a dance, a waltz, many waltzes, an exciting tattoo of clicking heels, explosions, beeping dashboards and ancient dirges. I feel sung to, treated to a tale from between Scrooge-McDuck-imprinted sheets and plushies. I learn little girls are made of stuff as only fortresses are made on, with the cold corridors, labyrinthine dampness and besieged loneliness it begs. And old girls are made of what’s left of little girls, with all the vision, delight and impatience it can muster.

I love the fun River has with her life, like one would have white wine with goat cheese. Fun goes well with life. Perhaps not happiness because it would require equilibrium, wholeness, peace River cannot recover or rebuild, but certainly joie de vivre. And that’s enough to fuel a life. To blaze.

Through losses, we make compromises to keep on living. We accommodate ourselves to unhappiness, for life. River always left me with the impression the compromises were made to keep on enjoying.

Shadows of Gotham [Tim Drake Imagine]

Anon: Can you do a Tim D imagine. Him and r fell for each other before but r had to leave and broke up with him for years until they met up again. I guess Tim and Cassandra (wonder g) are dating when reader comes back.

Warnings: cursing, blood, assault

I have decided to break this up into parts so the post itself isn’t so long, but I do like this prompt. I freaking LOVE Tim Drake so freaking much <3

Gotham. It’s a place that never leaves you. You grow up in a place where a man and a woman dressed as a clown terrorizes the streets. Robberies occur every night in both the banks and museums. The man in black and his sidekick that protects the citizens of this city are amazing people, but he couldn’t be everywhere at once.

“Help me! Please!” i would have normally just overlooked the screaming woman in the alley. It happens all the time whether it be an abusive spouse or a kidnapping. I overlooked the situation completely. Something inside of me switched on. I couldn’t live in this city comfortably anymore. I don’t want my hometown to be the one nobody ever wanted to go to because you were as good as dead.

I head down the alley to find two guys pinning a girl to the brick wall. The music of the club boomed through the wall. A sudden rush of confidence ran through me as I threw my fist at the first man and kicking the other in the back of the thigh.

“You bitch!” The men drop the girl as she runs off. Every girl for themselves, right? Both of the taller figures come for me with fists flying. I try my best to block it with my small wrists, but eventually I find myself on the ground. The punching and kicking continue as I give up. They yell obscenities until they mash together into random sounds.I am as good as dead now anyways. Red tints my vision as I feel the gash on my forehead run like a river down all sides of my face. A sudden movement in the shadows receives my attention through all the chaos. A voice come from the shadows.

“I would step away from her if I was you.”  The men stop their pounding to take on the new contender as I try to regain my senses.

“What would you do to try and stop us? Huh? Why don’t you come out and fight.” The both ready themselves to fight. Puffing out their chests trying to get as large as they could. The figure steps out of the shadows wearing a familiar red suit and black mask. The two men scoff at the young boy and charge like he’s nothing. Within seconds the Boy Wonder takes out his staff and there are the two are on the ground.

“Run,” Robin says as they do exactly that. The young male notices my state and sprints over. Kneeling down to be eye level with my head injury.

“I need to take you home to treat you. Where do you live?” I spit out my address with a light amount of blood coming out as well. I feel myself losing control of my body. My hands and feet becoming non-existent as the ground swayed beneath us. The street lights becoming dimmer and dimmer until all I could see was black.

I wake up on my couch and grab my head in pain. I run my hands across the bandages that covered my forehead. I look down my down to find some cuts in my clothing and stitches scattered in various places. I swing my legs over so that I am sitting upright. I look to the coffee table in front of me to see Advil, water, and a piece of paper. I grab the paper and begin to read the message.

“Dear (Y/N), I had to stitch up your wounds, which hopefully explains the several cuts in your clothing. I will bring you new clothes to make up for this. Please take the painkillers as instructed on the bottle and, just a quick tip for you, use your hips when you punch to stay balanced. Please just stay safe.” The note ends with a large “R” stamped on the bottom.

Eito decided to give Penny a call, letting her know he knew about the big secret and was very upset about it. Finally he invited Penny over to see her before the baby was born.

Eito: “I’m really disappointed you let me miss so much of my child. This is my first born, and I wasn’t invited to any baby appointments, you didn’t give me the chance to experience this journey with you and the baby and watch it grow inside you…What are you even going to name it, I don’t even know if it’s a boy or girl….” *looks down at her belly very depressed*


Last Thursday, I participated in my first art showcase EVER.  I’m officially a RAW artist, and can now participate in any of their upcoming shows in any city.

This show meant so much to me on professional level as well as a personal level.  It was amazing seeing how well received my work was to complete strangers.  I was greeted with so many encouraging words, and lots of sales.  It’s great motivation to know that my work has an audience and that it can do well with my perseverance behind it.  

I’ve never spoken to people about my work before, because I have always been insecure about it in the past.  This year has been an amazing, and challenging growing experience for me.  I have grown so much artistically, creatively, and spiritually.  This is only the beginning for even better experiences and more challenges! But I will achieve everything I set my mind to, it is all tangible.  


Acrylic on Gesso board
The first half of my Concentration. I put so much of my heart into this, I hope I can continue to grow as an artist and I hope my work will come across as honest as I wish it to.
Feel free to message me if you want to here my artist statement 🖤

I feel like nri’s are most affected by Coldplay and Beyonce’s new video. If I had still lived in India, I would probably appreciate the fact that my culture was becoming more mainstream. But as someone who has had to endure stereotypes for what I wear, what I eat, whom I worship, I don’t appreciate Coldplay and Beyonce freely flaunting what i’ve had to suppress. America is still inherently racist and growing up, my Indian-ness was looked down upon. Yet when Coldplay and Beyonce embrace it, bindis and saris become “art”… the cultural significance is reduced into a few minutes’ worth of aesthetics

Not only that, westerners only portray india as poverty-stricken, third world, and Bollywood-worshipping. I was born in Mumbai, I’ve visited Mumbai on many occasions and it’s a beautiful, variegated city that is so much more. There are wealthy parts as there are poor parts, but Coldplay and Beyonce don’t want us to know that. And don’t even get me started on Sonam Kapoor–her 3 second cameo was just a tool to soften the blow they knew they were going to receive for their blatant cultural appropriation. So throw in a “real” bollywood actress, “respect” the culture, no one has to get hurt. It’s like dipping your feet in the water and saying you went for a swim. Alas, she was just a prop, no different from those little street dancing kids and that run-down cinema set. What’s the point?

As a biracial girl growing up in a very white city, I found myself especially attaching to the allegory of Harry Potter’s blood politics. 

In middle school, when I was confronting that there were people out there who’d call me “n****r,” I thought back to Hermione being called “mudblood” and harassed by teacher and students alike.

I related to her deeply, but like with so much of what I watched and read, I couldn’t see myself in Hermione. There was a gap, and even for a kid as obsessed with pop culture as I was it was one that existed between me and most of the things I was reading and watching.

—  What A “Racebent” Hermione Granger Really Represents - a brilliant piece exploring the importance of diversity in fiction - by Harry Potter Alliance volunteer Alanna Bennett.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to continue the family tradition of taking pictures in my grandmothers pollera. La pollera is the traditional folk dress of Panama and this pollera has been worn by my grandmother, aunt and cousin.

I didn’t have any family to help me put it on so I hope I did it right. Its hard to find english info on the pollera online and I didn’t live with my dad growing up so I didn’t pick up much Spanish. I also had to wear a half wig because I have a pixie cut that the hair pieces can’t go on.

I’m proud to be a mutt haha. The last picture shows how the seasons really bring out different sides of my family history.

Interview for My Town Magazine


When did you first come to New York City?

I came when I was 15 with my agent at the time to see agencies and a few important go-sees. I was in awe. I moved to NYC about two years later.

What did you imagine the city to be like?

I expected it to look like all the movies I’d seen as a little girl growing up in South Africa – and it was exactly how you would expect and more. Sometimes when I’m driving around or in a cab, it still feels like I’m in one of those films.

What are your favorite movies shot in New York city?

9½ Weeks, Belly, and Meet Joe Black.

What do you love most about the city?

The constant energy of people with a purpose, and all the cultures mixed together in a great big melting pot. NYC has so much diversity, and even though I’ve been living here for so many years, it gives me a constant renewal of energy. New York is definitely the place where if you’re persistent enough, you can make your dreams come true. It can be tough at times, but it always has its way of inspiring me.

What drives you nuts about it?

Taxi drivers with bad attitudes and the traffic. And no nature – that’s the thing I crave most when I’m in the city for too long.

What was your first apartment here like?

Once I’d made enough money to move out of the model apartment I was in, I moved to a tiny apartment on 14th Street. And when I say “tiny,” it was literally a box. The bed was a loft bed and so close to the ceiling I couldn’t sit up. That said, I was just happy and proud to have a place to call my own.

Who are your favorite New Yorkers?

Robert De Niro and Notorious B.I.G.

What’s your favorite neighborhood?

The East Village.

What neighborhood would you love to live in someday?

The Upper East Side, so I can take my dogs to Central Park.

What do you love most about Central Park?

The fresh air and the African drummers near the great lawn.

Are you an Uber or yellow-cab girl?


What street do you love walking down?

Bleecker or West Broadway.

What’s your favorite restaurant?


What’s your favorite hotel?

The Carlyle.

What’s the last Broadway show you saw.

The Lion King. It made me quite emotional.

What iconic tourist spot have you never visited?

The Statue of Liberty.

What should every tourist do when they’re in town?

Try as many restaurants as they possibly can, and explore the city by bicycle. Also visit Williamsburg on the weekends–it has a very laid-back vibe.

Do you spend much time in Brooklyn?

We go often in the summer. My fiancé and I love to ride over the Williamsburg Bridge on our motorcycle to visit friends and explore new restaurants and markets.

Where will we find you on a Saturday night in the city?

At home, at my Chinese massage spot, or having dinner with friends.

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