this christmas is uneventful


Minseok x Reader
Genre: smut/fluff? It’s a mess.
Length: 3.7K words

Summary: You meet Minseok in a bar and swear that you know him from SOMEWHERE but have no idea where, but now you have to do something about it.

A/N: One Shot Challenge taken with @soobadnoonecanstopher, @thesammtimes, @3kpop2jagi1, @xiubaek13, and @forexcapism


Happy hour on a Monday night. It may not be your ideal place to spend your hours after work, but in the end, you were glad you went.

After a pretty uneventful, yet somewhat relaxing christmas and new year’s break, you had to return to the grind of work upon the new year. Seeming as if you’d never even left, there lie all of your lesson plans stacked on your desk, just the way you had left it. Perfect.

You were a school teacher and you loved it, but that isn’t to say that you loved Mondays. In fact, collectively, the entire human race probably hates mondays just as much, especially students + teachers.

After a rigorous first day back, a few of your co-workers decided to go out to a local bar, celebrating the survival. When they invited you to tag along, you were all too fake excited to join, and to your dismay they bought it. All you wanted to do was go home, and drink in the comfort of our own home.

Reluctantly, you followed through and joined them.

“Okay, wait, I need to say something,” Ahn starts off, “can you believe the bull- ,” and there she goes, the more vivacious of the four of you, talking about all the bullshit the supervisor is already putting her through as the school’s secretary. She continues on her rant with the help of two more shots while the rest of you cheekily sip on your drinks, giggling and joining in the conversation with her.

After your first drink was long gone, you started to tune the group out and scan the rest of the bar. You can’t help but notice that there are far more people than you would have expected here on a Monday night. As you’re looking towards your right, you feel someone bump into your left arm, causing you to swiftly turn your head around to look at the person who just briefly invaded your space.

“Oh, excuse me.” The voice says as you feel a hand quickly reach back to rest on your arm and that’s when you froze. His voice smoothe, eyes so dark you saw a slight glimmer of light in them. And a sharp tingle trickled down your back.

“It’s fine,” you reply, holding onto his glance a little too long.

He hardly even looks at you a second longer before turning around and walking away. Your eyes fixate on the back of his head, watching him as he walks away. He turns around once, making eye contact with you. A sudden feeling of familiarity washes over you, he smiles back at you and winks your way before turning back around. Your mind starts to travel almost at the speed of light trying to figure out where you knew this person from. You just can’t erase the image of those dark crescent shaped eyes from your brain.

“Oh, Y/N! He is a baaabe!” Ahn says, cutting your thoughts short as her slightly drunken voice takes over.

“Yeah, did you see the way he looked at you? With those dangerous eyes of his,” your other co-worker, Rei teased.

“What? You’re joking, right? The guy hardly even looked at me, y’all. It was nothing.” You respond, looking back in his direction.

“If it was nothing then why are you still checking him out even though he’s miles away?” Ahn challenged you, to which you could only roll your eyes in response.

You thought about it more, and realized maybe you were looking at him longer than necessary. However, you just couldn’t shake the feeling of distinctly remembering him from somewhere. Because you had seen him before. The question was, where?

“Hey, I’m going to the bathroom, okay?”

“Ooo! Okay, well go on over to the bathroom! While you’re at it, go get that babe’s number!” Ahn says, already on her second round, she gets way too invested in your love life when she’s had a few drink in her.

“Shut up, Ahn. I actually have to pee. Is that a problem?”

She waves her hand at you, woosh-ing you away and with that you smirk, walking towards the bathroom.

As you made your way to the bathroom, weaving around other slightly tipsy strangers, it hit you.

You did know him! You quickened your pace, making a beeline to the back of the bar where the noise wasn’t as loud. You pulled out your phone and called your best friend.

“H-hello?” She answers with a raspy voice, and you knew you had woken her up.

“J! What was the name of that strip club we went to last year? On your birthday?” You asked, not even realizing it’s 11pm, explaining why she was asleep, if the baby’s asleep, then she’s asleep.

“Look, you know I need this time to sleep, Y/N, right?”

“I’m sorry! But just tell me, do you remember that bar? The one where we saw that very specific dancer. The main performance of the night, light skin, jet black hair, and sharp, crescent shaped eyes.” You voice stops short after that brief description as you caught a glimpse of him from where you were standing. That has to be him. No one else could look that good.

With no response from your friend, you grunt and say one last detail, “you kept saying that it looked like he wanted to take me to the back and give me a special dance.”

“Bar Bellas!” She shouts into the phone. She’s completely awake now and one hundred percent invested into your late night phone call.

“Yes! That’s the one! I’m at this bar with some co-workers and this guy bumps into me.” You continue to retell the events of the night that brought you to this particular phone call, “I thought I knew him from somewhere, but couldn’t place where.” You catch a glimpse of him again from where you’re standing, “I think he’s here.”

“You need to get off the phone and go talk to him! Maybe ask him if he’s still down for giving you that special dance.” She jokes.

“Go to sleep.” You respond, knowing you secretly wouldn’t mind a special dance from him. But you couldn’t let anyone else know that.

“Hey, you have to break the ice some way.” She says before hanging up.

You know she’s right, but there is no way in hell that you are going to actually ask him that, not right away at least. Were you actually going to confront him? And what would you say and how would he react to you? Do you go back to the table? Or to him?

All these questions started to form in your mind, the nerves getting to you, it was all becoming too much to handle. You were seconds away from walking towards your table when your phone chimes.

[11:14] J:  Don’t you even think about walking back to your table without going to talk

  to the hottie beforehand. LOVE U!

She knows you all too well.

A waitress was roaming the bar, handing out specialty drinks of the night. As she was crossing your path, you grabbed one from her and took a few sips. Your feet started to move slowly towards the black couch, eyes fixated on him, mind deciding on the right words to form.

Alcohol clearing buzzing your mind, you felt a slight wave of confidence hit you. Your feet began to move a bit faster now, as the dark haired guy became clearer with each step. The voices of the people around you became inaudible, your senses seemed to only fixate on him. And now, standing in front of him, you watch as he scrolls through his phone with one hand and his drink in the other.

Clearly unaware of his surroundings, you sit beside him on the leather sofa, taking in the last sip from your drink.

“Bar Bellas,” you say, looking at him and taking in the smell of his sharp cologne.

“Hmm?” He hums, after he takes a sip from his drink. You watch as the muscles in his face contract, while he lets the alcohol slowly make its way down.

“That’s where I’ve seen you.” You state, twirling your empty glass in your hand.

He turns his attention towards you, his crescent shaped eyes scanning you from head to toe. It makes you feel hot just watching as he takes in your form with his eyes.

“Is that so?” He asks coolly, looking back at his phone. “You think I would be hanging out at a place like Bar Bellas?” Another sip.

“Well,” you start, “more like working at Bar Bellas.” You smirk as you notice his eyes look away from his phone but they look at any specific thing, just straight ahead. The beginnings of a smirk forms on his face before quickly vanishing.

“It’s you, right?” You ask, pushing him a bit. You continue, “you were on the main stage that night… the main performance… the big surprise of the night. You performed quite the number, sir.” At that, you weren’t sure if the last word sounded as sexual outloud as it did in your head.

“And what makes you think that was me up there? The ‘big surprise’?” He asks, locking his phone before tucking it into his pocket. You have his full attention now. Jackpot.

“Because I’d recognize those eyes anywhere.”

You lock eyes with him, flashes of that night appear in your mind. You begin to remember seeing him shirtless on the stage, skinny white jeans hugging his legs. He let his body roll and move so swiftly with the music. You remember feeling every hip thrust he made against the air that night, you also remember him making eye contact with you while he gave some tipsy woman a lap dance for three minutes.

“Ah, flattery.” He chuckles, “you use it well, darling.” He leans closer to you, letting his leg touch yours as he takes another sip from his drink. Heat begins to radiate from such a simple contact, and it was slowly driving you crazy. His eyes held onto your gaze, hypnotizing you while the alcohol buzzed through your body.

“So, it is you, then?” You ask, the light essence of his cologne continues to fill your nose, sending sweet chills coolly down your spine.

“Darling,” he leans in closer, tugging your hair behind your ear, the air in between is nothing but the heat and breaths of yours and his. He lets his lips graze your ear as he finishes his sentence, “I’m afraid you have me confused with someone else.”

“Look, I know it’s you.” You start.

“Can I ask you something?” He interjects, and you nod for him to continue, “why are you so hung up on some guy that you saw a year ago? And what makes you think he would even remember you?”

“Because I never told you exactly how long ago it was that I saw you.” You reply, he just unknowingly confirmed his identity to you and is playing hard to get. His face doesn’t emit that he knows he fucked up, but you can see it in his eyes.

“So,” you start, placing your empty glass on the small table in front of the two of you, “Now that I know it is you, will you tell me your name?”


“Nice try. I mean your real name.”

“Can I at least get you another drink?” He asks, clearly trying to stall.

You comply and let him order your third drink of the night while you begin to remind him of the events a year ago that made him so memorable to you. As your drinks arrive you both enjoy the light hums of the few individuals that still remained around you in this bar.

“Minseok.” He says, “My name is Kim Minseok and I do remember you from that night. I remember you because you were the first girl to walk into that club and give me butterflies.” You smile at the way it sounds so cheesy, thinking how on earth could you give him butterflies. “I’m serious! I almost left high and dry because I was so nervous.”

“I find that hard to believe, considering you did perform. Not to mention, you locked eyes with me as you grinded on some woman’s lap as some sort of lame middle school way to get me jealous.”

“I’ll admit, I wanted to get a rise out of you, just to see what you’d do.” He takes a sip. The way he drinks is even enchanting, and you can’t help but admire the shadows around his face under the dimly lit bar lights.

Minseok continues, “unfortunately, you did nothing and left. And I felt like a dick because I thought I would never see you again. And I wanted to. I wanted to see you again so bad.” He moves closer to you, eliminating any space between the two of you. You swear that his face is closing in, your breaths are one.

“Well, here I am.” You whisper, “it took me about a year but I’m here.”

“Fate.” Minseok whispers back. “But now that you’re here,” he says, leaning away and back, “you must know that I won’t go any further without taking my girl on a proper date.”

Minseok winks one of his crescent shaped eyes, adding another layer of fire to the flame burning in you for him.

He reaches into his pocket and checks his phone for the time before handing it to you, “Will you please put your number in for me, darling?”

You grab the phone and start to put in your number, and you realize something, “Don’t you think you should know my name?”

“You don’t like pet names, darling?” He asks, exaggerating the tone of the last word as to imply ‘darling’ is now your name.

You hit his arm, “I don’t do pet names,”

“Hmm, we’ll just see about that, darling.” His voice reaches a new level of deep.

Two days have passed since the monday night bar scene and no word from Minseok. Of course you didn’t expect a message from him right away, but that didn’t stop you from anxiously checking your phone and jumping at the sound of each ‘ding’ that went off from your phone.

The next morning you receive a text,

[9:13am] Minseok: Bar Bellas.

8:00pm. Come find me, DARLING.


You roll your eyes, but don’t stop the gigantic smile that’s growing on your face. Looks like you have. .  a date? Nonetheless, you zoom through your lesson plan, watching the minutes go by slowly, until you’re finally home. Your nerves are in overdrive, you’re hungry for Minseok’s aura. Something about him made you feel like no other. You spend the next few hours getting ready, wondering why he is asking you to go back to that club. While he’s working, isn’t that cheap?

8:00pm rolls around and you find yourself roaming the club, scanning the room for Minseok but of course, he’s nowhere to be found. The lights dim darker than they already were, the girls in the club begin cheering as a single spotlight shines on the main stage.

“Oh, god.” You let out as your eyes fall onto center stage where the lean, muscled body glistens under the white light. Minseok is wearing white jeans, hugging every curve, a white vest over his shirtless torso, all topped off with a bandana tied around his head. His jet black hair contrasts so hotly with his skin tone, and white attire. The familiar heat already traces down through your body and in between your thighs.

A bass-thumping song begins to play as Minseok starts his dance, and it is just how you remember, but this time he’s coming closer, walking towards you. -Wait, why is he coming this way? What does he think he’s doing?- Minseok starts making his way towards you, bedroom eyes piercing through your entire being, whipping you up into his lust. As he walks towards you, instinctively you slowly back away until the back of your legs hit a chair, sitting on it as one of the workers holds it down for you. Minseok has a smirk plastered on his face as he stands before you.

“What are you doing, Min?” You ask him as he leans down to you.

“Just stay still, darling. Trust me.” He whispers into your ear. He takes off his bandana and wraps it around your eyes, the sounds of ladies woo-ing and the music heightening as you feel a pair of legs straddle you, he’s giving you a lap dance. You feel his body grinding on your thighs, his groin making itself known against your body and the pool of lust is flooding in you. Your mind is going hazy, since you can’t see a thing, you desperately want to touch him.

The blindfold is ripped away from your eyes, and the ladies cheer louder, as you try to focus your gaze. The crowd is slightly tipsy and drunkenly jealous of you in this moment, while you try to soak up every second. Minseok is staring down at you, biting on his lip, he is loving every moment of this. It takes all he has to keep it professional, but he wants more, hungry for you as you sit underneath him dripping in equal lust.** He proceeds with his lap dance, body rolling slowly over you, enticing you. You squeeze your legs together, the heated tension becoming unbearable. He runs his hand through your hair, cupping the back of your head to hold you still while he slowly grinds into you, letting you feel every twitch of muscle in his legs while his hard on presses against you.

Minseok teasingly removes his white vest from his body until his bare torso stares at you in all its glory. He then leans down and whispers in your ear, “the red door at the back. Ten minutes.” He let his lips graze your ear with every word he said, his hot breath latching onto your skin. He removes his body from you completely, the cold air hits you like a truck as you collect your senses, watching him teasingly dance his way back to the stage.

He continues on with his dance, occasionally flirting with the closest lady there, sending them a series of winks and air kisses to make them swoon and drown in their own pool of lust for him. You’re too wound up and focused on his dance, when another dancer comes up from behind, “You better get to that red door, Miss. Wouldn’t want to make him wait,” he tells you as he stands you up and leads you towards the back. He leads you through the club and up to the red door, and before leaving he asks you for your name then sends you a wink before walking away.

You’re standing next to this door, scanning the club, waiting for the next move when the door opens behind you and a hand reaches out, pulling you inside. You stumble your way in as Minseok stands that holding you in place. His smile is from ear to ear, and you can’t help but return the smile.

He kisses your cheek, and begins a trail of light kisses down your neck, while his hands wrap around your waist pulling you tight against his body. You can feel just how desperate he is for you through his jeans. He continues to shower you in his lustful affection, before pausing to look at you with a confused expression.

“Is something wrong, Y/N?”

“Aren’t I not supposed to touch you? Isn’t that one of the rules?” You ask.

He chuckles, “Darling, I’m off the clock. This isn’t business anymore, it’s pleasure.”

The corner of Minseok’s lips perk into a crooked smirk before locking with yours as he slides his tongue in your mouth, wasting no more time. Your hands reach up to tug on his hair emitting a groan from him. He continues to kiss you until both your lips are bruised, hands sliding up under your skirt, squeezing your ass.

Minseok is deeply engulfed in you, wanting to devour you and you wanted him equally, if not, more. With adrenaline pumping through your veins, you don’t know when Minseok’s jeans came off or where your panties have gone. All you know now is that Minseok has you pushed up against a velvet covered wall with your hips wrapped around his waist as he steadily places his member at your entrance. Everything happens in a blur, he is pumping in and out of you, fucking you against the wall sending you into oblivion and beyond.

Minseok doesn’t just fuck to please himself, and that’s what drives you insane, he pays attention to detail, nipping and sucking at every delicate part of your body. He’d touch you and please you in many ways that you didn’t know were possible. He makes you feel every sensation, to which you can only moan out senseless words ranging from obscenities to his name in a repeated chant. You swear both your moans have heightened over the club’s music, and just when you feel the coil in the pit of your stomach about to burst, Minseok pushes himself into you as deep as he can, sending off a new level of pleasure for you. It makes your body squirm and twitch, but you don’t want it to stop. His lips are on your neck and you feel him walking away from the wall and over to the velveted couch in the middle of the room. He lays you down and continues to fuck you both to your highs.

The coil rips, a wave of pleasure and sensations flood your body and Minseok’s, making you both feel paralyzed in bliss.

After a while, you two lay on the velveted couch, catching your breaths as your fingers intertwine together, bodies glistening in each other’s sweat and lust.

You finally break the silence, “good call on having your co-worker ask for my name, by the way,” you say teasingly.

Minseok chuckles pulling you close against his body, “it’s been a delight to make your acquaintance, Y/N.”

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so ive been avidly following your evak drabbles (they are marvellous) and ive had a terrible prompt floating around my head for a few days now. ok ok hear me out, we know isak is absolutely shite at being discreet with his porn tabs, but get this he has totally forgotten to delete grindr off his phone (that he downloaded in episode 2 to stalk even on). even perhaps stumbles upon it one day when he is looking at cute photos of them, copious amounts of teasing ensues decide the rest <3

oh holy god. this prompt. I was literally half way through another one when I had to stop because I kept thinking about this one. So you’ve got me, anon. You’ve got my attention, so sit back and ride this out with me.


There is something to be said for an empty apartment on a Friday night.

Even grins and lays back on Isak’s bed, door wide open, every so often listening to the off key sound of his boyfriend singing in the shower.

Life is good. Right now, this minute, it’s the best it’s ever been. And that’s thanks to the boy singing Adele as he washes off remnants of their afternoon. It’s thanks to the uneventful, drama free weeks of their relationship following Christmas.

Through the haze of Isak’s singing, Even reaches for his boyfriend’s phone, thumbing the lock (Even’s birthday, the sap) and glances at the home screen.

“Isak, which photo am I looking for?”

Even hears Isak’s singing cut off in the midst of a moving rendition of Hello. “What?”

“The photo!” Even calls out, snorting at the image of Even passed out with his mouth open and drooling that acts as the home screen image. “The one my mom took the morning after Christmas that she wants you to send to her.”

“Oh- yeah.” The shower cuts off, “It’s the one of us on the floor in front of the Christmas tree. Give me five minutes and I’ll find it!”

Even rolls his eyes. Five minutes his ass. If Isak takes less than fifteen minutes in the bathroom after a shower, he counts it a miracle.

“Uh huh,” he says, mostly for himself. Then loud enough for Isak to hear him, “No worries, I’ll find it! Where is your gallery icon?”

Even flips through the pages on the phone, trying to locate the fucking button.

Facebook, no. Instagram, no. Fucking Snapchat, no. Grindr-

Even pauses, sliding his thumb away from the screen.


Sure enough, at the bottom right hand corner on Isak’s third page, a little orange button sits with a creepy fucking black mask icon.

What the fuck.

Even glances up at the empty doorway, unsure whether he should be impressed or really fucking concerned. But Isak wouldn’t. There is no fucking way he would. Isak could hardly look Even in the eyes the first time Even had gone down on his, let alone use Grindr to hook up with guys.

Nevertheless, Even hits the app and waits for it to load.

Last Activity October 2016.

Even lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and laughs, the situation sinking in. He pulls up some of Isak’s last conversations, noting that his boy didn’t respond to a single one and that each message was more vulgar than the last.

B-Toy: Do you squirt?

Even snorts out loud. God he can almost imagine the look on Isak’s face reading these.

“Baby?” Even calls out, thumbing through more of the messages his eyes growing wider with each one and the corners of his mouth growing sore with the force of his grin.


Even props himself on the pillows, getting ready for the show.

“Uh- who is Daddy890?”

Silence, then a muted and confused “What the fuck?”

“What about Bottom4You? And it’s a number 4, so straight to the point.” Even snorts, “Apparently he’s been a bad boy who wants to be punished.”

Another bout of silence and then a loud thud, followed by a clear, “FUCK! OH MY FUCKING GOD.”

Even can’t help the burst of laughter that bubbles up, escaping his chest in almost honks of sound. He hears another thud and then the bathroom door slams open.

Isak rushes into the room, covered in only a towel that he holds up with his left hand. He zeros in immediately on Even with his phone and the specific app that’s pulled up. “Even.”

“I’m just- does he know what you’re like in the bedroom?” Even gasps out through pees of laughter, only strengthened by the force of the red flush starting at Isak’ s chest and flaming upward.

Isak squawks, lunging for the phone. Even rolls smoothly away, holding the phone up to his face, and crawling backwards to evade Isak’s desperate swipes. “StrongSven wants to know if you like to be called ’baby’. I can certainly tell him the answer to that.”

Isak crawls on top of the bedding, ignoring how his towel falls off in the process. “I fucking hate you so much!”

“I feel like we should talk about this a little.” Even gasps, finally surrendering the phone when Isak hooks his arms around Even’s waist and he’s left with a lap of warm, naked boy.

Which is something he could get very used to.

No,” Isak says forcefully, trying and failing to hide his beet red face in Even’s shoulders. “We are never talking about this. This was a mistake brought on from curiosity, Eskild, and a lonely night watching Romeo + Juliet! I can’t believe I forgot to delete it.”

“Curiosity?” Even pulls back, hooking a hand through Isak’s hair and pulling slightly- just enough pressure until Isak had no choice but to look Even in the eyes. He tried to tramp down another grin and keep his face serious, “Were you looking for me on there?”

Isak looks absolutely scandalized, “Of course not!”

Even raises his eyebrows, recognizing the over the top, high pitched tone of a lying Isak. “You were! You were looking for me on Grindr!”

Isak groans, “And this is how I die.”

“What did you think my name would be?” Even says in between his bouts of laughter, “BigDaddyE?”

Isak chokes.“Jesus Christ, please don’t ever let those words come out of your mouth ever again.”

“No? How about TopGun?” Even snorts, “Get it? A movie reference, plus I’m a top! It’s meant to be. Oh what about Even<3TheD? Only like with a heart emoji. Too cute?”

Isak takes a huge breath, “I will literally suck your dick right now and whenever you want for the rest of your life if you never speak of this ever again.”

Even’s mouth snaps shut as he considers. He can’t help but glance down, where Isak is naked and squirming on his lap.

Well that- that’s just an offer too tempting to give up.

(Later, when they’re both panting and laying side by side, Even sits up. “I’ve got it- EvenTakesYouToHeaven. That’s it.”

“You are the worst.”)

Miss America

(gif credit to the creator)

Miss America (Skeptics and True Believers pt 14)


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,026

Warnings: Drinking, language, angsty Dean feels

Song: Miss America - Something Corporate

A/N: This is also written in Dean’s point of view.

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Ty & Zane: whose lucky folks get the pair of you for Christmas? are there plans for the lovely nieces to meet one day?

Ty: Zane decided not to take vacation days over Christmas so his co-workers who have kids can spend the holidays with their families. I’m sure the families will meet one day. Sadie and Amelia are pretty far apart in age right now, so having them meet now would be pretty uneventful.

Zane: And I’m spending Christmas day with my fiance, so I can’t really ask for anything more.

Ty: Merry Christmas, Beautiful.

Zane: Merry Christmas, doll.

So take me back into your arms/ If you my love would win

My own Christmas is promising to be rather sparse and uneventful, but I’m comforting myself with hearty, wintry food, long conversations with loved ones who are too far away to celebrate with me otherwise, and dressing up. The best thing about not having a trend focused style is that there’ll always be something at the back of your closet, something that hasn’t seen the light of day in years, but something that you suddenly realise is perfect for your current look. I bought this vintage tartan dress in 2010 but it never really fitted me so it languished at the back of my wardrobe till recently. It’s still a bit too tight at the bust but I feel rather accomplished at all the DIY I have performed on it - from chopping off 4 inches at the bottom and hemming it, to making the sleeves roomier and fixing buttonholes. I’ve always been terrified of sewing, mostly because I simply cannot muster enough patience to do it properly, but the more I force myself to sew, the easier it gets! 

External image

These tights were sent to me by Karen from Falbala. I first discovered this brand back in the summer when they followed me on Twitter, and I immediately fell in love with their hand embellished tights, hold ups, and stockings. At that point, they didn’t have a very extensive size range, so I asked Karen if there were any plans of expanding to larger sizes. She told me that she was looking into stocking larger sizes, and I’m glad to note that Falbala has lived up to that promise - the tights now go upto a UK 26 and the sheer stockings to a UK 32. The tights I chose don’t seem to be on the site currently, but there are other similar pairs. These don’t have a size label at the back, but I believe they are the ones that range from UK 8-14. I’m currently a UK 14 and these are just a teensy bit too small for me, not enough to slip down or be uncomfortable, but I’d recommend sizing up if you can. The quality is at par with similar tights I’ve bought on the UK high street in the past, and probably a bit thicker and softer - more like the ones I have from We Love Colors. The embellishment is absolutely gorgeous and very sturdy as well, which is great because my tights go through a bit of rough use. Overall, I’m really happy with these, and I predict they’ll be getting a lot of wear this winter. Thanks, Karen! 

External image

While I have enough company and love this Christmas, even in my solitude, I have been through Christmasses in the past that were not so pleasant. Sian of Sort Life Out Buy Milk has compiled an incredibly useful and comprehensive list of resources in the UK that you can access through either the phone or IM should you find yourself lonely and depressed. For those outside the UK, this might help (h/t to Sian again for posting this on her Tumblr!) Being depressed and alone at a time of the year which is set aside for family and togetherness can be an emotionally draining experience - it has been for me in the past, and I hope that isn’t how it is for you who’s reading this now, but if it is, maybe this would also help. Above all, I wish all of you the loveliest Christmas (if you celebrate it) and very happy Holidays ♥

Wearing >>

Dress: Vintage // Tights: Falbala // Sequin slippers: ASOS (a few seasons ago) 

Shop the look>> 

This Anon asked: fluffilicious holidays with gom? (:

I know Christmas is already over and that we have to wait yet another 11 months, but when you say ‘Holidays,’ I can’t help but feel Christmasy! So here’s to more Christmas/winter themed asks and once again, I’m sorry for the lateness… 

Kuroko Tetsuya: The Phantom Sixth Man doesn’t think he’s always loved shopping like this. On the contrary, it wasn’t his favorite activity as he was always left behind or forgotten by others, but being here with you while together you hunted down gifts for your friends, he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, even in the suffocating atmosphere of the mall. 
“Tetsuya-kun, look! This cake looks delicious!” You say, pointing enthusiastically at the decorative treat being displayed in the bakery window and Kuroko can only smile warmly. Yes, there was no place he’d rather be. 

Kise Ryōta: The blond model is very excited to be spending the Holidays together with you, having gotten to go Christmas shopping, make cookies, decorate, and attend parties together. At long last it was finally Christmas Eve and all the Holiday stress that was steadily piling up was finally released. As of now, the two of you were seated peacefully on Ryōta’s sofa as he watches you sip cutely at a mug of cocoa. His ever-observant golden orbs are fixated on all your expressions as you continue to watch the film on the television, letting out smiles here and there in reaction to what’s going on, on screen. This is by far the most uneventful Christmas Eve in Kise’s life yet it has been the best by far. Kaijō’s ace’s eyes light up when he sees the clock strike twelve and he promptly taps you on the shoulder, and when you turn to face your boyfriend, captures your lips with his own. Kise gives you the biggest grin when you break apart and it only makes your heart flutter more.
“Merry Christmas [F/n]cchi!” 

Aomine Daiki: Daiki lets out an unmanly screech when he feels the harsh cold of snow against his bare neck. Irritably, Tōō’s ace turns sharply around to see your giggling face, your form already high tailing away from him. Aomine curses, wiping the already melting whiteness of his neck and runs after you, grinning when he hears you squeak before he tackles you to the ground. When your two forms hit the ground he quickly checks to make sure you’re alright and panics when he see’s you’re shaking then deadpans when he finds that you’re just laughing uncontrollably. The midnight haired player lets out a growl when he hears you barely manage to choke out between giggles that he’s such a child before leaning down to passionately take your lips with his own. The mood is hazy when he feels you flip him, so that he’s on the bottom, your lips swollen and eyes dreamy. 
“Daiki…” Your voice is barely a whisper as you lean down to (what Aomine assumes) envelope the power forward in another lip lock only to give him a sly smirk then to shove another fistful of snow against his face before quickly running off. 

Midorima Shintarō: The shooting guard’s emerald orbs observe you intently as you put the finishing touches on the wreath, humming merrily to the Holiday music which flows through your home. Shintarō’s expression softens as he watches his dearest little sister come skipping out of the kitchen to join you in song. Midorima watches as the two of you dance around the living room before turning to him, your eyes full of amusement, and Kyōko’s full of hope, requesting that he join in on the caroling. 
“Alright.” The green haired teen watches as your eyes go from surprise to joy as you hold out your hand, which Shintarou promptly takes. Maybe it’s the Holiday high, or maybe it’s just you, but he doesn’t mind singing along one bit. 

Murasakibara Atsuhi: Yōsen’s purple haired center can only pout as you deny him yet another piece of candy, insisting that you need every last piece for your gingerbread cookies. In response, Atsuhi whines once more before dramatically flopping down in a chair and burying his face into his arms, his expression obscured by his long locks. You can only frown at this childish behavior and begin tapping lightly at your boyfriend’s shoulder, sighing when he doesn’t reemerge from his mini tantrum. Giving in, you delicately pick up a chocolate chip and gently lift Murasakibara’s head from the table, almost laughing when you see that he refuses to make eye contact with you. His lavender orbs widen when you push the sweet past his lips, giving him a smile that is quickly eaten up by his lips, feeling rather feverish when you break apart.
“[F/n]chin is definitely the sweetest~” 

Akashi Seijūrō: For once, Akashi’s entire being feels alive with happiness. It’s almost like a dream, he thinks to himself. For the first time in years since his mother passed on, the Akashi estate has erupted with Holiday spirit and it’s all because of you. The scarlet haired heir is broken out of his thoughts when you he hears your voice call his name. 
“Seijūrō-kun! Lets decorate the tree now!” Your expression is that of an angel’s, and Akashi, smiling, rises from his seat amongst the glittering festive walls of the mansion and comes to join you.

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Imperfect Gravity - Chapter 20

A/N: For those who are asking about Acoustics, I’m not really sure where I’m taking the story just yet. So after I set up a plan and maybe figure the next few chapters out, I’ll have something up for you guys. :)


Things had been relatively uneventful since Christmas. Camila and Lauren hadn’t been able to spend any time together alone since that day, because they were caught up with family responsibilities. Between Christmas and New Year’s was always quiet, spending time with remaining family and not needing to shop because there was enough food left over to feed a small army. Camila used this time to not really leave the house at all — it was still winter break from school and she had no other commitments — so she was just as content to sit at home and relax, while spending most of the day texting Lauren.

The two girls, along with Ally, Normani and Dinah, had arranged to have a sleepover during that time. Now that Lauren was off her crutches, it was easier for her in general to be able to attend these kinds of things without any issues. They hadn’t had one in such a long time and Lauren and Camila didn’t want to feel like they were leaving out the other girls now that they were in a relationship. Ally was still Camila’s best friend and Dinah and Normani were still Lauren’s — they both knew that spending time with them was still just as important.

Camila hadn’t seen Lauren since Christmas Day, so she was a little nervous walking up the stairs to Normani’s house. Normani’s parents had decided to go out for the night, leaving the entire house just to the five girls. Camila wasn’t even sure why she was nervous, the final part of Lauren’s gift still hadn’t been delivered to her, so it wasn’t like she was going to have to deal with that right now. She decided that Lauren in general just made her nervous, no matter the occasion. Just seeing those intense green eyes and beautiful smile was enough to make her insides twist around anxiously.

She knocked on Normani’s door with a wide smile. She was shouldering her overnight bag, using one hand to cling to the strap tightly so it didn’t fall. She knew Normani would have already gone to pick up Lauren earlier in the day so her parents didn’t have to drop her off. Normani had become Lauren’s personal chaperone while she was injured from the accident. But Camila was pretty sure that once she got her boot off and could walk properly, she would be cleared for driving as well.

She wasn’t sure about Ally, but Dinah was usually always late to these things, so there was a good chance it would just be the three of them for now.

Once Normani opened the door, a wide smile appeared on her face as she stepped forward to pull Camila into a hug. She hadn’t spent a lot of time with Normani or Dinah lately, and it was good to see them again. She had really missed their girl’s nights if she were being honest. Spending time with Lauren was great, of course, but she missed having her other best friends around too. She wasn’t used to having more than one close friend, so it was a good feeling to actually be invited to things such as these in the first place.

“She’s sitting in the living room. As soon as she came in, she said her leg was hurting and that she was refusing to get off the couch.” Normani chuckled, knowing that the first thing Camila was going to ask about was her girlfriend. The older girl led her into the living room and immediately said something about having to finish up in the kitchen — which was obvious code for ‘I’ll leave you two alone’.

Lauren turned and the wide grin that appeared when she saw Camila probably could have cracked her face in half. Camila dropped her bag and moved to sit on the couch next to her. The first thing she noticed was Lauren’s left arm and wrist. Admittedly, she had been searching for the bracelet on her wrist, but her eyes were met with bare skin of her arm.

“No more bandages.” Camila stated matter-of-factly, her eyes slightly widened as her hand moved to Lauren’s arm.

“That’s the ‘hello’ I get?” Lauren’s voice broke Camila out of her thoughts with a teasing tone. Her raspy vocals always managed to give Camila chills, even though they were speaking so casually.

“Sorry.” Camila grinned sheepishly. “Hi.” Her voice was shy as she leaned in to give Lauren a lingering kiss on the lips. Lauren’s hand found her hip, keeping her close. “I’m glad you’re still wearing it.”

Lauren rolled her eyes and let out a quiet laugh. “Of course I’m wearing it, Camz. I haven’t taken it off since you gave it to me. It distracts me from important things and it’s literally all I stare at all day long. It’s perfect and it’s not coming off this wrist any time soon, so don’t even think about that.” She gave her girlfriend a soft smile, using her fingers to trace along her cheek and jawline. “And besides, I thought you were talking about my bandages.”

“Well, I know the doctor said you could take them off, but it took you a while to actually do it. I just figured you were scared or you didn’t want to.” Camila shrugged.

“I guess I was a little scared.” Lauren admitted as she met Camila’s gaze, her smile weakening slightly. “But you were right about the bandages — they’re much more noticeable than a few scars are.”

Camila’s smile only grew. “Well, I’m glad I could help you come to that decision.”

“You know, what you said to me at the hospital that day really helped. When you came in with me and saw my burns? It just made me realise that not everyone is going to judge me. They might all pity me, sure, but there are people out there like you, who are intelligent enough to realise that this wasn’t something I chose for myself and I can’t change it.”

Camila listened to Lauren speak, her head tilted to the side slightly and a lazy smile decorating her face. “You’re really cute when you talk. You know, just talk. When you’re all deep and meaningful. I could listen to you go on all day.” She paused for a moment before laughing quietly, slightly embarrassed at her own confession.

Before Lauren could say anything, Normani had appeared back in the living room, arms full with snacks and drinks for the night. Camila immediately jumped up to help the older girl with them, placing them on the coffee table in front of her and collapsing back down on the couch next to Lauren.

“You’re cute,” the green-eyed girl next to her whispered, and Camila turned to see a small smile on the older girl’s face. She scrunched up her nose before shaking her head and turning her attention back to Normani.

“Ally and Dinah are both on their way. Normally I would say wait until they get here to pick the first movie, but Dinah getting crazy about a movie she hates is one of my favourite things in the world.” Normani laughed, shaking her head at the thought of her younger best friend.

The other girls had picked a movie by the time Ally and Dinah had arrived. All five of the girls caught up, causing them to miss the first half of the movie anyway. Ally was fussing over the bracelet Camila had given Lauren, swearing that she didn’t have a single clue what her best friend had been planning. And it was true — Camila hadn’t told anyone about this. Mainly because she wanted to say that she had done it all on her own without any help, but also she didn’t trust the likes of Dinah not to spill to Lauren beforehand.

Camila only sat there with a proud smile on her face. She was glad to be able to impress her friends as well as Lauren. Her intention was just to get something meaningful; it wasn’t about the money or the fact that it was jewellery. She only bought jewellery because she knew it would last longer than a bouquet of flowers or some chocolates.

Everyone ignored the movie for the most part while they talked — except for the completely cheesy overly-romantic scenes which Camila shushed everyone for so she could watch. She stayed curled up next to Lauren on the couch, who still hadn’t moved an inch since she got there, except to go to the bathroom.

“You are such a stubborn little romantic.” Lauren said with a light chuckle as Camila once again hushed everyone and leaned forward so she could watch the scene between the two main characters. Lauren had known she was a hopeless romantic ever since she had first met her, and the older girl wasn’t about to count it as a fault. She found incredibly endearing that Camila believed so fully and openly in true love and happy endings. Many may have seen that as a sign of naivety, but that part of Camila had always been fascinating to Lauren. How she was able to believe so truly in something and be so passionate about it, committing herself to the idea completely.

Lauren knew she could learn a lot from Camila, and maybe Lauren could even help her come to one of those happy endings, if she had the opportunity to.

“Shhhh, this is the best part!” Camila cut in, placing her hand on Lauren’s knee in an attempt to make her quiet. The wide smile on her face told Lauren everything she needed to know all over again. This girl was completely infatuating.


There had been something nagging Camila in back of her mind all afternoon, and she had been thinking about it occasionally since she arrived at Normani’s, but it was almost impossible for her to get a moment alone with Lauren to talk to her about it. She knew that she usually made everything a bigger deal than it needed to be in regards to their relationship, but it was hard when she had never been in one before. She didn’t know how to act when it came to certain issues, and sometimes it really stressed her out.

Lauren could see her girlfriend fidgeting in her seat next to her and she raised an eyebrow. “I’m going to go to the bathroom.” The older girl announced suddenly, her eyes still on Camila, and the other three girls only nodded or made grunts of acknowledgement, none of them turning their heads away from the screen. She got up as best she could with one leg, and hobbled over to the back of the couch, behind where Camila was sitting. She placed her hand on her girlfriend’s shoulder, as if an invitation to say 'come with me’, because it was obvious she wasn’t really going to the bathroom.

Camila wasn’t sure if she could jump up fast enough than she did, and she almost smacked her shin against the coffee table in process. Astonishingly, she managed to stay relatively silent and the other three girls didn’t turn around at all. Lauren lagged behind to wait for her, leading her up the stairs to the second floor of Normani’s house. They wandered down the hall for a bit to make sure that they wouldn’t be overheard from the living room.

The younger girl stopped Lauren when they arrived outside the bathroom door. “I have to talk to you about something.” Camila spoke nervously, twiddling her thumbs and playing with her fingers distractedly.

“I knew there was something, you’ve been fidgeting.” Lauren narrowed her eyes, almost suspicious. “Uh, sure, Camz, what is it?”

Camila ignored the rush of adoration she felt for Lauren, as the girl just seemed to know so much about her mannerisms. “Well, I wanted to know if… Well, you know how it’s New Year’s Eve in a few days, right?”

Lauren nodded, because it was obvious, but not wanting to say anything that might scare her away from whatever it was she was about to say.

“My parents are going to be spending the night celebrating at a friend’s and the only way I got out of it was by telling them I was going to be spending New Year’s at Ally’s.” She let out a heavy breath. “But really, I won’t be. Really, I’ll be at home preparing something really nice for you in hopes that you will say yes and might come over for New Year’s. You know, when nobody’s in the house to distract us and we don’t have to worry about anyone seeing us or overhearing us…”

Lauren’s face broke out into a grin. “Camila… babe, are you trying to ask me out on a date?”

“Well, kinda.” Camila replied in one heavy breath. “I’m not… really good at this, but I really did want to ask you. I just… I have something planned that you might really like and we’ve never actually been on a proper date before, and now it’s easy because you have your boot instead of your crutches and —”

“Camz. Jeez, okay, breathe. You’re making me nervous.” Lauren chuckled quietly, reaching out and taking both of her girlfriend’s hands in her own, giving them a quick squeeze in order to stop her from freaking out so much.

“I really want to do this, Laur. Just… please put me out of my misery and say yes already.”

“Are you sure this isn’t because we just watched a string of romantic movies in a row?” Lauren asked with a teasing smile. “You’re not going to change your mind?”

“No! Lauren, please.” Camila complained, giving her girlfriend her very best pout. It was already excruciating enough having to ask someone for the first time to go on a date — and it was even harder given the fact that it was Lauren, who deserved the most perfect first date that anyone could possibly give her.

“Okay, okay.” The older girl laughed again, and it was like music to Camila’s ears. “Of course I’ll go on a date with you. I’m excited to see what you have planned.” She gave her girlfriend a quick wink as well as offering her another squeeze of her hand. She liked that she made Camila nervous in the way that she got butterflies and blushed shyly whenever she said certain things to her. But sometimes she hated that she made Camila feel pressured and scared to ask her things. She knew one of her goals was going to be trying to make Camila feel more comfortable within their relationship — she wanted to make sure it most definitely wasn’t one-sided. “And please don’t be nervous,” she added, “It’s going to be amazing as long as I get to spend time with you, okay? So don’t stress yourself out over it.”

“I just want it to be perfect.”

“I know you do, but like I said, you can’t really go wrong.” Lauren shrugged.

Camila let out a sigh that was almost of relief. She was sure she could probably screw it up in some way, but it reassured her to know that Lauren didn’t think so. “Come here,” she said gently, closing the distance between them to kiss her chastely. Lauren only pulled her back in to kiss her for longer, and the younger girl’s arms slipped around her neck. She slipped her fingers into her green-eyed girlfriend’s hair, tugging it on it gently as she felt her back hit the wall lightly. Lauren’s hand found Camila’s cheek, keeping her lips steady against hers.

Camila let out another soft sigh against her lips, tightening her hold around Lauren’s neck so their bodies were pressed together. She had even surprised herself how daring she felt when it came to intimate situations such as this. Lauren just made her feel comfortable, like no matter what she did, it was okay. She was still shy and nervous around Lauren a lot of the time, but she chalked that up to simply the way the older girl made her feel.

“You know, I’d suggest moving to the bedroom but I don’t think Normani would really appreciate that.” The younger girl teased breathlessly, biting her lower lip as she looked at Lauren through her long lashes.

“Who knew Camila Cabello had the capacity to think dirty like that…?” Lauren asked with a raised eyebrow, her voice feigning shock and surprise. “On my best friend’s bed, no less. Completely shameful.”

“Only you get to see my fleeting dirty moments.” Camila replied back, giving her a quick wink. The both of them knew that they were only messing around, Camila felt too inexperienced still to have much of a dirty mind. Not… much, anyway. And nothing that she was ready to admit to Lauren just yet. She had always been the innocent type, but she had to admit, having a girlfriend like Lauren Jauregui, it was almost impossible not to have some impure thoughts at times.

Lauren laughed quietly, her hand still at Camila’s cheek and her thumb gently tracing her cheekbone. “We should probably go back down and join the others. They’re bound to have noticed that we’re both gone by now. You almost breaking your leg on that coffee table wasn’t exactly subtle.”

Camila pouted, not holding back as she shoved Lauren in the shoulder. (She was also glad Lauren was rid of her crutches because she no longer felt bad about being playful-rough with her when she wanted to be.)

Camila followed Lauren back down the stairs, making sure to stay close behind her just in case she tripped. Stairs weren’t exactly Lauren’s strong point yet. They weren’t quiet upon their arrival, as all three girls sitting in the living room turned their heads to look at them. Camila could only grin sheepishly and Lauren only smiled, pretending nothing had happened, and reclaimed her space on the couch.

“Hmm, no, they weren’t gone long enough for anything to happen.” Dinah spoke suddenly, turning to Normani with a small smirk.

“Dinah!” Camila choked out in shock, running a hand quickly through her hair. “We didn’t think you guys had noticed…” She could feel her cheeks turning red. She may have been a little more confident when it was just Lauren around, but when it came to sharing that part of her life with her friends, she became a little more like her usual awkward self. At least Lauren was trying to be the smooth one out of the two of them.

“Trust me, we didn’t at first. But Mani went to say something to you and you weren’t there, so then it was just obvious.” Ally answered, and there was even a sly smirk on her face too.

“I’m glad nothing happened. Not under my roof, lovebirds.” Normani told them, shaking her head, but there was a hint of a smile on her face.

“Well… something did kinda happen, actually.” Lauren said with a smirk, and judging by their faces, what she was about to say wasn’t what the girls in front of her were expecting at all. “Camz did kinda just ask me out on a date.”

All three mouths opened in shock. “Camila! That’s great!”

“Mila got game.”

“It’s about time, to be honest.”

“Stop! Come on, I think that’s enough embarrassing me for one night.” Camila moved from around the back of the couch and took her place next to Lauren. Her voice then lowered so only Lauren could hear it. “Plus it’s really not a big deal.”

The older girl only smiled and wrapped an arm firmly around Camila’s waist, drawing herself closer and resting her head snugly against her girlfriend’s shoulder. “Well, I think it’s a big deal. We haven’t been on a proper date before and I’m excited. And you’re planning it, so of course it’s a big deal.” She replied in the same hushed tone.

The three girls in front of them watched curiously, but didn’t question it. Lauren guessed they had stopped questioning what her and Camila talked about between just the two of them a long time ago. Lauren kept her arm around Camila, her face closely nestled in between her shoulder and neck, occasionally pressing kisses against her jaw and making her brown-eyed girlfriend smile.

“I’m glad you’re excited, by the way. I mean, I’ve obviously never planned a date before but if it’s the best date I’ve ever been on, then I’m hoping that it’ll be the best for you too.” She teased, sticking her tongue out between her teeth, causing her girlfriend to chuckle quietly.

“You’re such a comedian.” Lauren rolled her eyes playfully, letting out a sigh as she closed her eyes in content, now completely ignoring the movie playing. “But it’s you, Camz, it’s easily going to be the best date I’ve ever been on already.”

If only she knew what Camila had planned for this first date.


A/N: Sorry for this weird little filler thing, I wanted something to separate the last chapter with the next. Anyway I think the next chapter is going to be my favourite so far in the entire story, so hopefully you guys will like it too. :)