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Jimin/Jungkook; Coffee Date

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Jimin is tired.

He’s had a shitty week, seven days full of exams that weight half his grade and showcases that can decide whether he’s going to pass this year of college or not. The purple bags under his eyes refuse to leave no matter how many times Jimin pokes at them and all his muscles ache from the extra hours of practice he had to put in to perfect his last choreo. He’s working mostly on auto-pilot by this point, shuffling only half-awake through the aisles of the supermarket in search of the only thing that’s kept him alive and kicking through this hellish week.

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BTS when they see you (an idol) perform for their first time

Please do a gif reaction of when bts sees you perform for the first time as an idol! (My dream tbh haha) thankyou so much though aaa i love your blog!!

My dream too! Well my dream is to become a writer, but I’ve always wanted someone to notice my singing, because I love singing *O* i wish I could be an idol. 

Jin: “Oh… That’s my Jagi… I didn’t know she was THIS good… She’s-she’s amazing…” *completely fascinated and entranced by you*

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Jimin: “OH MY GOOOOOD! THAT’S MY BABY! THAT’S MY BABY! SHE’S SO GOOD! DO YOU SEE HER?” *screaming at everyone beside him*

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J-Hope: “That’s it! Go baby! Perfect!” *dances along to your choreo from his position, like the mom in Mean Girls*

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Jungkook: “My jagi is the best! I LOVE YOU YN/!” *sends you winks and kisses to encourage you*

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Rap Monster: “Not bad” He will say, hiding his internal fangirling to look cool.

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Suga: *speechless from the moment you stepped on that stage.*

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V: “GO JAGI! GO JAGI!” *cheering you on from his seat like your own personal cheerleader*

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it’s almost like??? the minis are young kids?? and therefore need more time to learn and perfect the choreo???

maybe if the aldc was actually a studio with multiple teachers instead of a small collection of kids being yelled at in a felon’s basement, the two teams would be given enough time to learn their dances with the various teachers

I feel for namjoon who practiced as hard as all of them to prepare their performances and the perfect man cover - which had a kinda hard choreo tbh, but was unable to show it. he must be so upset and it pains me. we’re thinking about you namjoon.

when you haven’t had any updates about your idol in days but the other members keep hinting at things and you know a comeback is approaching but you have no idea what color your bias’s hair is dyed or if he is even alive but he’s probably practicing his butt off to get their new choreo perfect for their new comeback that will be here soon even though there are still no teaser mvs or teaser photos and the only thing we have to go on are some bloody pics of sehun and baekhyun’s mysterious hashtags and suho’s new hair and rumors about some devil shit and did I mention the comeback is near? :)…

Boybands AU part 4

The second I saw Infinite’s “Bad” I was like: “THIS IS AOBA JOSAI WHERE IS MY BREATHING BAG”. Have some intense and perfectly synced choreo for Aoba Josai:

My vision  of Nekoma boyband is rather simple - awesome band with really fun and really interesting choreos that make you smile with fondness:

And then we have another choreo perfect for Karasuno - happy, sunny feel, with lots of nice transitions AND ALL THE COLORS OF RAINBOW (I’m sorry, I’m not sorry - Karasuno is like a bunch sweet cinnamon rolls, at least for me). On the other hand: LOOK AT THE FIERCE INTRO

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Ever wondered how the Chinese manage to look so beautiful, elegant and precise on beam despite having less choreography than the rest of the world?

Look no further.

Beam goddess Bai Yawen showing the world the practice demanded by perfection. Her warmup has better choreo than her actual routine

(source. Piibunina)


TTONYC rehearsals report: Day One

@slowpez8: “First day of #TTONYC rehearsal!!! We are reviewing some choreo from the vid and it feels bizaaaaaaaaare”
@slowpez8: “Perfecting our #craft. #TTONYC”
@jaimeleibovitz: “We’re back on the wagon and shaky as ever! 10 days left and we’ve only JUST begun… #TTO”

@therealteamstarkid: “We asked @slowpez8 to please wake up and rehearse but she refused.