this child was his prop and staff

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THE most annoying thing Greg does is humble-brag about how hard he works. "9 to 5 with no days off". His videos suck. like, with a capital S. His last video was him lip syncing to his "I'm so emo" song while mugging in random places around his house. his content has NO production value, NO editing that couldn't be done with Windows movie maker, NO locations, NO budget, NO real props, producers or staff. just an idiot making amateur, uninspired, videos a child with a camera could make at 12


An Ed Sheeran One Shot
A request: Going with Ed to adopt a kitten
Word count: 1,238

“Ed, no more,” you scolded, snatching a bag of cat treats away from him.  

It was the third package he’d picked up and attempted putting in the basket.

“But babe, he’ll need biscuits.  Loads of ‘em,” he almost whined through a smile, grabbing the treats back up from your hand.

“You’re spending too much money on stuff he won’t even be able to use yet.  And you brought me to help you not do that, remember?”

He shook his head, furrowing his eyebrows almost as if he didn’t understand what you were telling him.

“My baby will be well pampered.  And fat,” he said matter-of-factly and as if caught by surprise, “And no one can take that away from him.”

All you could do was raise your own brows at him while he tossed the bag in the red basket hanging from his elbow, adding to the mix of toys he’d specifically picked out.  

“This one looks like something out of Fifty Shades,” he chuckled, waiving a fuzzy pink bundle of feathers over your face, the black plastic wand flexing when he waved it around.  Another older shopper, standing at the far right of the aisle glanced over her shoulder when Ed made the reference.

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Any headcanons for what mikuni would do with misono, when he(misono) was sick?

The younger Alicein brothers do things to my heart that are not okay.  They were so close as children, whhhhyyy can’t we go back to that?: 

  • There’s an old stuffed teddy bear that Mikuni used to sleep with as a child; whenever Misono got sick, the teddy bear would be given to him to keep him company and make him feel better.  Misono rediscovers the teddy bear when he finds Mikuni’s journal, and takes it back to his room where he’s given a place of honor on his pillows.
  • Mikuni would legitimately skip out on lessons when Misono got sick.  Everyone knew where he was, and they also knew it was pointless to try to force him to do work; he was incapable of focusing while his baby brother was sick.
  • Usually, Mikuni would come down with whatever Misono had right after he got better because of how much time he spent taking care of the other.
  • Story time.  Mikuni had a seemingly endless supply of books he read to Misono while the other lay in bed, propped up on a pillow mountain.
  • Mikuni was such a sly child; he’d slip his baby brother sweets and goodies that he most certainly should not have been having while he was recovering from a cold.  His defense is that soup got bland and boring after eating it for days on end.
  • Late at night, Mikuni would sneak out of his room to go and keep Misono company.  Nine times out of ten, they’d find him the next morning snuggled up with his little brother.
  • Mikuni was the only person who could get a young Misono to take his medicine.  The rest of the staff thought he was nothing shy of a miracle worker.
  • Sick Misono was a lot less grumpy with his older brother around; he really loved the fact that Mikuni cared so much about him.
  • Mikuni always had a tissue or handkerchief ready for Misono to blow his nose into.  He was a champion at fielding gross tissues, and took them to the trash with dignity and poise.
  • Cuddling, just so much cuddling.  Misono could cough and sneeze all over him and Mikuni wouldn’t take his arm off of his baby brother’s shoulder.  It’s probably why he got sick immediately after his brother, but it was a price he was willing to pay.

Petition to nominate the Envy Pair as the Best Big Brothers ever.

sometimes i get sad but then i remember that valjean loved cosette so much that  when he couldn’t be around her or talk to her or kiss her hands or her cheeks or hug her or just bask in her presence he died because he was so devastated and his heart was so broken and then i get even sadder (◡‿◡✿)