this child really concerns me

Can we stop treating Adrien’s character like he’s a delicate child?

It’s really concerning me how his character is handled, and it’s something I only touched briefly on before but I think this is something that really needs to be addressed, and that’s how this character is written to be far more delicate and breakable than he actually is in canon, and that he’s somehow incapable of doing wrong.

It just seems like lately people are confusing Adrien’s sweet and mellow personality for a docile, shy pushover, and exaggerating insecurities of his that he only ever displayed having in a mostly normal way that teenagers tend to. He looked at Marinette owning at Mechastrike and wished he was as awesome as her, and as silly and over dramatic as that was coming from a boy who’s room is lined with trophies in more than one area, I think everyone at one point has looked at someone else and aspired to be like them, maybe even felt a little inadequate in comparison. It’s perfectly normal. Beyond that, Adrien’s issues always dealt with feeling lonely and frustrated with his controlling father. But all of these issues he takes control of, you only need to look at how he signed himself up for school in order to break out of his dad’s confines and make his own friends.

Then there’s Chat Noir. 

I’m sorry, but no one acts like Chat Noir does and has no self esteem; I’d say he even has it in leaps and bounds, he’d have to to flirt and posture the way he does constantly. I think it goes without saying that being Chat Noir was only ever Adrien’s chance to let loose and act carefree, which is hard when he has to keep a more put-together image up for his very controlling dad. And I would consider his entire run as Chat Noir so far as an act of rebellion, defying all the caution and restrictions that surrounded him for a time. He’s taken his life in his own hands because he was capable of doing so, and none of that reads to me like a character who needs coddling by the fandom or people within the fan artist/fan author’s universe. Comforting the character is one thing, treating him like a delicate flower that needs constant praise, who’s feelings need to be considered above everything else less he breaks is another. 

Which leads me, as ever, to Marinette/Ladybug, and how she’s treated in consequence of Adrien’s babying. 

Marinette/Ladybug is capable of being a jerk to him, according to fandom, and it’s a loved trope. Either Ladybug’s being rude and inconsiderate of Chat Noir or she’s berating herself for not thinking of him first and always. That last bit in particular is something in fanworks I’m increasingly having an issue with. It manifests in different ways, a common way being Chat revealing to Ladybug a little of his home-life to her, causing immense guilt on her part as if there’s anything she could have done about something she previously had no clue about. It puts an unbelievable amount of pressure on her to reveal her identity when she’s not suppose to be doing that, and making her out to be an inconsiderate partner for not ever considering his feelings.

This all comes back to Adrien’s treatment as fandom’s child who needs constant coddling and needs to be put first; being capable of showing disrespect or causing harm in any way is hardly ever considered for him because of that. 

But Copycat exists. 

Fandom keeps missing what a jealous, possessive brat Adrien is capable of being, because this aspect of his personality has been lost in the veil of pure innocence that’s been put over him. I have to ask though, how many forgot he lied to Theo about being in a relationship with Ladybug? And then never owned up to it? Because for all everyone acts like he’s a pure ray of sunshine, particularly one that would never mistreat Ladybug/Marinette and is always considerate of her, that was a slimy thing to do to her. That isn’t to say Adrien is a Grade A jerk because of his actions in that episode, but it does show a far less innocent aspect of his character that’s rarely explored because everyone’s too focused on babying him. 

Ultimately, Adrien is a very strong person, he’d have to be to live in the conditions he does and continue to be as sweet as he is. He rebelled against his dad in big ways, like being a superhero and going to school, and smaller ways, such as shaming his dad the entire episode of Jackady. The insecurities about himself as a person are minor and normal, hardly something that cripples him to the point where anything other than praise/ comforting words would break him, and to continue to treat him like this porcelain doll is a great disservice to his strength of character and forces other characters to walk on eggshells around him or come off as unfairly rude and inconsiderate. 

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Thoughts on the AB/Zayn/Skai Jackson debacle?

about azealia: calling it a debacle really trivializes and minimizes the the severity of what happened in my opinion like literally in a few hours (actually she’s still going on periscope) azealia unraveled all the work she did in mid-2014 when she was actively critiquing her place in the music industy + society as a black woman and honestly i’m not surprised like i understand that people want to see her succeed but too many times has she exhibited transphobic/homophobic/racist/etc. behaviour and everyone just brushes it aside because she randomly decides to drop a bop or two with good visuals like okay there are so many amazing (dark-skinned) black women who don’t go on random violent rampages that isolate various demographics every other day out there who do that too and everyone pays them dust so i think it’s time that everyone venture out and stop seeing it for this chick like she obviously understands her role in the industry as the “controversial” one and everyone feeds into it and lets their intrigue enable her like everyone could literally let her career die and nothing would change i can assure you

about zayn: as petty + confrontational zayn javadd malik has been since he left white direction i am so completely proud of him for not entertaining this bullshit when she spent hours berating his talent/his role in one direction/his culture/his family/etc. because this situation could have become something far more sinister than what is already was but he truly let her antics roll off his back and i am so incredibly satisfied with him for doing so 

but on that note i really hate that the majority of people who witnessed this were rooting for azealia to come for zayn (first of all for why) and then the minute that she decided to slander him + use a bunch of ugly ass slurs the immediate response isn’t “oh i should not have celebrated this because i know her history and knew it would come to this point eventually” it was literally widespread disappointment in the fact that because she used racism and homophobia as the basis of her rant towards zayn that they couldn’t cheer her on anymore like how much do you hate zayn that you can literally witness him being called derogatory terms (just one of the thousands of examples of this happening to him in his career) and still feel slighted that you didn’t get to see him get dragged like this is why the one direction fandom will always be one of the ugliest 

and then to try to skew the conversation towards “well zayn is antiblack so” is so fucking weird and not revolutionary nor subversive at all like discourse is necessary and there are always levels to every conversation but when you see a blatant act of racism you don’t go undermine the conversation at hand to point fingers at the victim like be active in your social justice but don’t use it to justify why you think someone deserves to be abused for millions of people to see like what kind of geek behaviours

about skai: this is what really drove the idea that azealia is not an advocate for black girls/women like all throughout 2014 she cried about her experiences with racism and misogyny in the music industry and we finally got an idea of who she really was and where she was coming from and there was a glimmer of hope that she would get it together but honestly this just proves that she is an advocate for herself and that is all she will ever be like we shouldn’t invalidate her experiences that is not what i’m saying i’m saying that she has continuously thrown black women under the bus to prop herself up 

she quite literally reiterated white supremacist ideology by: 

  • hypersexualizing a fourteen yr old girl
  • telling skai she would amount to nothing
  • telling her that she is just a product of her mother and a machine to do her mother’s bidding
  • telling her that her existence on a mostly white network has no impact and basically tasked her as being a token 
  • etc.

like i’m screaming how can anyone defend her or stan her after this like she literally attacked a child and it’s really making me concerned that many people are only focusing on the aspect of skai dragging azealia through hot fiery coals and as funny as that may be where is the conversation about azealia internalizing racist structures and using them to try to rob a little girl of her power and agency 

like i do not want this to become another skai meme or another instance of azealia being ~zany on the internet~ and we move on like this shit is insidious and for her to have any fans after this would really just blow my fucking mind 

tldr; fuck azealia she can choke