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Okay. So I draw stuff, or doodle really. Rarely, but I do. And I’m a bit rusty from years of disuse. So bear with me. Cx 

Anyhoo, I have been reading this Ereri fanfiction on ao3, by @snakemittens , called Halcyon. And let me tell you a thing. It is ADORABLE. It’s basically about Levi and Eren growing up together as childhood friends and eventually falling in love. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE ABOUT LEVI AND EREN AS KIDS? The answer to that is there is no reason not to love it. They are fuckin’ precious. 

I was inspired to draw a scene from the most recent chapter because of feels.

Fair warning tho, for those who don’t like it, it is ABO. 

And while I am not one for ABO fanfiction, I must say, that this is VERY tasteful.

Like, there is nothing to hate. It is precious and pure and full of antics and fluff. 

Seriously tho, give it a read if you haven’t yet. You won’t be disappointed.

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There's much more stuff you do in this fandom than just post spoilers stuff tho? If it really is so upsetting to you you're not getting to do spoilers then why not do something about it and post more meta, cracks, learn how to make edits or whatever? Legit nothing can be done about when they come out so there's no point getting upset or cranky every week you dont get to do them. Theres no time limit on chapter discussion either so idk why you dont post later? If ur unhappy do something about it

You sound like the same person from before trying to be less rude. And I can answer you in one sentence.

Because my depression and lack of self worth doesn’t work like that.

It’s hard to try and be thoughtful or funny, or try to do things that are creative when it’s hard to make yourself get up and do anything and you have very little faith in your abilities. 

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this might be random but why is no one talking about kimizuki's sister in chapter 40 tHO?? I literally scrolled down the OnS tag but there's nothing but mikayuu(not that I don't ship them) but kimizuki nEEDS SOME LOVING TOO PLUS THERES SO MANY QUESTIONS ABT HIS SISTER LIKE WHY WAS SHE THERE?? IS SHE A DEMON NOW?? WHAT IS KURETO PLANNING TO DO WITH HER??

short answer: because mikayuu yuumika mi kayuu mIKAYUU M I K A Y U U MIIIKAAAAAYUUU UU UUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUU

/mikayuu fucking saturates the entire fandom

/has more than the recommended sodium intake lol



So it seems that she’s the one seraph gene carrier that’s currently being experimented on. She’s probably the only seraph the Imperial Army knows about at the moment and basically Kureto’s trying to develop a way to use and control the seraph power. It seems like he can forcibly awaken the seraph using some combination of drugs and pain stimulus, maybe body modification and other things too (isn’t he just a ray of sunshine). The seraph seems to be controlled (or placated) by “human sacrifices”, which refers to either blood or lives themselves. The experiment has progressed to the point where he is trying to test her out in battle. Alternatively, based on his side conversations (esp the one with Seishirou), it may be that the war has gone to the point where he has no choice but to try his trump card in a last-ditch effort to beat the vampires.

When she was introduced, I (and probably a lot of other people too) thought that she was just going to be a prop little sister character and didn’t pay much attention to her, so I’m really surprised and happy that she’s actually going to be a big part of the story. I’m hoping that she gets more development soon. We still basically don’t know anything about the seraphs so the slow reveal is going to be so great and I’m expecting the plot to get even more exciting.