this chapter jfc

Guess who cried again watching episode ten

To anyone confused as to why Allura and Keith weren’t together in the old voltron cartoon when you thought they were married.

Anime dubs will usually change unlike animes with subs.

With dubs they can change the script to make it appear two people are together when in reality they’re not.

Like in the Sailor Moon anime, two of the girls were together (I don’t watch it but I know bits and pieces okay) but with the dub they changed it to make them appear like they were just “really close cousins”

Wonder what Horikoshi thought when Shinsou won #14 in the 2nd Popularity Poll

I mean

It’s not like his last official appearance was December 1, 2015 on Chapter 70, and BEFORE that chapter his previous appearance was a 6-MONTH GAP from JUNE 1, 2015 Chapter 44. 




This page is so crazy I mean Armin just killed a human being and is internally and externally suffering to the point where he is literally vomiting and sweating and crying and as soon as he asked Mikasa that question right away he regretted that shit because how dare he make her feel sad so he started apologizing to her immediately to try and make HER feel better while I remind you he is the one who is physically and mentally in anguish.

So just try and tell me Mikasa & Armin don’t have the purest relationship in this series I fucking dare you.
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grabe a tissue, folks

Dad count: 1 (FUCKING FINALLY)