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To anyone confused as to why Allura and Keith weren’t together in the old voltron cartoon when you thought they were married.

Anime dubs will usually change unlike animes with subs.

With dubs they can change the script to make it appear two people are together when in reality they’re not.

Like in the Sailor Moon anime, two of the girls were together (I don’t watch it but I know bits and pieces okay) but with the dub they changed it to make them appear like they were just “really close cousins”

Wonder what Horikoshi thought when Shinsou won #14 in the 2nd Popularity Poll

I mean

It’s not like his last official appearance was December 1, 2015 on Chapter 70, and BEFORE that chapter his previous appearance was a 6-MONTH GAP from JUNE 1, 2015 Chapter 44. 





tfw you are so done with your faves being neglected that you snap and draw the thing yourself

Mashima, please, let my babies shine and protect their Laxus ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧

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Hooooooo boy so I just read our doubts are traitors cause y'all were talking about it and oh my GOD I am S L A I N like I didn't know it was possible to put that much angst into five chapters jfc


Guess who cried again watching episode ten

i cry about grimmichi a lot because grimmjow’s aspect of death is destruction and ichigo’s purpose in life is to protect and in the end grimmjow’s desire to destroy might just be the ruin of him, but for now, ichigo’s protection is the only reason why he is still alive

In Chapter 551 Alone
  • Gintoki waits for Hijikata specifically to spend time with him
  • Has a bittersweet smile on his face when he looks at Hijikata
  • Hijikata expresses concern that Gintoki will be staying in Edo
  • Hijikata promises Gintoki he’ll come back to him
  • Hijikata holds Gintoki accountable for the good things he has done 
  • Gintoki acknowledges his own growth as a character thanks to Hijikata
  • Gintoki makes a point that all he wants from Hijikata is his time when he returns 
  • Gintoki tells Hijikata that when he comes back he won’t be alone because they’ll be together
  • It’s heavily implied they’ll miss each other
  • The Shinsengumi repeat multiple times that Edo is their home, their home is with the people they care about most
  • This chapter fucked me up bad
He’s the most familiar thing in this house and I fall asleep better listening to Baz breathe than I have since Winter break started.
—  Simon literally-cant-sleep-without-my-Baz Snow 
RP Generator ruined my Narutrash life.


  • Sakura and Sasuke go ice skating; Sasuke is terrible at it and Sakura has to help him.
  • Sasuke helping Sakura with the chores.
  • Sakura taking care of an injured Sasuke.
  • …. SASUKE TAKING CARE OF AN INJURED SAKURA. (*heart eyes emoji*)
  • Sakura and Sasuke go to a bar. Sasuke gets too drunk and Sakura has to take them home.
  • Sasuke and Sakura are reincarnated lovers, but aren’t initially compatible to each other.
  • Sasuke cooking lunch for Sakura.
  • Sakura making lunch for Sasuke.

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  • Hinata and Naruto going to an event that requires formal attire.
  • Hinata and Naruto cuddling.
  • Hinata and Naruto decide to go camping. Naruto reads the map upside down and they both become terribly lost.
  • Hinata knits an ugly sweater and forces Naruto to wear it.
  • Naruto with a hangover, but Hinata is feeling fine.
  • Naruto mourning over a dead Hinata. (fuck calm down Satan)
  • Naruto gives up their life so that Hinata can live. (WOW STOP)

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  • Sarada and Boruto watch fireworks together. (so cute oh god)
  • Sarada frustrated by losing a board game or card game to Boruto. (he prob cheated, that dork)
  • Sarada and Boruto get caught up in a storm and must stay sheltered together until it passes. (*heart eyes emoji*)
  • Boruto comforting a sad Sarada. (*sad emoji*)
  • Boruto has offended Sarada in some way but doesn’t realize it. (always)
  • Sarada and Boruto pretend to be in a relationship for the purpose of an undercover mission. (!!!!!!)
  • Sarada and Boruto as rivals in a competition or contest. Sarada wins. (… Chuunin Exams?)
  • Boruto is about to do something stupid. Sarada does not think this is a good idea. (this is actually the final chapter jfc)

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