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do u Have any angst fic revs :O

Hi anon!  

Sorry, it took me awhile to put this together because I’m so unorganized and I know as soon as I post this, I’m going to think of a bunch I left out, so I might add to it

I hope you find one you like.  :)

(Also, ratings on these are PG-NC-17, so just read any warnings before….)

Blinded (ontae, blind Taemin) such a sweet fic, but plenty of angst there too.  

Call Me Oppa (ontae) this isn’t finished but if you haven’t read it (I think a lot of people have) I HIGHLY recommend it.  

Our Shattered Fantasy (ontae, prostitute Taemin) this one broke my heart.

Say My Name (onkey, mute Jinki) I love this take on the soulmate au

As Long As You’re You (taekai, girlee) I just love Tae’s character here, one of my fave taekai fics.   

bound (2min, slavery) The fic that changed my mind about 2min.  

mate (ontae, omegaverse, arranged marriage) I loved the tension between Jinki and Taemin.  

Time (ontae) excuse me while I go cry over this one again….

Natural Instincts (jongyu, omegaverse) this was one of the first fics I remember reading when I got into the fandom.  Still a fave.  

Stockholm Syndrome (taekey) one of the very few taekey fics I’ve read.  That ending…

Can’t Call It Pride (jongyu, jongtae, omegaverse) I felt so bad for Jonghyun, but Taemin coming into the picture…yesssss….

Homewrecker (ontae) Taemin is a little shit and goes after men already taken.  

Like A Fire (ontae) I feel so bad for both of them through most of this story.  


Rune: I couldn’t marry her. And I knew that all along but I let myself fall in love with her anyways. My parents would never let me be with a girl who wasn’t raw.  

Melrose: So you married Sky instead?

Rune: Our parents had arranged our marriage almost from the moment we were born. I hoped that introducing your mother to my parents would get them to change their mind. Maybe if I could make them see how much she meant to me, they would let it slide.  

Melrose: But they didn’t.  

Rune: They demanded we break up immediately.  

Melrose: How does Sky feel about Carnation?  

Rune: She hates her. She’s just like most and believes that you should only marry someone within your same color. I convinced her to let them marry by assuring her that it wouldn’t work out because they’re so young, and that he just needs to get it out of his system. But once she heard that Carnation was pregnant, she wanted me to bring him back home.  

Melrose: Is that why you really came here today?

Make You Break - Chapter One

Eee…New fic…

@justasneakylittlebitch requested a fic involving Ivar having an affair with Ubbe’s wife… I think you wanted an imagine, but tough shit now it’s a multi-chapter fic and they ain’t even met yet.

So this first chapter is a bit shit, and slow. Hopefully it will get better…

Warnings: None yet

“I can’t even remember her name”,

Ivar could hear Ubbe as he crawled up the small hill towards their cabin. He pushed through the crudely built fence that surrounded it and sat himself on the haystack beside the table as he looked to his brothers.

Hvitserk shrugged, “I’ve heard men say that she is beautiful”, he said, throwing Ivar an already half eaten leg of meat. He knew there was little he could say that would improve his older brother’s outlook, but he shot him a reassuring smile nonetheless, “Some have said that she is still a virgin”

“She is said to be a lot of things, brother”, Ubbe turned the axe over in his hand absent-mindedly, running his finger along the cold metal as he glanced quickly to Hvitserk, “It still does not change my mind”

“What are you talking about?”, Ivar asked, pulling on the belts around his legs,

“Ubbe’s marriage to Jarl Inghard’s daughter” Hvitserk muttered through a mouthful of food,

“Why? It is months before they arrive, why do you care now?”, Ivar frowned, his eyes narrowing at his older brothers. It was well known that the marriage had been arranged since Ubbe was a child, back when their mother was seeking an alliance with one of the most powerful Jarls in Norway.

“You’re wrong, brother. They will be here any day now” Ubbe leaned back where he sat, dropping his axe angrily on to the table in front of him, “Inghard wants the wedding before we journey to England”

Ivar shrugged, “So?”


To Love Me Better iii |Chanyeol’s Ending|

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Pairing(s): Chanyeol/Reader, Jongin/Reader

Warnings: Heartbreak, Cheating, Angst

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 Arrange marriage, requested by Anonymous

 Stefan Rose, actor turned businessman, made one more mistake that is starting to make his empire fall apart. Called a playboy and womanizer by the media, accused of being homophobic and racist, he needs a miracle to redeem himself, so a miracle he will create. 

 Aurora is his perfect twenty-year-old daughter, enjoying her life in New York until her father makes an unbelievable proposition to save their family’s power. To marry her to Ms. Moore, the CEO of a big company who also happen to be his high school sweetheart, so he can pretend to be happy and accepting of his daughter’s relationship to another woman.

 What Aurora never expected, was for this Ms. Moore to be so charming. Or to be charmed by the older woman so quickly.

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To Love Me Better III (Chanyeol’s Ending)

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Chanyeol x Reader (Y/N) x Jongin

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Chanyeol’s Ending) | Part 4 (Jongin’s Ending) |

Warnings(s): Cheating, Angst, Heartbreak

This is what I would call the ending HOWEVER if anyone wants an epilogue piece or even a Jongin ending I’d be open to it. I really hope you guys enjoyed this series.

It was strange, sitting in a room with your husband and the man you couldn’t stay away from. It was strange how much more you noticed the smaller things, the uncomfortable silence, the clock ticking, the way time hit you in the face when you realized it had been seconds, not hours.

“All those times you told me you were in love, it was with her?” Jongin’s voice interrupted the silence and I glanced up to meet Chanyeol’s gaze.

“Yes.” His voice was firm but I could hear the uncertainty in it.

“When you excused yourself to the bathroom you went to see her?”


“Every time you came over you two were fucking?” I stood up at his words, done with the accusation in them.

“Jongin it isn’t like that, that never happened. I’ve done a lot of shitty things but I would
never do that to you.”  I knew that pointing out that lone fact didn’t make anything Chanyeol and I had done right but I wanted to make it very clear.

“I love her Jongin, more than I can even begin to tell you. I never meant to act on my feelings but I was weak, we both were. I pulled her into this, do not let this affect whatever relationship there is here and I beg of you not to let this affect the business deal that your family has with her’s. I know you love her too and I know you want this to work, it’s why you proposed it, right?” My eyes snapped from Jongin to Chanyeol.

“Chanyeol,” His plea took me aback, my voice cracking as I said his name. “What are you talking about?”

“He was the one who brought up the business marriage idea to his father. He knew about the problems with your parent’s business and he wanted to help, but he also wanted to get the one thing he thought was unattainable.” I looked over at Jongin who was staring at the window wall, his jaw clenched. “He wanted you.”

“Jongin, you,” I took a step closer to him, “you wouldn’t do that would you?”  I wanted to believe he wouldn’t, but when I was only met with silence I felt my body shake. “You lied to me Jongin, you told me it was all the chairman. You told me that you had needed time to process it all too.”

“I’m a selfish man Y/N, especially when it came to you. When the opportunity arouse I took it without a blink of an eye.” His voice was quiet and I held my forehead with my hand, the realization hitting me. He hadn’t been upset about the marriage because he had arranged it. He had changed because he no longer had to fight for my affections, he had them, he had me. I turned to Chanyeol, he knew about it too. Had all of them known?

“You knew and you didn’t tell me?” I asked in a shaky voice.

“Of course he didn’t tell you! I ordered him not to.” Jongin exclaimed, a dry laugh exiting his lips as he stood from where he was. “Even when you were all mine you weren’t.” His voice was quiet, broken his eyes casting onto Chanyeol.

My mind whirled in circles as I took in the situation. Jongin had lied to me, multiple times and Chanyeol knew and never told me. This whole marriage had been a lie and the one man who knew fell in love with me and never told me.

“I love her but I won’t stand in the way of true love.” Jongin’s voice spoke up and I noticed he had moved towards the door. “Her family’s company will still remain merged with my father’s. I won’t ruin her life for my own selfish reasons.”

“Jongin what are you talking about?” I asked, trying to grasp the look in his eyes. It was so lost, so broken yet there was a small smile on his face.

“She’s yours now. Take care of her for me.” Jongin moved towards the door, me quickly in step behind him.

“Jongin,” I called but he just kept walking. Just as he grabbed the door handle I grabbed his sleeve stopping him. “Wait, just wait a second.”

“Y/N you are free from any obligation to me, there is no reason to make sure I’m okay.”

“I would if you stopped acting like you were going to do something stupid.” I quipped and he turned, his eyes wide. “You’re still my best friend.” His eyes softened and he smiled. I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him into a hug. I felt him tense before he wrapped his arms back around me. Eventually, he pulled back and moved out of the door.

As I stood there staring at the spot he had just been I heard a throat clear behind me.

“I understand if you want nothing to do with me now if you don’t love me. I know he meant a lot to you. Just tell me no if you want me to go.” Chanyeol’s voice echoed in my ears and I took a deep breath. My marriage was a lie and the one I had mutual feelings for was the one I was left standing with now.

Where would I go from here? What would my family think? What would my friends think? Me leaving my husband for his best friend and right-hand man. The headlines would be horrendous for all of us, Jongin especially. His father would eat him alive, yet he walked out hoping he did the right thing; that I would do the right thing.

“You know staying with me will come with a lot of baggage right?” I asked him. “My sudden divorce from Jongin will be everywhere, my family, my friends all of them loved Jongin. Could you handle that?” I looked up at him and he nodded, his hand coming out to caress my face.

“For you, anything.”


Drabble Prompt:  Anonymous requested: A historical AU where new Dr. Mellark has to treat Katniss for “hysteria”. She’s trapped in an unconsummated/sexless arranged marriage. Peeta is shocked at how his mentor Dr. Abernathy tends to his patients, but changes his mind when he meets Katniss. 

Author:  fuckingplebe (atetheredmind)

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Scenario: ☁ Lies

Title: Lies

Pairing: Bobby x Reader

Genre: Romance, Marriage au

Length: ~2400

Request: Bobby attending the marriage of the girl he loves in the US 

- requested by anon

“No, thanks”, Bobby snorted at the poor stewardess who only offered him some coke. He bowed after realizing that he might have been a little too rude and mumbled a quiet but soft “sorry”. After all it wasn’t his fault that he had to attend the wedding of the girl he had loved for almost all his life now. Just thinking of it, the reason that he was taking the plane just to get off and see you in another guys arms made him clench his fists.

“The plane will land shortly, please…”, a voice resounded through the plane, not getting the attention of Bobby. His mind was messed up with thoughts of you. Past memories that danced in the back of his mind, forming a little smile on his lips just to get interrupted by your oh so beloved soon to be husband. He didn’t even know how he looked like but he was sure that he must have been pretty handsome to steal your heart like that. The only thing that broke his thoughts was the stewardess that had offered him a coke earlier. “Sir, you need to fasten your seat belt!”

With that, Bobby fixed his position, straightening up his back to put that damn belt on. Didn’t mind if he got hurt though, there was nothing left for him anyways, now where you had found your love.

“Mother, do i really have to do this?”, you asked quietly. You already knew what she would answer, her reply literally echoed through your head a few times before she actually said it. “Don’t be so immature”, the cold voice crept on your skin, sending shivers all over your body. You should have been used to it by now, however there was always the little glint of hope that thought everything would be better someday.

What did you expect anyways? The marriage was already set up, the people invited and it were just mere 24 hours till you would be married to some rich-ass arrogant guy who you had met for exactly 2 hours. Of course your parents had thought you were having the time of your life, being out with a rich guy who would buy you everything you had ever wished for– your parents thought you had ever wished for. But it wasn’t like that at all, after driving around and getting you expensive gleaming stuff you didn’t even need, you had just told him that it was okay, that he didn’t have to pretend that he liked you and stormed off to a café nearby, spending your precious Saturday where you could have lost yourself in your books instead.

He was just like everyone else. You were sick of these arranged marriages. Why were rich people so stupid? Only being after more money, even marrying strangers by a stupid contract just to make more income in their filthy little business. You really hated such people. You were always different than everyone else. Maybe it was because of Bobby

A sad smile found its way to your lips, your eyes immediately filling up with the salty sadness called tears but you blinked a few times before letting them escape. Bobby had taught you how to live happily, without money and all. There was no money needed in the life Bobby had, it was simply that joyous smile, making his eyes almost invisible since they always screwed up into small crescents, quickening the rhythm of your heart beat immediately. You had always wondered how he did that. As if he snatched it right out of your chest to make you his. Now he was coming and what for? To see you marrying off another guy.

Sooner or later it had to happen anyways. It wasn’t like Bobby would have ever married a person like you. Someone who grew up in a wealthy family where money and reputation came before love. Bobby didn’t deserve a person like you. He probably had met some cute Korean girl already anyways.

I arrived. Where are you? Not even greeting me at the Airport? ):

The message of Bobby flashed on your phone and you leaped up immediately. You had totally missed the time. Without even putting something accepting on, you ran out the door with your sweatpants and loose shirt, moving your feet as fast as possible to the airport.

When you arrived, all you could do was gasping for air and  swiftly moving your eyes, searching up the airport for a familiar looking figure. “Hey”, you heard a familiar voice calling from behind, “you’re pretty early, miss”. Your head whipped around and all you could do was pull him close, nuzzling your face into his chest and never let go. At least that was what you wanted to do. His scent was the same, however his broad shoulders and tall figure were different. He looked so much manlier now, you stepped back to take a look at him.

“I am sorry, i totally missed the tim–”, before you could even end your sentence, his hand connected with your face, making you freeze up and sending shivers down your spine. The warmth of his hand was still the same. “You’re totally sweating, what were you doing, running here?”, just then you noticed your messy hair and outfit. Wow you probably really left a good impression after seeing him after all these years. You closed your eyes, panic washing all over you. “Please tell me i am not my wearing my pyjama and looking like a complete mess”. “Would you hit me if i told you exactly that?”

You covered your face in embarrassment, “YES”. Just then you felt his soft touch once again, removing your hiding place out of your face and looking straight into your eyes. “Don’t worry, you look pretty anyways”, he smiled and your heart melted just like that. At the same time you noticed the empty look in his eyes, his smile didn’t even reach his eyes and he put a distance between you immediately. It was just a step back but it suddenly felt like he was a hundred miles away.

“Anyway, congrats on being engaged”, he looked away, avoiding eye contact, “tomorrow is the big day huh?” His laugh sounded so bitter for some reason, not like Bobby at all. You sighed, why did he have to bring this up now. You just wanted to run away. For a few seconds you had totally forgotten about reality and had lost yourself in your sweet dream, the curing illusion of your mind, caused by the sweet scent of his which made you dizzy. Though now it was the hard and sad truth that hit you. You did not understand why you were disappointed when he mentioned it.

“Hah, thanks”, you pressed your lips together. “Please… let’s not talk about it okay? I want to spend the rest of my unmarried life with you, not even wasting a thought over what’s gonna happen tomorrow”. Bobby’s expression changed,  worry and concern lying in his eyes, “wait, shouldn’t you be happy that you finally found someone..”

“Y/N, don’t tell me it’s one of those arranged marriages of your parents”, his voice changed drastically, you could totally hear the great shock that he had just received. You looked down, fiddling with the hem of your shirt. “Y/N”, he repeated again, not believing the situation. “Hey!”, Bobby came back close and hold up your head, so that you could look directly in his eyes. You really hated this, you hated how angry and shocked he looked, was he gonna treat you like your mother now? “You promised that you would never accept the marriages that your parents arranged–”

“You promised me Y/N… you said you’d marry someone you loved!” You hated yourself for breaking that promise. It was still clearly treasured in those memories which survived all this time, keeping them close in your heart. “I know but–”, your voice broke into soft sobs. “Please don’t hate me, i am sorry”, you pressed your lips together and swallowed down the pain. “Let’s just go home for now okay?”

After finding a taxi to drive both of you over to Bobby’s, you sat down quietly. The ride in the taxi passed by in silence. Bobby was never angry, he barely got mad no matter what situation you were in. But of course you made him upset right when you saw him after all these years. “Bobby, i– i like him though”, it was the only way to lighten the atmosphere. Even if that meant you had to lie. You wondered why it felt so much thicker though after you spoke out the words. “Really?”, he asked after a long pause. “Y-Yeah”. Another pause. “That’s good then”.

The rest of the day had gone by in more silence. It felt like you had made the whole situation even worse. A sigh escaped your mouth when you went out the apartment of Bobby’s family, walking down the streets in the depth of the night. The moon shined on the edges of the cruel world you lived in and made it look a little less scarier than it actually was.

“Y/N”, you heard a familiar voice. Your heart made a flip, and a sad feeling spread out in your guts. Of course, who else would be calling your name like this at this time of the day. Your eyes met his and you smiled. You missed him. It were just a few minutes you were apart but it felt like years. You missed Bobby, the happy Bobby who would tease you about your looks just to make your heart flutter with a sweet compliment afterwards.

“Yeah?”, how much you wanted to go back to your past, having a normal conversation with Bobby at night. Now it just felt different. It felt like both of your were showing each other a false reflection of yourself. Everything felt wrong.

“I am happy for you… if you like him, it’s good”, and there was that smile with his crescent eyes and heart-shaped lips and your world just seemed to break into pieces.

“You look beautiful, miss”, your chauffeur looked at you through the mirror, before having his eyes back on the street. Your heart was screaming but your mouth remained shut. You didn’t want to look beautiful, not for the person you were gonna marry in less than 20 minutes. You closed your eyes in hope the reality would seem a little less real but it just made you tired. “I am happy for you”, it still ringed in your ears. He wasn’t supposed to be happy, he was supposed to say something differently. Anything but that.

“Can we please stop the car for a second?” Your chauffeur drove the car to the side immediately and you opened the door to get out of the sticky air which lied in the car. “Are you okay, miss?”, “Yeah, i am fine”, another lie spoken out like that. Was your whole life based on lies? Why couldn’t you just say what you really wanted to.

At that moment you took out your phone and dialed Bobby’s number without even thinking.

You heard his voice on the other line, but he didn’t even get to say something. “I lied”, the unshed tears finally rolled down your cheek. They were literally burning in your eyes for all this time. It felt good to cry. It felt good to say the truth.

Without asking you what you were even talking about, Bobby asked you where you were instantly and when you told him where, in the middle of nowhere, dolled up like a princess and in that ugly white dress your mom had picked up for you, it were only minutes till he arrived. “You can go without me”, you politely told your chauffeur, he looked a little helpless but only bowed and got in the car.

Bobby quickly got out the car and once again you felt everything spinning when you saw him dressed in that suit. This time it hurt, it hurt so much that you just wanted to die right there and never come back. What had you done? What was gonna happen? Expecting the worst, all you felt was his warmth that flowed through your whole body when he came close and embraced you. You sobbed into his shoulder, not only ruining your makeup but also his suit. “I don’t like him– god i don’t even know that guy!”, you yelled crying, letting out all your frustration. “I don’t want to marry him”, this time a little quieter and time seemed to stop when he pulled away and pressed your foreheads together.

“It’s okay”, was all he said. “I lied too”. You didn’t quiet understand what he was talking but it didn’t matter because all you felt after were the sweet taste of his lips which made you feel light, so light as if you were floating in the air. The heavy weight on your chest fell off and you only pulled him closer to deepen the kiss, to let him know that you loved him. The words that you couldn’t say up until now but were burning on your tongue for this long.

“I love you”, you pulled away, catching your breath just to say that.

“I know you do”, his teasing smile was back on, you really wanted to punch him but for some reason you couldn’t, you had missed it just too much. “After kissing me this desperately it is pretty obvious that you are head over heels for m– ouch!”, okay maybe you could after all. He rubbed the spot you had just hit, pretending to be hurt but he laughed. This time it was a real laugh and it sounded so beautiful that you wanted to pull him right back into a kiss but you resisted or he would have really though you were completely crazy for that idiot.

“Okay so i get no proper response, i am just going to marry that guy now, bye”, before you could even turn the other way (which you didn’t even had planned to do), you were pulled in for another kiss. This time he stopped halfway though, his lips being apart for not even an inch. “I love you too”, he whispered so quietly, somehow it felt like he was screaming and the whole world stopped just to listen to those 4 words he said.

“Well, that's… good then”, you replied, biting on your lower lip before Bobby could make them his again, desperately kissing you on the street in the middle of nowhere. It really looked like he was the groom… which he was gonna be not long after.

- Admin Moyo

I Saw Park Again (BUT)

I wanted to put this up since it happened 2 months ago, so I’m finally doing it. I’m now 19, and I want to share something amazing but really sad that happened.

You guys remember the Korean guy from the ice cream shop I use to work at story? Well I saw him while on campus with some girlfriends because the entire campus is sooooo beautiful, and it’s a hang out spot for adults, from restaurants to clothing stores, and as you know, an ice cream shop.

There were in total 9 of us, 4 are Black, 3 are Asian, and 2 are white, and we were all walking together when someone grabbed my hand and kissed it. It became DEAD silent. I held the hand back thinking it was one of my 9 friends joking and looked behind me to joke back with which ever one it was, and that’s when I notice….it was Park  (THAT’S WHY IT WAS SILENT). He was wearing a white suit shirt, suit pants, and shoes, but sadly his suit jacket was around another girls arms (she was also Korean). She was wearing such a beautiful dress but was giving me looks. I ignored her and looked at him. I could hear Belinda whispering that he was really hot in the back and the girls were agreeing.

He’s tall so I had to look up at him but he leans a lot, so it’s not too bad, but good lord is he muscular! (not the beefy kind but the just right kind). I freaked so I snatched away because….Idk…I  just had a moment. He spoke in English saying hello greeted my friends and looked back at me and asked me how I was (very well mind you) He has a deep voice so I just starred at him and he must have thought he said something wrong so he changed the subject. He reached behind himself and grabbed the girl. She waved,  said hello but was really quiet and looked angry. He looked at her and said I was his friend in Hangul. ( I met him 2 years ago and he called me his friend) but anyway, She smiled and started to look everywhere for me and my friends. He could feel the awkwardness and told me about his arranged marriage and that he was on a date with her.

I was so shocked so I sadly said sorry and told him I would go. I didn’t want to seem sleazy so I didn’t ask for his number, but I did get his email. I asked for her email also, to not seem rude, but she waved both her hands and said she didn’t have one and looked away again. I made an excuse and said it was because I was going to Korea soon and wanted to have a native speaker help me in my journey there. He smiled so hard and gave me his number anyway. The girl looked so mad! and my friends were like this is really awkward. It was awkward but it also was making my life. I found out that he just turned 21 but in Korea he is 22 and I told him that I was 19 ( I was turning 19 in two months anyway so I might as well say I was already 19). He told me that makes me 20 in Korea. He said that we were always going to be two years apart. I said I’ll take it and he laughed.

At this point the girl was livid, giving me the eye, and kept tapping park. I finally said goodbye and he did too. and while we were walking away, I turned around just to see if he sneaked a peek, (AND HE WAS FULL BLOWN WALKING BACKWARDS!!!!!!!) all my friends said bye and he said his goodbyes back. I haven’t talked to him since, I’m too afraid. Although I keep thinking this is like some kind of drama where if I don’t message him he’ll marry her….guys idk what to do?

KPMBW: omg! I believe everything happens for a reason, and you can tell that he feels some type of way towards you! What is that way? I don’t know! BUT it’s something! I think you should at least be his friend and text/email him to see where this could all go. And you never know his feeling may grow and other things could happen, that’s what I think! lovely story btw, it hit me in the feels!

anonymous asked:

Atobe, Shiraishi, Yukimura and Tezuka discovering their omiai partner is their s/o whom previously got a little fight because the boys needed to have an arranged marriage interview.

I hope you like it, love! <3


Atobe walked into his father’s office with a small frown. He had to admit that you were right when you complained about him having an arranged marriage interview. He didn’t think much about it at first. He would just go there and later politely let them know that he wasn’t interested, but when he thought about you meeting up with a potential marriage partner he would react the same way. He shouldn’t have let things escalate into a fight, so he was going to make it up to you. He would just ask his father to blow the whole thing off and tell his father that he intended to stay with you. His father calmly listened to Atobe’s explanation before a small smirk – so similar to his own – spread across his father’s face “I’m a bit disappointed in you, son.” Atobe clenched his jaw and was ready to retaliate when his father handed him a document. Atobe quickly scanned over the words, his eyes widening when they landed on a name - (last name) (first name). With a smirk of his own Atobe placed down the document “Very well, father. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.” He couldn’t wait to see your face when you realized that you were the one having the marriage interview with him and he couldn’t deny how happy it made him that his father seemingly supported your relationship.


Shiraishi walked into the room where he was supposed to meet the person for the omiai with a sigh. He could understand that you were angry about it. Hell, he would be annoyed too if it were you having an arranged marriage interview. He wanted to just get it over with so he could make up with you. Shiraishi couldn’t understand why his parents insisted that he went, normally they weren’t like that. Shiraishi scanned the room still thinking about how to make you forgive him since you ignored him for a whole week when he spotted someone sitting with their back facing him. He walked up to the person, forcing a  polite smile on his face. The smile fell and got replaced by a expression of surprise and confusion when the person turned around, your familiar eyes meeting with his. You looked equally surprised, blinking up at him. This time an honest smile appeared on his face and he reached out to pull you up from your seat “(Name)…” he placed a gentle kiss on your cheek, but pulled back with a frown “Why didn’t tell me you were going to an arranged marriage interview?” You let out a little laugh, unconsciously lacing your fingers with his “My parents told me today.” Shiraishi laughed too, giving your hand a small squeeze “I’m relieved it turned out like that…”


Yukimura had no idea how he ended up in this situation. He wasn’t used to not be in control, so he was in an especially bad mood. It was still a mystery to him why his parents suddenly insisted that he goes to an arranged marriage interview. He tried to make them change their mind, but with no success. He wasn’t surprised about how you reacted. He could understand you completely, but why couldn’t you understand that he didn’t want to go there? You ended up having a small fight. You rarely fought, so it just added to his stress. Pushing the door open he walked into the room, coming face to face with a grinning you. It was a rare sight when Yukimura’s jaw dropped, his eyes scanning over your body as if he wanted to make sure that it was really you. He cleared his throat, trying to compose himself “Don’t tell me you knew from the start that you are my omiai partner?” You giggled, poking his stomach “Well, you always tease me and I would say now I finally got you back, Seii-chan!~ Yukimura ran a hand over his face with a sigh before looking at you, a gentle smile on his lips “You really got me worried here, (Name)… Well, I’m still more than glad that it’s you.”


You didn’t say much when Tezuka told you that his grandfather expected him to go to an arranged marriage interview. Still Tezuka could see the look of hurt in your eyes. You just started dating a few weeks ago and Tezuka knew that you probably just didn’t say more because of that. Tezuka hated that your relationship was burdened with something like that so soon. He had been in love with you for a long time and he barely could believe that you actually feel the same. He didn’t want you to feel like he didn’t take your relationship seriously, but he didn’t want to disappoint his grandfather either. He was torn between his feelings when he walked into the room, he would try to end the meeting as soon as possible and hopefully make it up to you afterwards. His face was even more expressionless than usual when his eyes landed on the person sitting at the table. The hair looked so familiar and it actually took him a while to realize that the person was you “(Name)-san?” Your eyes widened when you looked up at him “Tezuka?! I can’t believe it…” It turned out that it was a pure coincidence and your parents just told you a few hours earlier that you had to go to an arranged marriage interview. To your surprise, Tezuka placed a hand on your waist and pulled you in a short, but gentle kiss “I’m relieved. I really didn’t want you to think that I’m not completely committed to this relationship.”

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wtf i don't understand why everyone's shaming cc? Yeah you all love your little shadowhunters TV show but without her the idea wouldn't even exist! She wrote the whole book series and created the world, the characters, the plot, everything! So I'm pretty sure she can do what she wants

I understand she created the world (or most of it) but there are things she has done that are hella shitty.

let me break it down into simple terms so you don’t get confused:

- she slut shamed Isabelle on the show ( even though Jace was said to sleep around with people in the books - but that’s allowed cause he’s a ‘man’)

- She was brutal about the show saying that she would never have an ‘arranged marriage’ on the show and insulting the directors (trying to get them fired)

- if she gets involved we will have a Biphobic Alec (which was unnecessary)

- everything to do with Incest in that book was just weird. weird.

-She changes her mind on what characters are like just to please someone e.g “Raphael is Asexual” on no wait he’s “not” anymore - which is unfair to the asexual community

- always has her little cult following be horrible to anyone who doesn’t agree with her (you are my example)

- plagiarized half her books. 

(on a minor note: I got my first hate guys! yay!)

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✉ arranged marriage, Princess Imnah and Prince Peter, because of money. Won't speak for Imnah, Peter feels duty bound to go through with it, is trying to be a total gentleman about it. It takes place either in the past or in a fantasy au because why not~


‘’Father! Have you gone mad?!’’, Imnah shouts as she stormed into the room where her father was currently in meeting with his councilmen. The king looked up at his furious looking daughter. ‘’Well gentlemen, it seems that this meeting is over’’, he said, turning to the others with an exasperated sigh.

When the other men had left the room, he turned back to his daughter, who was still watching with a furious look on her face, hands on her hips. 
‘’What can I do for you, my evening star?’’, he smiled.
‘’An arranged marriage?! Are you out of your mind?!’’, she snarled. Truly, he couldn’t be serious. 
‘’You are of age, my dear. You’re already too old, even, to still be unwed. Prince Peter will be a devoted husband to you’’, her father said matter-of-factly.
She threw her hands in the air in anger. ‘’I don’t care! How dare you make this decision without consulting me!’’, she fumed.
The king just chuckled. ‘’Easy, my dear. Meet him first’’. He brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. ‘’Get changed, he will arrive with his parents in about an hour’’, he ordered as he turned away again to clean up the table of the remnants of the council meeting.

Imnah snorted and turned heel. ‘Fine. Whatever. But I don’t have to like it’, she thought as she made way to her chambers.