this cat is the best thing

Stray Cat

Time for the best character in Jojo, Stray Cat. Look at that cat.

Stray Cat is another one of those weird stands that isn’t fully a stand, and sort of a mix between user and stand. This time, it’s a cat that gets resurrected as a weird cat-plant thing. And it’s cute as hell. I love the way the petals suggest the shape of ears, and how the mouth is made from the intersection of three petals. It’s a very clever design, one that looks cat-like while being fully plant. I personally love the weird eye-stalks and filaments. A great look.

Stray Cat has had a lot of designs during it’s existence. In addition to slowly shifting to a rounder, more cat-like head shape, it also suddenly changed to a completely different design in it’s second major appearance, which I’m mixed about. It’s not as fun or clever, but it can certainly be cute on it’s own, and the design has a lot of merit, with those weird spikes and compressed look. It’s odd, but it feels like a fitting evolution for the stand. 

Honestly, I could fill the rest of the review with more pictures of Stray Cat being cute, but that would mean dozens of images. It’s just so expressive and fun, which easily makes it one of my favorite stands so far.

I love this cat. It’s a goofy, funny cat-plant with an interesting, memorable, and appealing design. 

i love you. i love being here with you. i love imagining you making breakfast in the morning like you offered to this night - laying out a menu of things you would make me if i wanted them. i love thinking how we’ll most likely wake up an hour before you need to be at work, stumble around as we always do, and ill get a bagel at home before i pass out again.

i love lying here in the dark as you sleep beside me, and trying to pet your purring machine of a cat as she wants to crawl into your lap. i try a couple times to stop her so she doesn’t disturb your sleep, but she likes you best. i can’t help but agree.

i love how you lead me around grocery stores, because you are a master at navigating them. that’s incredible! you’re really talented and i love you. i love how you got some ice cream too. i love watching you cook so efficiently! incredible! i love being asked to roll up your sleeves (the only other help you needed besides peeling the yams, and i would be embarrassed except it’s because you’re so good at cooking these dishes) and having the opportunity to kiss your neck. i love that you made sure i knew the spoon and bowl of your SO FLUFFY pumpkin cookies was free for the licking.

i love listening to you breathe. i love how warm you are. i love your nest of blankets on your bed. i love how effusively thoughtful and kind you strive to be, and how you succeed. i love how delighted you were at the blueberry lemonade - i didn’t know that existed, but i like it already because you really like it. and it tasted sooooo good with the lemoncello. i love the texture of your skin and how good it feels to rub my hand across it - i am being sincere. i like how it feels. i like your hair and your nose and how you look wearing three different layers of black om your legs. legs…

i love that you feel comfortable with me. i’m so glad that you feel you can be. i love holding you and taking care of you in whatever way you want at that moment. i love making you happy. i love sharing space with you.

i love how wonderful you are. i love every sound you make, every laugh you have. i love how creative you are, and im so happy that soon you’ll have the time to express it. i love how good you are with tally. ive never liked a cat this much, it’s because of you and your example.

i love how we cuddle for a bit and then do our own sleeping thing, because we get it. i like how easygoing we both are, i think it’s a reason we’re a good match. i love how proud you were over us finally falling asleep spooning, because i am also utterly pleased.

it’s all little things. but everything you do shines. i love you. it’s both a quiet warm thing and a riotous sun inside my chest, right behind my sternum. i love how fond you are of me lapsing into lavender prose. im not used to things that make me Different/Abnormal being worthy of affection and praise. i love you for providing an example that makes it easier to come around to liking myself, idiosyncrasies and all. i love how fond you are of my family and friends. i love how you always want to have enough baked goods (GOODS!) for classmates, professors, coworkers.

i love how you lifted your legs up in your sleep and tally IMMEDIATELY started purring. like!! what a mood. she just crawled back over to me and sat on my chest and i pet her, but of course she crawls over to purr on you. love her. love you.

i love our weekends. i love having times of quiet, normal, domestic, intimate respite and rest. i love all these little details. i love just being with you, being around you. it feels like wrapping myself up in my comforter after A Day. getting warm and cozy. being at home.

That’s not true, there are other good jokes besides “putting googly eyes on things”, like:

  • inserting an accent grave or an umlaut in an english word where it sounds ridiculous and makes no sense
  • dressing cats up in costumes (note: can be combined with putting googly eyes on stuff)
  • any joke about straight white boys trying to sext
  • the “Rural Juror” song that Jenna sings in the last episode of 30 Rock, especially the last line (”these… were the best days of my… fluuurrrrmm”) (note: this is the only good joke 30 Rock ever did)
  • people pretending they don’t know who the Beatles are to make nerds angry on the internet
  • every joke I ever heard Adam West make
  • “They’re good dogs, Bront”

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i wish 'ex' hadn't become such a bitter, ugly term that people assume is typically negative. idk how else to describe someone from my canon? like calling her my girlfriend would be a LIE, and calling her my best friend would somehow leave out part of our story. yeah. we were a thing for a time. it didn't work out. wasn't psychologically or emotionally good for either of us. but the dynamic still impacted our future relationship. idk man i love my ex

knowing your partner well makes writing together a lot easier.  tag this with the people you enjoy roleplaying with but want to get to know better.  (  REPOST, DO NOT REBLOG ! )


name. hana
age. 22
pronouns.  she/her
sexuality. bisexual
zodiac sign.  cancer
taken or single. single
three facts.  01. i love my cat more than anything. 02. i want to study history. 03. i work at a coffee shop in a hospital. it’s very interesting.


platforms you’ve used. facebook, gaia, chatzy, tumblr, and a few other like. weird things.
best experience. i met my roommate through rp on facebook. my da vinci blog was probably my greatest experience though. i met so many wonderful people and wrote so many wonderful things. this blog is a close second but leo will always have a special place in my heart.


female or male. tbh i usually write male muses idk what that’s all about.
least favourite face(s). idk. i used to get annoyed seeing the same face over and over and over. but now it doesn’t bother me as much. 
multi or single. uhm. single. i get distracted trying to do multi. i can’t do it. i applaud anyone who can. 


fluff, angst or smut. all the things please. all of them. i angle towards angst because i feel like it leads to intense development sometimes but literally give me everything. 
plots or memes. both i am trying to get a lot better about plotting though. because i used to not be very good at.  
long or short replies. i need both. because sometimes long threads can burn me out, but short ones don’t always inspire me. so i need both. always both. please. 

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u know what. i love aizawa. i really do. he’s all about logic and rationality and lives his life by those rules. but he’s also hands down one of the kindest characters in the comic, even if he doesn’t show it like all might does. he wants all of his students to do their best and defends them with his life. he leaps face first into an entire herd of enemies to protect his kids, even when that’s the WORST possible team up for his quirk and skills. he sacrificed some of his quirk stability to help save the kids. he was positively delighted when he got to tell his students that everyone was going to the camp. he roasted a random hero for daring to insult one of his kids. his best friend is an Incredibly Loud Extrovert, and he lets the Loud Man constantly talk him into all sorts of things from his hero name to commenting on the ua games. his favorite thing in the world is cats. he lets the principle hide in his scarf and pop out for Dramatic Effects. (like he must be SO EASY to talk into random bs.) he is willing to change his first impressions of and help Izuku. he says that he wants to help Momo gain back her confidence but that he can’t because he’s focused on defeating her, then turns around and lets her win and gain back that confidence after he JUST SAID he wouldn’t. he’s such a good teacher and he cares so much abt his kids. i love aizawa. good dad. 10/10. 

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I want to think that once they start dating and Marinette is no longer AHShFHJLSK around Adrien she’ll be more comfortable and less ‘walk on eggshells’ with him, including the desperately grumpy sleep deprived part of herself.

She’d better give him the Ladybug doll and she keeps the Chat Noir and they have each others hero-themed PJ’s. Plagg and Tikki co-own each other’s kiddos, Plagg loves Mari to bits and Tikki coddles Adrien. Plagg thinks it’s the funniest thing when Mari gives Adrien a hard time and Tikki get’s PO’d at them for making him cry.

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