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RWBY Talk: Blake and Cat Ears

So, I was wondering not too long ago if Blake actually uses her cat ears in order to hear things or not. If you take the time to think about it, the Faunas are kinda like humans with one set of animal-like parts (Blake has cat ears, Sun has a monkey tail, Adam has bull horns (I think?), etc.). But I’m wondering if Blake actually utilizes her cat ears for anything. I mean, while I’ve never seen her normal human ears before (which I’m assuming she has), I’m assuming that somehow she has four ears (two human, two cat) by which she can utilize in order to hear things better. So, I kinda wanna know what everyone else thinks. Do you think Blake Belladonna has a set of human ears? And if she does, does she utilize both sets of ears? Or do you think she may only utilize one set of ears in order to hear? Please reblog and comment on this post. I’d like some very detailed fan theories on this one, so don’t be afraid to go all out if you want