this cat is giving me feels

When your two kittens fall asleep on you

I don’t know why I keep drawing them like thisXD I guess athough I love them being punk and grumpy buddies I also enjoy the idea of the two of them being trusting and relaxed around each other. I’m honestly starting to feel bad for Otabek, how this guy manages to get anything done when there’s always at least one cat sleeping on him? Also guys do you have ideas how their mugs should look like? I made them simple because I like simple but give me some crazy ideas:D

And thank you so much for all the likes and rebloggs under my previous works. You guys keep me going and you are the best. Love you all!<3

PS. Also I should be called style fluid artist. You could be staring at two of my artworks and never guess they’re both mine;)

shadowhunters 2x08: reactions

alec: how do you feel about throwing a party?

magnus: have you met me?

alec: well it is for max’s rune ceremony


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simon: i’m in love with you clary


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magnus: he told you

jace: he didn’t have to, we’re parabatai


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raphael: i can’t

izzy: *cuts herself so raphael will give her some of that sweet vampire venom*


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magnus: *reveals cat eyes*


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max: mom says you’re not even a part of this family!


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alec: *falls off the roof*


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magnus: *fighting iris*


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How i see the mars signs

Aries Mars:  HELLA ANGRY OMG. they talk with such anger and hostility and like can be so so so so brutal and mean and physically violent sometimes. 

Taurus Mars: Stubborn like if there pissed at you they probably won’t change what there stance is until to you until you apologize and maybe will still be pissed at you.

Gemini Mars: okay like every gemini placement THEY ARE ALL OVER THIS PLACE WITH THERE ANGER like “OMG IM SO MAD, wait cats are cool, no wait what i mad about again” 

Cancer Mars: “I GIVE I GIVE AND NO ONE LOVES OR APPRECIATES ME!!11!” a really angry crier like they probably are sobbing because they are pissed at you.

Leo Mars: Probably really in control with there anger tbh?? idk i feel like there are a tons of ways to piss leo mars off but i feel they try to keep in control of there anger.

Virgo mars: Emotions??? VIRGO???? *insert laughing here* I mean i think they are super critical and cant see there own faults but like come on, its virgo…

Libra Mars: probably really like peace actually, fightings just not for them. probably a little lazy and finds issues with motivation.

Scorpio mars: The god of murder. little tip DONT FUCK WITH THEM. they will probably wish ill on you for the rest of there life if there pissed. (pleasedon’thurtme)

 Sagittarius Mars: they’re like super carefree most of the time but if they are pissed at you they probably have a good reason. 

Capricorn Mars: Blunt, brutal and probably have no mercy when angry. probably dig deep for wounds. 

Aquarius Mars: I don’t think they’re capable of getting too angry. like honestly really cool and chill and just want to relax and sleep.

Pisces Mars: really really passive aggressive when hurt. pls don’t hurt them. they mean well. 

(I wasn’t being serious just heads up)

If you guys ever feel embarrassed by something your parents did just remember that my parents found one of my ML fanarts and not only framed it and hung it in our house without asking me FOR EVERYONE TO SEE but also kept SHOWING IT TO STRANGERS WHEN WE WERE SELLING OUR HOUSE OKAY


  • ST: TNG: Does Data feel emotions, is he capable of humanity? We'll explore all the possibilies as the sh-
  • Me: Yes.
  • ST: TNG: But what is humanity? What are the param-
  • Me: He loves his cat and Geordi Laforge. He loves to do Sherlock Holmes AU's in his spare time, He would gladly give his life for any crew member and above all he has a desire to be human so...
How i see the mars signs

Aries Mars:  HELLA ANGRY OMG. they talk with such anger and hostility and like can be so so so so brutal and mean and physically violent sometimes.

Taurus Mars: Stubborn like if there pissed at you they probably won’t change what there stance is until to you until you apologize and maybe will still be pissed at you.

Gemini Mars: okay like every gemini placement THEY ARE ALL OVER THIS PLACE WITH THERE ANGER like “OMG IM SO MAD, wait cats are cool, no wait what i mad about again”

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Mystic Messenger Starters Part Two:
  • “I cannot believe [NAME] chose to be such an idiot.”
  • “[NAME], are you hurt?”
  • “[NAME], it’s difficult if you sit on my phone..”
  • “Dude, you’re a jerk, you know that right?”
  • “Get it on, you two.”
  • “My throat hurts..”
  • “Said like a true game addict.”
  • “Just take that cat to work with you.”
  • “Did you just call me douchey?”
  • “[NAME], how’s your injury?”
  • “You won’t be able to walk like this..”
  • “How do you feel? Do you feel any pain?”
  • “Do you want to try it?”
  • “Liar liar pants on fire.”
  • “Sometimes I dream of a person who would consider me special…”
  • “Give me things that are heavy.”
  • “Maybe if I say hello nicely they’ll let me in?”
  • “Kidnap that cat for the marriage!!”
  • “Hey, how can I effectively make fun of [NAME]..? God, this is a serious problem…”
  • “One loser is enough for this group.”
  • “Do you want to pray with me?”
  • “I feel like he’s on the brink of needing hospitalization..”
  • “Don’t throw things even when you get angry from now on.”
  • “I can’t let you sleep alone.”
  • “I cried because there was a spider in the kitchen.”
  • “During the wedding, I was going to yell, ‘I OBJECT!!!!’”
  • “I’m not worried about [NAME]. He’ll feel better after taking a couple selfies.”
  • “Do you miss your mom?”
  • “You wanted to make soap with me?”
  • “Why are you smiling at me?”
  • “Stop staring at me.”
  • “Maybe [NAME]’s a robot, since he never shows emotions.”
  • “Wow!! I wanted to get married at the space station too!”
Damian’s feelings

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Warning Contains: Damian’s confession to reader

“Alfred how are they?” Bruce asked looking at the older man.

“I had just come to give them a cup of hot coco, they said it makes them feel better.”

“I heard they have been hanging out with Damian” Bruce said.

“As a matter a fact he is in the room with them”.

“He is cute”.

“Who?” Damian asked looking over at you. You lifted up the grey cat who meowed happily liking the attention you were giving him.

“I hope You don’t mind, he actually sleeps with me” you said holding Alfred in your arms.

“I don’t mind, he seems to like you anyway” Damian said using his finger to scratch the cats head. 

“At least someone does”.

“I have… also taken a liking to you too” Damian said making you look up at him, heat running across your face. You were so shocked that Damian Wayne confessed to you.

With love- Admin J

Otayuri week 2017

DAY 5: Fears or Encouragement (Headcanons for everything because it’s perfect)

  • Don’t even try to fight with me on this: Yuri is a mess if it goes to jealousy all the time. But having a boyfriend, and that boyfriend being Otabek, is just too much for him.
  • He will fight everyone getting closer than 5 meters to him. Doesn’t matter if it’s Viktor, Yuri’s cat or salesman in shop. It is so easy to give Yuri reason to shout at someobody, or just show that “fuck you, Otabek is mine”
  • Deep down it’s because he feels not enough for Otabek, because he thinks his boyfriend is just perfect
  • At the same time, Otabek is jealous too, but he never shows it. He also thinks he’s not enough, but at the same time he would never allow anyone to take Yuri away from him. 
  • But Otabek, instead of shouting, every time he sees someone being too friendly with his boyfriend, just walks very close and with cold eyes, which can kill a human being, say something like “What do you want from my boyfriend?” with even colder tone. Noone ever wants to see him like that.
  • Long story short their relationship is strange mix between being anxious and showing how much they love each other. 
  • OH BOI ABOUT THEIR FIGHTS. They never have any major fights, more like shouting about stupid shit, but Yuri is so easy to swear, to kick Otabek out from house and just want to never see him again…
  • … for two minutes. Then he panicks, because he’s scared Otabek would really leave him and of course he didn’t mean that. He then always cries; Otabek comes back in few minutes and Yuri tries to apoligise, still crying, they’re hugging and saying how much they love one another and fight is over.
  • Yuri is just too much emotions in one small form you know.
  • BUT DAMN WHEN HE SEES OTABEK IS ANXIOUS. He’s peferct with encourage Otabek? He always knows what to say. With time, he learns how to mix every word which works for his boyfriend in one sentence, to make him feel more anxious, loved and strong enough to do everything.
  • And Otabek is so in love with him because of that?
  • At the same time I believe Yuri is always sure of what he’s going to do and that he’ll succeed. But Otabek never fails to still be next to him, supporting him.
  • And he definitely knows that Yuri works the best with bit of encouragement, like little promise about the reward or something like that.
  • tl;dr They’re perfect mess together.

My cat: Mmm yes I am so comfortable here in my human’s lap that I need to gently impale their legs with my claws over and ove-

Me: Ow ow OW okay if you’re gonna keep doing THAT…. *puts a blanket on my lap and puts the cat on the blanket* There. Claw that. You can cuddle me without giving me stab wounds.

My cat: What the fuck. No. I want none of this. I’m out this lap, bye.

Me: Fine. *takes the blanket off my lap*

My cat: YES now the time has come to FEEL THE SWEET SENSATION OF FLESH BETWEEN MY CLAWS hahaha yes there will be blood oh I must purr

Me: Why.

1) you mean on iscribble? bc otherwise i’m not sure what you mean….but no yeah feel completely free to join me if you ever see me on!! i don’t really announce when i’m on there though but yea, i have no problem drawing with followers ^__^;; maybe next time i’ll make a post ?

2) honestly, abel wouldn’t be happy abt it, but he’d let him go
buuut BM is just…way too caught up for that. he wants whatever abel can give him, even if it’s not Marriage TM…this boy is around for the long haul LMAO

3) it’s hard to explain, i just pick them intuitively at this point!  here’s some random skin colors i picked out..sometimes i use colors that you wouldn’t consider actual skin shades ie pink or dark blue but *shrug* putting diff colors really makes stuff pop imho

i’d also recommend color picking / getting color palettes off of pics of real people’s faces in natural/different colored lighting and try to replicate that

Phil's Liveshow 03.16.17

aka the Phil Got to 4 Mil Q & A

- Phil immediately tweeted because he always forgets

- He’s “fresh out of the shower.”

- The house is actually kind of cold because the heating’s off

- He’s wearing his Jake hoodie but he feels like a traitor because he hasn’t watched Adventure Time in a long time

- He should be wearing a Steven Universe hoodie

- He smells like sweet marshmallow and it’s distracting

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shit my girlfriend has said to me

“bye i’m gay”
“i found candles in the shape of cacti”
“dogs are too good for us”
“what would this world do without me?”
“i can happily rub your butt if it’ll make you feel better”
“please give me your dog”
“what’s that bee movie even about?”
“i can’t believe i’m dating a furry”
“your fetish is getting out of hand”
“i was just in the shower and i was thinking about how we should watch shrek”
“who needs a cat when you’re dating someone who is like a cat?”
“those white haired anime boys are your weakness”
“you know i’m weak for thighs”
“at least you’re like an anime character now”
“if it makes you feel better, i think you’re 100% punk”
“why are cats scared of cucumbers?”
“i’m scarred for life thanks to them”
“you won’t believe what i just did”
“i’m gonna blame it on the vodka i had”
“are you implying that you love my pick-up lines?”
“were you laughing at the person crying?!”
“that’s pretty dramatic for a sports anime”
“you’re making me suffer with you”
“what’s your fursona?”
“you’re the only furry i’d date”
“i can’t believe i’m dating an anime nerd”
“what’s that anime about? is it about dogs?”
“why do so many of them hate dogs?”


Hey all my tumblr friends!! I finally got around to finishing a new SUPERCAT piece! I’m sorry I’ve been distant. Had a busy summer. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my newest illustration of Supergirl and Cat Grant. :) I’ll be uploading a speed painting to show how I paint these from start to finish soon. The painting is to mimic The Pietà 

In this image, Cat is seen crying over a defeated Supergirl with National City on fire behind them. Is it her final battle? Nah. I don’t think it’s that easy to take down our Girl of Steel. ;) Many hours of work but here it is! Enjoy!

The Pietà

SUPERGIRL ARTWORK BELONGS TO ME. DO NOT USE OR CLAIM AS YOUR OWN! But, feel free to use as a wallpaper or share elsewhere but just give me credit. Thank you! -Ginger Anne London :) Enjoy! 

The Signs as Cole Sprouse Tweets

@ TheSignsAs || IG

Aries - *Sneezes violently all over keyboard*- “Ah yes, now anyone looking at my browser history will get sick x2.”

Taurus - You thought this puberty was good, wait until you see me after my ~second puberty~

Gemini - I’m so glad that my transition from college student to meme has been only kinda painful.

Cancer - No mutual follow gets me quite as excited as a cat account.

Leo - There’s no revenge like success

Virgo - If you have sex in an Applebees, are you learning about the applebirds and the bees?

Libra - conquer your crippling loneliness by holding your own hand as you walk :)

Scorpio - Ran about 10 miles away from my feelings today.

Sagittarius - Be the vape dad everyone knows you can be

Capricorn - You’re giving yourself a lot of professional titles in your instagram bio for someone who just reposts dank memes.

Aquarius - I put the weeb in dweeb

Pisces - *spends more time in the room trying to impress the dog than the humans*

You’re Stuck With Me, Darling

Prompt: Digger gives the reader some much needed reassurance about where they are in the relationship

Prompt Request # 49: Anon - “I love you so much.”

Pairing: Digger Harkness X Reader

Warnings: Some cursing and a few sexual innuendos (Fluff galore)

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“Well aren’t you one satisfied pussy cat~?”

Digger chimed with a slight chuckle. He wrapped his big arms around you and pulled you close to him, allowing for your tired head to fall onto his chest. The big lug of a man was always in the mood to cuddle after a good romp in the bedroom. You could feel his body relax as you snuggled close to him. Smiling ever so lightly you completely melted too his touch.

“Pussy cat?”  You giggled lightly, amused by his choice of words.

“Yea, you’re my lil’ pussy cat,” Kissing the top of your head you could feel him grinning ear to ear. “You’re purring like one anyways, did I fuck ya that good then, sweetheart?”

Placing your hand in the middle of his bare chest you began to fiddle with his chest hair.  “You could say that.”  It was true, the man was very good at what he did under the covers, he never left you unsatisfied. So, ‘purring like a pussycat’ was an appropriate comparison. 

For a small moment there was a comfortable silence, the two of you laid together beneath the cozy covers, entwined in each others arms.  The only sound you could hear was the steady rhythm of the Captain’s heart and the gentle breath that escaped his lips as he began drifting to sleep. But alas, the blissful feeling of this romantic embrace dispersed when you remembered that when you would wake up in the morning, Digger would already be gone.

“Today went by so fast..”  You whispered, resting your hand flat on Digger’s chest, right over his heart.  

“That it has.”  He agreed, by the relaxed tone of his voice it was easy to tell he was fighting sleep. “I have to get up early for me flight tomorrow..”  You could tell that he was ready to go to sleep but there was a feeling of discomfort stirring inside of you. He was taking a flight first thing in the morning to begin, what he described to be, ‘a heist to top all heist’ and he didn’t know exactly when he would return. 

“I’m gonna miss you, ya know..”  You whispered, feeling a little silly for wanting to talk about feelings but you were craving reassurance that all of this was not for nothing.  “A lot, actually.”

You could hear as Digger took in a deep breath.  

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to pry, but…”  You buried your face into his neck, feeling a little more emotional than you normally liked to show.  “It’s just been really special, having you around lately. I hate not knowing when I’ll see you again, Digg.. You d-”

“Darlin’, comon now-” Slowly Digger unwrapped his arm from around your side and sat up. Following his lead you did the same so you could look him in the face.

“I know I’m not exactly a stable man, but you must know me intentions by now.”

A little confused by exactly what he meant you shook your head, wanting him to elaborate more. Digger burrowed his brows and was silent for a moment, taking time to process what he should say next. You crossed your legs and looked at him, waiting for him to continue.  

“I’ll be back, ya know I always come back.”

“But you’ve never really given me a reason to think you will, you just show up every few months and stay for a few weeks and then you’re on your jolly way..” 

“How have I not given you anything to have faith in, then? I always come back here, right back into your bed!”

Rolling your eyes a bit you laid down and turned your back to him, showing exactly how thrilled you were with that comment. Coming back to your bed, wow, how romantic.

Once he had realized how his wording came off as insensitive the tone in Digger’s voice melted into a more sweet and loving one. “Hey, sweetheart, listen-” He took a hold of your arm and gently pulled, trying to get you to turn back around to face him. “-You know why I’ll always be back?”

You were expecting a sexual comment, something along the lines of, “You’re ass is unbelievable” or “Who else will make me breakfast then fuck me on the kitchen table” so you refused to face his way.  Instead you stared daggers off into the other direction.

“I’ll always be back because I fucking love you.”

Taken incredibly off guard by these words you looked at him, half expecting the man to laugh his confession of love off as a cruel joke. 

“I really do love you, sweetheart..”  Putting his arms around you he pulled you into his lap and snuggled his face into the crook of your neck.  “You’re stuck with me, that I swear..”