this cast is ruining my life

i swear every post about fatphobia that relies on the idea that addicts are treated kindly even though we’re the ones actually RUINING OUR BODIES takes five years off my life. i assure you, we’re also treated like shit. we’re also used as punchlines and glared at in the street and grossly mistreated by medical professionals. and not that i should have to say this, but we’re sick. we have an illness, and we receive almost no sympathy or effective treatment for it, so yes, we continue using even though we know we shouldn’t. invoking that pain to cast us as morally inferior is disgusting.

fat people are wonderful and lovely and deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. so do addicts. don’t use us as your rhetorical pawns.


So the cast of RFA Party PH’s RFA Cafe has taken over my life and ruined my work schedule but I have no regrets because I love them all… and they inspire me, okay??? Thank you guys for making our days brighter long after the end of event! I drew their out of costume group photo as their characters cause I thought it’d be cute~ and aren’t they just as gorgeous out of costume? haha again… Thank you guys for what you do for us. ♥


“By the way, last year they trimmed our order. It inevitably came out – last season – that it was more about a scheduling thing, it needed to fit in between, like, The Voice and… The Voice. So they, like, trimmed the episode order but for me, when I heard that, I never anticipated that it was just gonna be a schedule thing. I was like, ‘oh, they hate us already – we haven’t even aired!’” [x]

I'd like to thank

Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson, Audra McDonald and anyone else from the BATB cast that I failed to mention- for destroying my emotions and ruining my life with their perfection.


Imagine this tho.
This AU gives me determination life.

Group 1 || Group 2

About Gishwhes

I was determined to stay away from fandom drama, but since Misha announced that Gishwhes as we know it it coming to an end a lot of people who call themselves Misha-fans have been awful on social media. I understand that this is very important for many people, their opportunity to interact and connect with others, gave their fears, and do different acts of kindness. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to be mean and leave cruel and rude comments to Misha. He reads the replies (Not all off course, but he does) and people behaving so terribly and selfishly without trying to understand why he might have decided to end Gishwhes as we know it is being very ungrateful to him.

He didn’t have to create and share Gishwhes with us. The actors don’t owe us anything. They don’t have to go out of their way to be kind and interact with their fans and help them with silly videos and reciting poetry. And Misha has done all of that for us. So yes, grieve, but doesn’t be insensitive and an asshole. Enjoy the last Gishwhes as we know it and make sure to thank Misha instead of telling him how he’s ruining everything.

If he made this decision, it’s because he needed to. We don’t know what’s going on in his private life or if he has other professional engagements that wouldn’t allow him to continue Gishwhes like he wants to.

Be grateful and be kind. Show him that the kindness he has given us and stirred in us is there no matter what~